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"Dreams  about Satan
Demons and Witches"

Satan is responsible for the suffering in this world. He was responsible for all misery, sin, sickness, and even the death of Jesus - don't take him lightly. 

  • Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: (1 Peter 5:8, KJV).

However, there is no need for the Children of God to be fearful of satan or his demons; because "

  • “Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”  (1 John 4:4).

If you are born-again it is God who is within you; Satan is in the world.

  • "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." (Rev 12:11, KJV).

Don't let your guard down, underestimate, or try to make friends with Satan. Although he is defeated he will never give up and will always be your enemy.

Juanita: United States

I saw an evil spirit rise out of me, and Jesus was at the other end wrapping her in mummy-like fabric saying a prayer for me, but I don't really remember what he was saying it was like I was deaf.


I am having dreams about something bad spirit entering inside me. And I try to help myself by saying the prayer our father and especially say the line deliver us from evil loudly and clearly as I am aware of the fact that there is something bad which is troubling me.And these dreams have been happening for the past one month and especially for the last two weeks I am having the same dreams in which I am saying the prayer our father to protect myself or my family members. 

Ana: United States

Normally everyone hates having nightmares with demons or with the devil himself.

My nightmare began with me in a small dark room. Suddenly I began to hear growling around me. As I turn around an ugly, evil, red eyes, face appeared, and I was face to face with the devil. I started to feel scared and the more frightened I got, the more he began to grow.

Then, the most beautiful feeling came into me, and I said with so much faith out loud, "JESUS LOVES ME;" THE MORE I SAID IT THE MEANER THE DEVIL seemed to get. Then suddenly I said laughing at him, you can't hurt me, you can't touch me because JESUS LOVES ME!!!. EACH TIME I SAID JESUS name the further he got away from me.

As he was fading, I was staring right into his eyes laughing, and I said I'm not afraid of you. You are nothing to me. Jesus loves me... and he disappeared.

With Jesus' love and protection and my faith in him, no evil can ever touch me..  what else can I ask for...  AMEN.

Elena: United States

I had a dream a medium told me I would die soon and I was crying.

Ali: Canada

This morning I had a dream about: 

Some kind of Ancient Human, size is about Statue of Liberty, and it's waking up from what I remember was a Temple. It was so Scary too, I was so Scared from it, That ancient Thing was from somewhere else, and everyone else was Panic-ed also, It Had some kind of Evil with it Like I was Scared! I don't know what that means! 

Brianna: United States

I had a dream. The sky was dark and scary looking; dark green and red. I was in a long, long line of people, longer than I could see. We were all heading to an old shack. There was a demon standing in the doorway of the shack and beside him was a huge meat grinder. Under the meat grinder was an open hole in the ground full of fire. This demon was taking the people one by one and feeding them into the grinder. When I got up to the front of the line, I looked into the grinder and saw blood everywhere, and there was nothing left of the people who went before me. Then I woke up.

Amika: United States

I have dreamed about a few things, and one was of a baby elephant wandering down the road and someone hit it. After that I saw a huge dragon flying in the sky, and after that, an angel or demon had a bow and arrow, and it wanted to eat me, but I begged him not to kill me.  I said I would do anything and he offered me to bear his children, and I agreed...

Daisy: United States

 Something was following me I was inside a building and there was something behind me telling me to follow it down the stairs I said no, but didn’t do it to turn back to see. I was waiting for the elevator to go up I press the elevator and all of a sudden the elevator doors open, as the door opens I feel afraid to step inside. Something pushes me as soon as I step inside. I feel happy and joyful. There were two people inside, a woman and a man looking at a computer. The woman asked, what is the cause of her death? and the man says fire. I’m standing not knowing what’s happening and they were just looking at me then she says, what are we gonna do with her and he says, send her back or (she says, send her back) I wasn’t sure who said it, and then all of a sudden I wake up.

William: United States

I dreamed last night that I was possessed by a demon. It felt real. In my dream, a priest was placing the cross in front of me many times and throwing holy water. After a few attempts, I saw the demon leave.

Tekeshaw: United States

Demons and Coffins
My niece had a vision of my two kids and me in coffins with demons standing over us. What does this mean? 

Shamyra: United States

The Devil keeps chasing me and a friend I was trying to help. My friend couldn't escape.  He wouldn’t let her go and said he would kill me if I help her.

Chelsea: United States

I was in a dark room there was a light swinging back and forth I could only see when it swung, but I heard the words.. my name is., over and over. I was trying to wake up so bad I was screaming for Jesus. It felt like sleep paralysis it was so real. I was begging Jesus to give me back control of my body. Then the light swung out, and when it came back in I saw the face of a man right before me with an evil grin, and he said it again while he appeared on my face. He said my name is..but never said his name, I woke up finally. My heart was racing, and I was winded. He had white hair white eyelashes and white eyebrows I'm so Scared I've been having these terrible dreams, but they feel so real, and I need help IDK what to do nobody believes me. 

