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"Lord Where are You?"

Happy Thanksgiving!

It was a little after twelve in the afternoon on a Sunday at my father in-laws, it was his birthday and he was busy cooking up his self-proclaimed famous brisket. My wife was inside finishing up the potato salad while I was busy helping my uncle with the TV.  The food was about ready so all of the kids rushed outside with their grandma and grandpa.

Now let me just say, we are the type to never let our children out of our sight and at the risk of causing more pain, what happened, happened. I’ve always heard of horrific accident happening to other families but NEVER would I have thought it could happen to us. 

Noah Fell in the Pond

While working on my uncles T.V the door comes flying open, Noah’s grandmother was hysterically crying saying, “Noah fell in the pond!”  My heart was in my throat as I barreled around the corner. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. I screamed for my baby boy “Noah, Noah!”

While rounding the corner I notice a crowd of people knelt down surrounding him. My boy was lifeless and grey, I watched as his little body bounced on the dirt as my father in-laws pressed on his tiny bare chest. To give credit to my wife, I’d learned latter the she was able evacuate the water from his lungs and get a pulse prior to me seeing him but chest compression had to continue because he wasn’t breathing on his own.

The Presence of  God

I have seen miracles and do not doubt the power of God but I have to be honest, until that day, I had never physically felt the presence of God, at least not enough to know for sure. I had spent a good part of two years crying out to God, “Lord, where you are?”

As a boy I was rejected by my own Father, so I figured that this was no different, I wasn’t sure I would ever get an answer.
I collapsed down in front of the scene. At first I had the most natural reaction, denial of an impending doom for my son.

Suddenly, I had an indescribable peace came over me, now I can’t tell you why I did what I did, but these words poured from my lips,

Praising God

“Thank you Father God for giving him back to us!” 
I was claiming victory! But at the same time my earthly self was asking, “What are you saying, he’s dead and your thanking God?” 
 Once More, “Thank you Father God for breathing your breath of life in to him in Jesus name!”

It was at that moment Noah gasped for air. It was if God was showing me, “do you see, I’ve been here this whole time?” 
Never again will I accept God has rejected a personal relationship with me. Through the entirety of Noah’s recovery God has given us an overwhelming peace. After the first day, doctors were unsure of any brain damage. Through the next few nights, it was a combination of rebuking the devil of his lies that Noah wouldn’t be the same and praising God for his continued victory. By the third day Noah was back to his old smiling self, full of energy.

Joshua: United States

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Lord Where are You?

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