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"My Dream of Seeing God"

This is My Dream of Seeing God:
I've had several dreams of seeing GOD, but one particular dream was about finding myself back in my home country. Storms were blowing all around, and I saw people running from one place to another, kings and rulers started hiding. I asked what was going on and  someone said, GOD is coming to check on the rulers , so I started hearing HIS massive Foot Step. 

Something supernatural happened with the move of his step, A step of his could bring a huge storm, mixed with tsunami and tornadoes. I heard a huge step as HE came close to where I was standing, with the whole people living in the city, and I was privileged to stand in front of the crowd.

The moment He got in front of the crowd, everything around the world went quiet , I mean everything, including all moving trees and animals.

He had a Huge and MASSIVE BODY, but I Could not look into his face but could see that He was wearing a big African attire. 

He looked at me, then looked at the elders and rulers and kings I was standing next to. He said to them, (WE GAVE YOU A JOB BUT YOU REFUSE TO DO IT, NOW WE HAVE COME TO TAKE IT FROM YOU AND GIVE TO HIM, (that's me ). I realized he was talking about taking away their job and post and giving it to me. 

I heard HIS MIGHTY AUDIBLE VOICE speak in my own language (Yoruba). Immediately after HE spoke, HE Turned to leave, but the man next to me was saying GOD was talking about him getting the post and duty, but I said GOD was talking about me, and not him, so we started arguing,   

GOD Turned back to us again, and everyone went quiet; then HE said with a very loud VOICE, "I SAID WE TAKE THE JOB AND DUTY OUT FROM THE rulers/kings, and we give to him," and HE pointed at me; that was when I had a chance to talk to HIM 

I said to him But LORD, I have no idea of ruling or controlling these people,  HE spoke directly to me and said the former ruler had an army, and that I should take those armies.

I was scared, at the same time had this inner peace like I was talking to my FATHER, so the people in the city started murmuring that they don't know me and can't do anything with me. But GOD THE ALMIGHTY said they should look at the things I've done for them, so they should compare with the former ruler, so almost half of the people came back and agreed to support me,  

GOD showed me a stinking dirty frying pan which looked like it had been used for years, and I saw HIM wipe out every speck of dirt and the frying pan looked super clean. This is my testimony, and I still need a full meaning of this, also He always seems to have the look of a black man whenever HE comes to me, or talks to me,

But believe me everyone, HE'S such a WONDERFUL AND MERCIFUL GOD and I still ask myself why HE chose me without looking into my sins. I feel this huge guilt whenever HE comes around me in the dreams , and I have seen many pictures of JESUS CHRIST in the sky with the thorn crown as if HE was on the cross.

The world is coming to an end; We should repent from our sins and accept Jesus now. I pray for more grace and mercy for us all to reign with HIM TILL ETERNITY.

Oluwaseyi, Malaysia

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My Dream of Seeing God

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