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Amanda: United States

This dream happened years ago when I was in elementary or middle school. I was lying in bed in my room, which was completely dark. Then, I got up. A bright angel was in my room right next to my bed!

It was about the same height as me, and I don't remember any distinguishable features other than it was bright and had wings.

I got up and gave it a hug, and felt very peaceful. I remember that the peaceful feeling lasted all day, even after school. The memory of this dream gives me hope. God is real, Jesus is King!

Kyleigh: United States

A few nights ago, I had a dream that my grandma and I had just dropped off my mom at work and were heading back to my house, but we got stuck in a really big storm that came out of nowhere. 

At first, the sky was blue and purple and then turned red. I looked to my left and saw a red wall with a ledge next to my house instead of the wall that was once there. 

There had been an angel-shaped hole in the sky that was now the only white cloud in the sky. And there was something else, I think, like a pole where grass once was.

Claire: United Kingdom

In my dream, a male spirit appears to me, saying that he wants to take me to some angels who need me for some reason, and he doesn't know what for as he is only what they call a gatekeeper. 

He then says to me that if I don't want to listen, I don't have to; it's up to me; he's not speaking this to me; it's like we are mind-reading.

We get to a building, but when we get to the door, he says he's not allowed in with me, and it is up to me if I listen to them or not; then just disappears. 

I walk into a classroom type where I can hear talking and humming and my name being said as they already know I'm there.

The doors open, and there two angels stood talking about me, a female with wavy long golden hair and a male with short golden wavy hair. 

They both look toward me, and as I go to look at their faces my grandmother, (who is in the spirit world) comes from nowhere and stands in between us and shouts, 'NO CLAIRE, ITS TIME TO WAKE UP NOW!" she puts her arm out and pushes me backward, and as she does I wake up straightaway.

Shelby: United States


I had a dream last night. I was outside in the yard, and my mom was beside me. I looked up in the sky saw something. I thought it was a small plane, then I had to look again, and it was an angel in white. 

Then I saw more and more different angels with different colors and wings; then a tall big angel flew down to the street with his trumpet. I was scared. I said, oh no, it’s time! The trumpet was so loud it woke me up. 

The dream lasted a few seconds; then, when I woke up, I felt uneasy and thought about it all day. I’m blessed that I had this dream.

James: United States

I had a dream two nights ago; lately, I've been real thirsty to read the Bible and understand what's coming and the days we are living in. I always felt something was with me, and like, this isn't right, or something is going on. 

I have been seeing signs and figures of people in clouds lately, and then they're gone. I cannot explain it, but I feel like God is giving me signs, helping to save souls, and spreading the word of his son's return coming soon.   

Well, two nights ago, today is 9/17/20, I was praying hard before bed; I asked Him to please show me my purpose and help me, and that I don't deserve His love and glory. If he were to save me by all the signs, I see to please take all his children here on earth who have sinned, and I would stay and sacrifice myself for them all. 

Well, I feel asleep within what felt like 10 minutes. I saw a dark storm cloud like an upside-down volcano, but it was spinning slowly, then turned purple-blue-green rainbowish colors, and in the middle was a bright light like the sun peeking through the clouds. 

I felt his presence and heard, don't be afraid, and it closed up, and I could see rays of light coming out; the clouds covered the light and angels, but I could make out their wings as they traveled through those rays of light. 

After seeing six or seven, I reached out my hand as if trying to grab one of the angels, or if perhaps they might grab my hand, then I woke up. 

Thank you, Father God, for that. I'm blessed and glad to be your son and a soldier of God's army. Glory to the Holy of Holy the Alpha and the Omega

Jennie: United States

In January 2017, I was going thru difficult times with eviction and cancer, praying and asking the Lord to Help me thru these very trying times. 

I fell asleep one night only to wake up in a unique realm of Heaven; there were Angel's, very tall and majestic, talking to me. They said, "Jennie, come stand by us!" I replied, There's no way I can stand by you!

