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"Brandy's Victory over Demons"

I fell asleep roughly around Midnight -  woke up at 2 AM.

In my dream there were many rooms; some were in beautiful houses, some were dirty, others were in a hospital.

Evil was in every room lashing at me, grabbing at me, mocking me, and continuously taunting me.  I would try to speak and could not.

I was tormented until I learned to use the Word of God and the Name of Jesus!

The First Room

The first room was in a beautiful house, with lots of trees, on a hill in a suburb.  I was with someone who appeared to be Scott, and although it was not Scott, it seemed very real. 

There was a storm, and as I was looking out a window saw a truck parked in a driveway being pushed by the wind rolling down into our yard.  The spirit that was impersonating Scott ran out to move the truck.  

I first realized it was a dream when the house was no longer a house, but a room with wooden floors, and another room that looked like a small kitchen with a door to the outside.  

As I ran outside I saw a large brown object almost like a giant bur, and it absorbed me, and I could not get out of it; if I moved it would get bigger and absorb more of me.  I was trapped. 

I started praying in the dream, and reciting, "In Jesus Name!" I moved to another room, but cannot explain the movement because my body didn't move; I was just suddenly in a different room.  (There were many rooms that I cannot remember). 

Second Room

The room was dirty and empty, and it had a dirt floor, almost like a hut. I remember that I was myself, but in an unfamiliar body; I even felt like myself, but different.  All I was wearing was a white gown, and I felt unclean, filthy, animal-like; I got up from the floor and went over to the door.  

At the door, I could see a hallway with evil men all around.  I did not know who they were or have any knowledge of them; it was like I had just woken up there. 

I was seized with fear and started grunting like an animal (something I have done for many years when I have demonic dreams; my body responds that way; (I  have no idea why).

In my dream, I was scaring these demons away; Scott tells me I sounded like a pig snorting.  They departed from me when I started acting like an animal, and then I woke up in a different place.

Third Room

I was in a dark hallway, running, just running.  Evil was all around lashing at me, grabbing at me, mocking me, and continuously taunting me.  I would try to speak and could not,  (again, I was in a dream and could not wake up). 

I was trying to speak, and it was almost as if could barely talk, but I was still trying to say, "In Jesus Name."  I barely got the word, Jesus, out and continued trying to repeat his name, and then I fell into the next room.

Fourth Room

I was not there long and don't remember what the room looked like, but I know it was awful, and that I was trapped.  I desperately wanted to wake up and could not, and I wanted out of the room, but could not get out.   

I began praying, but the only thing that helped was God's actual word.  Once I started trying to recite Scripture, I was moved to another room; this happened several times, and each time was awful. 

Most importantly, no matter how hard I fought or resisted and prayed the only thing that would bring about change was reciting God's Word. 

Fifth Room

I dreamed of waking up in a bed; this is going to sound unbelievable, (but it is a dream), and there were two small children around me; their faces were grey while the rest of them was in color.  

A man who looked like John ______  walked out of the bathroom in shorts holding a cup of coffee and climbed in bed with me.  He was beautiful, but as my children, his face was grey while the rest of him was in color; it was like I was trying to be tricked into thinking I that I wasn't dreaming, probably makes no sense.  

Again, I began to pray in my head, and nothing changed.  But when I started to speak out loud, quoting Gods Word the children and the man who was lying with me changed, and I knew what they were.  

But I could not get any scripture right and could remember only bits and pieces of Gods Word, but nothing would get me awake.  The only scripture I was finally able to get out was from Romans, "Regarding those who are in Christ Jesus, there is no condemnation."  When I spoke His Word, I was moved to another room. 

Each room, although lighter and more realistic, was still horrible. 

Sixth Room

Again, I thought I was possibly awake, and that Scott was over me saying it was okay to wake up.  I was in a hospital bed, and had been in a coma and had tubes all in me.  My niece was there, and she was in the hospital too and had just had a baby.  She was laying beside me holding her baby.

All of my family was there and were crying and rejoicing because I had woken up and I began crying asking what happened; (I knew I had been asleep for a long time because my niece had a baby). 

I was confused, upset, and when the doctors and nurses came rushing in, I sensed they were not who they said they were.  I did not speak, but when I had a thought, they knew what it was, and responded.  It was then that I knew I was still asleep.  

Again, I kept trying to wake up, and the sensation of being held down happened again.  This time it was the doctors/nurses holding me down.  Again, I began to recite anything I could remember from the Bible,  including many scriptures jumbled together. But it was not until I could quote an actual scripture that I moved to another room.

Seventh Room

Chaos was all around; I had been shot and was being pushed into the ER via a gurney.  I thought I had finally woken up and had only been unconscious for a bit, but it did not take long for me to realize I was still asleep.  

When I tried to wake up,  I couldn't.  When I tried to sit up, something seemed to be pressing me down. I could not move because I was being held down; not by hands, but I was being held down.  

I couldn't move, so I started to recite scripture, any scripture I knew, but my mind could not recall any particular verse, so I began quoting any scripture I knew.  When I was finally able to quote a verse, I moved again. 

Eighth Room

I again woke up in the hospital.  It was my distant cousin Josh and his daughter and son, who surrounded me.  They were claiming to be my immediate family.  I recognized their faces and remembered Scott in my dream and knew immediately I was still asleep.  

Again, I tried to wake up, wanted to so badly.  Interesting, that it was Josh and his children ( as they are agnostic,)  who were quoting scripture; it was the only thing that would work; then I woke up in still another room.

Ninth Room

I was in still another hospital room. I now wonder if something was actually happening to my heart rate while I was sleeping, because, in my dream, I was being shocked back to life. 

I was dying, and my heart was needing to be shocked. It was not until after the third time of being shocked (as I quoted scripture) that I really did wake up.

 My Spiritual Battle

I rose up out of breath as though I had just been through something physical.  It woke Scott and immediately set up. I was breathing hard, and when he asked what was wrong, my reply was, "I feel like I have just been to hell."

I had to get up and document the dream.   I am going through a spiritual battle right now – a big one and a stronghold is being torn down that's had a tight grip on me for many years.  I continually have to give it back to God, because my flesh wants to reinforce my convictions.

The Sword of the Spirit is the Ultimate Defense

The dream is significant because it revealed to me the only way to truly fight is to pray God's Word.  It is the ultimate defense.  

I woke up with the knowledge of how little of God's Word I have engrafted; I know bits and pieces and can call to memory a few verses but to truly fight effectively I have got to have the Sword of the Spirit (His Word) engrafted into me.

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