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"Kelly's Dream about
Healing and Jesus"

The other night I had a dream about a cloaked man in the dark holding a lantern. My dream seemed peaceful, but just to make sure it was from God I googled lantern in the Bible and was directed to John 18:3. So then I realized this was a confirmed message from God, but I already knew, intuitively.


After many years of being saved, baptized, and asking for Jesus to direct my life, I am finally connecting with him on a much deeper level. 

After falling from Grace so many times and just plain out rejecting God, I have slowly matured and am learning to trust in him and in his word. I believe Jesus is pleased with the time I have spent with him during my early pregnancy.

 I have been putting Band-Aids on spiritual matters and medical malpractice, confronting financial difficulties and issues, while enduring an abusive relationship that has thankfully ended.



After saying a prayer last night to quit tobacco, (because I know this is what was being asked to do), God gave me a dream. 

I was in the sky with him, and it was dark, but the stars were beautiful; there was this blurry symbol where God seemed to be morphing or changing the spirit, maybe mine? But unfortunately, the dream was interrupted.

I am being very patient and waiting for the day Christ comes, and I thank God for these visual dreams, and for guiding me.  

The studies say that smoking is a three-day addiction or seven days psychologically, however, with God, it is simply not true. Yesterday I smoked four cigarettes from the neighbor and did not have any sort of sicknesses like barfing or whatever. 

He Can Heal You Instantly

The next day after saying the prayer I went to the local store where I used to work, and on the way into the store there was a man who was smoking outside, and I was just looking down and holding my breath, etc. 

On the way out, there was so much smoke in the air that I seriously felt like I could not breathe and was suffocating! But the day before I would have been craving a cigarette and would have asked for one!; I puked like three times on the way home (this is like a 3-minute walk).

Point of the story, when you get close to Christ, he can heal you instantly from what you are going through .

 I really do think he did something in my dream last night to transform my spirit. Thank you for letting me share.

Kelley: United States

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Dream about Healing

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