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"Dreams and Visions Page 20"
Trusting in Jesus

Jennifer: United States

I dreamed I was on my porch at night and saw my neighbor at the end of the driveway wearing his regular clothes which were shorts and t-shirt, but he was also wearing a black vest, and a top hat. I said hello, but he only stared at me as if he were afraid to speak to me. Then I woke up with a black feather not far from where he stood, then 2-morning doves appeared and one walked over to examine the feather then both doves left.

Cornelia: Kenya

What does a wedding dress with short sleeves mean? I kept being pulled to notice the short sleeves in my dream.

Carolyn: United States

I dreamed of 3 very bright crosses in the sky.

Jesse: Australia

I have dreamt of for a long time, and this was so profound I can still remember it as if it was yesterday.

It was a sequence: 

1st dream: A gold crown with a cross on it. A bright but no blinding light was shining behind it. 

2nd Dream: I was in front of a wall in Israel. I was on my knees with my hands out like when worshiping. I was crying deep sadness sometimes moaning. I felt as if I was being showered, a downpour of rain, but it was rain, but you could see it quite clearly just an absolute downpour.

#3rd Dream: I was in Israel, and I was taking a selfie of myself and a woman. A past relationship, we weren't together in a relationship, but we were smiling and happy. She is a believer like myself.

Dladla: Swaziland

Last night in my dream I saw my outside lights going off . when I go outside the house I saw a full moon it was so bright. please help what could be the meaning

Rain and Church: South Africa

I had a dream where I saw my late Aunt in the rain on her way to church. I wanted her to get a lift in my car but instead of coming directly to the car she smiled at me and took a long turn to my car.

Jason: South Africa

Dreamed about an Arabic Muslim entering my house while I was reading my Bible and listening to gospel music and he started to sing along.

Piya: India

I saw I am at the top of mountain.....sun and moon together at a time....and that amazing sunshine.

Nicole: United States

I was driving home close to my house I was feeling down, and I saw a rainbow in the middle of the sky, and I felt such peace like never before hard to explain but only last for a few seconds.  The next time I felt that peace it was taken the comunión at church again last for a few seconds..

Mihirang: Australia

My dream and vision is to see my business flourish for Gods Glory as I sow into his Kingdom with pure love and generosity.

Abraham: Norway

I had a dream. In the dream, I was wearing a golden color suit and golden boot.

Lakryray: United States

My two-year-old just came in here and said that she was climbing a tree and she fell over on her, and she got a Band-Aid. I know this may seem silly but is the meaning of some sort? And my 2-year-old is very advanced in speaking. Thank you

Tracy: United States

I dreamt a beautiful rainbow started ascending into and disappeared up into a large cloud with rays of sun shining out behind it.

Zanieka: Jamaica

I dreamt that my name was written in the sky.

Christie: USA 

What is the Meaning of, Win Person,  Dream Of Red Moon

Louise: USA

A tree branch with pink flowers shaking at me and woke me.

Jabulan: South Africa

I dreamed a local church was full with its members and was collecting their prayer requests on their tables. But at the door, I found a man and asked him to sign another paper and was so satisfied that I came to collect

Brittany: United States

I saw lightning flashes when I closed my eyes.

Richard: United States

Dreamed of three lights and one more came out of the sky.


I dreamt that I was near a coconut tree I shook and can’t remember exactly what happened but all the coconuts on the palm tree fell down underneath. Some rolled off and the ones that didn’t roll off, kids came with dust pan and brush to sweep them off. I asked them to leave it. And  I woke up still guarding the coconuts, which was a lot.

Ben: United States
As a Bride of Jesus I’m wearing my Groom suit.

Gabriel: United States

I had a single dream of a voice that told me to find the lost book of the Bible.

Innocent: Nigeria

in a dream, I saw a cloud writing my name, and someone appear and pronounce the name.

Lorinda: South Africa

I dreamed that I was on a mountain with a multitude of people and received a stick written in Hebrew, I could even read what was written on that stick. Can anyone tell me what the meaning of my dream is?

Maria: United States

I am outside, and there is just this free field that is beautiful it's like a farm like a thing that's empty but gives you a good feeling inside just like you can run anywhere.

Christine: United States

I was standing in a small tan room my arms were stretched out in front of me. I could see my arms but not my hands. The more I tried to see them the more upset I became and asking where are my hands I want to see my hands in my dream.  I knew something wasn't right and tried to say I rebuke you Satan in the name if Jesus. It felt like someone had their hand over my mouth, so I screamed Jesus Jesus Jesus and woke up....I'm not sure what this means

Simone: United States

I was driving, and the stars in heaven turned to bright circles of light then something told me to eat a lemon

A: United States

I had a dream one night in my dream I was driving passing along a familiar place that's when I saw a beautiful rainbow, then I saw a bright shining light that held my attention for a few seconds. What is this dream trying to tell me.

Garry: Philippines

Have a blessed day everyone

Call me Garry living in the Philippines, but I am now in Saudi Arabia. I want to share a short story of my dream about RAPTURE the last year 2017 I don't remember the exact month and date.

While i"m sleeping, it's very very clear to me While it is walking with one of my friends, but I cant his face because in my dream he is my new friend... so while walking with my friends, going to the waiting shed waiting for a bus... while I'm talking him, I feel it that my eyes instant my friend gone, I don't know he's gone, and nearby there's a bus stop I went there because I tried to check over there, but he's not there. then I ask myself oh, maybe this the time of RAPTURE... then I ask myself, why I do not belong to the rapture, meaning to say I am the one of left-behind, meaning I will encounter the tribulation in this world...

