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 Zuniga: United States
I keep having a dream about living in this old wooden three story house. Itis full of items, that I know I must get rid of. The floors are not safe towalk on. Family members are there with me. It used to be that I knew part ofthe house was evil, but that is gone now. But it's like I haven't made it upto the third floor yet, but I know it's there.

  • Arlene
    A church member has been missing for the past month and the police suspectfowl play. I rarely remember my dreams, but this one I did. I had a dream thathe came to me and was seated in from of me, I asked him if that was really him. He answered yes. To that I asked, can I touch you? He answered yes. When Itouched him is face changed to be someone else who I did not recognize. As Isaid. I rarely remember, so nwhy this one

    I had a dream that my ex husband and his woman he left me for and marriedwere no longer together. He wanted me to sign some papers and was trying tohurry me up to do so. Then told me to hurry yp because him and I had to besomewhere. I started to sign the papers then something told me not to and I woke up. Do you have any idea what that means?

  • Lori: United States
    I dreamed that I saw the hands of Jesus come out the sky. Right after that Hedescended from Heaven and float into the ocean. It was as if He was standingand you could see Him from the waist up. Suddenly, people rush to Him. Amazingthing was, their flesh had to die in order to receive Him as far out as he was.People were all around Him, happy and Praising Him and He was Happy andRejoicing to receive them. My husband was suddenly by my side and I looked athim and said, 'Are you ready'. He smiled, and although he couldn't swim, hesaid "yes". We held each others hand and ran into the ocean. Just then I wasstarting to drown & die and see a light. Then I woke up!.....God be the Glory,The Lord is truly coming back to receive his children.

  • Oluwole: Nigeria
    l have been praying to have a clear revelation on Gods calling. I saw in adream, l saw my General sup of my church when l pastor. He ask me,what l want himto pray for, l told him that i have been asking God for clear leading for mycalling, but he never said any thing, but only ask what happen to my face
  • Julie: United States
    I had just had closed my eyes to rest because I was very sick. When I askedwhat are you doing, (it was pitch black), I must have sensed a presence and ananswer while standing before the mercy seat of GOD, waiting to send or receive,send or bring. So I got up and wrote this down trying to figure out what thismeant. Then I laid down again and shut my eyes, and I received a thumbs up signthat read, "Love Jesus."

  • "Display from God," by Kelly ..."

  • Dawn: United States
    This is 2 and half yrs ago. I wanted to memorize Hebrews 2:14 and askedJesus to help me remember it so I could share it with others, it touched me thatI cried like a baby! I laid down the room was dark I closed my eyes, said myprayers, asked the Lord to let me remember the verse in the morning, so I saidit over and over. I was still awake but my eyes were closed and suddenly I sawa black woman with a red scarf around her (bandana) I could tell it was a poorcountry because the house behind her was like a hut and she was digging herdead out of the water and I could feel her mourning, and I knew the dead werefrom disease. Then all of a sudden the vision changed and I was watching carsfall from a very high place, a bridge collapsed but I couldn't tell if the carswere hitting dry ground or water below, they were falling for a while a greatdistance and all I could feel was shock at the sight of it. The vision changedagain and I was in a dry deserted area and it seems for as far as my eyescould see were like transformers all lined up and suddenly a hot dirt wind camerolling in and covered the transformers and I knew instantly whoever thetransformers belonged to they just lost communication because the dirt wasthick and covered them. I felt a very evil presence and opened my eyes saying,"Jesus I can't watch no more".

  • ROSE: Nigeria
    1.I saw myself plucking and eating friut in the dream
    2.I saw my late mother bringing me fruits

    "House Purchase"

  • Julie: United States
    I had just had closed my eyes to rest because I was very sick. When I asked what are you doing, (itwas pitch black), I must have sensed a presence and an answer while standing before the mercyseat of GOD, waiting to send or receive, send or bring. So I got up and wrote thisdown trying to figure out what this meant. Then I laid down again and shut myeyes, and I received a thumbs up sign that read, "Love Jesus."

  • Melissa: United States
    I was standing at the edge of what I believe to be my property. In front ofme was a dirt road. A gentleman (farmer) on a tractor drove over to me from myleft, on this dirt road. He pulled the tractor in front of me, got off and left(on foot) in the direction that he came from. I walked around the tractor,which had an old fashioned baled attached to the back of it. Pinned to thebaler was several sheets of paper, with instructions on how to operate thebaler. As I read the instructions I noticed the writing style was from the 17or 1800's. I thought to myself in the dream," I need to rewrite theseinstructions, so that generations to come can understand it." That was the end of the dream

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