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"Dreams of Comfort
And Peace"

Patricia: Uganda

I went to a church to give in my prayer requests. I found other people doing the same. Some bringing in tithes. To these people, the usher received and prayed for them. When it was my turn, I put in my request but instead a Major Prophet came to me and washed my feet with oil and gave me money. I woke up. What is the meaning of this dream? I have been so depressed and desperate lately with no job and so many debts, 

praying to God to intervene in my life.

Zeina: Lebanon

In one dream I saw a man of God I know, I hold him then I saw tears coming out from his cheeks, and he had the eyes closed.

Kristin: United States

I was at my Daughter's school picking her up.  (she goes to a Christian private school) I was with my teenage son (whom I had just prayed for in reality before falling asleep), and we were standing in a corridor where all of the children of the school were waiting to be picked up.  All of a sudden I noticed everyone disappearing. I asked my son where everyone was going, and he said he didn't know.  Pretty soon everyone was gone.  I felt myself getting ready to cry, and that's when I noticed Jesus Christ coming down from the sky in his white robe.  He looked absolutely breathtaking. I began crying even more.  I felt his presence as I was lying in bed and I felt like he was comforting me and hugging me.  As if he was telling me he was there and protecting us.  It was a beautiful dream.Anna: United States

While waiting at the emergency room for doctor I opened my eyes to a white feathered beautiful eagle with his wings spread out. I could see the wings from behind. He was facing the other way. but wings were outstretched.

Af: Australia

I was dreaming I was walking through the silver Church garden to see my children and in my mind I said I'm going to become a Christian and be baptized in the silver church. I was so happy and walking and realized with every step I was taking that I was going up, and up to the clouds. I was walking up to the sky, and I was saying god's name in my language. What's the meaning of it?

Lisa: United States

I had the following dream last night, 9/24/18 or 25th, depending on what time at night dream was.

I was at my home, and my father was there, faced away, frozen in time. A bright light that had a silhouette of a person took my hand.  I remember crying tears of sorrow and joy.  It was like we were talking through minds. My journey has come full circle. Basically, my obstacles have been, and my timeline was, on point.  There was no reason to have to worry about me anymore and from this moment on all good things would be happening.  I remember nodding my head like, ok I understand....I went to try and get a hold of one of my best friends, but when I looked back it was gone, my dad said, and so it is done.

Marina: Canada

Hi, I just had a dream, and everyone there was chanting, "choose Messiah, choose Messiah," and I did, and I woke up, and that's all I really remember. I woke up with energy and my soul feels light.

LaTania: United States

I dreamed I was sitting in a chair that started vibrating, and there was an empty chair across from me that started spinning really fast, and I started praying the blood of Jesus and pleading the blood of Jesus until the chair stopped turning, and my chair stopped vibrating.

William: United States

A guy talking to me about Jesus then asked did you know Jesus loves you?

Karly: Country

Jesus was asleep, and Mary was holding his body but sleeping as well. Then, there were explosions everywhere, and everyone was afraid that He would not come to save us. I saw Him and Mary waking up, they both smiled at everything was going to be okay and then I just knew I was safe and that I was saved. 

John: United States

My dream I was enveloped with bright light filled with the colors of the rainbow I felt a warmth I felt so much love warmth and peace when I awoke I was crying it was a feeling peace light and warmth, and I was being hugged. It happened once I still cry whenever I think about hoping it would happen again.

David: United States

I had a beautiful dream last night that I was inside this big cave there was a lot of people looking up.  When I looked up I saw a mural of God the Virgin Mary and 2 Angel's it was so nice. Then I saw my mother that is still living.. she told me, isn't beautiful! I told her yes .. then I saw my brother that recently passed away this year in June and told me Hi! After that I woke up .. what does it mean can someone help...

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Dreams of Comfort

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