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"Dreams About the
Holy Spirit"

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Rose: United Kingdom

Holy Spirit

I had a dream that I was in my room praying and worshipping God when a big dove appeared and started to descend towards me from the ceiling. 

The dove has a yellow/orange/golden glow raising around it, almost like fire or rays from the sun. The dove wasn't small like we normally see; it initially appeared small, but as it got close, I realised how large it was and radiating with the yellow/orange/golden hues of fire around it.

As the dove got closer to me, I felt an uncontrollable urge to start speaking in tongues, but I resisted (because I don't know how to speak in tongues in waking life). In the same minute, I doubted and resisted a tall figure of a man wearing a black-caped cloak suddenly appeared behind me in the dream and grabbed me by my neck from behind while using his other hand to firmly cover my mouth (like when someone's being threatened/kidnapped).

I struggled to break free but couldn't in time; eventually, I said, help me, Jesus, and the cloaked man immediately let me go and vanished. 

Then I woke up. I don't know what happened with the dove after that.

Can you help with what this means?

Florian: Albania

Right before my alarm ringing, I saw a white dove flying in the crystal-clear blue sky; the dove was shinning a yellow orangish light similar to the sun before its setting.

white dove had a seed in its beak, and suddenly it released the seed, and the seed fell right before me on the ground. When I tried to get the seed (it was a seed of a flower, I guess), a spider grabbed it from me, and at that moment, I woke up, 

But the thing that shook me was the shining dove;  I immediately knew this was the Holy Spirit. I never had a divine dream like this, only some random dreams that were pretty dead and in limited colors, but this one was different; it was Alive.

(Response to Florian's Dream)

Ashley: United States
This is a comment to Florian's dream about the dove dropping a seed and a spider taking it away.

The first thing that came to my mind immediately as I read this is the parable of the seeds.

Some seeds will fall on the ground by the wayside but have no root in them, and others will be choked by thorns, etc. Please look that up. It's Jesus' parable.

Nada: United States

In my dream, I was upstairs in a living room Sitting on a couch with white doves standing on my hands, my head, behind the couch, they were all over me, And a lady walks in. I couldn’t see her face. She told me those white doves must leave.

So she tried to kick them out, but they would not leave my side, so I told her to leave them alone; maybe if I leave, they will leave too. 

So I stood on a high open window, And the white doves followed me and stood on my head my hands, and my hands were open like a cross; they were standing on my hands, and they took me flying with them, and they landed me On a lake of water, and I started walking on water, and I woke up? 

What is the meaning of my dream, please?

Jamie: United States


I saw the Holy Spirit being poured on the Earth. I saw something like a big box was opened, and waters poured out of it on the Earth. The box was clear and folded out like a cross. The rapture was about to happen. Joy

Kelly: United Kingdom

I woke up to a huge vision in my bedroom of Jesus on the cross. He was facing away from me so that I couldn't see his face just the outline of the cross & his body in the dark. I started going to church last year &, more recently, have been drawn to a statue in the church of Mary holding Jesus after he'd been taken down from the cross. I just felt the statue was real; it was a fantastic sensation. I also feel a warmth in my heart when I go to church, & a feeling of peace, which I understand is the holy spirit within me.

John: United States

I was dreaming and had a vision of sky and clouds, and I knew that I was not alone. The world I was in had a different color sky that was almost a light orange.

A voice yelled out, “what do you want from me?!” The voice behind the clouds, which was a man’s voice said back, “it’s been given to you.” Next, the other voice said, “what has been given?”

There was a slight pause after the 2nd question was asked and I waited for a response and then I heard him respond by saying, “My love.”

That was the end of the dream and the short conversation I had with the Lord in what appeared to me to be some type of spirit world. Once I was in that world, I knew God was with me as I looked into those clouds.

Durrell: United States

I was baptized a couple of weeks ago, and the next day, I started researching the gift of the holy spirit. I prayed for signs that I have received the holy spirit. A few nights later, I had a dream of a glowing figure sitting right beside me & in my mind, I automatically thought to myself, this is the holy spirit. The holy spirit was sitting in a meditative position I reached over and out my hand on his knee and felt a big rush of energy! Praise God The Son & The Holy Spirit. 

Jennifer: United States

Light, water, doves = the Holy Spirit and perhaps the Rapture.

