"Dreams about Hell"

Shawanna: United States

I had a dream that we were living in the last days. There was a virus that gotten worse or and all of us Sutton people just started dying and then everything was black and red at a snap of a finger. 

I assumed I was in hell due to me living my life in sin I swear it was so scary to me it was almost like a wake-up call as if I’m living my life wrong I woke up with too my brother stabbing me in the chest in hell that’s crazy.

Kathy: United States

My dream of Hell: 

Tightropes stretched over a deep fiery chasm. Just below are single persons sitting in their living rooms, watching TV. The dead are crawling over the ropes, entering and leaving their living rooms. Those watching TV cannot see or hear them. When those climbing on the ropes, fall, they enter the depths of burning Hell. 

To the Right is a cliff edge, where there is a road, and grass and trees. My BF at the time is sitting on his motorcycle, calling to me. I climb as close as I can get and am screaming and crying, calling to him, but He can't hear me. He rides off. I despair and let go of the tightrope, falling.

Martha: United States

I had a dream about being in hell; first, I was in the quarters of hell where Hugh beasts chains ankle wrists to the jail irons. 

I saw one, in particular, that was horrifying in his feces & body waste horribly angry ready to bust out if he could it was so real so terrible scared but not scared then I slide to my workplace then my husband had to cross horrific water to get to the other side we had to take precaution because if not something terrible could happen. W

We finally made it to the other hand saw a young man inside of an outhouse very solo man with a very narrow sidewalk up a small hill to his door my husband sat @ a picnic table not facing him. 

It was beautiful sunny beautiful clouds clear blue beautiful nothing like what we had been thru to get there as we sat a warden ask us if we wanted to see him & we screamed nooooooo both of us @ the same time.

Then I work. I believe I know what all of this means, but I don’t want to accept it, or I might be wrong . I’ve had many dreams come true to the t...

Kayla: United States

I woke up from a dream this morning in which felt like eternal hell. I turned my back on God and lusted with the devil. I loved bitterness and sorrow.

The devil took away everyone I cared about and left me with those who meant nothing to me. I was heartbroken. Shattered in millions of pieces, and I felt constant pain and sadness, and I would cry and cry. It felt like I was in hell.

Lauren: South Africa

I woke up just after dreaming about some crazy things: 

One scene was about bookshelves with a lot of Christian books, but there was only one containing Islam books. I saw a Muslim person being upset because instead of them all of being Islam books, they were Christian books. 

The next dream was really bizarre:

I was in a chamber of hell and saw a fat man with the head of a pig. He was sitting in a pit, laughing. Then I saw an invisible force bring what appeared to be a prisoner before this pig-man. He was forced into a pit filled with water. I turned my head away because the pig-man sexually abused him. 

The prisoner tried to bring his head above water, but the water rose and swallowed both the pig-man and the prisoner. 

Then the water disappeared; I  again looked down into the pit and saw the prisoner with some strange-looking men that appeared to be guards. 

I looked away, and when I looked back, two men were standing by the pit showing their hands; both of their hands had holes in them. My dream ended.

Sellinah: South Africa

I dream about first and second hell it was terrible I was with the angel showing me after he took me to second heaven its look wonderful at first until I went inside the biggest place  I saw lots of saints praying in tongues the angel ask me what do you think, what is this? I said it is a church, but something was not right. I started crying; the angel said this is lukewarm saints. The angel let me out of that place. What is the meaning?

Shane: United States

What does it mean when you dream of Jesus being outside, and he's talking to people; then I see a trailer's address removed and then replaced with the word lost or damned and then my family and I were put in it to go to the lake of fire. I ask Jesus why, and he said it's a lesson he wanted me to experience, and the next thing you know I'm burning and the dream ends.

Ernestine: Canada

Last night I dreamt of chasing someone ..screaming to the top of my lungs ...to a black picket fence. It was very windy, and as I looked up into the sky there was a swirling circle, glowing red, and a swirl of people reaching out to other people behind the fence ..screaming in agony and pain and I reached up calling for someone ..crying ..screaming...I couldn't hear who I was screaming for, but as I decided to jump in and plunge into the raging, screaming cloud of hell, I suddenly woke up. I was very shaken up to dreaming this ...what could it mean?

Libby: United States

I dreamed once that an angel showed and walked with me in heaven and hell. But I vaguely remember what heaven looks like. All I can remember was walking with the angel in the depths of hell; there was about an inch of blood, meat hanging from the ceiling. Supposedly human. There was a monster dragging himself across the bloody river and growling. But all I can remember was that and walking so closely with the angel as he showed me around. What does this even mean?

Karson: United States

A while ago I had a dream about being in hell, and a demigod told me my dreams aren't just dreams. Can anyone tell me what this means?

Lee Michael: United States

I've been having dreams lately sometimes even visions can you help me with them?
I have had so many dreams and visions some very interesting, but I will tell you a dream that I was concerned about. 
Last night I had a dream that I saw a man being beaten by many captives in Hell and dragged to Hell. 
I got on a train that was wooden and dark almost like a charcoal color. I was onboard and it went the opposite direction of where the captives and Hell were. The train was going really fast, and the train looked scary, and I was scared to be on it, but I felt safe. 

Fenicia: United States
Brought back to life.
This is a dream I've had, and it was so surreal until I do believe that God brought me back to life. Have you ever just lie in your bed and you feel like you're awake but suddenly everything around you changes, and you can't move or speak, but you see the change take place?  There was this one night I was lying in my bed, and my whole bedroom turned the switched opposite sides. Now, I had not been drinking that night I had not used the drug, but I saw a cloud encircling my bed.  Suddenly I was inside of a hotel lobby, and it was a, and it had a pool in the middle of it there were people on one side that were dancing and cursing and drinking and then there were people on the other side that were kneeling and praying.  I don't know where I was standing I just saw both sides but what I do know is I ended up struggling, pulling away from someone trying to get me to the side where the people were kneeling and praying. But I kept being pulled back to the other side well that right there put a lot of fear in me. The scariest part was I could see myself going down into a dark, slimy, walls. There were screaming and hands just reaching out to me as they were screeching and it was getting hotter as I was falling. I kept screaming NO I don't want to go to hell, PLEASE I don't want to go to hell, and all of a sudden it felt like someone just literally punched me in my chest and I sat straight up in my bed, and I was awake.  Until this date, I really feel like I was being shown what it's like on the way to Hades and that by Christ dying on the cross for our sins I had a chance for God to save me

United States

This dream about hell was so scary. I have had many dreams of the lord coming, about 4-6, but only of going to heaven twice. The dream I had last night went like this.
I believe I was in the mall when all of a sudden I saw a big beaming light coming from the rooftop. Immediately I started bursting out in tears and crying asking for forgiveness. As I was crying, I thought I had to find him. I saw him floating like an angel, and it was like a bright, beautiful yellowish light though, and when I spoke I begged for forgiveness, and it looked like he was laughing, sort of. 
Then he was asking for my siblings, and I pointed to where they were. Then he brought them out, and I remember asking everyone to forgive me for everything. They were looking at me like I was crazy or something. The best thing I remember is getting ready to go down this slide that is supposed to tell you if go to heaven or hell. When you slide on your back to go down its like you will see a sign that will turn green or red and the message will change whenever it's your turn inside the slide. 
When it was my turn, I was so scared as I slid down and the sign turned red, and my message was wailing, and the first thing that came to my head was the painful screams of the lake of fire and the dreadful sound of torture of day and night. 
The slide was getting hotter and hotter as I went down, and I tried to stop myself from going down, but my hands were getting too hot. Then I woke up with my heart pounding because it was so real.

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