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"Dreams about God Page 3 at Trusting in Jesus"

Rushane: Jamaica

In my teenage years, I had a dream that I went back to my old primary school (equivalent to middle school in the American system). It was while I was in high school or so. In the dream, I was trying to get some information, but I cannot remember what it was. 

So I step up to this person, asking questions. But the person was dressed in a robe - all white - from head to toe. I couldn't even see his/her face because it was covered with a hood. 

In the dream, I remember going in front of a huge oak door, and before I could speak a voice like thunder and lightning boomed out - very loudly - "What are you doing here? You should not be here; your purpose is not yet complete. Leave now and never return;" Instantly, I knew it was God, but I was so terrified I left and eventually woke up.

A few weeks ago, my grand uncle died. Now, he was very close to me, and we often debated religion. He was a half-believer because he thought that we would be born again in a different life after death from this one. 

He appeared to me in a dream. We were at his house, and he was packing up his stuff, so I asked him, [I am extensively Jamaican by the way] "Yuh nuh dead? Suh, how yuh deh yah?" [You are dead, so how are you here?] and he responded "Mi dead man, well dead" [I am dead, very dead], "But God mek mi come back fi tell yuh waa gwaan" [But God allowed me to return to inform you on something]. 

He went on to tell me that I will be a great man and that I will eventually go to prison, but I should keep the faith because he has already seen the day of judgment, and it is very harsh.

My sister and I can sense spiritual disturbances and often see the same spirit at the same place even when we are in different positions in the same room.

I get these dreams sometimes and often scream out in my sleep when I am spiritually disturbed, but I cannot tell or remember - only those who witnessed the event would say to me in the morning what happened. I would love it if you could help!

Chipangile: Zambia

Dream of lightning while standing in an open area, and God sent a ray of light from the sky and moved and passed through me as I was standing.

Victoria: United States

I had a dream of looking at the clouds, and I saw a god figure.

My Dream of Seeing God

I looked into His face but could not see His eyes. He was tall and massive and wore African attire.

Elena: United States

I had a dream that God was trying to reach for my hand it was like come with me, but I didn't I turned away because I got scared.

Tess: Australia

I dreamed that I was in a black void and that the bottom of the void was scattered in tangled blue, red, white, orange cords that seemed deep? It looked like the cords went endlessly down and down and went on forever in every direction. I saw these dwarf looking like people trying to untangle these cords hurriedly looking sad/scared. When I was standing there, I felt a heavy-weight on my chest, and the feeling was unbearable. Then before I knew it, I was there with those dwarf people trying to untangle these cords too. Then I saw a beam of light and what looked like God floated before me. Not even a couple of seconds later, I was in that beam of light, and I felt so... happy? It was a very warm and powerful feeling. The weight on my chest wasn't there anymore. Then as quickly as I got up there, I was back down trying to untangle the chords with that beaming light still there. This dream happened multiple times when I was in grade 6 all the way to grade 8. I honestly have no idea what this dream means so if anyone can help me understand, please 

Sandra: United States

Dreamt with my sister walking beautiful day warm and sunny. Then got to my neighborhood turned cooled, pitch black, ice at least six feet tall, the large face came out of clouds white hair wavy to the shoulders white beard. Told me we are in the revelation. That it was God.

Aphiwe: South Africa

I dreamed of seeing God, and he instructed me to carry the cross. It was a huge cross, but it was not heavy for me.

Govind: Ireland

I saw my God in my dreams.

He appears to be around 40 to 60 years of age. Very handsome, wisdom was radiating from his face. He had bright, beautiful, radiant silver hair just above the shoulder. He had a handsome, radiant silver beard. He did not speak to me, but he looked happy. 

Lord, forgive me if I had described my dream inaccurately; it has been many years since I kept this secret. Your image in my mind has faded somewhat. I pray for your image to be imprinted in my (+families) heart and mind so that we may be with you every moment of the day.

After the passing of many years, I have started to talk about it as I feel many will receive the grace of our Lord through your prayers.

I am Nepalese by birth. God bless you all.

Mpho: South Africa

  • Dreaming holding a Golden Sword in my right hand pointing downwards and there was a flame of fire, and I was in the pure mist, and My Father in heaven was looking at me with a happy face.

