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"Jesus' Triumphal Entry"

Many of those waving palm branches in His honor and hailing Him as King, would soon be yelling, "Crucify Him!"(John 12:12-26)

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"Dreams about God"

SHEILA: United States

Last week I had a dream I was driving down a highway. I was lost and could not find my way back home. All of a sudden, God took control of my car, and we started to fly in the sky. He told me he would bring me home. Then I felt the Holy Spirit sprinkle me with Holy water. I suddenly awoke with a feeling of my body tingling and sparking all over.

Fredd: Philippines 

In my dream

My friends and my girlfriend left me for no reason I don't know why but I start walking. When I looked at my phone in the news I saw that there was a big typhoon that is going to our province "Romblon" I don't know what I'm going to do so I walk when I arrived at the side of the beach I saw a poor child but (wow) he is so calm even though the typhoon is near in our province. 

I panic, I shouted and question God. I'm so surprise that he answer "I don't remember what he answered, but I'm sure he answer my question" when the typhoon passed me I'm SHOCKED because when it passed me, I saw a beautiful nature and the typhoon turned into a BALL that so shiny when I touch the ball I feel all my negative emotion fade away I shouted that God speaks to me.

 I was so happy and thankful that he answered my question when the people came to me. I was about to show them the BALL, but it's gone. The child I was ashamed back there, but I don't think about it because I knew for sure that God talks to me and save me from the typhoon I'm so happy that he is always by my side THANK YOU JESUS you are powerful.

I don't know whats the meaning of the ball and the child if you know to contact me: Fredd

December 24, 2019


Nathan: Australia

I woke up in my bed in the dream. I was looking at the light coming in from outside; for about thirty seconds I stared at the curtains wondering if what I was seeing was daylight? Before the windows blew open with a powerful gust of wind, throwing the curtains away, and a blinding light was in its wake. 

I raised my arm to shield my eyes and was pushed against the wall by the wind. Then I heard a voice as if beside my ear or inside my head. It was a loud voice, unlike any I have ever heard in a dream or even awake. "I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD."

I only saw the light, and I have forgotten parts of the dream. I believe in Jesus Christ.

Samar: Jordan

I felt God's hand on my neck; it wakes me up in the middle of the night, shouting, God has risen three times, and then I shouted Jesus three times.
What does this mean? Thank you.

Abigail: United States

My name is Abby. I had a dream I was standing before GOD in a garden of ivory plants and the sun beaming through the garden...I was in an off white dress...and I said to GOD, but I want to go with you...with no verbal words...we were communicating.

Two almost like clay angels came and lifted me to Heaven I could feel myself floating to be with GOD I looked back and the angels turned like a charcoal color and went out of the arch back out to earth...

Jackie: Canada

I had the best dream I have ever had in my 51 years, and I ask for that dream again. 

I was kneeling in front of a man sitting in a nice comfy chair, and I was holding his hand. The feeling that came over me was of pure joy and pure love. No pain or sadness because it wasn't there.

 I never wanted to leave there because it was complete peace. When I started to wake up, I could still feel his hand in mine. I could actually feel his hand and was desperate to hang on. I was waking up with someone's hand in mine.

I grasped tighter to the hand that I never wanted to let go, and felt so much love that I think I was holding the hand of God. I felt his hand in mine and was holding so tight as I was waking up, so I wouldn't have to come back to my life.

 I had the best feeling all over me and never wanted to let go. I felt it disappear slowly while I woke up. I fo back to that feeling and that God was helping me with a problem.

James: United States

The other night I woke up from a dream at 2:00 AM exactly. The dream was that I woke up in my room with 20 or so people face down asleep. Then I got up and went to another room in my house and saw 6-8 people that I have never seen in my life. Then there was a really bright light coming from the window. 

Then I said to the people, “It’s time.” I ran outside and saw the sun in one direction and in the other a much much more beautiful and bright “sun.” I walked towards it, and it seemed to be rising really fast for the sun or moon. Then I noticed that it was way warmer but a very pleasant type of warm.

Then the people walked outside, and I pointed to the “sun,” and I said, “look, it’s him; it’s God!” Then that’s when I woke up, at 2:00 AM exactly.

Christina: United States

My husband and I are at in a field, and the sky opens up, and a face appears... The face of God appeared to us after the sky opens and I asked the facial figure if he was God and the figure said yes and started to speak with both my husband and me, but we could not hear what God was saying.  What is the meaning of this dream...

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