They were numerous and in Perfect Rank and Perfect order. They announced that Heaven was preparing for the Greatest Event of all time!!

I looked to the right of the Heavens, and many hugh portals opened.

Thousands were rising up from Earth being in the most glorious bodies I had ever seen! I asked the Angels what was happening, and they said, "it's the Greatest event of all eternity, Jesus is Returning!"

Then I looked to my left, and millions of people were screaming and crying, and the Angel's announced, "these are Those who didn't repent." 

Sadly I awoke from my vision, not wanting to be here on earth, but with the Holy beautiful Angel's. Please read my vision and know Jesus is coming sooooon!

Shirley: United States

In my dream, there were two very small beings of light, and they had a cross in their body that shined like lighting, and I could hear a noise it was kind of like the sound of that sword fight with Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker when they moved.

Anyway, I felt like they were some warrior Angels, but I'm not sure; this dream happened over 23 years ago; however, it is still vivid. Is there anyone who could help me understand this dream? 

Also, I have had many dreams through the years and several visions, and recently I have been having more and more spiritual dreams about the rapture and the coronavirus. I will talk about these the next time I am on here. Thanks to everyone For your time.

Jo Ann: United States


I had the following vision from God on April 18, 2011. I was lying down in bed when it occurred at 6:14 am: 

I saw boats with single sails moving throughout the scene. There were boats on the water and in the air. A river was down below, and lush greenery was everywhere. 

A boat was flying right in front of me, and I began observing it very carefully. A man with dark hair was sitting inside the front end of the boat, and he was smiling and waving at me. He was Jesus Christ!

I lifted my right arm from the bed, and I waved back. I then saw an angel bringing down a boat from the sky to the river. The angel flew back to the sky as soon as the boat landed, and the boat began sailing slowly on the river. 

I then noticed another boat in front of it already sailing on the river, and an angel was standing at the front end and guiding it. The angels were brightly illuminated and wispy, and they had elegant wings. I was unable to clearly see their faces because a lot of light was around their faces. The vision ended. 

Thank You, Father God and Jesus! God bless everyone!

March 18, 2020

Ricky: United States

I dreamed of a big Soldier-like but beautiful angel slowly ascending into the sky. Her attire was ancient, and I had no fear as she looked at me as she went up. Someone was with me in the dream, and we were both held in awe.

Natasha: United States

I had a dream that some bad men were after my husband. They came knocking on my door and stated that he was not here.

I tried shutting the door when one of the men catches it and says, I RECOGNIZE YOU AND PUSHED ME TO THE FLOOR CURLED IN A BALL As I SEE FISTS AN INCH FROM MY FACE WHEN I SEE A BRIGHTNESS. 


Dakota: Country

I dozed off for about an hour, and while I was asleep, I dreamed of a woman with two crosses around her neck, and she took one cross off and put it around my neck. 
I feel like it was an angel. I am going through a lot in my life right now, so to be comforted in my time of need is a very beautiful thing.

Evelyn: Heard and McDonald Islands

Half asleep & awake, a young male put his arm around my neck & shoulders while staying sleeping next to me. As if touched by an angel

Damian: United States

Angels in the Sawblade

In the dream, I am walking with my husband down a city street, and we are pushing a stroller. We have just adopted a baby and are taking our first stroll. It's a cloudless day with a clear blue sky, and we are very happy. 

When we adopted our son, we were also given a couple of photo albums of his family, but we haven't opened them yet. As we are walking, I look at his little arms moving around and notice a mark on his chest that looks like a tattoo. 

I stop and get one of the photo albums out and flip through the pages until I see a picture of a dark-haired young man with the exact tattoo. I feel thrilled! I say, "Look, he has the mark of the father on him!" We are both happy about this!

As we walk, I look up because I notice the oddest shaped cloud in the distance. It's big and round and flat with little wisps coming out all around the edge. It looks like a giant white saw blade high above the earth. 