But while I'm thinking that myself question I am walking and walking because trying to search my friend... until I reach the next street off the road, I saw a guy also wondered also because he's looking his family also are gone. So instead of I ask him if he saw my friends... I didn't tell because I proved that this happens RAPTURE... so I keep silent relax and pray to God that's it... I woke up....

I have a dream also for how many years I was a child that it would come true...

1.) I was a little boy... I dream I am flying and go to the very far place... now I am now in Saudi Arabia; I saw the surroundings here which the same in my dreams...

2.) 2001 I dream very clear in my dreams that one snake is biting me, then after one week, One of my Uncle He threatened me to steal his charcoal, he told all the people in the Brgy... I cried and cried, and that is why went to Manila to find a Job there because I cannot live properly in my place because all people they believe what my uncle is saying.

3.) I saw a vision when I was praying God that a used pot upside down on the fireplace but the fire is not seen by me. Please explain this. The 2nd vision is one white right hand in three days in three times. Please explain to me thanks

Thank you and God bless


Thilakay: India

Juanita: United States


Irene: United States

Two black men came from the clouds down on earth

Jeric: Philippines

Hi! My dreams are coming true in real life. It takes months, sometimes years to materialize.

Rosemica: United States

Hi, I had a dream my sister in law was cooking for sr. Missy. Then I say give the food to me. She said OK and started packing the food for me. All of a sudden all my front teeth start to come out. I collected all of them from the ground. I call someone to pour water on them so I could wash them. As I was washing, they started to melt away because they became ice. I took them and put on a cloth and put on my daughter like a diaper. They melted. In the dream, I was worried about that because I wanted to carry them to my spine doctor on my next appointment so I can show him.  In the end, I said it's ok. When I'm going will get fresh ice to show him. I'm praying for grace and understanding

Angelina: United States

I had a dream that my boyfriend was a small boy however he is a grown boy. There where two of my one who didn't want him to learn the bible And here Christian music. So When I saw him, I began to sing amazing grace. He began to giggle at me, so I smiled and kept singing. Then he goes you told me not to read or sing the words of the lord, and I said I never said such a thing. I began to sing again, and he smiled. I woke up what does this mean?

John: Ghana

I dreamed that I was walking in the clouds and I saw eggs.

Kimberly: United States

I awoke to see a scarf billowing over my daughter and husband who were asleep. I reached for the scarf, and it floated from my reach and fell to the floor. It was very vivid and real. But no scarf was found

Erika: Country

I had a short and fast dream/vision of a colorful cruise losing control in the ocean and crashing and then Two eighteen wheels trucks crashing in the water they were both turned over and on fire in dark blue ocean waters and I saw all of this from a balcony across the street 

Lynda: United States

I saw a vision of a man in grey clothes

Samantha: United States

I had a vision of the ocean, and looking out at it, there was a bright white light.

Milissa: United States

 I had a dream that I was outside with a lot of people, some from my church when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise from the sky and my kids and everybody else's kids were gone.  I only had my baby still with me, but my other two were gone no were to be found why what does it mean I woke up scared looking for my kids.

Maria: United States

I had a dream that I was in a house with many people.  I looked out the window and saw planes writing messages in the sky.  I don't remember what they were other than I felt they were warning us of impending doom.  The sky changed, and suddenly there were fighter planes everywhere like an invasion.  I began running around the house to warn everyone we need to go! Then I woke up.

Malinge: South Africa

I dreamt of myself preaching on streets, and nothing could stand street signs, street light's were to underground as the ground was turning upside down. 

Katherine: United States

I dreamed I had a baby girl who was wearing a gold necklace with heart pendant at birth.

Rachel: United States

Had a dream that my sister was shooting a gun and somehow blew a hole in the middle of her hand! Then right after that is with my nephew and the tip of the broom fell over and punctured a major hole in his head! Both people I'm holding and trying to stop the bleeding, but I don't dream anymore.

Polly: United States

I had a vision of a man facing a corner with his head bowed. He had on a long sleeved orange shirt.

Tyler: United States

The dream: I was in a house, and I looked out the window and saw a great light brighter than any light I have seen, It struck and pierced earth, and then I saw fire sweeping towards me burning everything to ashes. At the end of the dream, the fire got to the house, and I hid under a couch. I saw the fire blow through the windows and engulf the room, and then I woke up

Maria: United States

I Had a dream that I was wearing a white dress and was glowing. My grandson took my hand n helped me up.

Pat: United States

I saw a glow in my room. The cross on my wall was glowing, making the second cross behind. Them the glow moved side. Side, top, and disappeared. 

Patricia: United States

I had a dream that I was driving my car quite fast and joyfully singing praises to the Lord when suddenly as I was about to encounter a large dark obstacle in the road, I and my vehicle just vanished into thin air.

Jasmin: United States

I have a dream that I was at home and this tall guy cut popping up with a gold glow around him trying to tell me something

Jinay: United States

I dreamed I was in a place and needed help. A man came and covered me with his body and took me out to a safer place where I met someone named Simon who gave me a cloth which was invisible,  and I wiped myself. Then he sat with me and told me that the three days in that place made me stronger for my daughter. By the way, I don't have a daughter. And I am separated from my husband. I've been praying a lot.


 I had a dream that I was standing in the street with other people looked up in the sky and saw two colors meet together, and everyone started praying, then I woke up.

Franchesca: Country

just a line of brown hooded men with ropes tied around the waist and they were in a line, but some or one was facing the opposite direction the other men were.

Sarah: United States
Pg 1 keys. 
I had a dream That my sister kept taking off keys to my key ring. 

Courtney: United States
I saw a building that looks like a temple glowing in black and purple then it turned to gold and had no sky image had no sun nor moon and no people just a beautiful gold glow and black image sky.

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