Candice: United States

I had a dream a few years back, still haunts my mind. I was in a very large and very old pool. Surrounded by a beautiful garden and pretty statues. And I'm in the middle of this pool clutching this Bible old one at that, I can remember like 1450 those were the numbers on it. And above my head Angels are helping me, they were fighting. I was surrounded by demons; it felt like they were trying to get me and this book I was hanging on to. I wasn't drowning, more like sitting like a duck in the water. I felt darkness and evilness, but I was peaceful. Then all a sudden the sky went red, and I woke up. Still bugs me. Seems like a lot of symbolism in it.

Nikki: United States

I keep having a dream like a movie it starts with me in a movie theater, and the screen catches fire (blue flames) and a man appears in front he's wearing a black suit his face is like a shadow he chases me I end up in a church a few miles from home (it's like my safe zone) he couldn't enter. This dream carried on for a week I have it once a year started when I was 15 years old I'm 32 now each year there is more to it, and it's always for seven days a part each night I still end up staying the same church not sure the meaning

Ana: Canada

I used to live in a hunted house where every night at 0300 in the morning I would wake up to someone lying on top of me and breathing on the left side of my neck! We moved from that house in 2006. This morning, Jan 17, 2017, I had a dream where I could see either the devil himself or a demon coming towards me on my left side as I was lying in bed. In my dream, I was awake and very restless and trying to fight it off me. Then, I looked towards my right side, and I saw my grandma who died in Nov 2015. I asked her for help, and she told me she could not help me fight this (the devil). Then, I looked straight up towards the ceiling, and I started to ask Jesus to help me. I was frantically screaming "please Jesus help me." He told me to do the sign of the cross on the left side of my neck, which I repeatedly did with my right index finger and it worked! The devil left afraid! Then, I looked up again, and I saw Jesus's face coming towards me. His face was white and kind of light, but expressionless. In my dream, I was lying on my back, on a bed, and his face came right to about 11/2 feet away from my face. I reached with both hands, and he allowed me to touch his face. I placed my hands on his cheeks, and as I touched them gently, I said "thank you Jesus" repeatedly. Then, I woke up. I am thankful that The Lord protected me!

Marie: Antigua

What does it mean when you continuously dream that there is a whole under a house, not current house I am living in, it's another house I never saw. There is a whole under the house, and the devil is in it, calling my sister. She is 13 years old. She keeps going to look under the house, and he uses her hair that has been clipped to make a rope and pull her in. I her big sister keeps going to pull her out.

I have been having this dream for couple days in a row. 

Tamara: Canada

I was on drugs sad to say,  but I ended up getting arrested and going to a holding cell, and as I was in there,  I felt my body shutting down,  the voices of the guards slowly faded, and everything went black,  anyway I got up off my mat and everything was so blurry I kept hearing my family and friends voices,  they were torturing people with the guards. I heard Satan's voice, and a guard talking,  they were going to each cell cutting people up and burning them,  the smell of blood was so strong the steam all over down that Hall,  I kept hearing so many of my family and friends talking,  then I heard Satan's voice and a guard getting close to me,  my heart started to pound,  they went to cell next to me which was one of my family members cell,  they opened his door,  I heard him say " what are you doing it's me " and I heard him cry and scream. The strong smell of blood and the steam coming from that cell,  my heart started pounding, I started to hear shackles and people being shackled I heard a guards voice telling all the people to go down the hall take a left and go through a door and as soon as that door opened I felt a hot heat wave,  and the sound of screaming crying,  that door shut all of a sudden it was so quiet I heard Satan and a guard talking saying " should we take her with us or should she go back " I jumped off my mat knocked on my cell door and said " I want to come with you take me " a beautiful guard came to my door she told me she would be back for me in half hour and just go back to sleep she winked at me and walked away,  I started to get scared I went to lay back down I put my hands in my shirt and started to pray,  I heard Satans terrifying laugh, and he said look at her she's asking to be saved,  I waited over half an hour to go back to sleep, ...  My dream was done...  All of a sudden my cell door opened a police officer told me I'm getting released I jumped up got my stuff and took off 

Jori: United States

Haven't been sleeping well the last few days when I finally fell asleep this morning around 3, or 4 am I had a odd dream.

