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"Dreams about God"

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Rachel: United States

It's 2023 here, and I'm happy to share and trust God's love for us all. I was awakened around 1 a.m. this morning. I attempted to go back to sleep but couldn't. So I said a short prayer, asking God to speak to me and show me who I am and that everything is going to be okay.

I fall back to sleep and dream that my mom and I are in the resting place in heaven, not a normal resting place, and unlike anything I've ever seen, so I admit I was a little afraid. I woke to find my bed in the sky with waterfalls and trees.

My mom called me to come on down as we were moving to the next place. I figured because we are made in his image to trust and come out of bed. I had so many questions like, "Where are we going?"

The place was so beautiful that I didn't want to leave.
Initially, I was afraid to come down. When I did, I floated, and I just knew the place God was taking us to was much greater than what he had already shown me. I will trust God in his timing, and when he asks, I will come.

Your palaces in heaven are much bigger than what we could imagine. Or what we see here on Earth.
Remember, this is just your temporary home.
I pray that anyone who reads this, God if it's your will, let them have heavenly dreams of what's to come, blessings, the peace that surpasses all understanding and that you fill them with the Holy Spirit.

I pray for your will to be done in their lives. I pray that you cancel out every evil assignment brought by the forces of hell on their lives. I pray that warrior angels surround and fight on their behalf. I pray you remove any evil spirits blocking them from the path that you have chosen for them. God, you are mighty and in full control.

In Jesus' name, I pray that my prayers are asked and answered. Amen.

Marra: Philippines

I was about 5 or 6 years old. There was some problem with the land where our house was. The landowners want us to vacate the area.

My father will only leave if the landowners compensate us. (I already forgot the reason why my father insisted on the compensation). My father was so stubborn at that time, which led to arguments.

As a child (i don't know why), but I kept praying to God to calm down my father and change his mind regarding the matter. At night when I slept, I saw GOD in my dream.
I was crying and pleading with him to change my father's mind and leave the land peacefully. After that moment, I heard my father had already agreed to relocate.

I don't know how old I was at that time. I saw God's face in the towel. It was around midnight, and suddenly I woke up. I saw God's face when I watched the towel hanging in the window (we used a towel to cover our windows). It was shining.

It's not a dream. I rubbed my eyes but still saw His image in the towel. I was so afraid, so I hid under the blanket. (I don't understand why I was so afraid) when I checked again, the image had disappeared.

I still don't understand why I saw GOD or felt so afraid when I saw him. Even now, I keep regretting that I hid at that time. And I still wonder why his image appears before me.

Sometimes I will hear God's voice in my dream. Sometimes I will dream about Mama Mary. I will dream of churches.

I thought before maybe it was a sign that I should be a nun and serve God. But I chose to get married.

Now I am 30 with two daughters. Still, it makes me wonder why all of those things happen. It makes me wonder what God is trying to tell me.

Andy: United States

I felt like I was in a place of sleeping and just waking up when I stopped and saw someone sitting in a chair high in the air and looking like it was between two mountains to me, and I heard the voice say, everything will be okay.

I had a strange feeling of comfort and love, but the strange part was I was actually there, but I knew I was sleeping. I couldn't figure it out.

I have come across the picture of what I have seen very similar to Ezekiel showing God in his chair; now, for some reason, I have no fear of dying.

Julia F: United States

I fell asleep on a school night; I sat there a while and finally went asleep. When I fell asleep, I had a dream that I had never had before. Nor have I ever had a dream about God. 

I was at the entrance of this building, which I think was a school. I saw many people, and I suppose I was stressed out. I closed my eyes for a second or two, and the next thing I knew, I saw a cross glowing in bright yellow. 

The next thing I know, I hear wings. Like a very big bird was flapping its wings. I felt like I was going up in the air, but I couldn't open my eyes in the dream. I also heard a voice saying, "Come home, my child." 

After I heard that, it felt like something put me on the ground very gently, I tried to open my eyes to see where I was, but I woke up from my dream.

Emily: United States

I've had two dreams in the past month, Jan 2022. 

My First Dream:

I dreamed I was at a friend's house, and they said, come outside, there's something in the sky. I ran outside, and these creatures were coming down from the sky. My friend said they were aliens, but I said no, God is coming. 

I got in my car to drive to my family, and it was very chaotic. People were panicking on the roads, and some were crashing. 

The sky around me started turning red, and dust was flying everywhere. It looked as if it was a sandstorm but extremely red. 

Suddenly, my vehicle was picked up into the air; then, I saw a bright white light and woke up.

