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Teresa: United States

Dreams visions of woman surrounded by blue, with missing fingers

Oyinkansola: Nigeria

I dreamt that there was a long queue of people and I was asked to get people from the queue, and as I went back to the long queue, I started picking people and told each of them to also pick 2 people each and we went forward and we were told to jump a hill made out of sand, may be if u jump then u saved, then I saw by the other side of the sand hill, a man as a significance of Jesus and another man as a significant of satan and it was my turn to jump, then the devil used his power to attack me, then Jesus saved me using his power, then I jumped the sand hill

Dimakatso: South Africa

I had a vision around May 2016... I was warming my hands in the sun, the sun was very close, and I was busy calling my cousin's to come and see as I was excited

Seraphine: Kenya

Jesus is coming back






Drew: United States

I had a rather long dream recently filled with many seemingly symbolic parts. In particular, I was struggling with myself and who I was. The most profound part of the dream was when I, out of frustration, thrust my hands into the sands of a large beach by an ocean, shouting "I just want to build a city with my hands but I can't!" As I thrust my hands into the sand, a large city with skyscrapers began to rise out of the beach toward the sky. But, the buildings appeared dilapidated and began to crumble into the water before they could fully rise. On my knees,feeling like a failure, I looked out over the ocean and saw a shining city in the clouds which was as close to perfect as my mind could fathom. That was the end of what I saw.

Joyce: Singapore

I had a dream where i was sitting at a balcony of a hut/House with my dad. I turned back and i saw a large group of people dressed in traditional (european-ish) costume.

They were lined up on a huge road that was behind the house and they seemed to be praying towards a direction. (note: i was turning my head back while seated and when i turned back they were all facing "right")

Then all of a sudden a purple glow surrounded them for several seconds and they vanished    into thin air. The road then immediately went up in huge  flames. I then heard a voice said "Jesus will take the child with no life"

Zachary: United States

I was about 4 or 5 when this dream occurred but I'm 11 now and this year is 2016 so if this stays you all will still know my age. 

So the dream was strange... I couldn't read at the time so I don't know what the dream was saying but I dreamed about a scroll that was on a stone plate but the scroll had opened randomly and words started appearing in medieval cursive.

I somehow made out the first word and like many medieval scrolls it was "The," does  anyone knows what it means 

Michael: United States

I had a dream a year ago that I was outside in the woods of Lebanon Oregon, when suddenly I looked up, and the entire sky turned pitch black. Moments later, two fire balls came towards me from the sky.

Once this took place, a mans voice, calming and soothing spoke to me and said, "In order to protect you, I first had to make you forget." After he spoke those words, I suddenly awoke. 

Since then and even before that for about three years ever since my 30th birthday, I have had dreams, even visions while I was awake. Its not something I am use to yet. I am not even sure why it happens, since it never use to.

Carrie: United States

I took some of my normal sleep medication and drifted off to sleep. I can't remember much but I remember standing on a grassy hill filled with people, some were my friends and family and lots of other people whom I didn't know. It was night time in the summer, the weather was perfect and the sky was beautiful. The moon was bright and the sky was filled with stars. I'm not sure why everyone was on this hill but everyone was whispering and having a peaceful night when I remember pointing out to my boyfriend that I saw a star fall from the sky. Then another, then another until they were all falling from the sky into nothingness. Then it became very dark. Darker than it had ever been and although nobody spoke and the sky didn't light up, it's like everyone knew what it was. I woke up shortly after.

Elizabeth: United States

A few years ago I was sick with lupus. I had a dream I was pregnant in chains giving birth on a rock. There where people in white all around me but I couldn't see faces. After all the pain I had a baby but the people in white to my baby before I could even see what it was.i remember crying and reaching for my baby saying no. Time jumps ahead I appeared in front of a man and it was snowing outside. I looked to my left and saw a little boy playing in the snow. I began to walk towards the man in front of me and when I stopped in front of him I looked back at the little boy. All of the sudden something or someone was pulling the boy away from us. I ran towards him but the man grabbed my arm and as I fell to my knees I looked back at him and he shook his head no. All I could do was cry. The sun shined down on me and I felt it on my back like a warm blanket. I looked up to see a big opening in front of me so I I tried to touch it with my left hand and it went right through. I stuck the upper half.of my body in. I was scared if I stepped all the way in I wouldn't be able to go back.when I looked inside it was bright and white inside all I felt was happiness. There was no pain, no sadness or anxiety.  All my bad feelings went away. When I stepped away from the opening it disappeared.  I woke up from the dream and my left hand was warm. I looked for every explanation possible like maybe the sun was shining through the window but it was to far away and had curtains. I'm not sure what to make of this dream. A year and a half later I met someone and 4 months later I was pregnant. Iv always had trouble with pregnancy so it was shocking to even find out. On Feb 17th 2016 I had a boy. I found out at 2 weeks from food poisoning and I knew it was a boy before even knowing the gender.

