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"James's Unique Dreams of
God Jesus and Angels"

I have dreamed of God, Jesus, and the angels coming to the ground to take us to a waiting spot in the sky. I dream nightly, and it never stops in Colored dreams constantly. I did not know black and white dreams were even real until someone told me; this has been going on for at least 20 years or more, and I am soon to be 32. I was baptized a month after I turned 30.

First Dream

The first dream that I will share. I was about 25 years old, and I was not in tune with my faith then as I am now. In my dream, I saw God the Father and spoke with him. He was on a white horse with thousands of white horses behind him as far as the eye could see in green pastures. It was a kind of orange and red mix in the sky.

I looked up to the Father, not in fear, and he said to me, "Are you ready to lead my army?" With no control, I said no, and that is the last I remember.

Second Dream

About a year ago, I had a vision of a blue moon in the sky pulsating. Jets were flying overhead in the dark sky and artillery equipment on the ground. I saw shadows coming to the ground from the sky in the appearance of an angel. They took the ones they chose up to a waiting spot where we all gathered. 

I saw people I knew, family, and others I did not know. I journeyed around the area to see what was there and I came to a book. Within the book, there were many names. I searched for my dad's name, though it was not there. 

Jesus then came and got me. He was very tall. I am 6'2, and he looked like he was almost 8 feet tall. He held my hand, and I asked Jesus why my dad's name was not in that book. Jesus told me that my dad was holding on to two things and could not let go of one. I understood, as even in my subconscious, I am self-aware. The dream then concluded.

Many Other Visions

I have many visions, such as the world consumed in fire. I have seen gold buildings refined and mountains glowing amber in the dark. The buildings were burning, but I could see through the flames.

I do not know what is going to happen; next, all I know is that it is approaching fast. What you think you know, compared to what is truth (manna), is night and day. The only true thing to hold onto is the Gospel.

I will share with you a prayer that I have on papyrus that was in a bible that came from overseas many years ago, but no one in my family knows where it came from. It is a little black bible, and within it was this prayer below

A Unique Prayer

"Dear Lord Almighty, you have suffered death at the cross for our sins, O' holy cross of Jesus, be true light, holy cross, have pity on me. O' holy cross be my hope; O' holy cross of Jesus guard me from danger; O' holy cross of Jesus fill my soul with good thoughts. O' holy cross, help me in salvation, O' holy cross, let me not fear death, O' holy cross safely guard me against all unholy thoughts and worldly desires, so that I may worship the holy cross of Jesus forever. O' Jesus of Nazareth, have mercy on me forever and ever amen.

In honor of the righteous blood of Jesus and his fearful death, and of his resurrection and glorification's, by which he leads us to everlasting life, whereas Jesus was born on X-mas and crucified on Good Friday. As true as Joseph and Nicodemus took Jesus down from the cross. As true as Jesus ascended into Heaven, may he preserve me from my enemies, visible and invisible forever and ever Amen.

Lord Almighty, into your hands, I give my soul, Jesus. Mary, Joseph, Anna, Joachim, Lord Jesus, by all. You have suffered for me at the holy cross, Principally, when your soul left your body and O' Lord Jesus, grant me the strength to bear the cross as yourself, teach me to bear with humility all the Virgin Mary may fill me with. The Holy Spirit, preserve my soul and lead it straight to everlasting life, Amen!"

You can search for this prayer all you want, and you will never find it, except chopped up by the Roman Catholic Church in 1503. I have this prayer on the papyrus paper, and it is well preserved. The blue writing is faded, though in Greek.

It is converted on top of the blue ink in black in translated into ole' English. It has the official stamp of the Pope on it too, as it is four parts, and the seal keeps them together, though now is four pieces, as age has taken its toll on it. It is odd, though, as the prayer warns us of whom the Catholics idolize. 

Idolatry is bad. We do not idolize the dead, as it will fall on deaf ears if we attempt to speak to them or ask for forgiveness for someone to intercede on. God the Son, is the only way to the Father God in prayer and the end.

That's why we finish prayers in Jesus Christ's name I pray, Amen. We do not idol Jesus Christ either. We give thanks to God the Son, though we worship God the Father. We follow Christ's example and to bear our own cross. 
Christ be with you all! 

James: United States

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James's Dreams of God Jesus and Angels

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