My Second Dream: 

I was in my home and noticed these lights in the nighttime sky. I went to look, and multiple bright white crosses were forming in the sky. Another creature came down, but I was terrified. 

I ran inside, and my dream switched; I was viewing events in my life from a third-person perspective and was able to see some of my mother's and father's before I woke up.

I've never had dreams about God ever. I'm struggling to understand them but have faith that I was meant to see them for a reason.

When I was Fifteen: 

Something God-like happened to me when I was 15. I was at the movie theater with my family to watch a movie about God, and I was annoyed that my parents had brought me there (typical teenager attitude). 

As we watched the movie, I felt pressure on my hand as if someone's hand was on top of mine. Sitting next to me was a complete stranger, so I thought, that's weird, why are they holding my hand. 

I looked over at them and down at my hand, but nothing was on my hand. It lasted for a minute and didn't stop even after looking at my hand.

Nancy: United States

I had this dream on November 1st, 2021, and it was so powerful that I thought it was real. 

I was outside with my whole family and a girl I know from work, and there was a blinding light in the sky. 

I heard God's voice, and he said something along the lines of don't be scared, I am here, my children, and while some stood in confusion, the people around me and I began to pray as loud as we could. 

I felt intense energy run through my body.

Ekho: United States

I dreamt of God and Jesus. He really is powerful.

When I saw God in my dream, he was facing the sun shining through a window, a place made of clay; it was very earthy and simple.

We were sitting at a table, but I was not beside him. His table was horizontal and connected to my table, which was vertical. He wore white, and I didn't know where I was. 

It happened quickly, but he said something, not to me. He looked over his shoulder behind him, and I only saw his right eye, then transformed into a man that was still big but smaller than what he already was. 

He was Jesus sitting beside me, a man still in white; his hair was dark, wavy, and thick. His hair was really beautiful, but he was writing and explaining something to me, but my human mind was in awe of his presence. 

He wrote with his right hand. When I noticed his arm, I began to feel fear, like he was going to hit me. There was this growing sense of power that he holds, and it was making me anxious; I felt like a child. But then, I woke up.

I was thinking about it, and the word Smite clouded my brain. I have been trying to describe it but still cannot make sense of it.

KT: United States

In 2018, I was talking to my sister, and she said, "how do you know God is real? maybe the devil is good," something along those lines. And I remember thinking to myself about it and questioned everything. Not that I thought she was right; I was just thinking.

Then that night, I had a dream that was like a vision; it was so real. I was in a room with a lion, and it tries to attack me. I thought I was going to die, but when I put out my hand, I so easily held it down by the neck.

Then the dream switched to just an open Bible, and the pages were flipping fast and stopping at verses then going again. Then at the end, I heard God's voice, a very powerful voice, like what you might think he would sound.

I can't remember exactly what he said, but I think it was the verse I remembered when I woke up. And when I looked it up, it was about not believing in false gods. It was like, he completely showed me that the thought I had was a lie.

Praise God! God bless you!

Darren: United States

I had a dream about a Jewish bible or some book that was black and very important. Also, in the dream, the sun got big, and I believe God said to choose something. The sky was red in the dream. 

My mom told me she had the exact opposite and that it was a white book. Also, start looking in the sky, and you'll see angles fighting demons and spirit animals. I also saw a cloud that looks like paper and angels with trumpets.

Amy: United States

I had a wild dream last night. 

I dreamt that while out walking my dog, we went into a building that was all glass on two sides. 

The next thing I know, Someone said, watch out, a bus! And we all ducked Because we saw A bus out of control slam into the building sideways.

The next thing I know, I was in a hallway, And I saw five older women with white hair sitting in a circle. I walked up to them And started to talk to them, And one of them said, oh honey, I am still alive, but I see and talk the dead. I was shocked to find out I had died, but it didn't bother me so much.

I continue to walk Down the hallway, And then God took my hand And started talking and walking with me and showing me that the spirits walk among the living, helping others.

I began to sob. As we walked, God told me He knew I never lost faith in him. He told me it's OK to be an herbalist and that people walk among the living until they are ready to cross over, but we don't remember the people who are going to hell once we cross; n then I woke up, shocked that I had such a wild, real dream. I wonder what it meant?

Tanushree: India

It just came to me while I was praising God through worship songs in the evening. I flashed back to the vision I had in the afternoon. I wasn’t completely asleep, I have been going through a lot of pain due to COVID, recovery has been slow, but I know it’s steady, and I’ve been closer to him than ever before.

feel he has chosen this time to draw me back to him. I saw a vision where I was climbing a stairway that had no side rail or anything, but I just kept climbing upwards towards the sky and jumped with joy into the light. I was filled with light, white and pure that’s all I remember, and I felt peace and comfort like never before.

