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"Dreams about Miracles"

Marie: United States

I had a dream the other night: I started floating up in the area; then all of a sudden this sparking stream of golden light moved through the room. The golden light passed through me and filled my being. 

I remember there was a part of me that was in awe at what was happening and a part that wasn't scared. It was like this was supposed to happen eventually. 

Then I remember as the light was still feeling me, there was another person. I couldn't see who they were or even if they were a man or a woman, but somehow I knew I was meant/supposed to heal them. 

As the golden light was still flowing around me and filling me, I reached out my hand towards this other person's back. The golden light left my hand and wrapped around this other person healing them.

Helen: United States

I've had several scary and a few beautiful dreams, but none as frightening as the one I had in Balad Iraq. It was about 7 pm, ready to sleep. I had just pulled a red blanket up to my chin, took a deep breath, and closed my eyes. 

Immediately, I felt a strong vacuum from under the trailer door as something "flew" in and developed into a black, brown blob; texture and color were like Jabba the Hut. But the body shape was three segments like snowman shape - no nose a long sad mouth from cheek to cheek large holes for eyes, no ears. 

As it stood next to me, about 4-5 inches to my waist, examining me from top of my head to tip of the toe, 3-4 times. As it happened I was not able to breath or flinch a muscle, couldn't speak. I was paralyzed with fear. This thing was pure evil. My thought was if I didn't inhale, I would die. 

At what I believed to be my last breath, I uttered, "Jesus!" It collapsed and vacuumed out the bottom of the door, and my regular breathing resumed. 

Years later, I was talking about it to my friend, he said around that time he was told by the spirit to "pray for Helen, they want to take her to Hell." He said he prayed the Rosary daily until I returned. Has anyone experienced that?

Faith: Uganda

I dreamt that I was healed, and I thanked God for healing me.

Willie: United States

I had a live vision in the church. I saw green balls floating in the air. I saw approximately four groups. A prophet was talking about congregation been blessed, no lack, no need, money supernaturally going into bank accounts.

Tonny: Uganda

Brethren praise the lord one day I was sleeping I ask Jesus to heal me hepatitis b, and I got a dream I saw Jesus in white gown. He called me and touched me and said to me be treated and free instantly I saw three demons come out from my body...and I woke up. Brethren am now free from hepatitis.. I thank the lord for his touch glory and honor back to Jesus

Ruth: United States

Forty years ago I was recently saved. I dreamed a small sheer cloth about the size of a blanket was purple and blue with gold threads all thru it. As is floated down from above it landed on my head then securely snug over my head and shoulders and upper arms. 

When I woke up, there was a severe storm going on with lots of thunder and lightning, and I spoke in tongues for the 1st time. 

It was such a humbling yet joyous moment!

Evan: United States

A face in the sky formed from clouds and spoke without moving; I was engulfed in red light, my body riveted. I felt love pulsing through my body 

Kira: United States

In my dream, Jesus saved me while I was dying in the hospital and brought me to heaven.

Delaila: Philippines

I dream about evil soul want to hurt me, but I pray to god to protect us and guide us, the bad soul disappeared.

Gift: South Africa

In my dream, I was driving on a highway; suddenly I fell asleep while driving and couldn't get my eyes to open. I knew that I would be in an accident any moment because I couldn't control the car as I was asleep. Suddenly; I felt a very strong hand holding me tight and lifting me up. Then I woke up; safely parked on the side of the road. I knew God's own hand saved me. 

Angela: United Kingdom

Last night I dream that I was at a hotel as I was at a church conference and saw most of my church brothers and sisters.

A bishop was praying for everyone in the hotel until someone came running for the bishop to pray, and two men with a light on their heads came with him. He also prayed for a garment then dropped it on the ground, and a bright light leaped up from the ground.

The bishop and the other two men were praying for everyone.

Brenda: United States

I dreamt of a fall from high up and realized I was going to die. I called out, Jesus! and He saved me.

Babes: Philippines

In my dream, I saw three boxes which were nearly empty. when the boxes were empty, I prayed to Jesus to fill up the boxes. Then lo and behold I saw Jesus with both hands lifted up and filling the boxes one by one. I can't remember what was inside the boxes though. I cried after I saw Jesus perform this miracle, then woke up feeling so happy and full of hope and positivity. What does this dream mean?

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