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"Dreams of Comfort, Peace,
and Reassurance"

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Autumn: United States

I was walking in from another dream into the desert. As I was walking into the desert, I looked over, and there was a man beheaded; I walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder, asking him sir, are you alright?

All of a sudden, he turns around, and his head is reattached, and he is the most beautiful ever. He had long brown hair and a white robe with sandals.

He and I are standing, and he looks into my eyes, and I hear his voice, but his lips don't move, and he says to me everything will be ok. He was full of light around him, but I could see and hear and feel him.

I had the most peaceful feeling of my entire life when I woke up. So whenever I am sad or scared or anything, my mind goes right back to his face. And I know I'm ok, and the feeling of peace and just knowing I'm safe and God is always with me.

This happened in 2018. In Oct of 2018, my fiance and I split up. We had been together for 13 years. In January 2019, we were back together.

Then My dad ended up having leukemia and died a few years later in 2021. Two weeks before Daddy passed, my brother passed. Two weeks after Daddy passed, my best friend, who I adored and fell in love with him and with me, passed away.

On that same day, my daughter was in a car accident and almost died. I believe He is with me through good things and bad. I trust in him because he knows when we will need him, and I have needed him my entire life. He has always made things better.

In 1995 I lost a baby to cystic hygroma. I was devastated when I went to the hospital with my husband. I had been very sick with a fever and vomiting, and I knew there was something not right.

Well, we went to the hospital. They did testing and sent me to another hospital because they had seen something. So we went to the other hospital a few days later. I had to make an appointment. They saw what was wrong.

They said my baby would not make it and that I needed to have it. Well, they went into detail about what my baby would look like. It was devastating. Knowing my baby wouldn't survive.

So on the way home was driving, and he busted out, telling me, I can do this. I did not feel right about having my baby before he or she was due.

At this very moment, I had been balling so hard that I still couldn't see. When my husband stopped hugging me, I sat back up and kept crying.

At that moment, I had a feeling of peace, like I was being hugged, and a sense of peace went through my entire body. It felt like Jesus was telling me that it was ok. Everything would be ok. Jesus had been with me, protecting me my entire life.

I just didn't know. That moment has stuck with me. I did lose my baby, but Jesus took the heartache and pain mostly away and made it tolerable I still don't know how.
I just know this is true, and not any being, human or otherwise, can make me believe he doesn't exist.

I have a bond with him that can't be, and I won't let it be broken; I haven't talked to him since I saw him, yet I do.
Anytime I am scared or fearful, don't know what to do, or am sad, I think of these moments, and I know he has my back and is always with me.

Why certain bad things happen, I don't know, but I know he is remarkable and can do great things. I have seen it myself. There is no taking that away from me.

I have strong faith and will share my story always because I will never deny him. Never. He always takes care of me through great times and heartbreaking times. So I belong to him.

My life changed forever. But through my Lord and Savior, I have found that when I need him, he is with me always.

Vitalis: Zimbabwe

Early this morning, 14 February 2023, I dreamt of a giant image of Jesus Christ on the Eastern Horizon; I got so excited, celebrated, and rolled on the ground with happiness. Not many people around me saw him, but a few did.

I started running towards the image then someone I recognized as my relative shouted NO! No! I stopped and retreated backward but with my face fixed on the image. It was overwhelming.

Then someone who I immediately recognized, like Apostle Paul, emerged from the horizon. He came to me, and we walked together to the local Church Parish, where I introduced him to all and sundry! End

Vernonda: United States

What does it mean when Jesus Christ appears to me sitting on his throne?

David: United States

I had a dream:
A Friend and I were driving in a car. I made a wrong turn, and we were heading in the dark; we went around and around and eventually went off a cliff.

The car went off the side of a mountain, and we hit the ground; it exploded, and my spirit left my body. My body was hovering over the crash, and then I started going up towards the sky, over the water and the mountain heading towards heaven.

There was a glow around me; it felt real, a golden glow, clouds opening with white light.

As I was hovering upward, I said, “Jesus,” and then I woke up at 6:17!

Leticia: United States

I dreamed I was standing on an about 8-foot ledge inside a very dark, very long well. I was not alone; the entire ledge was full of people.

It felt to me like Everyone was very scared, including me. I could not see anyone because it was pitch black, but I could feel the fear. I looked up and saw a helicopter come inside the well picking up people to save them.

I somehow knew that I shouldn’t get on it. I closed my eyes and said out loud, “ in the name of Jesus”, and I dove into the deep, dark well. I fell into the dark water and was swimming until I saw a light.

I followed the light, and it led me out of the well into a basement. It was like a dinner; there were picnic tables and food. I saw my mother and sister-in-law, and I also saw my older son sitting at the tables.

I felt a great sense of peace. Then I woke up.

Tracey: United States

I haven’t had a dream in YEARSSSSS. Nothing from my sister, who passed in 2017. But when my mom passed on 05/22 I had a dream.

In my dream, it was nighttime, and I was walking past an alleyway, not paying attention, but my side view was like, why is there a cloud and a bluish neon image?

The image was not moving, so I went back to the alleyway and stared at it, and saw that it was a detailed outline of the Virgin Mary.

After realizing the image, I started to rise up, and the next thing I knew, I was in the extremely bright apartment complex.

It was daytime, clean and fresh, and my mom was there by a table (she passed at 70…but was there looking to be in her early thirties), but I didn’t realize she was alive and moving.