I was just so willingly able to jump I couldn’t see anything, not a floor or anything to put my feet at. But still, I kept climbing and finally jumped into pure white light. I knew that this was it.

I kept thinking about what I saw, but there was a different kind of comfort. I wasn’t scared at all after the vision but just had a curiosity about what I saw and how and where I could write it or share about it. That’s when I saw this website, and I’m so glad I could share my vision. 

I see so many of us having such visions I’m lucky to have one too. Haven’t felt so peaceful ever.

Thank you

Rose-Ann: Namibia

I had this dream a few minutes ago, 27/02/2021.

The scene was the house I had lived in for most of my life; it was on our family farm, and my whole family was there. 

I remember seeing the moon during the day, but it was a full moon, and I told my aunt, tonight we're going to have two moons. 

After I said that, it was dark or night-time; I remember everyone being on edge,  and I was scared because, at that time, I didn't know what was happening.

But when I went to my grandma, I told her, "Jesus is here," and then we prayed together. After praying, I went to everyone and said to them that Jesus is here, and that's why we have two moons.

Then suddenly, we all got ready to leave. I don't know where we were going, but as I was going back into the dark house, there was a light guiding me, and I thought it was one of my family members who had a torch, but when I turned around, I was alone.

Elberta (Sis): United States

On November 6, I Dreamt about fallen angels and God walking in the sky. I woke up and said thank you, God, for showing me that, and when I woke up, I was relaxed. I wasn’t afraid

Kacey: United States

I remember being with my mom and other family members (husband, daughter, and maybe brothers)

A spaceship or something flying in the sky came crashing into the house or apartment (not sure where we were)

Then I remember my mom pointing at the sky, and we all looked up and saw an outline of a giant hand (i think had stars or something on fingers); then we looked away, and I looked back, and there was a park (playground) in the sky.

I heard God's voice say something (I can't remember), then it made me cry emotionally but not a sad cry but a grateful one.

Shelia: United States

I had a dream Saturday, 8/8/2020. Today is Monday the 10th, and this dream is remarkable, so fresh in my mind, I have to share. I googled to see if anyone else had experienced such a wonderful experience and it lead me here. 

It was one of those mornings where I got up early and then fell back to sleep. When I drifted off to sleep, I was at work sitting at my desk. Where, at my work, I have the front door visible. If I roll my chair away from my desk a little, you can see outside. 

So, I am at my desk, and out the corner of my eye, I notice an overcast sky, and like a Piller or column; In the center of the column is a torch/flame, and that is what got my attention. 

So I immediately got up, walked outside, and looked up to the sky. I saw several columns/pillars like three on the left and three on the right, and in the center of them was Our Heavenly Father, arms wide open, with an ominous light surrounding Him like sunshine.

Once I walked out of the building, and I looked up and made eye contact with Our Heavenly Father; (It was like HE said, I know you.)

I started to drift up into the sky to be with Him... I remember calling out to my co-workers. Hey everybody, Jesus is calling me home. I'm going home.

I was so excited... I can remember this dream; it is so real.. I will never forget it. Most beautiful experience ever!!! Praise God !! Praise God!! Praise God!!!

Jason: Singapore

In the dream, I was a warrior wielding a dual blade sword, sometime around 700BC. My task was to destroy the sins of the world.

They appear as blocks of cubes and in many different colours. Some get destroyed after slicing through them and but some of them just split in half.

It just gets more and more physical tiring, and soon I was overwhelmed by them.

Before I was killed, I held up my swords to form a cross and said, I have failed you, Lord sorry that you have to send your Son onto this world and suffer now.

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following vision from our Lord God on May 5, 2013:

I saw a glorious Jewish temple on top of a small mountain in daylight. A beautiful light from the left side of the sky was piercing through the clouds, and the light rays reached all the way to the temple. The temple was glowing, and it was breathtaking! I had a crystal clear panoramic view of the temple and the surrounding area. I was viewing from a high vantage point several hundred yards away. I was southwest and facing northeast toward the temple, but I was unable to see the north and east sides of the mountain. The mountain was completely natural, and I thought of ancient Mount Moriah. The top of the mountain was flat, and it was not very large. The temple was centered on top of the mountain, and the design was like Solomon’s Temple. The west side of the temple appeared close to the mountain’s edge, and I noticed no pillars or doors on the west side. The temple appeared to be made with smooth white stone. There were some engravings on the outside walls of the bottom part of the temple. I saw no perimeter wall around the temple. The mountainsides seemed bare, but a forest of green trees was on the ground below and throughout the surrounding area. I could not see below the treetops. I realized the temple was the Holy Temple of God in heaven! The vision ended.

