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" Dreams about storms"

Chiquita: United States

I was with my family, and I saw a bunch of tornadoes. Then I saw a red and orange wave-like in the clouds, and the next thing I knew, I started floating up towards the sky.

I tried to wake myself up but couldn’t. I could feel myself acting, trying to open my eyes, but they would not open. Then as I started to continue to float up was when I finally opened my eyes.

Kayla: United States

June 15, 2022

There was this weather man. He was white, and he was broadcasting the weather, saying some will be experiencing this and some that, so it was like I was watching tv in this dream. He said, “some will experience tornadoes,” and for those that were watching (me), “Should be feeling cold right about now.”

I can’t remember what he said afterward, but after whatever it was, he then said, “Instead of worrying about it. We should praise God,” and then he spoke in the Spirit for a short bit of time, then he gave a smile, and I woke up.

Kayla: United States

May 5, 2022

This dream took place outside. It was me, a group of others, and my sister. I'm guessing we were on a school trip. Where? I don't know. 

All I remember is we were on this field, and across this field was another group of people, a line of folk dressed in black, and could see four of them in the front leading were carrying a casket, then it got stormy.

I can't remember how it went exactly, but we were watching lines of people dressed in black carry the casket, but in the back, in a big field of trees, I saw a tornado, and I just stood there looking at it. 

I'm not sure if the others saw it, though. Furthermore, it took us a while to realize the danger heading our way; it was like we were registering it or something cause it took a while for a teacher to yell out to us to run for cover, so we ran.

I could see myself running towards this large building, a school or church, with others beside me, and there was a gate we tried to open, but it was locked, so I and some others climbed over it. 

Before I did that, my sister came up running beside me, crying in fear, and when I jumped over the fence, someone came and broke the lock so that the others could get through, and the same thing had to be done a second time.

All of us, including the people with the casket, ran inside the building and took cover. My sister, others, and I took cover upstairs while some ran downstairs; the people carrying the casket slid it downstairs. 

The dream transitioned, and I was looking out the window watching the tornado, and I looked more to the right, and I saw multiple of them, then one of the older people with us yelled at us to get down.

The dream transitioned again, and I was looking out the window again, watching what I thought to be rain, but something about this supposed "rain" was different. It was gold, big, and metallic, going up and down in a light beam, so at first, I thought it was angels.

(But at some point later, I subconsciously realized they weren't angels, but in the primary conscious mind, it took a while to register. Lol)

It wasn't until when I was watching, and one of those "raindrops" hit the ground, and it made a loud sound like a heavy thing falling on the floor, and it floated back up, that I realized it wasn't rain; they were flying saucers and everyone went into a panic.

We stayed where we were and laid completely still; the dream transitioned again, but this time it was in a POV viewing. All I can explain is that those flying saucers were in the school, scouting and snooping out the area; it was a bit scary.

A flying saucer was in the room we were hiding in. I saw it because I was in a watcher's POV or sneakily watching from under my arm, and it started scanning us and the room. It was scanning for movement, and all I can say is… they were looking to kill.

The rest of the dream before I woke up is somebody moved, and they died, and someone (a man) was about to be detected because he started wobbling and such because he was standing. But someone distracted the thing by turning on the movie projector, and he could get away unharmed.

Kayla: United States


Me, my sister, and my sister’s ex; we were at an aunt’s house next door, inside. We were sitting in the living room, and I got up and looked out the window at the sky, and it started turning dark pink fairly quick.

So I closed the window, and I said, “The sky is pink, so we have to stay indoors, no one goes out, and keep the windows closed and don’t look out.”

Then it transitioned to us outside, and it started to get dark really quick; I turned to the left and saw that a tornado or dark storm cloud that was close to the ground began forming fast.

Before we could even run for safety, our souls were being flown or pulled to some type of graveyard or something, and our souls along with others, went into the ground (or were put into the ground). 

There were black souls and white souls; the black souls had horns, but the white ones didn’t; then I noticed my soul was white (or had the acknowledgment that my soul was white).