She looked at me and said nothing, so I asked if she believed in the rapture in the Bible and started explaining about seeing Mary and rising up, and she just stared. I walked away towards the window, and it was so bright, warm, and peaceful.

The last thing I said to my mom was, “See, mom, all you had to do was believe and trust in God." She smiled, and I went somewhere else in the dream; a store or something. This dream put me at peace.

Amarachi: Nigeria

I had a dream where I was covered with Jesus' garment; then I felt different.

Bianca: United States

Ok, so I was in my dream chilling, talking, having fun, then all of a sudden, it got real bright, and there was a glow around me.

I felt myself begging, lifted towards the sky, and felt the most at peace I've ever felt in a long time. I was joyful and smiling, and then I woke up.

I just lost all my mom, dad, & aunt. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but it felt really real, and I can't shake it.

Welton: United States

I had a dream that God would bless me. My dream was overflowing with nothing but a blessings.

Janine: United States

Around 6:00 am after waking and going back to sleep; I had a very vivid dream of holding on to some plastic-lined ropes attached to a plane in the sky. 

I recall being very scared because I could feel my hands slipping from the slippery plastic ropes. I could clearly see the sky and the clouds I was passing through and wondered if I would slip and fall into the abyss below me. 

Suddenly, directly in front of me was the hand of God bigger than life with the trinity symbol, and I had a sense of peace and calmness that God was with me through this ordeal and that I would be just fine. I’m newly divorced, and it’s been a very difficult time. 

This dream gives me comfort that He is with me as He is with all of us. Let us call on Him and trust in Him no matter what difficulty we are going through. Amen

Dory: Philippines

I dreamed that I was standing in the second level of a bleacher on the side portion of a big hall of white while wearing a white robe like the other millions of people surrounding the hall. 

In front of us is a very white light that illuminates the entire place while everyone is singing lively praise and worship and super lovely sounds and music out of nowhere. 

To my surprise, I knew the song, and I even also sang with a soprano voice, while the exchange of voices was so good. 

I woke up still singing, but I could not remember any of those songs when I was completely conscious from being asleep. Till now, I cannot forget it.

Brenda: United States

I had a vision in church while worshiping.

My son died in 2020 at 22. A week before he was found, he called me to tell me he was begging God to be real because he wanted to go to heaven, not hell.

 I thought God was showing him how real hell is. I told him if he spoke to the Lord with his mouth and believed in his heart that God raised him from the dead, that he would be saved. He told me that was his problem, his heart.

I told him to keep begging God. He said he would let me pray with him, but I got the phone call in a little over a week. 

About four months later, I closed my eyes at church, worshiping. I saw him and Jesus in white surrounded by clouds; Jesus had his arm around my son; they were walking together. 

God is so merciful, my son was messing with fentanyl, but God knew his struggles; I am grateful for the vision, and do not believe I made it up myself; merciful, wonderful Savior.

Geoff: New Zealand

On the morning of 30 August 2021 - I had been up most of the night and finally got to bed around 7 am. 

Having prayed, I finally got to sleep, and I was immediately confronted by complete blackness. Then just as suddenly, the darkness began to shatter, much like watching a window shatter and fall apart. 

It took a few minutes to disintegrate fully but behind the blackness was a golden figure radiating immense light with a stern but pleasant smile - one I couldn't look at for long but which my spirit knew was the lord. 

I recall dropping my gaze for a moment, but when I looked up again, the figure was gone and replaced by a giant menorah. 

Blown away by the vision but not entirely sure of the meaning.... perhaps relating to the upcoming Jewish festival?

Magdalene: Malaysia


At the time of this writing, my country has been in full lockdown for almost two months. People are struggling to survive because many people can't go to work or do business due to the mobility restrictions since June 1st. Due to the lost of income, it has driven many families to desperation to a point where they have to sell off their home appliances just to buy rice (staple food) and get by. 

Every day, we get bombarded with posts on Social media where lots of people would be lining up outside the food bank to get food donated by local businesses. The sufferings and desperation I see on the media about people's lives frustrate me about how my government deals with the issue and seems oblivious about the suffering. 

This also worries me because I have just recently finished my study and currently in the limbo of looking for a job and waiting for my university result. I am really worried about my future and career opportunity given the current situation. 

Lately, somehow I'm drawn to reading the book of Revelation as if God is telling me it is time for me to read it. I have refrained from reading that part of the Bible all this while because I wasn't ready to know whatever is written in there. However, last night before I slept, I decided to just watch videos on Youtube about the book of Revelation.

My Dream:

It was around daybreak; I dreamed that I was walking on the beach with water gently sweeping my feet. I lifted my head, at about 10 meters ahead of me, I saw Jesus. He was in his white robe, brown wavy hair, smiling at me. He looked peaceful.

Suddenly, He lifted one of his arms, making gestures as if He was inviting people to come close to Him. Somehow, a few people in white robes passed me and were walking towards Him; He then got on one knee and hugged those who approached Him.

Then, I joined the others and walked towards him. As I walked towards Him, He smiled at me and invited me to come close to Him. I'm not sure if I did hug Jesus in the end, but I eventually woke up.

I honestly wasn't sure if it was really God trying to communicate with me or because of the videos before I dozed off. Nonetheless, if that dream was from God, I guess God was trying to tell me not to worry, and He's got me covered.