Other people stop to look because it's so weird, and suddenly one of the "wisps" breaks off and flies away! It's an angel! It stops and hovers high in the sky.

More angels break off the edge of the cloud and fly to certain points, and hover all over the sky! The cloud is made entirely of angels! They are separating and flying everywhere and stopping in the air.

Now they are poised silently above us. It's eerie: they are waiting for something. Their chests slowly start to glow from within. I hear gasps of alarm and wonder from the people around me, and without warning, the angels move as one, speeding to the earth! They are so fast, it's indescribable!

I wake up thinking they were here to take us.

Ann: United States

On rare occasions, I get a woman's voice (cannot see, just hear), that says something to me. In October of 2018, I woke up to a woman's voice that said, "Jesus is coming in 2018. Well, it is 2019, and I am still here and thank God no one has vanished; otherwise, I would be in the tribulation. 

I was thinking, maybe her saying that Jesus was coming in 2018 meant what has already started happening according to Bible prophecy which leads up to his coming, because many things have happened according to Bible prophecy and is said He will be here soon, to get ready, and help save others. 

My angel must be a woman because she has also spoken to me in dreams; like the dream where I was watching my husband lose his mind. It really troubled me, and I became very emotional and started crying. I heard her call my name to get my attention, to stop, and to trust God and not the situation; this has helped me move past the fear of losing him.

Adriana: United States

I had a dream, as well. There was a big cloud where angels came down and started wiping out those who did not repent.

Then the largest angel came to me and asked me if I knew who he was, and I said yes, St Micheal the Arch Angel.

He said the day is coming, and I needed to save everyone that I could. I ignored this dream, and a yr later, I had another dream. St Micheal, the archangel, said I have to start now.

Donta: United States

I dreamed 4 angels were standing on each corner of my house, and then I dream GOD himself walk up to me and ask me if I wanted to be saved.  I said, but your, not God, God replied, but I am.

I believed him, and I said yes I want to be saved, so he grabbed me and shook me three times and a snake fled from me

Team Deputy Lutz: United States

"Whirlwind of Angels"

There wasn't just one Angel that came to my aid that morning; there were 5 or more, and I caught a glimpse of them with my own eyes. Until now, few have known about what I saw. I have been drawing and painting it over and over again during home therapies, patiently waiting for the right time to share my amazing vision with the world.

I believe this was the last thing I saw before being hoisted onto the ambulance gurney.

I took one last look up at that beautiful baby blue sky. In between two puffy white clouds, I saw a shimmering "whirlwind" of dark bronze human-like winged beings flying upward in a counterclockwise formation. They had sandals on their feet, and the last one was wearing some sort of white anklet.

It was as if their work saving me had been done, and they were returning to the heavens.

To read the rest of Mike's amazing story of faith and important Nonprofit mission go to:


Team Deputy Lutz

Psalm 91:11

Blessing: United States

I don't remember my dream very well, but I remember someone telling me to look at the sky. It was so dark, but it had this one circle of light I looked but did not see anything bit. As I kept looking, I saw an angel, and then I heard them singing. In my dream, I was so scared that I ran in the house hoping to get away from the noise. I was with two kids, and as we went into the house, the kids disappear, and I was all alone, I was so scared I woke up in a bed full of sweat.

Danielle: United States

 This was not a dream; this was a vision. I was praying for two men who had cancer. I was awake, and while my eyes were closed, I had a vision of two men with gold light coming from around their faces. I couldn't see who they were. It was almost like a negative of a picture, but the gold was so bright. All I could verbally say was, why?

Mary: United States

Six am, woke ten seconds after seeing angels fighting in the dusk of the day. I woke and sat on the bed, wondering what this dream is.

Cathy: United States

Guardian Angel and Jesus:

I had a dream that I was trying to help someone whom I saw in the street injured and then all of a sudden I was pulled out I actually heard the noise it sounded like whoosh and I was face to face with a guardian angel, so I felt.

