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"Dreams about God"

Marcella: United States
In this dream it was an ordinary day, I was driving home from the grocery store with my kids in the car at night. My oldest daughter and I noticed that one end of the sky was lit up like daytime. There were clouds visible and everything and the sky was bright blue but only in one area. My daughter was grabbing the phone to take a picture of the sky and I was driving in that direction to see more clearly. As we got closer we saw a huge figure in the sky, it was massive. My daughter reached over to me and we both came to the realization that this was God at the same time. In this moment I could feel my souls being pulled up and towards God. I could feel my physical body in distress, possibly dying but as an afterthought. I remember there was an instant when my daughter and I looked to each other knowing that this life was over and things would never be the same for us. Then I woke up and I remembered every detail and was wide awake which was significant because I never ever remember my dreams. I think of this dream often now

Jacob: United States
God and the Angels
In my dream there everyone was frozen 
I asked what append god why is everyone frozen? He said a nuclear bomb went off, but do you remember when I asked did you believe you could have the keys to life. I said yes he said well you wouldn't of been able to see this if you didn't. He said the jail was the only thing that could contain the blast. I look over to where he pointed and the jail blew up.
Then I woke up.
Couple of week later I dreamed angels where coming from heaven and angels singing a new song I was excited my wife handed me a bottle of ketchup and ram to get the kids. I was so excited some ketchup got on the white gowns of the angels singing. I kept apologizing about the ketchup and little kid angels were laughing. I woke up

Marge: United States
I had a recurring dream , I saw people walking , talking , like in a City , then I would wake up this went on for days , then the dream was a little longer-not much, but it had a good feeling , this longer dream may me realize the men and woman were all about the same age 20’s . Then I notice a woman’s hairdo , like a flip do and she had brown hair , then I work up this dream with people walking ,taking , happy feeling went on for 7 days the last one I had their was a present with me He said I want you to look up now , look up and when I looked up I saw a beautiful city made out of crystal,shining and so bright, I said wow and woke up . I never had that dream again but I can’t forget it it was so real , I felt that the voice was god , I was wondering did anyone have any dream like that

Kellie: United States
I dreamt that God was speaking to me...he lead me to go outside where I was directed to look up at the sky when I did I saw Jeremiah 3:16 in the clouds and 1-28. I was confused then God placed 3 Rocks in my hands I asked him what I was supposed to do with them. When I looked back down at the Rocks they he had turned them to money. I've been praying about my deep desires to obtain land and farm animals. But the farm would have to been self sustaining. When I initially  read Jeremiah 3:16 I thought that was God reassuring my hopes in my dreams but after further reading Jeremiah I don't know what to make of this dream. But I do believe God was speaking to me...I woke up very intrigued by this dreams unlike any other dream I've ever didn't and still doesn't feel like it was just a dream.

MyPiscesLife: United States
On November 9th, 2017 I had a dream about 2 moons. I was sleeping but it felt so real. I was fully conscious in my dream, as if to say that I knew I was asleep but at the same time I had stepped off into another reality. It was night time in my dream. The sky was perfect and clear. There was no one else in my dream. I was looking up at the sky and saw 2 beautiful, identical, full moons. I heard the voice of a man. His voice was loud and clear and very authoritative (commanding) but His voice was gentle and comforting. Kind of how you would expect a loving Father to speak to you when giving advice or just talking to you. It was also as if His voice could've been heard whether I was in New York or New England. That type of "all around wherever you are" presence. I jolted up out of my sleep at 5am that morning. My heart was racing. I was in awe that He chose speak to me and reveal Himself in my dream. I just remember waking up and feeling an undeniable sense of new purpose for my life. 

Daniel: United States
Dream of God and Jesus
This dream is from Nov. 7th, 2017i had a dream that i was in the side of a stage, behind the curtains, waiting to go on stage. the were mean in roman looking armor and in suits. i could hear a crowd cheering. i walk towards the stage and as i get on stage i look towards the crowd and see my parents and my four grandparents in the front row. I look to my left and at the center of a stage, behind a bar you would encounter in a courtroom was God with baby Jesus on his lap. There were 4 tall men, i would say roughly 15-16 feet tall standing guard in front of this bar. one of the men signals me to go and stand before God. I go towards the bar, open the little door and  go behind the bar and this fear over comes my soul, not the fear of judgement, but the fear of failure. to let him down. As i move closer to God i notice that baby Jesus flesh goes from the skin of man, to that of pure gold and light begins emitting from his eyes and mouth. I notice Jesus's mouth moving but i hear no words coming from it. The the light from his mouth radiates so bright, it engulfs everything and i wake up from this dream.

