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"My Dream about the
Lion of Judah"

I'm hoping someone can interpret this bizarre dream I've been having on and off for 3 years now.

The first time this happened was in 2016. I was just falling asleep when I all of s sudden saw an image of a huge Lion's head. It was the most beautiful Lion, and it said. The Lion of Judah will claim his eye for an eye.

The 2nd time I had the dream of the Lion of Judah. He was beside me when an order was given to something I do not recognize. The order was said with the words "Spirit of the underworld rise and go out." That's when I see this human type thing, and It comes up onto the Earth, and the dream I am safe. It does not come near me.

Last night 5/6/2019, I dreamt again of the Lion of Judah. He is standing in front of me next to a youngish bearded man in robes, and they both bless me at the same time, saying that I  am always safe and protected from harm. 

They then take me to a place where there is a thick stone wall or walls. It's like old city walls, and they lift a roll of white parchment with what looks like a  row of candle wax seals, but they are gold in, and they keep the paper closed. 

The first wax seals 4 are already split open, and he (the bearded man) shows me the 5th split open and says this is only recently opened. He then looks at me and explains this is number 6 and he breaks it open.

On the parchmant I see only one seal left to be split open for the entire parchment to be unrolled and read. The man then tells me I have to go back, but I will always be safe because I have been given a blessing, and that's when I wake up.

Please bear in mind that while I  do believe in God. I don't go to church or anything like that. I do have a bible in my house, but I haven't read it in years.

I want to explain that this dream is so strong, it is enough to vex me and trouble my very spirit. For some reason, I know that I will be just fine, but this still bothers me. It is always one of the most profound things I've ever experienced each time I dream of it.

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Lion of Judah

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