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Oluwatobi: Nigeria

I am a born again christain in a university, I had a dream last night that i was sitting on a bench or something and there were 2 other people sitting between me and a christain girl i know from my department in my university, suddenly those people stood up and then she moved closer to me and kissed me on my lips, at first I was surprised, and when she kissed me the second time, I responded, it was a short kiss. please what does it mean, that was not my first dream she was in, but those were in different circumstances.

Judy: Kenya

I am saved although I have battles within me which l am fighting off by using the word of the Lord. 

I have many dreams but l would like to share three which l have no idea what they mean.

1: I keep dreaming I am unable to climb stairs.

2: I saw two tall building falling down in our capital city and everyone started running, including me.

3: In another dream, l saw objects fall on earth from the sky and there was a lot of distress as people ran. Some objects fell on people, and I started praying telling God to forgive me my sins. 

There are more dreams that keep disturbing me and l will share them as well. God bless you

Please pray for my family salvation. My husband and daughter. 

Alejandra:United States

I had a dream I was crawling up on a hill. There where people I did not recognize near me and they where crawling too, but I kept thinking about my family at the same time. 

The sky was light gray in front of me and dark gray behind me, and there was wind. A man I had never met came up behind me and told me that there where going to be 30 lightning strikes in the future. A voice in my head asked me, do you want to know what lightning feels like? (I now know it was God talking to me). Then lightning struck about 30 feet away and about 3 times I felt the power of the strike, but it did not hurt me, and then my dream ended. 

I don't know what this means I have been thinking about it a lot can someone help?


Jennifer: Philippines                                                                    

I dreamed I saw God's image he only standing near me and look at me angry,then a man called me to take a child and put inside the refrigerator I was scared because I heared the child cried...and I woke up scared of what my dream means...please help me interpret it thank you...

Joy: United States

Last night I prayed to gdo to show me if the man who came into my life is made for me and to show me if or not in my dream so different places in my dream this man would appear to stop me from making the wrong choice and would save me from whatever would harm me. He himself has been praying to God for an answer such as mine I don't understand it's at all the dream was all over the place one part I think he stopped me from marrying a non-faced person 

Rachael: United States

I need help. My sister passed away 2 years ago. I have seen her in my dreams maybe 7 times. Yesterday she was in my dreams. I asked her to stay with me awhile. She replied that she would stay awhile. Then all I see is bright white. I am scared and begin to scream to myself to open my eyes. (My children will be alone) it takes me a little time to open them. The white is there until I do but I was unable to move. I felt like I was falling deeper. Like I was going away. I am afraid that I was dying. I don't know. Please if anyone can help me. God bless you all!!

Gregory: United States

I dream standing in the back yard of I once lived. I looked up toward the sky, there am seeing flying toward me with angle wings violent color. Upright like a man with a bird face,  and feets like bird feet. It landed and started moving it mouth as if it was telling me something. Started walking toward me and showed know threat or harm. And later walked pass me.

Ashley: United States

My boyfriend and i have 3 kids together been together for 8 years here lately things haven't been so good with our relationship my oldest daughter who is 6 years old was taking a bath one day and screamed for me to the top of her lungs i raced in there to tears in her eyes i asked her what was the matter she started splashing the water up in the air at the back of the tub she looked scared when i asked her what she was doing she said trying to show you she said she saw a gray thing that was spinning around but it was gone shortly later she had a friend that no one could see for about a month  now she don't speak of him but here about 2 weeks ago my baby daddy and i broke up every since he left i been having this same dream over and over again that has really open my eyes to things i have not seen before the dream is a man standing over me with wings what does this mean any advice i would love to hear from you soon thank you

Elizabeth: South Africa

Hi I normally dream either breastfeeding a baby or nursing a baby. A lot of times God does give the meaning.but lately I've dreamed of my late sister  dressing me up or doing my hair .for my wedding . She looked happy .i've lost a husband to death just after my sister .ur was both unexpected death both  people that believed in me..I am engaged to be married .please tell me the meaning if my dreams .thank you .God has always given  me answers ti my prayers.