I had a dream just this last night of looking around a house for one of my children. My whole family and old friends were there; I did not recognize the house; it was big with many windows.

I went outside in a hurry. Turned to the left and suddenly I looked to the sun, noticed it was brighter the rays were shining down to the water, and an ocean which was not there before.

The rays shined down so brightly I did not see at first the large group of people swimming towards the east; together there had to be hundreds of people swimming .

At the same time, single white doves flew in a flock to join each other in the sky in the same direction to the east. I had an overcoming feeling of joy and worship while in my dream. Tears began to flow, and my hands lifted...

this is not the first dream with the light .... this is the 5th dream over about three years. 

Yolanda: United States

The Holy Spirit 

In my dream, there was deep darkness. I stood or sat up and from the left side of my back, very close to me, a white dove flew around to face me. Its wings flapped, and it stopped in front of me about arm's length, wings still flapping, its body in full front view, its tail pointing down. It was as white as the purest white snow. Wings still flapping, and facing me; it began to throw off a brilliant pure white light, white as snow. The rays of light flowed outward in all directions. The dove then stopped flapping the wings, only hanging in midair and radiating pure light from it. 

In a moment of time, a white disc appeared in front of the center of the dove's chest. Then the pure white disc radiated light in all directions. It did not hurt my eyes to see it, but it was the brightest light I have ever seen. I woke up. I felt great happiness and joy, bliss even. Pure happiness I've never felt in my life. It was also like the momentary feeling of insight- a glimpse into a truth. I would like to know what this means. 

I do believe it is a gift, vision that still sustains me in my challenges of life, but I still want to know more. Thank you.

Gilbert: Kenya

My dream: I was in a vast place full of sand, like an ocean shore/desert with my bare foot the sand was cold, not wet.

It was at night, the moon seemed to be shining, but I could not see the moon...it was a dark night, I was the only one there. 

Suddenly I saw a light like a round ball charging towards my head from the sky; it entered me blowing through me for some time. I felt the power and a cold breeze as it swept through me from head to toe.

When it was over, I woke up in awe and wonder. This was around 2016 Feb.

Mary: Canada

I had a dream around 4 am that I felt the power of the Holy Spirit, my face felt pressure, and I bowed down my head forward.

But I cannot see anyone. The area was with bright light. 

I have been praying for my healing for stomach pain where doctors cannot find anything wrong with my stomach, did CT scan and ultrasound. 

Is this a good dream to have? I will appreciate your answer. Thanks.

Jesus: United States

I had a dream early in the morning about 1:15 am today Saturday 4/ 13/19 my dream consist of me praying, and suddenly I felt perhaps under the power or presence of the Holy Spirit, and I fell forward on my face, and I woke up. What is the meaning of my dream,? Thanks.

Pandora: United States

I was outside in my dream, looking at a star, and as I was walking, I saw a big bright dove flapping his wings, going up and up and up; as it continued to flap I fell to my knees,  then I woke up.  

I have been up since 5 AM, and this dream is still donning in my head.  I asked to read the meaning of it as a way of knowing that God is trying to get in contact with me because I refuse to go to sleep without repenting.  Talking to him telling him everything good, and everything bad, and everything that is troubling me, and that I’m going through. 

I talk to God about everything and try not even to leave out the smallest details of lies, deceit, hate, lust, NV, money, house, car, and whatever it might be. 

 I’ll let God know it all because my desire is for life abundantly, and my spirit is troubled.  (My daughter went there with some great ordeal enough, but I have my life one out the door,)?  but I’m still able to smile and laugh through it all. God loves me, and he loves my daughter, and he loves anyone that is in my circle.  

I am grateful to God; he spared me the grief and suffering that I was going to go through because he knew I could not bear it.

 So, I just wanted to thank you for understanding my dream of a bright white dove descending from heaven and then flying up and up and stayed there flapping its wings. 

(I can see the light moving Mike in slow motion). ?

I’m overwhelmed, and genuinely grateful. 

Thank you, Jesus, for loving me and thank you for the people who will understand what this means  

Maleka: United States

I Recently had a dream about a flock of white doves surrounding me and flying around me in a circle. When I would move, they would move to wherever I would go.

Carolyn: Canada

I saw a white bird on it's back slowly disappear while it disintegrated into dust.