People near me "lit up/flashed" a bright blue light color and some stuck their hand out to ppl next to them to strangle them one handed... I had no idea what was going on at the time. Then I realized ppl were turning into demons.... the ppl that had "gone blue" had been raptured and the ones they had strangled one-handed in the process was them taking out an immediate next to the demon on their way out of the body. These "ppl" that were turned into? Or taken over by? Demons had swarm behavior looking for survivors who hadn't turned...the "left behind" ones...they were driving in lines of cars or walking following one another (kinda like ants) their faces were contorted to what I can best describe as locust looking in appearance....I was with some other groups of people in a room and we decided we needed to segregate into locked rooms in case anyone else turned because the groups didn't know each other well and everyone got a tote of some supplies that happened to be in the main room....the swarm outside saw us turning out the lights and came after us. One girl forgot to lock a door, and one of them bust inside. I bolted to a different room to find a closet or something to hide w my son when I realized he wasn't next to me and was in the other room w that "thing" so I ran back and grabbed him throwing my body and arms over him to protect him and started screaming to Gabriel to come help me then to God and Jesus. There was a blast, and something with wings came to destroy it while I ran w my my son and a few others that survived the attack found a different room w a lock to regroup as we heard a voice taunting us but we couldn't find anything in the room....I stated it was a trick...the devil is the biggest trickster of them all so the voice was to spook us and I shut my eyes and prayed till it stopped....I told one of the other ppl I know I had toyed w the idea of being left behind intentionally to help others, but this was scarier than I'd imagined and wished I could change my mind but knew that I had already set my mind on choosing to stay before this had all even happened and just like Jesus on the cross I had a purpose and couldn't back out that was not gods plan for me.....skip to: someone knew how to fly a helicopter, and we had found one so we piled in, and there was a guy flying it, a teenager in pjs, my son, and one other person maybe? The dream ended as it lifted off....   upon waking up to sit outside and write this dream down hundreds of blackbirds came swarming the yards trees and rooftops and ground around me halfway through....  it was a very odd situation, and I knew not normal so I grabbed my ph and recorded it best as I is definitely starting out strange

Chris: India

I had a dream at night... I saw a person (Tall and dressed in a red vestment garment). His looks were not like satan, but some of his features were like satan. He had long fingers. He will be standing very far away when I try to look at him, but the next second he will be standing next to me. He spoke to me in some language which I cannot understand. He always kept moving his long fingers while he was glancing at me... I saw my dad and mom also with me. I was completely in fear, and my wife was afraid to come next to me in the dream

Alethia: United States

7/25/17 I had a dream. It took place in a dull like church. I was sitting in the back of the church with my boyfriend looking at the backs of peoples heads. Nothing was going on just people sitting facing forward. My boyfriend was talking to me pointing out somebody in the choir saying " look, that's a devil." When I glanced at the person, she was moving weird like a twitchy type movement and eyes were black. I looked away quickly and told him I was scared. My boyfriend says,"don't be just close your eyes and pray." I told him I didn't want it to come to me, and he said that it was but don't be scared. I looked up again trying to see the person again, but she was normal. I begin to feel scared when my eyes fixed on the aisle and saw something coming towards me. It looked like the character from saw that rides the tricycle instead it was on its feet. I kept telling my boyfriend I was scared and he told me just close your eyes and pray and say you're not the same and I did when I was praying I saw the thing zoom closer but it didn't touch me and it vanished. He pointed another person out. It was a little girl with burgundy braids sitting on her parent's lap who was dressed in all black. I did not see the little girl face because she had her head down.  We started to stand to sing. I stood by the little girl who was still sitting in her parent's lap with her head turn away from me. We song (No Weapon). At first, I couldn't quite catch the tone; the people were singing in. But then I got on the tone  I begin singing to the top of my lungs, and the people stop singing to listen to me sing. the music was still playing. I song that song with every breath I had I was crying, sweating, I even drooled alittle. What does this mean?

Christina: United States

I was very very sick in the hospital after giving birth to 7 1/2 pound twins. They twins had affected my gallbladder, and my kidneys shut down after giving birt.  They kept me in recovery for several days I was not allowed to eat or drink anything  I remember being very very thirsty and very very hungry. All I could do was suck on ice chips, and I wasn't allowed to swallow nor could I have that cheeseburger I dreamed of. I fell asleep at night while I was in  recovery and I had either a vision or a dream. I was in my bed, my hospital bed, and I saw this figure at the bottom right corner that I feel was the devil.  It didn't last very long,  it didn't talk to me, it just kind of was a swirling figure, and it was dancing, but I could make out that it was the devil or so I thought so.  There were no horns, and he was not red. He just looked evil, and he was a swirling object but I couldn't make out his face the shape of his face was kind of like the Tasmanian devil that I remember from Bugs Bunny Maybe he was trying to take me but I would not let him., However, there was no communication I just saw him dancing there, but it scared me so much so that I thought I was going to hell instead of heaven. I felt I had been a pretty good person and I truly believe in God and His eternal life and heaven.  I told my mom the next day, who is a very strong Catholic, and she brushed it off as a hallucination due to my sickness and the amount of medication they had me on for pain. I had never been on pain medication before this.  I trusted in her and believed her. But it is still an experience that scares me to this day. I still believe in God wholeheartedly and believe in His afterlife. This was an extreme experience, and I hope I never have that experience again.

