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"My Thoughts about the Devil - A Dream"

I am facing a tall old man.  He has a bag containing old papers like scrolls.  I feel like a young boy compared to the man.  I know he has power.  The power to set me on fire.  He has an office in a warehouse.  The man is talking to me about something and I get into a struggle with him.  He has an assistant who intervenes and I strike him in the head, killing him.  In the process I grab the bag and run with it.  The man follows man but is far behind me.  Can't remember what happens next, but I find myself again struggling with the man and he gains his bag with scrolls.  He attempts to set me on fire, but I realize it is just an illusion.  If I believe in the illusion, it will kill me.  I gain courage from realizing that he can't hurt me with this illusion and defeat him.  He leaves ...with the bag.

I next find myself talking to some other people who have encountered the magician.  I explain to them that everything is an illusion.  Some are doubtful but the group follows me to fight the magician.  At the warehouse door, we encounter illusions of fire.  Some of my group are injured...and flee. Some are consumed by the fire.  Others lose confidence and flee as well.  Myself and two others ( I think it was two) bust in the door and see the magician and his two assistants.  A black man and a black woman.  They appear to be packing things and gathering their belongings to leave.  

The Magician turns to face me and begins to talk to me while laughing.  He is trying to shake my confidence.  He even attempts to set me on fire but my faith is strong and I'm not hurt.  I kill the two assistants with a crowbar that appears in my hands.  I turn to the Magician and kill him as well.  I then wake up.  

While I laid in bed, semi awake from the dream, my thoughts were about the devil and his power of lies.  That the devil has no real power except for the power of deceit.  An image of the garden of the Garden of Eden appears to me and I can see the serpent deceiving Eve and the thought occurs to me, if the devil had real power to destroy God's creation, he would have just killed them then....ending God's plan from the beginning.  But he didn't , cuz he couldn't.  

Then I can hear Jesus's words, "I am the Truth and the Light" echo through my mind.  I "feel" the thoughts, that the devil only has power through lies and half truths.  That the Truth takes away the devil's control over us.  A thought of how lies can be sweet sounding and easy to accept but wind up being destructive comes to mind....and the idea of how the Truth sounds painful when it's first heard, but in the long run eases all suffering..

The Magician was the devil.  The scrolls were lies.  The assistants were those who carry out those lies and half truths for the devil.  It wasn't me who defeated them but my faith in the Truth that the devil's power is an illusion.  There will be those who are consumed by the devil's lies and will be destroyed.  There will be those who flee from the Truth and run away.  There will be only a few who stand up to the devil and know the Truth.  Jesus is the Truth.

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My Thoughts about the Devil

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