Williams: Nigeria
I dreamt I was starting outside and suddenly there was a procession of a multitude of the old and new saints of Israel being led by God in in front of me.
God's figure was so tall and large, reaching up to the heavens, that I couldn't see His face by looking up, and I woke up!

Trakena: United States
This morning I had a dream I was by a store when I happen to look up at the sky. Appearing in the sky was a beautiful eye and next to it on the left was a big man with white hair. He pointed at me and waved with the biggest smile, as he vanished I clearly heard a deep voice from above say..." The time is now!" All of a sudden the world shook and a crack ran straight through the entire world, dividing it into two. Upper and lower united states and every country was divided the same. Suddenly I heard singing from above. It was very beautiful but no one heard because of panic. I tried calming everyone including self. I cried so much because my loved ones were at my house waiting for me to return home. It was the people in my life that means so much to me. I noticed a few older people were standing with the faces toward walls and they were very quiet and still. That's when it hit silent be still. I decided to try to make it home but stepping over the earth's crack scared me because I felt extreme heat and saw flames inside the crack. I warned people of what I saw and felt but nobody heard me. Sinners were drinking and Christians were faced the walls praying while some were without sound. Only a few of us witnessed this from above. Before my doggy Mulan woke me up, a name surfaced...the man I saw was Michael. He pointed, smiled, waved and told me that the time is now. I believe in Christ and I read my Bible constantly. I also love talking about Christ. I haven't been baptised yet because I want to be Catholic. I am still with faith and I try hard to speak Christ into everyone so that they can believe and love Christ as I do. Thank you Lord for letting me hear, see, and feel your presence. Forgive me Father for my sins. Amen

Jessica: United States
I had a dream that felt as if God was trying to speak with me. It started out with some very bright light outside my window. Then the ground started to shake and people screaming. I don't know exactly what was going on, but then I heard a strange buzzing sound that was starting to sound like words. But as soon as the words started I woke up. If this was the voice of God, I really want to hear what he has to say. He wouldn't have come to speak with me, if he didn't want to talk. I truly hope and pray that I get another chance at listening to his words. 

Jill: United States
I dreamed that God fell out of the sky into my front yard

Scott: United States
In my dream there was a man. I could see him and I know he saw me. He had a white aura around him. We were in a crowded area and he was walking up to people and taking them by the hand. They would walk together for a few steps and then the person would vanish. He did this with a few people, and then he took the hand a what looked to be a woman. They walked together a few steps and she suddenly jerked her arm away from the man and kept walking. At this point in the dream I felt like I was witnessing God, and tried to go to him. Every time I got close he would vanish and reappear in another location. I walked up to the woman who had jerked away, and grabbed her arm to get her attention to ask who the man with the aura was. When I grabbed her arm she grabbed mine and spun me around her, very forcefully and she was very strong. I looked her in the eyes and her eyes were blacker than coal. For some reason I feel like the man with the aura was God, at least in the dream. What does all of this mean? 

Angela: United States
I saw a vision of God and I standing outside the tomb but looking into the tomb. It was vivid and bright, like I was there!

Katrice: United States
I had two dreams in one night. The first one I dreamed someone kissed me an gave me life again like I was dead when I woke up my lip where Jared . The I dreamed again someone kissed me again the same night like an hour later ..seems like I could feel God, in a sense like it was him. Still confused

Katie: United States
Last night i had a dream where i was running. I was hiding from something unknown to me now. It was so dark and there was a forest and a building. Everything was just black except for a little bit of starlight. I went to rest on top of the building and as i looked up i saw so many stars and there were so many different colors in the sky. They started moving around and shooting off like shooting stars. And then i saw two huge hands moving them. They were God's hands. I don't remember much else. I have had many other dreams with God in them as well. I just don't know what they mean. I have no one to talk to them about because people look at me like im taking things out of hand. But i believe these are so much more than just dreams.