“The Lord is in His holy temple, His throne is in heaven; His eyes see, His eyes examine mankind.” (Psalm 11:4)

“The Messiah did not enter holy places made with hands, which are patterned after the true one, but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us.” (Hebrews 9:24)

Rejoice in the Lord always! Rejoice with Jerusalem! Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Submitted June 22, 2020

Andrew: United States

My name is Andrew. I was born in 1976. I did not grow up in a Christian home. I have a brother who is two years older. My grandparents were very much a part of our lives. My mother's best friend was my Grandmother, who we visited often.

When I was five or six on a visit to my Grandparents' estate, my brother and I went to play in a nearby orchard as my mother and grandmother spoke in the kitchen. When we walked into the orchard, a half-man half lions face in the sky was awaiting us. My brother fell to the ground and covered his face in terror.

I had a different response. I knew I was looking upon God. The lion/ man started speaking to me, and my heart filled up with so much feeling all I could do was cry—tears of great love, not fear. The lion of Judah was speaking to me or over me. I do not remember what was said.

All I could think of was to get my mother over to Him that she needed His help. My mother was a single parent with the world on her shoulders. She was hurting, and I knew I couldn't fix it, but He could. My older brother grabbed me from behind, feeling a terrifying need to get me away and back to my grandparents' home. I let him because I wanted to bring my mother to him.

When we ran into the kitchen, my mother was in a deep talk with my grandmother, and she was crying. I begged her to come with me because God was in the orchard. My words my plea was not believed, and my mother asked my brother to take me back outside so she could talk to my grandmother, but my brother refused because he was terrified. I tried to go back outside, but my brother wrestled with me, keeping me from getting out.

As an adult, I later read the Bible encouraged by a Christian I had told my story to. He showed me revelation chapter 5 about the risen Lord, the Lion Head Of Judah.

I am curious if anyone else has seen what we did. From your dream, I see you have—eyes, alive like fire.

Jo Ann: United States


I received the following two visions from our Lord God on February 7, 2012:

  • I saw two men carrying the Ark of the Covenant of God. The men were walking on land from left to right, and they were wearing biblical clothing. One man was between the two poles at the front of the Ark, and the other man was between the two poles at the back of the Ark; The air was filled with a light wispy cloud. The vision ended.
  • I saw the Ark of the Covenant of God in the Holy of Holies. The Ark of the Covenant was covered with brilliant gold. A man was kneeling down in front of the Ark, and he was praying. The man's back was to me, and he was wearing biblical clothing. He was a few inches to the left from the center of the Ark. The Holy of Holies was filled with a soft glow. The vision ended.

"You are my God, and I will praise You; You are my God, I will exalt You. Oh, give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 118:28-29)

Please fully know God! Thank You, Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

Submitted May 29, 2020

Joan: South Africa

I was young when I first heard the Lord's Holy Voice. One night in my sleep, I heard the word of the Lord say, I Am the Lord Your God... I woke up that night, asking myself where it came from?

 Growing up, I was shown in a dream to go to one of the Catholic Priests and tell him that Jesus came to me in my sleep and told me that He Is The Lord Our God.

Ancá: South Africa


I had the following dream about God on the 22 April 2020, after I had prayed the day before about my situation. I was praying for guidance to follow the right path or to get back on the right path, and for the wisdom to help me make the right decisions. I was in quite an emotional state.

The next morning I had this dream that God and I were sitting on a spot under a familiar tree. This specific spot by this tree is on a plot, where my fiance and I usually sit and chat. It has become a special place for us to take a stroll together with our dogs.

In the dream, God and I were sitting on a white blanket under the tree, He was sitting closest to the tree, in a kneeling position wearing a white robe. I was sitting right next to Him, slightly more forward of Him with crossed legs facing down on my notepad. I was writing, and my two kittens and three dogs were lying down in the grass in front of me.

It was the brightest day I've ever known. Sunshine looked like it was glowing, and I could feel the warmth of the sunlight softly kissing my skin.

I've never felt so peaceful, calm, and Joyful and happy! In reality or my dreams.

God was busy telling me what I should write down in a kind of storytelling way, while making jokes and giggling in between that turned into laughter.

I wrote about three paragraphs in cursive writing. Sadly, I couldn't remember what I was writing or what God was saying.

It felt like the most normal thing to me in my dream, and after waking up.

Even though I have never had any dream like this where God was present and talking to me, let alone the calm and happiness within me in my dream.