Valarie: Canada

I followed a cute little boy (the time was like, Jesus days like what you see in a movie how they dress in Israel, with ash blonde or ash brown hair he led me to who I think was his mom. 

At the moment of the dream, I thought it was Mary and Joseph, and Dad; they smiled at me with an expression of true kindness. 

While I was following the boy, he started snapping his fingers. I thought he was dancing, and I just felt like, awww, how cute feeling, and they were squatting down around a bucket full of water. 

They too started snapping fingers; the Dad put his fingers in the water, snapping, and they all started saying LIVING WATERS! LIVING WATERS! OVER AND OVER, AND IT FELT SO WARM AND BEAUTIFUL. 

Then I got my hair pulled, and I knew who it was. I screamed, and they gasped, and I started rebuking him in the name of Jesus, and it stopped, and I woke up...

Sherry: United States

June 6, 2021

I had a dream last night, Jesus was descending from the clouds, and he was dressed in beautiful colors. I've never seen before, so vivid and he came to me and held me and said everything's going to be okay, I saw myself speaking in tongues, then he said, trust a friend, I'm not sure who he's talking about, and I saw him go back up in the clouds.

I know Jesus came to me to comfort me and to lift me up.

LN: United States

I was in the backseat of my aunt’s car. She was driving along a hill, and I looked out the window, looking at the beige grass and palm trees. I wondered to myself, “Lord, when will you come? I’m emotionally and mentally exhausted living in this world.” 

Right when I was thinking to myself in the car ride, I heard the Lord say, “I’m coming soon.” Suddenly, everything turned white, and I felt like I was both conscious and asleep. It felt like something was pulling my soul up as if I were ethereally transforming. At that point, I felt my chest tighten and then suddenly woke up in a sweat. 

My heart was beating very quickly as if I was going to have a heart attack. I was really scared when I woke up, thinking it was sleep paralysis. But even though I wasn’t able to move, it definitely didn’t feel like a sinister presence.

Moncie: United States

It was December 23; I went to sleep in treatment. I was flying in the daytime in the dream, and there were like misty light clouds and Angels with like staffs standing on clouds. 

It felt like a chill breeze as I was flying with others, praising the LORD, saying thank you, along with kids and grown people. It went black then I woke up.

Venson: Philippines

I have a dream that I can never forget. 

My family and I are in the plaza, and suddenly so many disasters have occurred. It is not a simple disaster, but it is the worst. 

Lavas are coming out of the ground as the surface cracks. Typhoons and strong winds are also present, making everybody panic. Unexplained creatures are also causing pain in some people. They are demon-like creatures. 

Then, a huge person appeared; He is huge as a mountain dressed in white, and his feet, which are also huge, can be seen stepping on the ground. 

When I look up, it was Jesus Christ staring down at us. He had appeared to help us help the people who had suffered from these disasters. I felt happy, and he took away my fears. 

After that scene, my dream changed. My sister tried to interpret my dream; she said, "Even though you may have big problems in life and face many disasters in your life, God is bigger and greater than those. He will never leave us."

Joshua: United States

My dream occurred on April 3rd, 2021. 

My wife and I recently found out we are expecting our second child (we lost our first to a miscarriage). I’ve been very worried as we neared the four-week mark, it would happen again. 

I remember the dream so vividly; I was in between where it’s decided if you would go to heaven or hell. My wife was there with me, and I was given one last request, so I requested my wife be sent back. So it was decided I would go to heaven. 

As I’m standing there talking to the heavy-set man with short brown hair and a beard wearing a long white robe and sandals, I asked him, “When will I meet Jesus?” 

At that time, a portal appeared, and a man came out with long brown hair, brown beard, and long white robe. He didn’t have eyes; however, instead, he had two glowing lights where his eyes should be. They were very soft lights and just made me feel calm. 

He came very close to me and then when he backed away a woman appeared with blonde hair, short on all sides and long on the top. I asked her if she knew my wife was pregnant, and she said yes. I asked her if this child would be ok and she came close to me, and with a soft smile, she said yes. 

I then woke up, and every worry and concern I had was gone, and I just felt so calm and at peace.

Sherlene: United States

I had a dream that was very odd the other week. It started with seeing myself crying with such pain and emotion that the sky began to rain. 

And then I saw the virgin Mary crying tears of blood standing next to me. It was like she was there in the flesh, and it made me awaken with a start. 

Upon awakening, I felt such sadness for a few minutes, then a comforting feeling; this was only one of a couple of dreams I have had in the past years that had spiritual meaning in them. 

It has me wondering the meaning of this dream, though, and I would like to know what your perspective is on it.

Jacqueline: United States

I had a dream I was floating in the air on a cross like Jesus was years ago. I knew it meant something, but I didn't know what. 

I'm sick, and I have seven plus doctors trying to figure out what's wrong. God confirmed to me it's my time through a lady I don't know from Adam. she sent me a video telling me God said it's my time. Then she sends me a video on Job....

I had asked God 3 days before who my soulmate was in the bible; he told me Job. I asked how she knew me. She said she didn't and that God did; she said he sent two big angels that are 15 feet down to watch over me to protect me; she said he has angels all around me to watch over me also. 

You see, I have a couple of gifts from God. I have visions, and they happen. I saw my ex-boyfriend in a casket he died three months later I too see myself in a coffin. Now I know all of this is coming together ....I'm one of His chosen...I am so honored... I asked him to give me a sign; he touched me, and I couldn't breathe.   

