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Seyi: Nigeria
I was fetching water then the torch i hold mistakenly fell inside the well. What the meaning

Angela: United Kingdom
I was sleeping on my couch when the sun shone brightly through my window and displayed a shadow of what I can only described as a small hill with a tall slim object in the middle and 2 other objects which looked as though it was looking at it please tell me what this means

Laura: United States
I dreamed that I was driving my car through the woods but the path was visible. I went up a steep hill and then came down a steep hill. I then came to a stream but could see big stones under the water that revealed the continuing path. I was afraid my car would get stuck or the water would wash me away but I knew I had to keep going forward. I steadily kept moving and did not ever stop. I made it across the stream and up the next hill and arrived at a house with a steep roof and no windows or doors. I wasn't sure how to get in so I climbed up that steep roof and somehow found my way in the house. In the dream I constantly had feelings of uncertainty and also a knowing that I had to keep moving forward. What does the house with a steep roof and no windows or doors mean?

Johnson: Nigeria
Someone said she saw me in me a dream, with a black suit and a glittering Bible! sweeping the Church....like sweeping some dirt's and sands out, while everyone else was sitting comfortably!! she walked in and joined me in the process.... what could it mean???

Eva: Nigeria
For sometime now have been thinking of leaving the church where I worship because I don't feel God presence each time I go there but because of what the church has done for me,I was reluctant but recently I made up my mind to leave.last night I had a dream where I saw myself in my pastors house playing and laughing with his wife but he was not too happy about it then one of our member came in with my old time friend with surprise on my face,I welcomed her and ask her what she is doing here,after that my pastor asked us to pray.my friend later took me to an old house that the person that brought her lives there but the house was familiar and I told her my sister once lived there. Please I.really want to know the meaning.

Mattie: United States
I Dreamed of this bright light shinning in my face and a women that i know  stood up and blocked the light,but i could still see part of the light in my left eye ? 

Kathleen: South Africa
I had a dream last night and I am unable to understand it. I dreamed opposite of our work is a plot but in the dream it was a massive open field. In the field was a huge Christmas tree which was beautifully decorated. Out of no where the Christmas tree got struck by lightning and caught on fire, which the tree was then burned down to the ground.
I was at work in my dream and this took place in front of us in the open field where it was standing. All of the staff was in panic and afraid, that we all shut down computers thinking perhaps we might get struck. We were all scared and frantic.

Sheila: South Africa
My birthday was on the second of November this year. I decided to lay on prostrate to praise and thank God for that day. I prayed at midnight. I prayed for a long time . After my prayers when I was preparing myself to sleep, I heared a horn as if it was a horn of a ram blowing outside my room.I listened carefully, it was the blowing of a horn. Unfortunately I did not count as to how many times the horn was blown. Plese intepret this for me.This happened at the very early hours, 03:00 or )4"00am

Sheila: South Africa
Please explain this dream to me. I was placed in a place surrounded by very high mountains. A very long table was set before me an unknown people to me. In my car was some documents but a very important one was ontop of them all and it seems we were  fihgting for it. sitting around that table everybody was looking at me for answeres. Please intepret thi dream for me.

Marceline: South Africa
I know this may sound like a very immature dream, but I know that there is something more tô it. So I had a dream last night and it was similar to a movie called the happening, but I did not watch this movie before tô sleep or anything like that. So basically the dream consisted of tall or giant people falling from the sky, everyone reacted as if it was the end of the world or something, I got into the car with my mom and brother and then we were driving to my grans house, then I woke up.

Amos: Nigeria
First, I dreamt and saw myself in a fire ice,i understood in that dream that it was my spirit self without the body and I remember praying in tongues and I woke up. 
Two days after,i had another but this time was as if I was in the heart of an ocean,I was talking to a man and it was as if I was facing the sky,suddenly I saw a object coming with speed towards me,before I could know the object hits me right in the that ocean kind of environment,so I woke up.please what are the meaning?Thanks

Hannah: United States
Yesterday, 11/15/16 I had what I believe to be a vision while driving home from my grandmothers. I was worshiping Jesus and praying in tongues when I began to look into the sun. However, as I stared directly into the real sun it did not blind me and it was shaking. I could see there was something inside of the sun but I couldn't make out what it was. Then my attention was drawn to the clouds that were this color I've never seen before. It was like orange and purple and I saw the sun again shaking and then everything went back to normal. While this was happening I continued praying in tongues hoping that it was the rapture and for a while I thought it was. I felt elevated and in awe. Can anyone interpret this for me? I've never had a vision before this one. I'm 18 years old and just recently surrendered myself to Christ. 

Jo: Australia
I dreamt I was driving towards a storm and could see a huge dark cloud moving to the left of me then behind the cloud there was a huge tornado, before I knew it I was praying to god to protect me, as I was praying loudly I felt the tornado go the opposite way of me then it disappeared. I woke up. 

Cathy: United States
I had a dream or something more of me sleeping in my recliner seeing me lifted up in it to see my crucifix on the wall with a shining light and slowly coming back down about 4 years ago. what does that mean?

Terry: United States
I dreamed that my husband was swallowed by a horse? Me , with the help of strangers were able to barely save him. Any ideas what this could mean?
Thank you

Lavonia: United States
I dreamed I was zooming through a tunnel in the ground. I felt scared and out of control.  I could not slow down and there was no way to steer myself.  I came out of the tunnel into a beautiful sunlit forest.  Then I awoke.  This dream came after I prayed to deepen my relationship with God.  

I had a dream, a friend is smiling at me  and disappear. What is this mean?

Sabina: Ghana
In my dream i saw someone who is very angry with me because i have wrong him. 
He didn't seem angry in the dream, he seemed more calm and understanding.
Then suddenly i was offered a coconut. it was really bad so i rejected it, then a second one was given to me, and it was good so i ate it. Can this dream be explained? thank you.

VERA: Malawi
I was praying in my war room, actually i was praying for my wedding, i have a fiance and i want us to tie a knott, I want God to do something on it. Then as i was praying i saw a white bed linen and aside there was a very beautiful rose,  pink and white in colour.
I want to know what can this symbolize.
Thanks in advance

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