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"Dreams about Healing"


Just after waking up to pray in the middle of the night, I had a dream, and my bro was telling me, "we shall be meeting the minister" and bla bla bla! I then asked him when?

And well, he retorted, "eeeeii, you and your forgetfulness, what has gone wrong with your brain making it hard for your studies these days?" 

Afterward, he continued, "receive it"...right there, I saw a real heavy gold coin rolled and pegged at my feet, I saw more coming in a faster rate, and while my eyes were still closed, I felt physically that, more of the coins were falling into my right hand, the hand became heavy that I must support with the left hand.

I woke up and, I saw my left hand tightly holding my right wrist and feels like heavy. Please, if someone can interpret this dream for me, I will be very glad.

The prayer I made that night was that God should heal me from dementia.

Jori: United States

I am female and 57 years old. I’ve been living with mental illness for as long as I can remember. As I get older, I feel more and more shameful and guilty for mistakes I’ve made in my life. I attempted suicide four times last year. I’m pretty much always sad and filled with guilt. 

One night, not long ago, I dreamt I had a stroke and could not find my way home. Somehow I found myself in a pharmacy with trash bags of belongings.

The pharmacy was filled with people trying to get drugs: bad ppl and a crooked pharmacist. I was so confused. Suddenly a woman was sitting in front of me. She looked to be African. Very natural and wearing a white jacket with gold-threaded pinstripes. It looks pled second hand.

She asked me why I didn’t love myself. I didn’t know how to respond. She then said, ‘don’t you know how much I love you?’ Then she was gone, but I felt more loved than I felt in a long time. I’m sure it’s not popular to say my Jesus was African or a woman, but I felt that was who it was and it eases some of my pain

Raymond: United States

I have had pneumonia for four weeks. At 55, that can really wear you out. During one of my coughing spasms, I looked up to my ceiling, ready to give up! I saw a cloud floating from side to side with small lights floating downward! I reached up with my hand, and the tiny lights were attracted to my fingertips; I questioned the Lord about what they were, and he put into my head that they are prayers!! The lights continued for 15 minutes as I just laid back with tears in my eyes! God is good I am feeling better w t 2 days later!

Kelly's Dream about Healing and Jesus

A dream about healing that was from Jesus. The studies say smoking is a three-day addiction or seven days psychologically, but, with God, it is simply not true.

God's Healing Power of Love

Gods Healing Power of Love is about a fantastic vision that brought total and instant healing and was instrumental in beginning a new ministry.

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Dreams about Healing

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