I was in shock; I wasn't expecting it. He lives inside me. God is here. God is real. He said he's not leaving without me, and I will suffer a great deal, but he will be with me the whole way through.

He's with me everyday all night...he has me hostage ....lol....he's teaching about profits.  He tells me what to read or listen to. He gives me signs. I call him my miracle God because you can't explain a miracle. 

To me, there are no words that describe how wonderful our father, God, really is....he is the most powerful person. 

He has the most power in this whole lifetime and the most in every universe or any other planet. God is my power, my strength, my life; he is my everything. Nothing else matters to me. It's God and me. He's all I need. I choose him for my Lord and savior. I will live the rest of my life here on Earth with him. 

You see, when he takes me to heaven, he will walk with me into those heavenly doors. I am so ready to Go with him. He wants me to take something with me to heaven.

I'm to get a priest a lawyer. Get it patent then cameramen and photographers God's telling me what do. I wouldn't think to do so....there's so much more it will blow your mind what he wants me to do. As I said, GOD IS HERE HES WITH ME EVERYDAY ALL DAY. 

Something Huge is about to happen. I have a feeling I'm going to be in it. It's going to be global. 

God and I are ready for whatever it is I'ma go through...I fear nothing with our father by my side. I will go through whatever because he's going to be by my side the whole way through my suffering ...I will die for him. As I said, he told me he's leaving without me.

Annalyn: United States

So before I had gone to sleep, I had been feeling a little downhearted and weighed down, and I asked, "God, I know my faith may not be very strong, but I'm really trying. Please show me that I'm not a failure."

First, I dreamed that my best friend and I were helping people come to belief in God during the tribulation. 

The scene then changed to the rapture happening-I heard a really loud trumpet blast, we all shot up, and I remember running to Jesus, and He told me something (that I couldn't hear) while hugging me.

Then...I woke up. I woke up sobbing my eyes out!! Whatever He said had made my heart rate just spike, and I was feeling shaky and tingly. 

Right after that, a car with really bright headlights happened to shine then through my window (this happened TWICE), and I seriously thought the rapture was about to happen.

It was such an amazing confirmation.

S family: Country

My daughter had a religious dream and then woke up to see a shiny lit up cross outlined in black through her room window. Then she sees Jesus at the door of her room in a shadow with his hand raised to which he looked like he was blessing her. 

It is amazing that she saw this, and her faith is reassured. 

My father saw a similar image right before his major heart surgery 2years prior. Please let me know what this means besides being blessed.

God Bless

Anonymous: United States

I had this dream about four years ago, but tonight with all that is going on in the world, I wanted to know if others had the same kind of dream I experienced. 

My dream started like this: I was dreaming that I woke up in the morning, maybe around 6 am, and the sun was just starting to rise above the mountains. While laying in bed on my back, I looked out the window and saw Mt. Whitney, a mountain I climbed as a teenager. 

Suddenly and violently, I felt my soul trying to separate from my body. As violent as the act was, I was at peace, in control, and was saying out loud, Take me, Jesus, take me. 

At no time was I in fear, but filled with both an emotional and physical experience I can't explain or haven't felt since the dream. 

No matter what I was feeling, it WAS GREAT, and I felt as though the lord was calling us. My body started traveling fast upward, and then I awakened. I was like, darn, it was only a dream. 

Here is the weird aspect of this dream. My wife and I bought our house several years ago, but I was single and lived in an apartment when I had this dream. But one of the rooms I have in my present house is set up similarly to the one in my dream. 

The room sits and looks right up out of a mountain, just outside the window. It's not mt Whitney, but it's still beautiful.

Karen: United States

This past night I had two (vivid) dreams, both with essentially the same stirring content that moved me deeply (to say the least.) 

I dreamt that children (about age 8 to 10-ish ) were singing praises to God. They were in rapt admiration for God while singing. Indeed, they were so full of glory, love, and adoration that I thought they were angels. 

Both----were 'Thalidomide' children. (children born with severe defects  after their mothers took the drug while pregnant) .They had no arms or small arms. The second was a lovely girl who also had eye defects. 

The image (in my dream) of this girl singing gave me peace, joy, hope, and comfort. I cannot put into words the satisfaction and joy conveyed by her. 

She looked right at me or into me as if there was a 'knowing.' 

Tracy: United Kingdom

Last night, 11/11/20, I had the most amazing dream; in the dream, it was night time, and I heard lots of noise in the sky.

I looked out of my window and could see lots of ufos in the sky; then, there were hundreds of Angels coming through the clouds behind them.  One was in a chariot, and it was a fantastic sight, and I wasn’t scared. 

I woke up and have felt such peace this morning.

Matthew: United States

I had a dream that I was initially in a chaotic world. It was foggy everywhere, and people were running around like monkeys bouncing off the wall. 

I realized that this was Hell and announced it to everyone there. They all started chasing me till I got to these double doors and got out of Hell. They could not get through the doors. 

I passed through this corridor with another set of glass double doors and finally saw these two giant old wooden doors. 

I knew these were the doors to heaven. I took a pause and slowly opened the doors; a bright light hit me and slowly faded. I saw the ocean beyond the doors and was at complete peace. 

I woke up before I could enter! We are just kingdom citizens passing through the earth!