Marlene: Jamaica

Dream seeing a woman being filled with the holy ghost

Teresa: United States

In my dream, walking with a cripple in between a young lad and me, the roof opened and 4 gray, white doves flew down together and touched us, then flew back up together out the roof hole. 
Jesus I believe is right beyond my touch as the Truth of the Holy Spirit resides within me.

Esther: Canada

I have often seen pictures in my mind. They are not open visions. I was drawing close to Jesus and trusting Him for difficulties. I was repenting, and asking Him to be First in my life. This picture came. I saw a city. It had dark clouds above it, but above the city; across the whole sky was a Beautiful White Dove, wings spread out, hovering over the city. What is the interpretation?

Rosemary: United States

I dreamed that I was in a high tower with Windows wide open and I saw a huge eagle with yellow eyes flying toward me before I could shut the window the bird came in and sat on my right shoulder and turned into a small white dove who shuck his feathers and rested on my shoulder. I was afraid and tried to push the dove off twice, each time HE came back. The third time h looked at me with the eyes of the eagle, and I let him settle on my shoulder. He folded his feathers and closed his eyes. I woke up

Mona: Country

I keep having the same daytime dream vision. I am in church, and all of a sudden my whole body becomes as bright as the sun. I stand up and walk up, and my kids meet me in the church as well, and then I say a few words "which I cannot here" in the dream/vision, and then we go up, and that's all to it. What does this mean?

Cindy: United States

I dreamed my sister in law was visiting, and she came into the room I was in, and as soon as she entered the room she started dancing in the Holy Ghost, and she grabbed my hands, and we both were dancing and singing, and her face was so pretty 


I was sleeping dreamed a prophet preaching came to me, and he was sweating i wiped his face with my jacket, and he went back preaching immediately something touched my head, and I felt something a baby moving out off my body then a pure white dove appeared on top of my head shining brightly.

Leonardo: Philippines

Good day, I would like to know the meaning of  this: 

I usually pray before bed time but one night after I pray and make a sign of the cross and I lay down only 3 seconds after I closed my eyes I saw a glowing white bird covered with glowing fire. Just like a 3D Vision. . . I suddenly open my eyes and feeling shocked. . . Please help me interpret this. Thank you & God bless

Elizabeth: South Africa

Dreamed of a hand in the sky holding a sword and then appeared a white dove and sat at the tip of the sword.

Laura: Mauritius

I dreamt in the very morning at about 2.30 am. I was with my elder sister in a kitchen when I heard people from nearby worshiping God. They were singing the song ' Every Praise.' I went outside and started singing and dancing that same song in the yard. My hands lifted up in worship to Lord when suddenly heavens opened. I saw a pure white light and out of it came a white dove. Not physically but in the form of light. It descended from heavens and rested on me for a few seconds then filled me. I sensed like numbness and fell. I woke up again and again it happened. Three times it happened. 

When it was over. My thoughts convinced me that I was filled with the power of God by the Holy Spirit in the form of a 'light dove.' I began miracles at my place; cleaned dirty kitchen utensils, making foods in abundance for families, changing a plastic plate into crystal plate, relieving a friend' s from painful back pain, another one making his left leg grows, stopping time and changing night to morning. What do all these mean?

Helen: Australia

I had a dream that my husband was wheeling me into a church with a wheelchair but I knew in my dream that I was capable of walking and wondered why I was being wheeled into the church. I then said to myself In my dream I know I have neck and back issues, but that has nothing to do with a wheelchair, then I saw a lady in the front of the church preaching that she would pick someone from the crowd and heal them. When she did not pick me, I was s little upset, but then another lady appeared and was holding a white dove and said I would release this from my hands and see whoever this dove flys onto.  She released this from her hands, and the dove flew to me and sat on my head. Usually, I would be scared of anything sitting on my head But it felt good, then I heard a voice within say, I God love you.

Patric: United States

I dreamt I was with few of my friends and it seems like we were on an outdoor project.  All of a sudden we saw flocks of white doves flying towards us.We were amazed, and one of the doves flew and rested on my friends pointed hand and used it's beak on my friend's fingers twice, and the same bird came and did the same thing to me three times and all of them flew back in the sky. We were happy, and when the bird did that to me, I was telling my friends " you see I told you guys that I dreamt about this before and now it's happening" They were all happy. I am kindly asking for an interpretation. 

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Dreams about the Holy Spirit

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