"Tikia's Dream of 
Demons in the Church"
(Part 1)

Abut a week ago I dreamed I was in a church along with other people I know. There was a young man sitting in front of me, and a woman sat on the end of the same row I was in. Most of the other people were at the back of the church but a few were sitting on the other side from me.

The guy sitting ahead of me turned around and spoke to his aunt at the back of the church. Then he yelled out asking the young woman sitting in front of his aunt to turn around, but she never did.

I saw, if l remember correctly, a Bishop from my church that past away years ago. Then I saw a pastor who is now called a bishop in the church presides over standing in the aisle of the congregation toward the back with his robe on.

Then all of a sudden a member sent by the Pastor was standing in the aisle gathering up the people at the back. She was shaking her head and had a look on her face that something was wrong. Suddenly I was holding a huge bottle of what was supposed to perfume. A lady on my row asked for some, but the bottle started leaking and I heard a voice say that a demon was coming out of it.

The bottle continued to leak and I was going to leave the church building to find someone who could fix it. The young man said to me, don't leave the church, just don't leave. I said I have to get it fixed. Once again a voice said, “there is a demon in the bottle.

I was not going to turn a demon loose in the church because I did not want it to get someone. The young man said to me once again, do not leave the church whatever you do, don't leave.

I went out of the church anyway and began to search for a place to get the perfume bottle fixed. I came across what seemed to be a mall and went inside. At first I could not find anyone, then I saw an old woman walking up to me.

I was standing in front of a customer service desk when she began to talk. All of a sudden  she turned into a demon and started chasing after me. I ran as fast as I could out of that mall where was all alone.  

I ran back to the church but everyone was gone. So I ran back outside, where I saw a lot of demons and they were all coming after me.

I was running really fast but the demons had somehow gotten vehicles to catch up with me. Then someone gave me a vehicle and I was able to put some distance between us. I drove by a train, and got on hoping to use it to escape,  but the demons were able to get on the train, so I jumped off and started running again.

So now they were after me in vehicles and a train. I ran through an area that had trees on both sides, but even there they were able to find me.

Then even more demons came running on foot, in addition to the ones in vehicles and the train, and I could find no way out.

Then I found myself being lifted off the ground and flying through the air. I flew up high but saw demons in airplanes coming after me. From the sky I could see more demons coming up out the water, so I kept going higher and higher.

I was feeling scared and made a downward movement toward the the water and ground and came down on the ground away from the demons. I somehow ended up back in the mall and all those demons were still there, and now there were even more.

Darkness was falling and the demons were encamping all around me, and there was no way to escape. There was no light until all of a sudden something came over my head and stood beside me. I did not see or look a who or what it was.

Then a male voice spoke and said, go there, and pointed to the only area that had light. He said go now and what ever you do stay in the light.

So I ran into the light and kept running. Darkness was trying to overcome the light and the light was becoming smaller and smaller.

Then I heard the male voice say, keep going, that is your street. There was a very small opening, reflecting very little light, but somehow I made it out.

I was awakened by a dog on my street barking really really loud and when I opened my eyes I was in my bedroom.
I began to give God praises and heard a voice say, Satan can hear you. I did not give in but continued to praise God.

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Tikia's Dream of Demons

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