Kate: France
Please in 2013 in my dream I was in a very small room were there is no door no widow no light,I was afraid,I latter saw a light from heaven a very straght light it darectly to my head I was very afraid in my mind I was saying this is God I think this light will take me to hell,PLEASE CAN SOME ONE TELL ME THE MEANY PLEASE thank you

Yhasmine: Bahamas:
Morning, this morning I dreamed that I was in a small plane with some family and friends. someone said see God's hand, I didn't believe until I saw this hugh hand coming out the clouds and going back up. It was like the hand was calling me to come to it, we ended up flying into a building, but no one was hurt. What does it mean?

Christy: United States
I dreamed that God spoke to me & gave me powers to spread my arms like wings to protect people that follow the Lord. I was to tell everyone about God & to follow him and when those people followed they were under my wings & shielded from fire coming down & I walked and spread the word of the Lord & held my wings out further so more people were protected. My arms like wings were to be pulled so the bones would break so my wings would expand more to protect the growing numbers of believers that loved and followed the Lord. I begged for my bones in wings to break more so my wings would grow larger & larger to protect so many people from fire & evil that were trying to kill them. I cried for those not saved. All I wanted to do was obey and do what the Lord said.

Darlene: United States
I dreamed it was dark blue skies before a storm. I was looking for my purpose and all I saw was one Dead tree after another.I felt a presence behind me ,turned around and saw Gods huge hand,as if asking me if I was ready to come home. I pleaded to be able to take care of my aging father and my little dog first. My dad has since passed away my little dog is almost 12 now. At the end of the dream turn back around and the hand was gone. I felt God gave me an extension that was seven years ago. Do you think I have no purpose as with all those dead trees meant other than taking care of these two?

Bryan: Canada
The enemy knows my weakness, I always find myself in the same situation. I was really struggling, and I dreamt God called me to a high mountain top, it was during the end of days, He said to me "Bryan, if you don't stop I'm going to send you there" when I looked where He pointed I saw the lake of fire leading to hell. In my dream I saw people who had not died yet being dragged by an invisible force into hell. It was terrifying, people were screaming, and looking at me pleading for help and warning me don't follow us! Then I woke up. It's sad and scary when The King Himself shows His presence to you, that's when you know your a mess.

Debhora: United States
Often dreaming of God, many times he is helping me

Breann: United States
I had a dream where i was in a church, and in front of me was God. He held out his hand and asked me if I was ready. I was, so i took his hand. Their was a bright light and everything felt beautiful. But when I opened my eyes I was still here. I looked around and my parents and brother was beside me. Somehow i was on a train battling a demon. I guess it was my demon. Once i was done fighting i ran for the church where god again asked me if i was ready. God took me about three times before i finally woke up. My mom says that the dream means that i should cut all my earthly ties and change my life.

Charles: Uganda
One day after long hours of work I felt so tired and hungry,I did not even expect fine food to eat. After wondering for same time I thought about God and said "God are you really there in heaven?" Are you watching me. The same day at night in my dream God appeared to me in abright flash of light and said in a loud voice that"am there and i watche you my son"

Raylene: United States
My dream about God is wonderful!! I was walking through a door inside of my sisters garage. Going in, it was dark and lots of little creatures were all around us, (my friend and I). The creatures were short and poking us.. like annoying us. 

we walked a bit, in the dark, and saw a big castle. I told my friend I needed to go inside, she waited outside. When I went in I could see myself inside from the top. 

Satan was watching me walk through. When I came out I had nothing in my hands but had what I went in for. Something to do with my daughter. 

We walked around the castle and were getting weary, I said we are never going to find our way out of here, It was dark and had those creatures poking and prodding us the entire way.  

Right then, I saw a bright light, the little creatures drew back and stood quietly and still. I saw a man appear out of the light Without speaking. I said, " are you God " He said, "yes, and you're going to be ok.  I said," oh everything is going to be alright." He said no, " it's going to be hard, but you're going to be ok," then he disappeared. It was dark again and the little creatures were back on us and we started walking. 

The dream ended.  Wow!!!.. I had been calling out to God to show himself to me as I was confused about him. What a blessing..

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