Lynn: United States

I had a dream that I was present when the world started to fall apart, earth quakes and the Earth swallowing itself...I looked up and seen the heavens....and every time I heard this peculiar sound the earth would swallow up even more. So in my effort to avoid falling into the earth I would jump from place to place....a lady i know who i went to school with, but have never spoke to or had a conversation but is a friend on my face book. was standing in a hospital room with a fresh brand new baby, she handed me the baby and told me to look at it. But in real life she is childless...so as my dream was comming to the end A lady who i was trying to save from the earth swallowing her up screamed what is happening and I looked up and seen heaven and what I think was an angel in a praying posture and i looked back down and her and said.....GOD is FAITHFUL! end of dream.....it has disturbed me because I never dream and I am curious how to know if GOD is trying to talk to me and what information do i hold on too.

Silas: South Africa

Dreamt of two black strong horses coming out of the. Sky or heaven. It wasn't clear. But it had rainy clouds.they had wings flying towards me.

Greg: United States

My dream is this: 

I'm observing my guide work on his/her vehicle and the part that was needed to fix the engine was not cheap.I knew where to get a less expensive part but did not say! I felt my guide was a little upset about the money spent on such a part and felt that I should have said something but did not. Now , as I'm watching my guide working on the car, I felt like a heavy guilt was on me for not saying anything.

This is what Heavenly Father revealed to me: 

As I find out information of end time events that are coming and the people that are asleep need to be awakened. To share this knowledge among my fellow man so you would be ready when JESUS returns. I want to share my dreams and let people know that God's judgement is upon man and HIS wrath is coming! My earthly brothers and sisters, accept JESUS as your Savior and King that you may be found worthy to be at the Lambs wedding feast! Wake up and see with your spiritual eyes and see these earthly events coming to pass! I pray for all! In JESUS name, may His will be done!

Irene: South Korea


Thank you for this site.

I dreamt seeing a Big Yellow Rising sun. It was so beUtiful and I enjoyed its warmth. Within a short time the sun had moved up the sky shining brightly on clear sky.

What could this dteam symbolize?

Thank you. Irene

Vons Barry: Philippines

I dreamed few months ago. I was standing ifront of the sea and the sea like a mirror very clear and not moving. I saw a lot of people there wearing white long dress but faces are blurred. I did not recognized earlier that im wearing white dress too. Theres is no sun that time but the sky is very shine and clear. Then I heard in a few minutes a big and loud voice over the seas and echo. Its a male voice saying "My son it is finished".I dont know what he is talking about. I saw myself crying after the voice spoke to us.

Sherry: United States

I dreamed someone told me that my cat knows who Jesus Christ is, and I was then telling my boyfriend that someone told me that Lily ( my cat) knows who Jesus Christ is.

Any meaning to this? I thought it was very interesting.

Frances: Canada

I dreamt my fiance threw a pretty medium colorful fish away 

Sunil kumar:

I saw white air with a sparking eyes even devils  shake his legs when he comes.they have a family kids I can't recognise who is male and female kids always smiling .once I came and one kid standing in the room holding his elder hand he looked at me and smiled other time I saw them in kitchen I guess that White House suit them well instead of black spirit so there was a black magic on the ceiling so white air soul came and start guarding that wardrobe when I was lying on my bed than they came out and start touching my feet I thought they eating me when someone told me they think I am GOD than I moved into other house I guess first one was better it was all open and white so the next house I was lying again those kids came one was sitting on chair and relaxing than suddenly some made a noise and he ran and hid behind wall I saw that clearly in shadow.. Other thing very important that God keep black spirit in locked up I saw that clearly that there was a worm hole and black spirit was coming out of it when you happy they start going back and hole disappear. So Don't interfere with GOD

Jesus: Puerto Rico

My Father had a dream that houses around his neighborhood were blowing up and he begged The Lord to not to let our house explode and yet our house exploded and that was the end of the dream what is the meaning of this dream?

Interpretation by Joseph, Canada:

In response to Jesus:Puerto Rico.  

The meaning of the dream you father had seems similar to what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah,  Lot could not stay any longer because God was sending judgement,  that's why God did not answer his prayer, or it could be something to do with "not loving the world" as is described by John in his epistles, people can be saved but the world system will end up being destroyed.  Hope this helps.

Victoria: United States

I had a dream about both of parents both passed away and we inside the house we all live in together we trying to decide what color carpet to place in the house , my dad said gold & I wanted deep purple and then I woke up.

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