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"Dreams about Angels"

Amos: South Africa
I was standing in a beautiful garden and looked up into the sky and saw the sky filled with white clouds, the clouds came lower and i saw it was angels and on either side of me two big beautiful angels hovered on either side of me.

Lisa: United States
I dreamed i opened a door to a white waiting room. There were a few people there waiting to go into another door. I told them it was okay to go it was an escalator. They went one by one. I saw visiones of i guess guardián angels... Cantón remember faces

Tiana: United 
I dreamed that a man was standing in front of me he was normal until he started glowing and sparkling almost angel likevthen I remember signing a old gospel in the dream his clothes were ragged and I remember his feet he had on old boots when I woke up I felt like I had been in a deeper sleep than usual

Brandie: United States
I seen a bright light in the clouds it formed into a angel of light then bing bing bing and all of a sudden there's was 7 angels and they began going into a V formation and I heard the 7th trumpet... And I woke up
Praise the Lord Amen 

Venicia, United States
 Three Angels
In this dream I was in a big city and it was a normal day nothing particularly unexplainable happening. I got on the train  and as I got ready to get off at my stop I saw something very peculiar. There was this dark dark cloud in the sky and it was swerving like a snake slithers in the grass but it was a big black, thick cloud and crowds of people just started running and screaming.  I hear panic-stricken voices saying get under the trees it won't get you yet under the trees or look for steel elevators somewhere it could save you!!! Being confused I did not know what was going on but I ran under tree but there was no room to hide under it because of all the people trying not to be seen by this cloud. I would look for somewhere that has elevators but I couldn't seem to find one that I could get into because every time the elevator door open I could not get into it but no one was in there so I could not find a safe place.  I ended back on the subway tracks and this cloud kept following me, it was everywhere I ran so I decided to jump the tracks back down to the ground where I suddenly saw this building, a very tall building that was made of glass.  My eyes quickly got fixed on the silver elevators and as I jumped out of the car I ran into this building and instead of getting on the elevator I found a silver door and I opened it. Inside the door was just a room that looked like a closet and as I closed the door behind me real tight I was shaking and real frightened, all of a sudden there were knocks at the door and they knock three times.  I kept saying no I don't want to go, I don't want to go then I heard these soft, serene and peaceful voices which made me feel a calmness in my spirit while they were saying we are not here to hurt you.  were so soft and Serene and peaceful. As I opened the door I wasn't afraid and there were three bodies standing there but Illuminating so brightly that I could hardly while one of them said to me take my hand you're safe. I'll never forget these words, you have a job to do, you have to be at the entrance of the gate to let others in. Now there are many things that I could interpret that  into but I believe each and every one of those dreams that I had during my drugs and alcohol use Whirlwind these dreams were very frequent because of my chaotic Life Style. I believe God was letting me know asked Him into my life and just give yourself to Me and I finally did,,,,

Kalena: United States
My uncle passed a month two weeks ago I had a dream I was with two angels praying for me then I stared to shake and the angles disappeared and someone squeezed my hand . What does that dream mean ?

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Dreams about Angels

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