Sam: Nigeria

I dreamt where I was given a test written on sand ground standing beside the examiner standing with one leg and trying to write on the ground with the other. As I mistakenly cover the test with sand the examiner came and uses his leg to sweep off the sand covering the circle chat filled with lots of numbers like quantitative and there is a space or my answer. Seeing the space I did a little calculation and wrote zero in the chat with my leg. This is the least of complex and cryptic dreams I do have. 

Natasha: South Africa

I had a dream we were in an office building and myself and a woman I do not know went and got some tea. Walking back from getting the tea a beautiful man walks pass nudges me and says to the lady walking with me she does not want me and smiles. I just shrugged him off and thought to myself why you would want to be with me. We then went up the escalator as we got to the top we had to go up with the next escalator however this lady took the one going down and i asked her why are you going down we need to go up she then started walking up.  I noticed that there was a whole in the top and it looked like she was going to fall in with her left leg but never fell in. My dream then changed my manager says she wants to wear a jeans the following day to work and asks me if they will have a problem with it i then told her no i want to do the same and i don’t really care what they think. What does it mean. 

Tanisha: United States

I had a dreamed that I went to my boyfriend house to talk to him. When I pulled up he was sitting on the front porch and out of nowhere a demon appeared 

Jeanie: United States

Was looking at buying some property and had a dream of the such property that I was walking thru it and came up on a dim room and a woman spirit came ought of room and said" Don't come back here anymore" ....does this mean anything?

Carmen: United States

I dream of god sunday morning he save me saying come on lift me uplike a wind flow and my daughter and my twin like a super flew up thank u

Success: South Africa

I had a dream that I was praying for a person who was possessed by demons and then he become delivered.

Rebecca: Philippines

I dreamed I was sitting on a bench when I saw in the sky 2 planes ...One plane was twirling and landed on like an overpass and the other plane crash landed on land... I was scared, terrified and i was just calling on the name of Jesus and then i ran to the streets and tell the people about the accident... Then we went back to where the planes landed.. The plane which landed on the overpass all the passengers were safe... But the other plane which landed on land were all wounded and bloody... End of dream

Phylicia: United States 

One night my sister, friend and I were standing outside on my front porch & I happen to look up to the sky. First I noticed the moon looked a little crazy. It was a full moon wit a bright orange along the outside of the moon. I paid it no mind. Something told me to look up again & clouds had formed & I seen my friends face that I had lost a month before. He was the same way that I last seen him (in a casket w/eyes closed) only difference is he was smiling. The clouds again shifted & a second person appeared. He face never moved so it appeared to be as if someone was standing over him. Since his death there has been talk about foul play. I'm wondering was this his way or Gods way of giving me a sign or a better understanding of this all.

Dorothy: United States 

I had a Dream that I was calling on the name Jesus and heaven doors open for me one night

Rebecca: United States

July 28, 2015.  I dream I am at church, long chairs with cushion all different colors. Lots of people. I walk to the sanctuary, I saw 3 gold cross with Jesus. My understanding is Jesus is coming. Or for me is 3 gold is reward that person no more suffering because prepare for us to to see golden place in heaven.

Lauri-Ann: South Africa

Hi my name is Lauri-Ann. 4 days ago in afternoon I was alone at house and heard familiar people voices like clearly but no 1 was home besides me. I dreamed the same night about a sangoma don't know 4 who it was. the next night I dream off a woman in our family who said she didn't know I love her so much which I don't. this morning I dreamed off a gorilla that came at my parents house and that gorilla is angry. I heard on back stoop he talk to my child and that gorilla give my grandfather 2 papers which must be given to me 1 is amount written r5000 other 1 r16,500 wasn't cashed money. now tonight I saw Jesus in a dream vision but he didn't say anything. what can

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