I looked over to my sister’s; she was out flying back and forth in the same spot and saw that hers was black. I was sitting up in the grave my soul was laid in, watching my sister’s soul flying here and there along with the others that were there. 

It hit me that the white souls were going to heaven, and the black souls were going to hell, so I was just sitting there, waiting for my soul and the white souls to be pulled up to heaven. 

Then the dream transitioned, and I was flying around, and all of a sudden, the black souls started attacking and eating the white souls.

As I was watching, one of the black souls began chasing me, so I flew away, and I noticed that another black soul started to come after me; I dodged it and every black soul that came at me. 

However, as I was fleeing for safety, a black soul turned to me, and its mouth stretched open and came towards me and ate me, and after that, I woke up.

Additional information: 

Some time ago, I saw a video on TikTok of a woman who had a dream about the sky turning pink and saying that the Lord told her what would happen after. 

She told us to go pray and ask for confirmation of the Lord if what she said was true, and I did; that night, I had this dream about the pink sky telling and instructing the others in my dream the same she did in her video that day.

Lucky: Uganda 

I dreamt there were very dark clouds over the area. According to the weather channel, the kind of rain that came from such clouds kills. Everybody was scared, but with time the clouds cleared completely except for the one over my neighborhood.

The rain was coming, and it was getting late, so we decided to enter the house and sleep; immediately after we laid down, it started raining. The rain seemed normal for a few seconds; then it got heavy, so heavy like heavy rocks thrown on the roof, which creates a hole in the roof and drops on the floor.

Our roof to the rain was light as paper from a book that is being pierced with nails. The rain was tearing our roof apart.

We were lying down, but when the rain increased, we decided to get up and run, but when I tried, the pressure of the rain wouldn't even allow me to lift my arms. It felt like water coming from 100 hose pipes directed at one person.

At that point, I knew I was going to die and felt life leaving my body, and I told myself if am to die; I need to go to heaven. So I said, Lord Jesus, I am sorry, please forgive me, and immediately the rain stopped, and I with the little energy I had, said Blood of Jesus, and the sky immediately cleared and turned completely blue.

When we got out, we were all ok, and it was morning, but our roof was completely destroyed.

The rain didn't last for more than 3 seconds; according to my dream, it poured on us only once, and that's when I asked for Jesus' forgiveness.

In that house, it was my family, only my siblings, but my 6 months daughter wasn't there. All my niece and nephews weren't there, and my parents were also not there.

This dream has left me really disturbed.

Jami: United States


In this dream, I am not myself; I'm a dude. I live on the coast somewhere, but the exact location isn't clear. I'm living with my parents.

A friend and I are planning to go work for a rich man as mercenaries. We buy body armor from a local shop. I don't really want to do this, but we figure it's a good idea. I'll be leaving home.

The news guy comes on, and tsunamis are coming. I see a heavyset lady sitting in her house; she's asleep and snoring in a chair. Her place is absolutely disgusting, with trash everywhere. 

The tsunami is preceded by an earthquake; the lady wakes up and holds on to a beam. I see out the window the tsunami coming in, and it looks pretty tall.

There are three tsunamis, each with an earthquake beforehand. They look like they should destroy everything, but they don't. 

I see the USA on a map. There's this strong wind event that features a white plasma-like light/power with it, and I liken it to a derecho (straight-line wind storm, but it's lit up white on the map and on the ground. 

It's going through the midwest states in a long streak, and another one forms going from the Dakotas up to Canada. These are powerful and destructive. I know them to be judgments from God.   

Then I'm back at my parents' house; I say aloud, "it's time to leave the coast."

Angela: United States

I had a dream last night that I was back in my childhood home (good memories of that home). I was looking out the window in my parent's old room, and a storm blew up. High winds were blowing. 

Right out the window was a large tree, and I could see a beehive in it. Then the wind blew the beehive out of the tree, but I then saw another much larger one on the eve of the roof outside the window, and the wind was not able to blow that one off.

Sonya: United States

I dreamed a tornado was approaching my grandmother's home, where I grew up. My daughter, husband, and Neice were behind me when I screamed, run. I ran ahead so I could open the door and make sure debris was not in the stairs leading down.