Zuri: United States

I had a dream last night that I think you’ll want to hear. I’ll skip the events leading up to the important moments...

So in my dream, I had received an Amazon package containing vitamins that I ordered. When I opened the box, the bottle was see-through, and I noticed there was no nutritional label or facts on them.

I thought this was odd because vitamins usually have supplemental and nutritional facts, but these had none. In fact, the only thing I could see on the bottle was the logo for the company. 

Anyway, I looked at the vitamins and noticed the numbers 66:6 on them. Usually, medicine has numbers on them but not vitamins and definitely not 66:6. 

So, I immediately boxed the bottle back up and left them alone. So my mother-in-law and I are outside in my dream, and we are cleaning the front yard. All of a sudden, I heard a song that I had never heard before, and I remember hearing the word “heaven” in the song.

The next thing I know, it’s cloudy but not raining, and I see the bottom of someone’s sandals in the sky, and my grandma shows up in my yard and wraps her arms around me, and I felt this incredibly amazing warmth surrounding me, and I start to cry. 

We were being pulled up. I cried out to say, “Thank You, Jesus,” but I was at a loss of words and could no longer speak English.

I woke up crying because it was so real, and I have never felt anything so amazing in my life. The warmth and the blue rays of light pulling my grandma and me up.

I have never in all my years felt what I felt in a dream or in real life as I did when I woke up.

Osaretin: Nigeria

Some years ago, I had a dream

I found myself with someone who seemed familiar.

He was showing me the genealogy of Jesus Christ on something that looked like a book or scroll which did not appear new.

Suddenly I found myself wearing overall clothes that were so dirty to the extent that flakes of dirt came out of it when touched.

Again I found myself in darkness that I could not see.

And again, I saw a light and found myself walking towards the light, and as I walked towards the light, I noticed that I was walking on a beautiful green pasture.

The source of that light was a cross. I walked towards it and knelt at the foot of the cross.

Ivan: United States

I was dreaming that I was high above the sky and somebody was with me... I don't remember his face or name.

 After that, we somehow ended up in a river above some clouds that were going upward, and even the waterfalls were going in the opposite direction than on earth. 

I remember the water was full of colors, and I was scared that the waterfall would crush us, but they actually lead us to someplace (I forgot when I woke up), but I was happy. 

I even remember throwing small rocks that were really soft to touch, and the river led them upward like they were floating. I don't know why I dreamed about this...but I wish I'm there.

Daisy: Australia

I was having a lucid nightmare when after a while, I had given up. I crawled up into a ball under a desk and began to cry. All of a sudden, a guy I knew approached me (which was strange because nobody could understand me/notice me in the dream- I was as good as invisible).

Anyway, this guy hugs me and within a second of all of this happening a HUGE, LIKE MY ENTIRE VISION AS IF I WAS LOOKING OVER A FIELD WAS THE BRIGHTEST PURE GOLD I and suddenly heard a deep stern voice say “you’re safe, you are safe, “ and I instantly woke up feeling as if I was safe and protected.

Ashley: United States

I dreamed about being there the day baby Jesus was born. I saw everything Mary had to endure to bring Jesus to life; even the night was crystal clear with lots of stars shining bright. 

I saw God waiting patiently to meet his son. This dream brought me a lot of peace. I had this dream ten years ago and still wonder what that meant because it truly felt like I was present at that moment.

Jazzmond: United States

I had a dream that I couldn’t breathe, then everything went white, and I was floating effortlessly. At first, I was panicking then calm; I saw clouds and a beautiful sunset or sunrise. My fiancé said I was gasping for air in real life.

Jamie: United States


1. I was following Jesus and his disciples again. We were in some kind of unsavory place. 

There was a lady in bonds lying on a bed. Jesus told her she could leave with us or stay. The lady was convicted and wanted to go with us, I loosened her bond, and suddenly she was doll-sized, and I carried her in one arm so we could sneak her past the front desk. 

We got outside and met up with other disciples under a bridge.

2. I was sitting in a dark room in a wooden chair, and I heard the Lord's voice inside me say, "I love you, and I have always loved you." I shrugged it off as being my own brain and not the Lord saying that.

was then observing my life like a timeline, and the Lord showed me bits like after the Army, and when I went to church. I can't recall all I was shown, but I know the message was that he was showing me he's always been there, and he loves me.

Danielle: United States

I had a dream last night that a young man I barely knew, but clearly loved, picked me up (after I came to tell him I was sorry. I was always so tired and had fallen asleep - I have a lot of extreme fatigue). 

The young man effortlessly flew me through the air, and his strength was incredible. His arms seemed to stretch further and further until finally, I was being flown by his hands through a large tree’s branches. 

The layer I was being flown through in the tree was cleared for me. I was extremely happy and peaceful, and felt a warm sense of love and protection.

He brought me back down to earth and smiled lovingly at me. 

I was enjoying the adventure, love, and strength he provided to me equally. Something my soul craves every day - a deep love and adventure with the one I love.

Henrietta: New Zealand

I had this dream Yesterday morning - It is 2.18 am here in NZ, now May the 29th.

It starts off with a whole lot of battling going on. I am rebuking in the name of Jesus, and I keep saying I am covered by the blood of Jesus to different situations that were unfolding in the dream.

Then it transitioned, and as it did, I saw Jesus face, just the face at first it was like black and white, and he was wearing a Crown of Thorns. I had seen this before a few weeks before as I looked into the clouds and prayed so hard to see Jesus. I thought it was my mind just really wanting to see Him.