  • The second one, I dreamed of sleeping inside the pure clouds, and I could see my bright face lighting inside the clouds.

Ashley: Singapore


A few months ago, I had this dream where it was "Judgement Day." After some crying with another person whom I cannot remember, I got cut in half by someone that seemed like Jesus, and I was immediately in complete darkness for a while before waking up. Up till now, I still have occasional dreams of dying, which is unsettling.

Carmegie: Philippines

Since when I was young, I always dream about Eden nor paradise... But this dream is the greatest dream of my life, aside from hearing Jesus Christ's words.

Back in 2017, I was sleeping so deep... suddenly in my dream, I saw lights from heaven and It appeared so bright... after that, I saw an image of a man standing in front of me, I know it's him, God. He just stood in front of me, but I couldn't see his face because of the Lights that hit on my face, but I saw his figured body, wearing a white cloth. Then suddenly when I wake up... my mouth spoke by itself, I don't know if it is my mother tongue or another language. I guess it's a prayer, and then suddenly, I felt so bless and happy because I know God will never leave at my side.

Jason: United States

I just thought I'd start by saying that this is real. Everything that I'm about to tell 100% really happened to pay attention.

The rest of the dream was a blur, but I remember this exact part. There were two females, don't know who they were. Suddenly, one of them placed the palm of there hand directly on top of my heart. I felt the life being drained from my body. I saw complete darkness, and I felt like I died. I remember thinking about how scared I was, and wondering if I actually died.

At that moment, while the life came out of me, I heard these exact words in a deep voice. "You are now dead," after that, I woke up with two big breathes as the life went in me again. I was scared because I didn't know what it was. I ended up searching for verses that could comfort God and me led me to remember this verse "He does not fear bad news, Nor live in dread of what may happen, for he is settled in his mind, that Jehovah will take care of him, that is why he is not afraid, but can calmly face his foes."

I remember repeating myself this over and over until I wasn't afraid anymore. I knew it was God. He knew I was afraid, but he made me feel better. That day was like no other day; I felt my mind eased for once in my life. I remember listening to Christian music and trying to remember the verse over and over. I was just happy that day. I spoke to my very religious grandmother, and she told me God did a spiritual operation with me, he did something to me secretly. To this day, I don't know exactly what he did, but I just hope he never gives up on me, and it was a good thing.

My advice for the person reading this, keep doing your research. Keep believing. You might have doubts sometimes, but never lose sight of what is right. Do what is good. That's all that matters. One way or another, God will find away. It is not your battle; it is his. But you can help win it. God bless, and good luck.

Alice: Philippines

This day August 25, 2019, I dreamed of GOD. He took my hand in my dream and wash my face and massage my shoulder. I also saw a man with an angelic face wearing a monk suit in black. I hugged him, and he took my hand. GOD said something to me, but I cannot remember what he said.

Lateshablair: United States

I had a dream that I was standing at the bottom of the longest stairs, and there were two guards, one on each side of the at the top and in the middle was a Throne. A voice spoke to me and said I forgive you for your sins I knew it was God because that's the pray I always say and it was like a light at the top of the stairs I can't tell how his voice sounded because I don't know that's how I know it was God. 

Crystal: United States

I had a dream that I saw God in the sky. 

My sister and I just lost our father; we lost our mother in 2015. 

My sister was braiding my hair in the dream, and when I saw his face, beautiful animals started falling from the sky into the water.

I saw what I think was an angel with fire around drop in the water and fly back to the sky, but the fire was gone before it reached the sky. 

Then I, my sister, and my aunt (my father's sister) were standing, and a pack of doves flew towards me, and one landed on me. What does my dream mean?

Yvan: Indonesia


Last night I dreamt I met God. I am not religious but been seeking to become spiritual in recent years.

I dreamt God came and asked for help, he asked to tell people around me to say his name out loud, and he will come. He gave me a card with his name on it, which I don't can't remember the whole thing that was written just the first word DON.

I asked a few of the people that I know to say this name, and I remember I could see them meeting him and crying while talking to him, could not hear what they were saying.

Then I met God alone again and asked him why did he come, is there something going to happen, he said yes, and that is why I need your help.

What does it mean

Peter: United States

I had a dream that I received a staff from God, and he said, lead.

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