He was all in white with white hair white beard, and he smiled at me, and for some reason, I said I have to go now because in my mind I had to finish helping this injured man. He Smiled and responded to me okay. Then I woke up.

The very next day Jesus Christ appeared in my dreams, and he had his arms open, and I found myself behind a wooden table which I took as the table of the last supper. Jesus was looking at me, and then I woke up I shot up and said to myself “who was that” scared or surprised it was a good mixed feeling.

I will never as long as I live forget this and this has not been the only dreams I’ve had there have been more. I am still to this day trying to decipher this dream and the other dreams I’ve had of women saints.
Thank you for allowing me to share.

Pamela: United States

My first dream was a couple of years ago. I was sleeping and woke up and went and opened the door; it's a beautiful day. The sky was a beautiful blue like I've never seen. A white cloud opened up like a scroll on each side. I could see inside the cloud. I was waiting for him to appear. I was saying it's the King the King Jesus.2016

November 2016

This time I dream, I'm awake on my bed propped up on my arm. An Angel was in my room at my window. We are talking I don't know what about. The Angel is leaving out my window and looks back to hear me say thank you, Jesus.

Late November 2016

A bus picked me up (don't know from where) This bus was a beautiful blue. I get on the bus. The driver was a very happy little lady. I was telling her what a beautiful blue the bus was. I walked back a couple of seats (I'm standing) Another person (angel? I sense another presence)is standing with me. I started talking about what I'm seeing and how beautiful it is. I'm looking at two bolder rocks, and beautiful huge eggs lined up perfect (6-8 eggs) A beautiful bird flies in and lands on the rocks. I'm telling my friend (Angel?) I've never seen anything like this. My friend never talks but understands what I'm saying. The bus picks up speed, and I grabbed the back of the seat to hold on and gain more speed (very fast) I look to see where we are going. We are in a tunnel it's foggy like a vacuum is taking us up.

I'm inside I run outside to meet this lady (Angel?) Don't know where I'm at, but she's there to see me. The angel has on a long dress, white with blue flowers; I run to her excited she has her hands out (palms up) I put my hands on hers and say it's so exciting Jesus could come any second. She was as happy as I was, but she doesn't talk.

I'm setting on a small green couch my back against the arm my feet are on the couch. I'm praying my hands are raised and I'm being lifted off the couch. I could feel myself going up.

October 28-2018, I was told these words, "COME UP HITHER."

Earline: United States

Good Morning,

My Dream started with me in front of a Small Church which appeared to be on a Cloud. I opened the door, and there was these to little angels with a Very HUGH Angel in the middle. She spread her Wings and ascended into the air, and her Wings were so massive, I then found myself at the feet of this Woman sitting on a throne, she wore ALL white and my face was at her hand that was glittery. I heard her voice say,  Soul but I never saw her face. Then I was directed to a side door on my right that had a light shining from it!  And before I walked through I could see a man ushering people out the front door! 

I walked through the light! And my life was changed from this! 

No One Believes me! But the Holy Spirit knows the truth! 

Thank you for letting me share! I needed to know I wasn't by myself in this! May everyone is safe and blessed.

Jrssica: Canada


I dreamt that I was in an all-white room with one door and in this door was a man standing there radiating in all gold and bright light. In this dream, I also couldn’t breathe, and when I woke up, I couldn’t move my body and was gasping for air. It seemed like someone or something jolted me awake.

What could this mean? 


Basemera: Uganda

I first dreamt of seeing an angel in my fasting season, and I dreamt of separating water using a stick for a woman to pass

Evan: United States

I’m not very religious, but I had a dream I can’t shake. I was working at a menial task when the girl I was working with gave me a nod indicating someone of importance was behind me. There were two women cloaked in black with black lace on their heads, and there was blood dripping down their faces. One of the women acknowledged me, I glanced away, and when I glanced back, she was approaching me, was unveiled, blonde and beautiful(no longer bleeding). She said I looked Ill and tired, and I don’t recall the words used, but I felt like an infant would in his mother’s arms. As I said, I’m not very religious, but I believe a saint may have visited me.

