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"Dreams about Water"

Amanda: United States

I had this dream a few years ago.

I was in a small rowboat with my dad in the ocean. The water was rough. Suddenly, I was alone, and my dad was gone.

I was in the rowboat with two oars, and a huge wave was about to overtake me. It was the biggest wave I have ever seen; it was not long but sticking up out of the ocean.

But, at the last second, the wave moved to the left of me, and I was not overtaken.

Abigail: South Africa

I dream of a female musician who wanted me to join their group, so in the dream, l went to a place where there was water and l called one of the musicians, and the water started to pop out, and few people come out from the water and start doing things l don't understand. I saw a girl with blood, and at that time, they called me to come in the water, but l answer them, l say, l choose Jesus!

Jamie: United States

9/7/2020 - Manhattan Waves

I was observing a city besieged by giant waves of water. 

A group of men were talking to each other and I heard them mention that Manhattan couldn't withstand the 100ft waves that relentlessly hit the city; the waves kept coming, one after another. 

I flew up over the wave that was hitting and watched it smash over the cement barrier they had constructed.

Lukas: United States

I remember certain parts of the beginning of my dream, and then the last part was really amazing, that's the part that I think God was in. 

I woke up for a second and fell back asleep. When I went back to sleep, I was with a woman and her two kids. We were all standing at this huge body of water, but I have never been there and don't know who they were, and have never seen them. 

But this big, almost looked like a cut in the earth, of lava or fire or something I have no idea, came and opened big in the sky, and I was yelling, look, look, he's coming, he's coming, he's coming, and she wouldn't look; she told me he wasn't and there was nothing there, so she wasn't going to look. It went away, and then she looked and said, there's nothing there. 

She turned and watched the water again, and once again, it came and split, and I mean it pierced the sky, and it was almost lava looking (this gapping crack/hole in the sky). I said it's him again he's coming. She waved her hand at me like yeah, whatever, knock it off. 

A huge boat mind you, (and we were in like a no-wake zone area), went by at probably a 100 mph, or in the dream, it seemed to be. And I saw massive waves coming our way, but I didn't run? I think maybe the woman's kids ran, and she just didn't face it, almost as if she wasn't going to face God. 

Perhaps, in my dream, the water was an interpretation of religiousness, or honestly, I have no idea. But a wave came, and it was HUGE so tall so WIDE, and I opened my arms and looked up to heaven and smiled and said I'm ready, and the wave hit me.

 I didn't wake up, though, so I guess I didn't die? Because as soon as it hit me, everything flashed white, and the woman and I woke up in something that was completely white, and a black angel was cradling over the woman; I looked at him and smiled then woke up. But he was wearing all white and had white wings; I'm pretty sure. This was the end of the dream, and the beginning was not at all similar to the end. 

I woke up, texted my mom, and told her and started reading the Bible. I've been really praising God lately and trying to get my girlfriend into it. I think it all means something, but I've got nobody to tell me what it means.

Jamie: United States


My mom, son, myself, and husband were in a house that was flooding. Water was rising quickly, so we all got in the back of a truck bed. There were no waves in the floodwaters.

Abi: United States

Today is April 21, 2020, and last night I had a dream that I was in a cruise ship with a bunch of people,as I went outside I saw that the waves were getting bigger and higher. As soon as I saw that, I knew it was a tsunami.

I went back inside to warn everyone, but for some reason, no one wanted to believe me and stayed where they were. So I went with my best friend and told her, and she turned around, and the tsunami struck the ship, and I remember holding her hand.

We said, " Lord have mercy in us," and the water separated us, and I remember feeling my body lift up, and I started singing, and I saw my best friend, and I hugged her so hard. I had so much Joy.

I usually never share my dreams in public, but I feel like God made me remember this so that the children of God start knowing that this is not the time to play around and start preparing ourselves because God can come any minute of the day.


Jamie: United States


I was observing through a security video a large mass of water overtaking a small Rv park on the coast. 

The water took everyone by surprise. It washed the RV's out into the sea. Gomer Pyle and I went out to try and pull the people back to land. Later I was in a building with Gomer Pyle, and he was on the phone with someone needing help.

( Gomer Pyle was stationed in California and North Carolina in the show.

Gomer Pyle in Hebrew means "Finished Arrow."

Written at 7:17 am, Strongs Concordance

-Hebrew= to gather or pluck )

Asanda: South Africa

Hi, I had a dream; it's like I was standing in the road, and something lifted me up inside the sky. About 5 minutes later, I went back to the previous spot, and when I looked up into the sky I could see water; then a big drop fell on top of me and wet my body all over. 

Then I felt the hands write, "Jesus cross," on my forehead, and at the same time, the person was praying, but I didn't see the person. After they finished, I said, thank you, Jesus. What is the meaning?

Jamie: United States


In a building with other ladies, we were standing in doorways, we all had our place. We all had our duty, and it was something like to warn others. I was in my place, but not all of the others were. Floodwaters were coming in the building, and people were starting to realize it was time. The waters trickled around my feet. Then I heard seven loud knocks, like on a door. I woke up.

Modiehi people: Lesotho

I had a dream being in the calm ocean standing over the green grass, wearing a white gown with blue color on it. Praying and singing to God.after that I saw myself out don't know how but I saw lots of people going in the ocean  to draw water and I was afraid that they would fall into the water, but they all survived

Jennifer: United States

what does it mean when you spread someone's ashes in Lake and then that person has a dream about being pulled into the lake underneath.

Gus: United States

One night after church, I went to bed, and Jesus appeared in my dream, and we were walking on water together.   I'm just tearing up as I text this. Jesus made me feel so brave and happy, and he Loves me and is protecting me.  The feeling of walking on water is indescribable.

Alia: United States

Six water dreams in past three months very vivid as I can feel the water..water was always blue crystal clear or turquoise..I’m walking in it standing in it or bathing in it.

KIMBERLY: United States

 I had a dream that I looked up and saw a wall of ice holding back water. The water looked as if it was going to come over the ice wall.



I am a recent convert to Christianity. My son woke this morning and told me about a dream he had about water and the moon. 

When I asked about it more, he said he dreamed of planets with water started stating some facts about this earth. I can tell he had a deep sleep last night as there was a lot of emotion in his dream. 

I believe dreams can tell us a lot. And I have had dreams with Jesus in them, and even of me giving birth around the time, I was pregnant with my son. 

So am a strong believer it can give meanings. Please, in a biblical sense, what did my son's dream mean about water the moon and seeing earth? Is this positive or negative?

Glenda: United States

I was in a dark tunnel, and I saw a rushing red water rolling over me and then I saw a bright white light rolling down all over me.  I realized I had a vision.

Mindy: United States

I had a dream of the Vatican being underwater, and the water was beautiful, and so were the buildings, but after being in awe of the beauty, I was terrified. I can't remember why though. 

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