Claire: United States

This is my dream!  I dreamt I was taking care of two children for someone and I was playing with them in a park! Two women were was also there just sitting and knitting something, but they were watching me secretly I could see them from the corner of my eyes! Then one of the children run off to pick up something, and I turn to go after the child while the other one was still playing! I get the child and turn to come back only to see the child lying dead with her beautiful hair cascading all over the ground. I rushed over and couldn't believe what I am seeing! I  look over st the women they are now pretending they didn't see anything so I realized they are looking very uncomfortable but couldn't figure out how they could get to the child so fast without me seeing them, and I realize they are witches for the soon both disappeared in my eyes! I am panicking and then a woman who came out of nowhere and was calmly calming me down she saw everything, but she didn't know what to do! Do I steady myself and told her to keep watch for any sign while I pray! She must alert me! I put the other child in front of me to keep her safe, and I knew down and began to call upon the great Hod of heaven and earth to breathe the breath of life back into this child and I pray and pray then the child cough and I realize something is happening and I pray even more ! The child was now alive! Then the women were now coming back with a huge crowd and the police to arrest me so I quickly call out to them saying hey you witches look and see what the power of God can do! The parents were there for the children first, so I gave the children into their hands and the woman who was with me, and I started to run as fast as we can Fir I did not care to deal with the crowd we were running and leaping and rejoicing in the power of the Lord our God! Then I look at her as we were running and she is no a woman but a young man now! I didn't say anything I just kept in running and rejoicing in the Lord!

Please help with interpretation! This is my second time I had dreams like this! Thanks so much for your help God bless you!

Grayce: United States

This dream was last year, but I still remember it vividly. There were no people around, and everything was burning, and it was very out. I was running from something when suddenly I turn around and start fighting this dragon (it wasn't big)  before the dragon flies away to this evil man standing on a pile of ashes, and he was laughing menacingly at me. I started to fight him, and I believe that he was the devil. I had told my dad about this, and he told me that God said that some children would be prophets. Could this be a futuristic dream maybe? Idk but it was weird and scary. 

Paula: United States

I dreamed I was in my son's room and praying for something to go away


I dreamt that I was fighting off a spirit that was scaring me and started screaming mother mary at it.
I told my very religious grandmother in law, and she told me she dreamt of me in labor having a baby with stars in the sky and surrounding our heads.
Please help...

Vanessa: United States

I dreamed a black Horse was talking to me and said he was going to send me straight to hell

Phillip: United States

My dream started I was in a field kind of like a park, and I saw kids playing, but then I realized something was off they were playing with something I couldn't see, and when I got close enough I found it was a demon, but the strange thing is it had a weird name, DOGMA.

So the dream continued, and I was trying to see this Dogma, but no matter how hard I focused my eyes I could barely see them, and when I finally got close enough to barely see one, it laid down and started whimpering. 

Next, I heard a voice from heaven say, "My time is soon so now is the time for you to choose, who do you say that I am?"

That's when I woke up

Ruby: United States

I dreamed that my sister was decorating a black angel figure.

Tikia: United States

One day last year I was watching Heaven is for real. At the end of the movie, it showed at a picture that a little girl had drawn. I started looking at the eyes of the picture. His eyes did not look like the eyes of an ordinary man.

It was like I was looking through the heavens and then I found myself like I was floating through the heavens. After while I heart a male voice from behind me saying, repeat after me. He started speaking in an Arabic, Hebrew, or some other language. 

I did not repeat him. He said it another time repeat after me. He spoke the same words in the same language, but I once again did not repeat after him. Again for a third time spoke to me and said repeat after me. Once again he said the said words in the exact language,  but I once again did not repeat after him. 

After I did not repeat it for the third time, I came back to myself, and I was now facing the window looking at my backyard. I was so afraid, but now I'm realizing it could have been Satan.

Hector: United States

I had a dream where I was traveling on a train at night time. When the train stopped, I walked out. The first thing I saw was Jesus on the cross. I fell on my knees weeping. I turned my head to my right, and a demon screeched, and I woke up.

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