Robert: United States




ROBERT FAULKNER,  So Many Coincidences, I Plead The Holy Blood Of YESHUA IESUS Jesus/Over All of This Retroactively,....Prayers Gratefully Excepted!

Destiny: United States

I had a dream that an angel came to me. And that's why I was having really bad nightmares, so I prayed that God would send his angels to protect me. When I fell asleep, a beautiful angel told me not to worry because the Angels were going to keep me safe. This angel had gold clothes, and it was huge. I didn't realize Angels were so big. It was on Skol as a ceiling, and it had really big wings. 

I had a couple of bad dreams last night, and I kept waking up I went to go tell my mom, and she prayed for me, and she took me back into the bed, and I fell asleep reading I will that she gave me. All of a sudden God is there, and he's waking me up and tells me to come on, I want to take you somewhere. So I get up, and he takes me outside and puts me on the roof, and then he gets on top of the room.  We laid down on the roof, and he told me to close my eyes and open them back up.  I saw so many beautiful stars, so I asked him how many stars is that, and he just laughed. I ended up falling asleep on the roof and when I woke up from my dream the next morning I was still thinking I was on the roof. It was a great dream God is beautiful.

Jared: United States

Jared's daily vision:
I had awakened dream as I was awake, not asleep. I saw myself being old in the future. I grasp a Staff from God and hit the staff on the ground to make a blast of Sonic waves all over the world. It shakes the world and opens the Heaven to let Angels roam the earth.  The staff commands Angels to come from God. The waking dream is in my head every day for 2 to 3 years so far.

Victo: India

Once in my dream, I was walking along with my cousin brother in a busy market. Suddenly out of nowhere a bright figure appeared blocking my way and without any thought, I kneeled down, and the figure didn't say anything. It was just standing there quiet until my cousin brother started telling me why are you kneeling down, get up, get up, but still, I didn't get up and kneeled. But he kept insisting for me to get up but I didn't listen. So he started threatening me with a gun telling me if I don't get up now he'll shoot me and pointed the gun in my head, but I still kneeled and didn't listen to him, So he shot, but the bullets didn't come out of the gun it got stuck.. And that's when the figure told me" IF YOU BELIEVE IN GOD THERES NOTHING HE CANT DO" And it disappeared, and I woke up.

Hansie: South Africa

Hi, all my, dream was a bit freaky.  I STOOD AT an OLD building with friends, and we heard a women crying.  I approached to give her a hug and ask her to tell me what is wrong . I then saw a creature in a river channel, but with a concrete floor at the bottom. We looked up at heaven and angels came down with gunshot sounds, one with guitar two with a sword and two other angels.  I jumped in the water my head just under the water. When the creature came close, I grabbed it, and the angels fought with me to hold it. It tried to escape, but we got hold of it again. It had a spiderman suit on then my dream ended.

Tina: United States

I had a dream that someone who might look like myself(hard to tell because this person had so much light around them) but had the brightest light green eyes like lights, told me to make my peace with God.  That he was going to take me and I had until Thursday.  I dreamt that last night. Today is Thursday.  I said a prayer today.  Also in the dream, I said I'm not going to die am I an someone that I knew in the dream said no of course not and I can't really remember the rest of the dream.

Dina: United States

Dreamed of a man in the air with wings going up, and then more wings appeared above him. The sky was light blue with some clouds.

Desmona: United States

I had a dream of an angel big angel White Wings was covering my Bishop where I couldn't even see him, what is the meaning of that?

Lalchhuanawma: India

I saw a stranger, a foreigner sitting in the food court and there were a bunch of people sitting around him, but he was shining very bright, and he outshines everyone, this is not because of the man handsome he was an average person. He has this yellow golden glow on his skin, and he was wearing a jacket, and he was quite big. And there I was looking at him, he has no face definition though, but something told me that I have to meet with this man and then I can’t forget this words that I need to know about him.