Then after that, it was in colour and this time the whole form. He was wearing a white cloak and only super bright - his skin and cloak.. just so beautiful. Then he said something, but it seemed muted except for the words Trust Him, and also that I could ask him to pray for me too.

I woke up feeling peaceful, not wanting it to end. I love you, Jesus

Lorena: United States

On 05/13/2020

I had a nightmare that my son was in a big accident, and he was fighting for his life. 

While I waited outside the hospital, with my other son ( although I only have one son), I prayed for my son's recovery. 

As I looked up in the beautiful blue sky, I saw a cloud approaching above me, and as the cloud moved across, it turned into the image of our Heavenly Father looking down at me with a beautiful smile. 

I woke up from my dream, but I had been concerned over my only son due to dating on the Tinder app

Boston: South Africa

Spiritual realm dream and vision:

 I dreamed of walking through the spirit of riches where people work very hard day and night, none stop; they were busy fixing cars and building cars, all cars were green in color, and that place was beautiful and clean.

THEN, I passed through another area where there were homes of poverty, and the spirit of poverty sit that place. Although there were poor, poor houses, amazing there was a special light shining upon those houses, on 25/ 04/ 2020

Bible verse:  Blessed are the poor; the kingdom of heaven belongs to them.

0n 26/ 04/2020.

Lindsey: United States


I woke early this morning at 5 am to a dream-like nothing I had ever experienced. 

I was at my wedding with all of my loved ones and some people I did not recognize. I looked at my new husband, who is my current boyfriend with which we have a very faith-based relationship. 

I saw three people stand up and point to the ceiling. Some people started screaming, some started crying, and some got on their knees and prayed. I saw a bright swirling light that was so beautiful. I walked over to it and stood under it. Suddenly a light started glowing around me that was a warm and bright presence. It was as if I was looking through a fisheye lens.

 I suddenly shot up and started making my way to Heaven. I felt like I was traveling at the speed of light through space, passing stars so quickly they looked like lines of light. I had this overwhelming feeling come over me. I can’t describe it. It was so warm and bright. All of my worry and anger and sorrow disappeared. 

I woke up after this with my heart racing and cried. I had no idea what I was supposed to feel, and I still don’t. I immediately prayed and thanked God for what He has just shown me and prayed for understanding in it.

Osagie: Nigeria

I was in my room and saw a vision. My spirit was transported to 2000 years ago when Jesus was going to the cross. 

There was a robe used to tie his hands, and he was wearing brown sandals. Some people were taking him to the cross; however, I didn't see them; he staggered as a result of the pain he endured going to the cross.

Jesus immediately looked into my eyes. I came out of the vision with tears with the first-hand experience that Jesus indeed died for my sins.

Tumi: South Africa

I dreamt of a lot of people were looking down from heaven wearing red robes singing worship songs, and I looked up I started joining them into worship.

Michael: United States

After standing against evil, satanic worshipers, witches, and demons the used protecting a sex ring, I never offered to do, but God spoke to my heart, so I did a year and a half. 

One night in the ending third of it, I had a dream that an angel brought me a white horse with beautiful silver breast armor, powder blue underwings, it was stunning. Then, I heard a voice saying, this is for you. I said in my dream, well that’s nice, I have a 2 br apartment and eat Roman noodles.

I heard laughing, no, no, this is a gift to you from Jesus for standing. He will be with you forever, in battle, if injured will lay with you until angels arrive, and will bring you home to heaven when you pass. He is yours wherever you go; he will be with you.

Ramona: United States

Hi, my name is Ramona from Mexico, not sure the meaning of my dream or I might say dreams since it is on different occasions the same or similar dream.

In my dream, I'm outside on a normal day. I heard a loud noise, but no one else seems to hear it, then I can hear lots of birds at the same time. 

I look up, and the sky is opening, and the birds are coming out pretty white birds, and the last is a bright light, and a king is on his throne setting there and smiling at me. I can see people running and scared, but all I can feel is a warm feeling, full of peace. 

I've been having these dreams since I was 12....30 years ago, and still so clear in my mind; it is the most beautiful dream. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

Esther: Kenya

I had a vision. I saw the sun shining sooo brightly that it was blinding my eyes even when I closed them; then, after some time, there came a cloud that covered it. Then I woke up.

Jamie: United States


I was looking up at the sky; it was golden and high white clouds. I was waiting for Jesus to come for us. I heard a voice say when we join the angels in heaven, the family will be complete. There will be much happiness when we arrive.J

Oscar: United States

I had a dream that I was in the snow, and as I looked up, I saw the lights in the sky then I saw Jesus appear with a warm smile wearing a brown robe and open arms. I'd like to know what this means?

Jamie: United States


I was getting things ready for a big dinner. My mood was not great; I was feeling overwhelmed and grumpy. My husband was around somewhere. I saw Jesus a ways off too, and he was walking around looking at the preparations. 

I was sitting on a bench, hunched over, sharpening a knife perhaps, or peeling a potato? I saw Jesus look at me, and he walked over and sat next to me. I felt thrilled that he did this, but I continued my work. I don't recall the whole conversation, but he said: "I love you." It was a very warm feeling that washed over me, like a father's love, but magnified many times. The love was the most powerful I have ever felt.  As I continued my work, I said: "I love you too."

