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"A Vision from God for
Comfort and Reassurance"

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about four years. Although God has revealed to me my unborn, I've been seeing him in dreams for a while now, some days it's still emotional and still having some bad days, and I'm sure other women know what I mean if they've been in that situation. 

Well, I had my HSG test (where they make sure tubes aren't blocked) scheduled, which took forever for them to schedule me. Before I go to an appointment, I always pray and ask God to send someone who is sent by the Lord to come and be my doctor; well, to make a long story short, I got there. 

Still, no one notified me that I wasn't supposed to take the medicine I am on, and since I was, radiology couldn't do the test, so they had to reschedule; this was the last thing I needed for the next step, so I was so hurt and irritated and cried.

I Said to God, I Want to Give Up

 After I returned to the car, I told the Lord, "I'm so tired that I am getting to the point where I want to give up;" this was on a Monday and Tuesday night.

 I went to sleep, and God gave me a vision. I was in a vehicle with my mom, and my husband and I were looking up at the sky. There appeared a lion with a very detailed bold-like face is the best I can describe. 

The Lion was starring at me, and then it began to vanish.

I looked once again, and it appeared again, in the same way, as a bold, detailed lion face. Something told me to look to my left in the sky, and when I did, I saw the Lord's face. 

His face was also very detailed; the only thing that I can remember now is the hair. He didn't allow me to remember his face, and although He never moved his mouth, I heard him say, "JUST TRUST ME," JUST TRUST ME, TRUST ME. Then he showed me a baby boy lying in bed with my stepdad who passed away in 2014.

 The baby had on a light blue onesie with brown bears or something on it and some socks; the baby kept looking at me, and as crazy as it may sound even though he was an infant, he was reaching for me.

Comfort and Reassurance

I picked him up, and as I held him in my arms, an overwhelming feeling came over me; it was is if Jesus was walking towards me. 

I felt so much peace and joy holding him, and he was looking up at me, and then I woke up.

That morning I looked up Jesus and a lion and came across "The Lion of Judah," and the Lion represents Jesus. I was irritated, crying, and talking to the Lord that day, and he heard my cry. 

He came to me in this vision to let me know everything is going to be ok and to keep trusting that my husband and I  will soon have our blessing from God, our first baby.

 I even thought about my prayer to God before my doctor's appointment when I told God to send a doctor that was of him and him only. I know that God makes no mistakes, so maybe it was meant for my appointment to be rescheduled; because it wasn't the right ones to do the procedure.

I give thanks and praise and honor to God almighty for the Lord Jesus Christ for always comforting me when I need comfort and reassuring me that everything is going to be ok.

I was moved to share this with others because God is real; if you're serving him, you are serving the right one. God bless everyone and may the Lord keep you ❤️ 11/29/2019

Jimelle: United States

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Comfort and Reassurance

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