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"Jades Demonic
Apparition Dream"

I went to bed in a bad mood and put on some light frequency music to listen to, which I found to be very calming and soothing. It appeared to work for a couple of hours as I got some well-needed rest for my emotional body; however, one of my dreams took a turn for the worse in a kind of nightmarish form that I’ve never experienced before.

I was initially in a secluded open space, and there were lots of people around, and we were all trying to go up these set of stone steps that lead somewhere (I’m not sure where), and this is during the time of the coronavirus pandemic… 

Nobody was standing 2m away from each other or me, and I kept moving out of the way of these people telling them, “You’re not standing 2m away!” and I was getting quite anxious about the fact. We somehow all got into this old-style hotel building, and I had the sense they were very much like university dorms/halls. 

They were Laughing at Me

I started having an anxiety attack as a result of people not following social distancing. There were three girls I went to school with that were on the staircase in the halls laughing at me, and almost mocking me for being too serious. It upset me, and they purposely lurked on the narrow staircase so that I had to pass them within 1m, and I did so.

The dream changed, and the university halls setting became my childhood home, and I was there with my partner, but these three girls also lived in some of the rooms upstairs, and we shared the living room and kitchen as communal areas. 

To begin with, my partner was playing a games console in front of the fireplace on the TV screen, sat on the floor with a controller in his hand, and started talking to him, and when I was, I noticed that the iris in his eyes was red. 

Odd Things Begin to Happen

Initially, I thought it was the reflection of the red from the TV screen, but as I continued to talk to him, I noticed that he walked through the doorway in the living room, and the version of him sat in front of the TV kind of disappeared. That was the first odd thing, it’s like something with red eyes was pretending to be him, and the version of him that walked through the doorway was the real him.

At another point, he was outside of the house in the garden, having a smoke, and so I shouted down the garden to him, he was about halfway down the garden. He responded, saying something like, “yeah, just hold on a second”… 

Then he walked directly into the conifer and looked almost as if he walked through it, then he disappeared… then moments later, he was in a corner of the garden a lot closer to me, and I told him what I saw, and he said that he actually thought he heard his own voice when whatever this was spoken in reply to me.

Then things get a lot weirder.

Attempted to do Reiki

The three girls who now lived in the house and had laughed at my anxiety and fear earlier started acting strangely. It’s like they were feigning being nice and themselves, but something was very different about them… 

At this point, I could tell something was wrong with them, and they were not themselves; something also strange was happening. I could feel this deviant, flirtatious, pleasurable energy within them at the expense of my fear and panic. It’s as if they were taunting me, but also pretending to be normal. 

I sat them all down upstairs and attempted to do reiki on them. Still, I was quite scared so found it hard to draw the energy into my body to do this, it was appearing to work on one of them, but the judging eyes of one of the girls made me give up trying, so I went to go and find my crystals to protect myself.

At another point in the dream, I inspected a corner of the room and tried to fill it with reiki and light energy because it was unusually cold.

The Torment Continues

Anyway, to continue with the torment from the girls… I grabbed my blue kyanite due to its high spiritual energy and put it in my pocket. One of them came up to me and told me that I needed to ‘think,’ but I got the strange sense she was finding it funny that I was attempting to think myself out of the situation, and almost as if she could read my thoughts anyway. 

So then I grabbed my labradorite to protect myself from negative energies as I had a feeling that this would keep my mind safe from them to think within its own accord. I then was in front of all 3 of them, and I was holding both crystals in each hand, directing the energy from the crystals over them, almost trying to create an energy wall between them and me. 

After a couple of minutes of doing this, I looked down at the crystals in my hand and felt them, and they were disintegrating and deforming, like they’d reduced half in size and as if they would dissolve entirely if I were to use them any further. This terrified me as I’ve never experienced crystals losing matter and form in reality, and it felt as if my only protection was not working.

 I still attempted to fight these things… I took a clear quartz crystal and waved it in the same way, and after a few minutes, it was almost completely gone. I then frantically tried to grab whatever crystals I could to fill my pockets and hold to protect myself.

The Name of Jesus

At another point, I felt the evil in them; they seemed violent and destructive deep within. I attacked one of them out of fear because I wanted them to leave me alone, I attacked her neck, and I feel like she found it funny, but immediately felt horrible for lashing out and started saying sorry and rubbing her neck better as I didn’t want to cause her harm. 

 I think at this point, during the struggle, I saw her eyes turn completely black, no whites in them at all. My crystals were not working; Reiki wasn’t working, as I continually tried to control the emotion of fear and be brave and face these things to drive them away, I grew more and more panicked. 

They all got together and were laughing at my sense of fear, and they tried to scare me further by saying that I will die… and I said back to them, ‘I don’t fear death, I know that my life is eternal in the light of God’…

At another point, I even considered calling on the name of Jesus Christ to help me with these beings because I didn’t know what else I could do. I felt as if all of my power was stripped of me, and the fear and negativity were perpetuated.

Demonic Apparitions

Finally, I woke up feeling scared and panicked but relieved I was not actually living the experience. The thing I want to mention is that I very, very rarely get nightmares like this, if at all (at least not that I’m conscious of). I’ve never had a dream before that felt as if there were demonic apparitions within it, but I can’t describe the sense of evil I got from those girls. 

The odd/ghostly happenings with my partner were nothing in comparison, and it’s as if the girls really, really found pleasure in my pain and panic. I still feel on edge while typing this directly afterward… but I now have my actual blue kyanite and labradorite on me lol, and they haven’t melted away yet. I felt as if these were somehow demonic possessions within my dream, but was it all created by my subconscious? 

Part of me feels as if it wasn’t just my subconscious… I am rarely scared of these things, hence the bravery when approaching them in multiple ways, but my greatest sense of fear was that my crystals were melting away within minutes, and I felt powerless.

Earlier in the day, I was researching and watching a lot of lightworker videos and videos about spiritual channeling, and the channeling of higher group collectives. I don’t know if I’ve attracted negative attention as a result of that. Or whether it was just deeply embedded subconscious fears?

One thing to take away from this is that in moments of panic, I often reach for tools in the external to help, which didn’t work in the dream. At least now, I know to work on pulling that sense of light and protection from within myself.

Jade: United Kingdom

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My Demonic Apparition Dream

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