He smiled at me, and I was smiling, my mood was instantly better.

My family and some people I don't know are gathering at a large table for dinner. I'm passing out placemats. I'm so excited to tell my family I saw Jesus. I was also hoping he would come to dinner, but he did not. I was happy even so.

Esther: United States 

I saw my self like I was mad in a dream then all of a sudden I saw a bright light shining in the darkness and I followed the light to the end. 

When I got to the end of the light, there was a force pulling me back, but when I started speaking in tongues and pleading the blood of Jesus behold, I was able to move into the light. When I got to the light, I was climbing a white ladder to the end. 

Then I saw my self in a church altar with a microphone praising God like so hard, and I also saw a fine white chair with heaps of bibles on it, like over five or more, and I remember the first bible on top the others was a white color. Please, what could this dream/ vision mean?

Khyati: India

I saw Jesus in my dreams at Christmas. I saw his whole story, from his birth till death. In brief, of course. It was like it was happening in front of my eyes. I was watching His story laid back. What does it mean?

GENEVIEVE: Philippines

3:30 am Dec. 19, 2019.

In my dream, I was desperately seeking for a comfort room. I overheard an old lady's voice saying, "There's one at the right-wing of that old big wooden house!". I went and found myself relieved.

I heard singing from the fields. So I move off the grasses to the vastness of the prairie. There before my eyes, a mountain was glaring like new in the early sun. I saw its beauty in contrast to the blue sky.

From there, suddenly an incoming of numerous small meteorites (basketball sizes), speeding into my direction. I gasped for breath but didn't move at all to my surprise.

Then to my amazement, there were three bright lights (bigger than humans), moving towards me.

In a wink of an eye, my warm tears rushed my cold face...one spirit hurriedly tossed me a glowing white ball, and I got it with my palm on my belly. There was a shutting force, and I felt so weak that I let go of my cares.

The view shattered in snow, and the singing lulled me back to sleep.

I woke at 3 am and kneeled and cried and thanked Jesus for His gift within me.

T'was, oh, so very real!

Terry: United States

I was lying on something, and I was naked. I saw Jesus's name emblazoned on my body. As I ran my hand over it, I remember being told that it was permanent & that there was nothing I could ever do to, remove it, or for it to be taken off. It was was for all eternity. 

Luna: United States

I had a beautiful dream that I woke up with Jesus Christ being the first thing I witnessed as I ran to hug him, and he told me how much he was proud of me. I told him how stressed I felt, and he invited me to a lake where he told me to lay flat down in the water. I breathed in-and-out and was renewed. I woke up feeling renewed with no soreness in my body and INTENSE peace. (I had another stronger dream on my 18th birthday).

Kylie: United States

I was In a dream last night, and I was just in our house, and my boyfriend was here with me. The days were sunny, and we were living so happily like I remember feeling in my dream a few days before that I loved this feeling I loved this happiness, I felt so in love with Elias, I felt this peace between us. 

I walked out my bedroom door and into the bathroom, and my younger sister appeared in my dream it felt real; she went on to tell me that I am in heaven now, that I died, I asked how I had died, because I didn't remember. 

She went on to say that I had passed away from bone marrow cancer. 

I felt kind of sad for a second thinking about the people back on earth who loved me; are they shocked? Do they miss me? How are they feeling? I continued to believe and think in my dream that I wasn't gone forever. 

I told myself in my dream that it's not the end I'm coming back. I told myself in my dream, along with Elias, that we were in heaven and that I wanted to go back to heal this nation from suffering. I said I don't know how long, but I'm going, and then I woke up at precisely 3:51, again. 

The thing about this cancer is my Grandpa Lenny had this type of cancer before God saved him. I felt like this was genuinely a good dream, and I had good feelings, and I was beside the love of my life the whole time.

 I felt safe like I knew I was safe as I was going to help save this world, and that this was a message from my highest self, God himself. It felt like an aspect of my grandpas' spirit. Although I will also have to say I am going through a transformation of becoming my best self and letting past people go for good. 

So I'm accepting things that I know I can't have, and things that I want for my good living. What I love and need are the things I already have and am thankful for. 

So this dream gave me more faith in believing that we are, eternity, Jesus is coming, and we will heal from suffering, past trauma and the bad, etc. I saw it, and I saw my own faith.

William: United States

My son was 13 years old when he passed away on June 19th of 2018, after battling leukemia for just over a year. No matter how much I wished to see him in my dreams, I never had any kind of dream I could remember for the next 15 months. 

Then one night out of nowhere, I had a small dream of my son lying in bed with me, and we were holding each other. In the dream, I kept saying,” You know how much I love ya, don’t ya?” My son never said anything in the dream. He just had this huge smile on his face, and he was tickling my leg with his toes just like he used to do when he was alive. I can’t help but believe that one dream was God’s way of letting me know that my son is okay.

Topaz: United States

I had a dream that my husband and daughter and I were in the middle of a parking lot with two yellow line thick lines where the traffic goes in both directions. 

From the middle of the parking lot, I ran to some orange and yellow flowers growing between the trees on the island. I laid down on them, and my daughter thought something was wrong with me, and she said, mom, are you are right? I said yes, I just need to lay here. 

My daughter said no, you’re not all right if you want to just lay there; I had a smile on my face, and it felt good

Shirley: United States

I pray for everyone and everything. In my dream, I was told, "Your prayer will be answered on the other side."