Mary: United States

On Tuesday, Dec. 19, 2017...I had a morning dream where I was at the Assisted Living facility where I work...I was walking down the 800 halls and saw one of the residents in a wheelchair by the hallway...not in the actual salon...all I could see was where the hairdresser was trimming loose 'flyaway' ends off her hair...Ms. Dorothy is very small and frail woman in her80's..her head was leaning off the back of the wheelchair..my view was from the side...as I approached.I noticed a very long single strand coming from the side of her head...sticking straight out, and stiff...it was about a foot long...I suggested to the hairdresser to cut it off...I then found the scissors in my hand...as I attempted to cut the strand..it seemed like wire...I forced the scissors closed and held the long strand in my left hand...I then lifted the strand in front of me to examine it...when I'd lifted it to the light... the roof disappeared from the building, and I was looking at the daytime sky. All at once the white clouds began to roll back forming a small vertical oval opening...as I watched..all of a sudden..what looked like Angels burst through and flew very quickly toward the right and disappeared...I kept looking at the opening and then I saw Jesus coming into the center...He walked very slowly and deliberately...He had a long white robe covered with a sleeveless dark colored robe with the front draped across His body to His left shoulder...He had shoulder length dark brown wavy hair and a mustache and beard...He got to the center of the oval, turned slowly and looked straight at me.His hands were crossed in front of Him and tucked inside the sleeves...all of a sudden He leaned forward and litter ally, dove toward me at lightning speed...His body...ie. Shoulders and head were getting huge as he approached...He came within a foot or so of my face and flew off to my left side...I woke up...I feel blessed and am asking Him to tell me what it means...blessings to all who read this...Merry Christmas


I had a vision around 7 am yesterday morning on 12/21/17 of two angels one bearing the colors purple and indigo and then a second bearing a light pink color. The messages were from Zadkiel and Chamuel to bring me news from God of my struggle to forgive those that hurt me long ago, but I was able to recently. I also had a vision of Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns smiling at me with his arms open but the yellow light emitting from around him was too bright to look upon, and I fell asleep from it. 

Dar: United States

I dreamt a man called my name through the window, and I looked at him he told me his name is Gabriel and told me to come to the other side of my bedroom when I went he held my hand and asked me to see on my right side, and there was a man with bright cross and lightning all around the area and Gabriel asked me to bow down with him towards the man with the brightest cross I had seen. Please help me to know what is that mean.

Ritu: India

In my dream, I was in a house in a valley. It was raining heavily. I was on the terrace n could see the dark black tornado formations in the sky. Suddenly I heard someone calling children to come out n see angels n unicorn appearing and flying from the sky. Then I looked up n saw the storm was over n there was an iced angel was flying around me I stretched my arm to hug them.

Diana: United Kingdom

God, Jesus, and Angels

I have been having dreams where God, Jesus, and angels visited me and God said, " I have sent you down to Earth to make the world better, and as you know about the bombing, I made you be able to stop it. I believe in you" and than as the message finished I woke up, and the next night, I had a dream where only the angels visited e and said that they are proud of making friends, even with the ugly, and abnormal people, and that I share, and have amazing religious knowledge about heaven. I was surprised. Then I haven't had them until the 30th of Nov 217  this year, and Jesus said," your gift is something you will never forget, you may tell friends you trust, but be aware of who you tell, as some people will sill your secret. I'm pleased with your knowledge and making others proud and inspiring them. This morning (1st December 2017) I wake up with bright, white light, in the corner of my room.It was dark outside; I looked out of my window to make sure it wasn't a car, I also look round the room to make sure it isn't any device. Everything was off. It looked like an angel praying. I lost my voice for an hour or so, and now I have a very sore throat. If anyone knows why I'm having dreams like this, please tell me, and why in my dreams I'm told I'm an angel sent down.