I pulled the door open and turned my head to see where everyone was when the sky opened up a light, and there in the sky was Jesus with his arms open. 

I dropped to my knees and began to weep, for I believed the end of the world was coming.

Bonnie: United States

02/24/19 At an amusement park with my daughter, grandson, husband, and dog. It was a beautiful sunny warm day, then out of nowhere, it started snowing. It would snow on and off. The clouds would roll in and spit huge snowflakes, then a few minutes later, it would be sunny again. This went on for about 2 hours. Then all of a sudden, the ground started shaking, it was an earthquake. We all ran inside the rented condo for safety until the building started Sinking into the ground. I manage to get everyone out of the house. I had to run around back to the Back entrance to get my dog. When I reached the door, there was only about 3 feet left of an opening for my dog to jump out before the house completely sank in the ground. Once we were away from the house, I looked up, and across the way, I saw a multitude of tornados about 100 yards away, headed straight toward us. They were in a cluster of maybe 12 funnels that spread about a mile wide. We drove away as fast as we could. I remember looking back on the city from a higher elevation; after a few minutes, I saw that the whole area was ablaze. 

I remember the feeling of sorrow for all that was caught in the way of the devastation; Such a sad, horrible emotion. Then I woke up.

Leslie: India

I dreamt that I was going somewhere with some people I know...it was night, it was raining windy with lightening... I took my umbrella out...As it was windy. 

I could not hold onto my umbrella; the upper part of my umbrella turned upside down, and the lightning burnt the upper part of my umbrella. 

When I pulled back my umbrella, I also pulled a cloud down; that cloud was grey with lightning, and the light was shining inside the cloud. The cloud looked angry, as well... 

I walked away from that place.

Alexandria: United States

July 30, 2020

I had this dream: 

my kids, my best friend, mom, and I were driving in the car, and the sun got so hot, smoke was coming off the hood of the vehicle. 

We got home and noticed the sun was burning so hot that we could see smoke coming off it. We stayed inside, and then the sun got so cold we could see ice crystals on it. We were wondering what was going on. Then the sun got really large and close to the earth, and the gravitational pull was off. 

My friend and I were watching the news, and they were reporting a huge hurricane to come that would wipe out most of the earth. I remember feeling a deep sadness bc of my children. 

I asked my friend why they didn't tell us the hurricane was coming. Then it hit me; God was going to flood the earth again. 

I woke up after this very shaken up. I do not want my faith to fall by the way-side anymore. 

Briseida: Country

Wednesday may 27, 2020 
I dreamed about a huge storm approaching. The clouds were dark and turned the sky pitch black like it was night. The storm developed thunder, and so my family and I ran toward our room for shelter, and the storm suddenly went away as if nothing happened. That's all I remember.

Lee: United States

I see a man in my dream, but he is too far away to make out his face; he is coming out of the sea on a narrow pathway of stones, and behind him is a storm and a giant wave. 

The waters on either side of the path are calm even though they are apart of the stormy sea. The wave and water were red. I have not been able to remember any dream after this one.

Naila: United States

I dreamt of multiple moons in the sky each were different all were big and yellow

After the moons I saw something in the sky; it was something I have never seen, but the best I can describe is that it looked like lightning and then a tornado was coming.

Jo Ann: United States

I had the following dream from God on January 21, 2012:

My husband and I were walking in an area of historic ruins, and I believe it was in Jerusalem. It was daylight, and we were alone in the area. We were heading over to several small boulders, but I suddenly could not see well. I told my husband, and he grabbed my hand to guide me. I assumed he was still my husband. I then noticed he was leading me to a dark area, and I was able to see this. I quickly said, "We should turn back." He said, "It's okay. We'll find a way out." We were then walking to a rock wall on the left side of the ruins. I saw arch openings at the bottom of the wall, and each opening was several feet apart. He crawled under one of the openings, and he stood up on the other side of the wall. He said, "There's a river and trees to the left." I looked to the left, and I saw a beautiful valley with a blue river and many green trees. The wall had become transparent, and I could see right through the wall. He then said, "Crawl under the opening." I looked at the opening and noticed it had become small. I kneeled down to figure out how to crawl under it. I knew I would have to get on my stomach and dirty my clothes. I stood up for a moment, and I decided that I would attempt it. The dream ended. I then realized it was Jesus Christ leading me!

