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"Dreams About the
Holy Spirit"

Rosemary: United States
I dreamed that I was in a high tower with Windows wide open and I saw a huge eagle with yellow eyes flying toward me, before I could shut the window the bird came in and sat on my right shoulder and turned into a small white dove who shuck his feathers and rested on my shoulder. I was afraid and tried to push the dove off twice, each time HE came back. The third time h looked at me with the eyes of the eagle and I let him settle on my shoulder. He folded his feathers and closed his eyes. I woke up

Mona: Country
I keep having the same daytime dream vision. I am in church and all of a sudden my whole body becomes as bright as the sun and I stand up and walk up and my kids meet me in the church as well and then I say a few words "which I cannot here" in the dream/vision and then we go up and that's all to it. What does this mean?

Cindy: United States
I dreamed my sister in law was visiting and she came into the room I was in and as soon as she entered the room she started dancing in the Holy Ghost and she grabbed my hands and we both where dancing and singing and her face was so pretty 

I was sleeping dreamnt a prophet preaching came to me and he was sweating the i wipped his face with my jacket and he went back preaching immediatly something touched my head and i felt something  a baby moving out off my body then a pure white dove appeared on top of my head shining bright.

Leonardo: Philippines
Good day, I would like to know the meaning of  this:
I usually pray before bed time but one night after i pray and make a sign of the cross and i lay down only 3 seconds after i closed my eyes i saw a glowing white bird covered with glowing fire . . Just like a 3D Vision. . . I suddenly open my eyes and feeling  shocked. . . Please help me interpret this. Thank you & God bless

Elizabeth: South Africa
Dreamed of a hand in the sky holding a sword and then appeared a white dove and sat at the tip of the sword.

Laura: Mauritius
I dreamt in the very morning at about 2.30 am. I was with my elder sister in a kitchen when i heard people from nearby worshiping God. They were singing the song ' Every praise'. I went outside and started singing and dancing that same song in the yard. My hands lifted up in worship to Lord when suddenly heavens opened. I saw a pure white light and out of it came a white dove. Not physically but in the form of a light. It descended from heavens and rested on me for a few seconds then filled me. I sensed like a numbness and fall down. I woke up again and again it happened. 3 times it happened. 
When it was over. My thoughts convinced me that i was filled with the power of God by the Holy Spirit in the form of a 'light dove'. I began miracles at my place; cleaned dirty kitchen utensils, making foods in abundance for families, changing a plastic plate into crystal plate, relieving a friend' s from painful back pain, another one making his left leg grows, stopping time and changing night to morning. What do all these means?

Helen: Australia
I had a dream that my husband was wheeling me into church with a wheel chair but I knew in my dream that I was capable of walking and wondered why I was being wheeled into church, I then said to myself In my dream I know I have neck and back issues but that has nothing to do with a wheel chair , then I saw a lady in the front of the church preaching that she would pick someone from the crowd and heal them , and when she did not pick me I was s little upset but then another lady appeared and was holding a white dove and said I will release this from my hands and see who ever this dove flys on , then she released this from her hands and the dove flew to me and sat on my head , usually I would be scared of anything sitting on my head But it felt  good , then I heard a voice within say , I God love you.

Patric: United States
I dreamt I was with few of my friends and it seems like we were on an outdoor project.  All of a sudden we saw flocks of white doves flying towards us.We were amazed and one of the doves flew and rested on my friends pointed hand and used it's beak on my friend's fingers twice and the same bird came and did the same thing to me three times and all of the flew back in the sky. We were happy and when the bird did that to me, I was telling my friends " you see I told you guys that I dreamt about this before and now it's happening" They were all happy. I am kindly asking for an interpretation. 


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Dreams about the Holy Spirit

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