Grace: Kenya

I dreamt that I saw a very big angel up in the sky before I knew it I started going up and I was above the clouds and immediately started prying in tongues and as continued to elevate I said in the dream that don't want to go beyond rest I die, immediately I woke and turned in the other side of the bed and again I was taken in a dream where I was telling people to come and see the angel I had seen lo & behold when I set my eyes up to look I saw a different angel who now was very close standing above a very big green leavy tree, he didn't have wings like the first one. He was clothed like a solder. What does that mean?

Amos: South Africa

I was standing in a beautiful garden and looked up into the sky and saw the sky filled with white clouds, the clouds came lower, and I saw it was angels and on either side of me, two big beautiful angels hovered on either side of me.

Lisa: United States

I dreamed I opened the door to a white waiting room. There were a few people there waiting to go into another door. I told them it was okay to go it was an escalator. They went one by one. I saw visions of I guess guardián angels... Cantón remember faces

Tiana: United 

I dreamed that a man was standing in front of me he was normal until he started glowing and sparkling almost angel like then I remember seeing an old gospel in the dream his clothes were ragged, and I remember his feet he had on old boots when I woke up I felt like I had been in a deeper sleep than usual

Brandie: United States

I saw a bright light in the clouds it formed into an angel of light then bing bing bing and all of a sudden there's was seven angels and they began going into a V formation, and I heard the 7th trumpet... And I woke up
Praise Lord Amen 

Venicia, United States

My Three Angels

In this dream, I was in a big city, and it was a normal day nothing particularly unexplainable happening. I got on the train, and as I got ready to get off at my stop, I saw something very peculiar. There was this dark cloud in the sky, and it was swerving like a snake slithers in the grass but it was a big black, thick cloud and crowds of people just started running and screaming.  I hear panic-stricken voices saying, get under the trees it won't get you yet under the trees or look for steel elevators somewhere it could save you!!! Being confused, I did not know what was going on but I ran under a tree, but there was no room to hide under it because of all the people trying not to be seen by this cloud. I would look for somewhere that has elevators, but I couldn't seem to find one that I could get into because every time the elevator door open I could not get into it but no one was in there so I could not find a safe place.  I ended back on the subway tracks, and this cloud kept following me, it was everywhere I ran so I decided to jump the tracks back down to the ground where I suddenly saw this building, a very tall building that was made of glass.  My eyes quickly got fixed on the silver elevators, and as I jumped out of the car I ran into this building, and instead of getting on the elevator I found a silver door, and I opened it. Inside the door was just a room that looked like a closet and as I closed the door behind me real tight I was shaking and really frightened, all of a sudden there were knocks at the door, and they knock three times.  I kept saying no I don't want to go; I don't want to go then I heard these soft, serene and peaceful voices which made me feel a calmness in my spirit while they were saying we are not here to hurt you.  Were so soft and Serene and peaceful. As I opened the door, I wasn't afraid, and there were three bodies standing there but Illuminating so brightly that I could hardly while one of them said to me take my hand you're safe. I'll never forget these words; you have a job to do, you have to be at the entrance of the gate to let others in. Now there are many things that I could interpret that into, but I believe every one of those dreams that I had during my drugs and alcohol use Whirlwind these dreams was very frequent because of my chaotic Life Style. I believe God was letting me know asked Him into my life and just give you to Me, and I finally did,

Kalena: United States

My uncle passed a month two weeks ago I had a dream I was with two angels praying for me then I started to shake, and the angles disappeared, and someone squeezed my hand. What does that dream mean?

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Dreams about Angels

"Lets Teach Our Children to Love"

Why is it so difficult for our educators and society, in general, to understand that love and respect for one another taught from a young age can solve much of the world's hostility and social problems!

"Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it" (Prov 22:6).

Love is the answer!

Loyalty and Faithfulness

True loyalty springs from the heart and is wrapped in love. It is often in our most private moments that true loyalty, or the lack of it, is made known.

Reaching the World With the Message Of Jesus

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