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"Alaina's Graduation Testimony"

My graduation testimony:

When I was 17, I was in this high school named Southwood high school, and the faculty members told my parents that due to my disability, I would not be able to graduate and that they didn't credit kids with special needs! That is discrimination!!! Plain and simple! 

So, about three years ago, before I moved here to Bethany, I was sitting on the couch just sobbing my heart out, and my mom came into the living room and asked me, honey, why are you crying? I said, because I never reached my goal!!! She said, what is your goal? I said to get my high school diploma.

She asked me why I wanted it, and I said because right now, I feel like a failure, and when I have children someday, and they ask me if I completed school, I want to be able to tell them yes!!!! And she said, go for it, and I will be right behind you. 

So I was looking for online schooling to do, possibly, but God had bigger plans in mind. February of last year, my dad told me to write to the school board and see where it goes, and I did so, and I wrote down every detail of schooling I had and everything necessary, and I sent it off.

Then I came to Bethany Baptist Church in late February early March, and three weeks in, I heard Jesus speak to me saying, I am going to help you get your high school diploma.

At that point, I could not believe what I just heard; then, my youth pastor Carrie Cline read the story of Abraham and the goat and how God helped him, and that just clarified it. That night I went home and told my parents what had happened.

My mom probably thought I was crazy, but, no, my soul was lit on fire for Jesus that night, and about a month later, on April 21st, I was walking to the mailbox and not expecting a thing, and I opened the box, and there was a letter from the school board.

I ran to the house just shaking like omg, omg, omg, and when I get in there, I ask my mom to turn the TV off for a minute, and she did. I open the letter and start reading it, and I couldn't see the second line because tears were filling up in my eyes.

I couldn't believe it, and I just started bawling and praising God, and mom said, do you want me to bring daddy up here? And I said, please, while tears were running down my face.

I met him halfway and said daddy, I'm finally getting my high school diploma, and I grabbed him and held on as tight as I could because Jesus has shown himself to me and he delivered a miracle. 

On may 4th, I had gotten out of the tub and was dressed when I saw my parents come in with a package, and I was like, what is going on? Is that my diploma? 

I open the package and see it finally, after 13 years, I have my high school diploma, and I screamed a bit and then started crying again. Five days later, on May 9th, I was officially a high school graduate!!!!! So yeah, Jesus is beyond amazing he can work wonders!

For I know the plans I have for you. Not for evil but for good; To give you hope and a future (Jer 29:11).

Alaina: United States

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Alaina's Graduation Testimony

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