Seth: United States

I had to have been between the ages of 7-10. Sometime between 1993 and 1996. I was at my dad's house. He had a long front yard, at least 60 yards to the road. 

Out the front window, I happened to look out and see a Red Cross floating off the ground about 1/3 to halfway down the front yard. I cried when I saw this cross. 

I remember this play out so vividly. I've been trying to discern this my whole life but have found nothing.  I was the only one to see it. 

I cried to my dad and explained what I saw, but the entire situation was just kind of brushed off. 

Zeinab: Lebanon

I keep having visions that I’m going to be stigmatized in my hands.. in most visions am either being nailed or just bleeding from hands with the song of Ave Maria in the background.

This all began last year when I injured back, my first vision happened in April 2018 where I was being nailed, and the pain was just electricity and fire combined together / I can’t describe the agony.

When I woke up I had a gut feeling that I was chosen.. In all my visions, I am told that I am being chosen for something.. but am not quite sure yet... I’ve also felt light piercing through my hands, like a burning sensation. So, I’m not quite sure what to deduce from all this.

Alissa: United States

I dreamed I was riding in a truck with my husband through the country over hills at sunset, and the sun rays were warm red and orange! I was looking at him pointing at manna all over the ground everywhere, and he was just smiling with the wind blowing through our hair.

KAREN: United States

I dreamed of a cross in the sunset, and there were footsteps walking from it or around it.

Latricia: United States

God will be with me always

God said to me In my dream that I would be in a dark place, but he would be with me, and he wanted me to be happy.

Dana: United States

I saw a vision during prayer of a soft pink blanket - like a baby blanket - gently covered over the United States.

Patricia: Uganda

I went to a church to give in my prayer requests. I found other people doing the same. Some bringing in tithes. To these people, the usher received and prayed for them. When it was my turn, I put in my request but instead a Major Prophet came to me and washed my feet with oil and gave me money. I woke up. What is the meaning of this dream? I have been so depressed and desperate lately with no job and so many debts, 

Praying to God to intervene in my life.

Zeina: Lebanon

In one dream I saw a man of God I know, I hold him then I saw tears coming out from his cheeks, and he had the eyes closed.

Kristin: United States

I was at my Daughter's school picking her up.  (she goes to a Christian private school) I was with my teenage son (whom I had just prayed for in reality before falling asleep), and we were standing in a corridor where all of the children of the school were waiting to be picked up.  All of a sudden I noticed everyone disappearing. I asked my son where everyone was going, and he said he didn't know.  Pretty soon everyone was gone.  I felt myself getting ready to cry, and that's when I noticed Jesus Christ coming down from the sky in his white robe.  He looked absolutely breathtaking. I began crying even more.  I felt his presence as I was lying in bed and I felt like he was comforting me and hugging me.  As if he was telling me he was there and protecting us.  It was a beautiful dream.Anna: United States

While waiting at the emergency room for doctor I opened my eyes to a white feathered beautiful eagle with his wings spread out. I could see the wings from behind. He was facing the other way. but wings were outstretched.

Af: Australia

I was dreaming I was walking through the silver Church garden to see my children and in my mind I said I'm going to become a Christian and be baptized in the silver church. I was so happy and walking and realized with every step I was taking that I was going up, and up to the clouds. I was walking up to the sky, and I was saying god's name in my language. What's the meaning of it?

Lisa: United States

I had the following dream last night, 9/24/18 or 25th, depending on what time at night dream was.

I was at my home, and my father was there, faced away, frozen in time. A bright light that had a silhouette of a person took my hand.  I remember crying tears of sorrow and joy.  It was like we were talking through minds. My journey has come full circle. Basically, my obstacles have been, and my timeline was, on point.  There was no reason to have to worry about me anymore and from this moment on all good things would be happening.  I remember nodding my head like, ok I understand....I went to try and get a hold of one of my best friends, but when I looked back it was gone, my dad said, and so it is done.

Marina: Canada

Hi, I just had a dream, and everyone there was chanting, "choose Messiah, choose Messiah," and I did, and I woke up, and that's all I really remember. I woke up with energy and my soul feels light.

LaTania: United States

I dreamed I was sitting in a chair that started vibrating, and there was an empty chair across from me that started spinning really fast, and I started praying the blood of Jesus and pleading the blood of Jesus until the chair stopped turning, and my chair stopped vibrating.

William: United States

A guy talking to me about Jesus then asked did you know Jesus loves you?

Karly: Country

Jesus was asleep, and Mary was holding his body but sleeping as well. Then, there were explosions everywhere, and everyone was afraid that He would not come to save us. I saw Him and Mary waking up, they both smiled at me...like everything was going to be okay and then I just knew I was safe and that I was saved. 

John: United States

My dream I was enveloped with bright light filled with the colors of the rainbow I felt a warmth I felt so much love warmth and peace when I awoke I was crying it was a feeling peace light and warmth, and I was being hugged. It happened once I still cry whenever I think about hoping it would happen again.

David: United States

I had a beautiful dream last night that I was inside this big cave there was a lot of people looking up.  When I looked up I saw a mural of God the Virgin Mary and 2 Angel's it was so nice. Then I saw my mother that is still living.. she told me, isn't beautiful! I told her yes .. then I saw my brother that recently passed away this year in June and told me Hi! After that I woke up .. what does it mean can someone help...

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