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"Dreams about Water"

Modiehi people: Lesotho

I had a dream being in the calm ocean standing over the green grass, wearing a white gown with blue color on it. Praying and singing to God.after that I saw myself out don't know how but I saw lots of people going in the ocean  to draw water and I was afraid that they would fall into the water, but they all survived

Jennifer: United States

what does it mean when you spread someone's ashes in Lake and then that person has a dream about being pulled into the lake underneath.

Gus: United States

One night after church, I went to bed, and Jesus appeared in my dream, and we were walking on water together.   I'm just tearing up as I text this. Jesus made me feel so brave and happy, and he Loves me and is protecting me.  The feeling of walking on water is indescribable.

Alia: United States

Six water dreams in past three months very vivid as I can feel the water..water was always blue crystal clear or turquoise..I’m walking in it standing in it or bathing in it.

KIMBERLY: United States

 I had a dream that I looked up and saw a wall of ice holding back water. The water looked as if it was going to come over the ice wall.



I am a recent convert to Christianity. My son woke this morning and told me about a dream he had about water and the moon. 

When I asked about it more, he said he dreamed of planets with water started stating some facts about this earth. I can tell he had a deep sleep last night as there was a lot of emotion in his dream. 

I believe dreams can tell us a lot. And I have had dreams with Jesus in them, and even of me giving birth around the time, I was pregnant with my son. 

So am a strong believer it can give meanings. Please, in a biblical sense, what did my son's dream mean about water the moon and seeing earth? Is this positive or negative?

Glenda: United States

I was in a dark tunnel, and I saw a rushing red water rolling over me and then I saw a bright white light rolling down all over me.  I realized I had a vision.

Mindy: United States

I had a dream of the Vatican being underwater, and the water was beautiful, and so were the buildings, but after being in awe of the beauty, I was terrified. I can't remember why though. 

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Dreams about Water

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