"For You are my rock and my fortress; for Your name's sake lead me and guide me." (Psalm 31:3)

Thank You, God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!

March 25, 2020 

Kristie: United States

I remember in this dream me and my family were in the living room while we were watching the news on tv, they were saying something about the lost tomb of Jesus, and while that was happening there was a tornado watch. That’s all I could remember.

Jenny: United States

Last night, I had a dream that I was at my parents' house. It was late at night, and I was outside on the porch with my brother- an atheist. He was smoking weed as we were talking. 

Suddenly, we saw images in the lights of three major cities. One was Minneapolis, MN- another Grand Rapids, MI, and the third was NYC. We both saw fire raining down on those three cities- it was as if the images of the cities were outlined with stars like an astrological pattern, and the fire shower was a meteor shower. 

I told him to snap a pic with his phone quickly. Right after he took a pic, it all disappeared, and we were unable to sleep. In the morning, I told my dad what happened, and he accused us of being high. I said to him we had a pic and showed it to him. 

He was heading to a promotional meeting the following day in one of the three cities, and I pleaded with him not to go until he grew weary of me and agreed. I also asked him to warn anyone else heading there, but he simply called his executive and canceled the meeting based on food poisoning. 

We were suddenly hit with the strongest non-tornado wind we'd ever experienced. As we rushed in, suddenly, rain and hail began falling. As we watched- we could see it coming in 3 different directions on one of those three nearby cities.

 Suddenly it started pouring rain so hard that it came flooding through the ceiling of the uppermost floor of an otherwise solid house. As everyone panicked and grabbed buckets, I remained completely calm. That is all I remember.

Kelly: United States

I had a dream last night, August 3, 2019, 

I am staring out a window, and it looked like some kind of solar storm, suddenly I saw 3 moons, rising at the same time, and the moons each one different.

So clear and real to me. And then my dream ended. 

I saw your website with others sharing and wanted to tell my dream. 

Thank You 


Barbara: United States

I dreamed a huge tornado was approaching me about the size of an F5. The tornado ripped everything around me. I realized I was going to die. Saddened at first for the people I had to leave behind and yet overjoyed that I get to see Jesus.

As the tornado ensued, I recall being covered. It was a large hand. And Jesus was standing there in a coat of many colors. The tornado was then off in the distance.

Robert: Kenya

What does it mean to dream that your friend telling you that you have the power to command heavens and immediately as you look at the sky you see a very big storm.

Phillips: United States

I had a dream about a big nasty storm with rain lightning and thunder. Then suddenly the storm and the sky turned clear. Then suddenly the Bible showed up, and it flipped to the book of Matthew and started showing Bible verses from Matthew.

Rebecca: United States

I saw swirling black and white storm clouds. They were very frightening like the worst storm I've ever seen. I was panicking and looking for cover. I couldn't find shelter for myself or my kids, and then three faces lit up the sky like some kind of prophecy I couldn't understand. I ran through the rain, frightened from what I witnessed in the sky

Loletha: United States

I had a dream last night about an unknown white woman and three babies. We were going to the beach, and when we got there, we saw a  wave that was 30 feet high. I grabbed the children and ran up the hill towards the car, and one of the babies bear or hat was in the water. We got to the car, and I looked back at the wave, and it was clear and powerful, and it hit the shore. 

Jose: United States

Dreamt my girlfriend and I were running down the street and turning onto every street we crossed,  and a tornado was forming. When the damage was done, we started running back to where telephone poles were knocked down and ended up in a store.  A lot of people were there, and another tornado came and picked up that store. Everybody ran toward the back, and the roof began to rip off.  My girlfriend and I were in one room, and the store got thrown over the edge of the cliff, and I jumped, and she almost fell with the store, but I grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

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