I'm not sure what this means for me or what message I need to understand, but I know that God heard my prayers, and this was His way of getting close to me.
Thank you, God, for my Blessings.

Thank you to the ones who made it possible for me and hundreds of others to be able to express the different experiences we shared in glorious ways with our mighty Father.

God Bless you all.

SHEILA: United States

Last week I had a dream I was driving down a highway. I was lost and could not find my way back home. All of a sudden, God took control of my car, and we started to fly in the sky. He told me he would bring me home. Then I felt the Holy Spirit sprinkle me with Holy water. I suddenly awoke with a feeling of my body tingling and sparking all over.

Fredd: Philippines 

In my dream

My friends and my girlfriend left me for no reason I don't know why but I start walking. When I looked at my phone in the news I saw that there was a big typhoon that is going to our province "Romblon" I don't know what I'm going to do so I walk when I arrived at the side of the beach I saw a poor child but (wow) he is so calm even though the typhoon is near in our province. 

I panic, I shouted and question God. I'm so surprise that he answer "I don't remember what he answered, but I'm sure he answer my question" when the typhoon passed me I'm SHOCKED because when it passed me, I saw a beautiful nature and the typhoon turned into a BALL that so shiny when I touch the ball I feel all my negative emotion fade away I shouted that God speaks to me.

 I was so happy and thankful that he answered my question when the people came to me. I was about to show them the BALL, but it's gone. The child I was ashamed back there, but I don't think about it because I knew for sure that God talks to me and save me from the typhoon I'm so happy that he is always by my side THANK YOU JESUS you are powerful.

I don't know whats the meaning of the ball and the child if you know to contact me: Fredd

December 24, 2019


Nathan: Australia

I woke up in my bed in the dream. I was looking at the light coming in from outside; for about thirty seconds I stared at the curtains wondering if what I was seeing was daylight? Before the windows blew open with a powerful gust of wind, throwing the curtains away, and a blinding light was in its wake. 

I raised my arm to shield my eyes and was pushed against the wall by the wind. Then I heard a voice as if beside my ear or inside my head. It was a loud voice, unlike any I have ever heard in a dream or even awake. "I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD."

I only saw the light, and I have forgotten parts of the dream. I believe in Jesus Christ.

Samar: Jordan

I felt God's hand on my neck; it wakes me up in the middle of the night, shouting, God has risen three times, and then I shouted Jesus three times.
What does this mean? Thank you.

Abigail: United States

My name is Abby. I had a dream I was standing before GOD in a garden of ivory plants and the sun beaming through the garden...I was in an off white dress...and I said to GOD, but I want to go with you...with no verbal words...we were communicating.

Two almost like clay angels came and lifted me to Heaven I could feel myself floating to be with GOD I looked back and the angels turned like a charcoal color and went out of the arch back out to earth...

Jackie: Canada

I had the best dream I have ever had in my 51 years, and I ask for that dream again. 

I was kneeling in front of a man sitting in a nice comfy chair, and I was holding his hand. The feeling that came over me was of pure joy and pure love. No pain or sadness because it wasn't there.

 I never wanted to leave there because it was complete peace. When I started to wake up, I could still feel his hand in mine. I could actually feel his hand and was desperate to hang on. I was waking up with someone's hand in mine.

I grasped tighter to the hand that I never wanted to let go, and felt so much love that I think I was holding the hand of God. I felt his hand in mine and was holding so tight as I was waking up, so I wouldn't have to come back to my life.

 I had the best feeling all over me and never wanted to let go. I felt it disappear slowly while I woke up. I wanted.to fo back to that feeling and that God was helping me with a problem.

James: United States

The other night I woke up from a dream at 2:00 AM exactly. The dream was that I woke up in my room with 20 or so people face down asleep. Then I got up and went to another room in my house and saw 6-8 people that I have never seen in my life. Then there was a really bright light coming from the window. 

Then I said to the people, “It’s time.” I ran outside and saw the sun in one direction and in the other a much much more beautiful and bright “sun.” I walked towards it, and it seemed to be rising really fast for the sun or moon. Then I noticed that it was way warmer but a very pleasant type of warm.

Then the people walked outside, and I pointed to the “sun,” and I said, “look, it’s him; it’s God!” Then that’s when I woke up, at 2:00 AM exactly.

Christina: United States

My husband and I are at in a field, and the sky opens up, and a face appears... The face of God appeared to us after the sky opens and I asked the facial figure if he was God and the figure said yes and started to speak with both my husband and me, but we could not hear what God was saying.  What is the meaning of this dream...

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