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Cleesther: United States
Almost2 years, my granddaughter was getting ready to take me to urgent care. While leaning on her coming out of my bedroom, one of the walls open up and in place I saw a field of pussywillows and a woman stood in them staring at me. I have no idea of what it means.

Mary: United States
I had a dream four night ago.  Four images came to my dream one right after another.
First image: was two mountains with a lake or river between them.  The sun was shining and the grass was green.
Second image: was of Washington DC on a sunny day with the Potomac river.
Third image: I saw a city of Gold coming down from the sky but a cloud was hiding the full view. It reminded me of Jerusalem.
Fourth image: I saw was  a big Red Heart valentine with flowers laying across the front.

Zama: South Africa
Hi there, I have had the following dreams 
1. light coming into my bedroom through a window and a door, I tried to close both, both the window and the door wouldn't close, the light seemed so solid. yellow bright kind of light and white curtains blowing.it was kind of beautiful I also asked my maid to close the door and the window and she also couldn't. so we eventually left it like that.  
2. I dreamt of my late mom that she was in a house but she wouldn't let me in, I was sitting on only a floor structure of a house with no walls. neighbours asked why she wasn't letting me in the house, she said I must go back and be successful, something like that. 
3. A friend visited me so we shared a bed, she woke up in the morning saying she had a dream about my late mother (whom she had never met by the way, but she said in the dream I did say this was my mother), my mom and I were at a table, I kept moving chairs, but my mom followed me , she was always next to the chair I was sitting at, this continued until she reached the head of the table, and then she called me to sit on her lap. where she was sitting there was a bright light above her head, which I eventually was under as well. she said. 
4. I dreamt I was inside my family's old home, where I grew up and I used to read a bible a lot and pray a lot then. I dreamt I was coming out of the house but the doors from the inside was heavily blocked by stuff, which I successfully removed. I came out to a bright sunny day, feeling happy and I asked neighbours to fix my door. then I saw neighbours coming to get water with buckets from our house. I jokingly asked why are they getting water from our house because they have taps at their homes. 
There's many dreams which are confusing me. I think deep down I know what these mean, relating to Christ Jesus. But if anyone has better interpretations and insights, ill be glad to hear. 
Thank you so much.

Sherry: United States
 I woke up  very slowly but not fully. Looking to the right of me beside my bed was a spinning sand tunnel with lighting as it feet. As I completely open my eyes it rotated out of my room. I need to no what this means please.

Michelle: United States
I was driving a car I ended up running over a child I asked god why would I do that he called out my sick sisters name out.. what does this mean

Lesley: United States
Hi last year my son was found unresponsive in Charlotte North Carolina and I was down there for about a month and he did not regain consciousness.... so I was going to head back home for a while to be with my other children. The night before I was leaving I had a dream I was in a garden and a Angel came to me said "Xavier does not want to come back " and those words kept echoing until I woke up. I woke up punching down on the bed in disappointment .  My son passed away 5 months later. I had the dream in April of 2015 about a month after he was found 
Then just tonight I had dream that he was being executed over and over. Not by an electric chair .... I can't remember how but I know I was crying in the dream.  Date of dream 2/5/17
Do you think any of the dream have any meaning

Lolita: United States
I had a dream that a man in a shiny red pickup truck pull up to my house, got out walk up to my door.  I got so scared because my ex-husband was with our children in my house.  I thought they were going to fight. I woke up, but only saw his leg, but never his face.  There was a glass screen door.  I woke up in shear terror before he could open the door.

Carmen: United States
For a while, I was dreaming and envision that. I was at a door and I could see a light coming from up under it. I wanted to go though it but my hand was barely touching it. Today I finely went through it. A bold bright yellow gold light came shining hard. And someone took my hand but I couldn't see their face and we just kept walking in the light.

Rupunza: United States
I was sitting in my living room in a chair about 2am maybe drifted off to sleep I felt the chair I was sitting in being lifting up into the air I couldn't holler out for help couldn't get the words out I tried to hit on the wall for someone to hear me could barely tap the wall in my dream I called out the name Jesus 2 times and the chair was sit back down to the floor.

Tiara: United States
i had 3 different visions in one night of two twin babies just one set of twins I have no kids but my husband and I have been praying and trying for many years now

Deviprasad: India
I dreamt. ...I was sitting in a library and God Sun was shining  from all four directions.Sun ...bright

Rosey: South Africa
Dreaming of shoes lots and baby's clothes on the line.

Jamesy: United States
In my dream I was lying down and a man was praying over me. He had one hand under my neck the other over my forehead. He said in English "I call upon the four corners of the earth (then he switched to Hebrew ) and continued praying. Now at the end of his prayer he said "shalom". Then slammed his palm into my head and there was a bright light between his hand and my head. Then I awoke at this time.

Bebe: Canada
I never have dreams but last night I had a very short one....It was a blue sky with billowing white clouds and long straight beams of white clouds coming down from the billowy clouds....that is all I saw...what does it mean

Vanessa: United States
I hope that this dream can please be interpreted. In my dream, someone was running after me. I ran and came to a sandy/grassy hill and I try to climb it.But every time I try to climb i would slide down.Then, a very bright hand as bright as the sun reached out from heaven to pull me up. I reached out to hold the hand but the bible verse that say Satan can appear as angel of light came to me then I pull my hand away without holding the hand and woke up.

Please what does this dream mean?

Osagiede: Nigeria
About the dream I had on Friday the sixth of Jan at about 1:30/1:39,I saw two white horse with a horn in my dream, was thinking of catch one or the two with a ring or that looks like a rope in my hand but I didn't cos I was scared what it meant be

Tammy: United States
This is not a dream as I wasn't asleep, I was driving somewhere, probably praying, and as I went through the intersection the seen in my windshield changed instead of other cars, I saw what felt like a male legs from knees down walking away from me towards what I felt was the front of a church, then it was gone, and as I had been praying for a long time for my husband to go to church with me I took this to be a promise that God would fulfill and I was crying and had my hands in the air, Do you believe that this was a promise to me. This happened a couple years ago and last April my husband attempted suicide and now doesn't walk and I've been holding to that promise as proof that God would heal him and I would see him make that walk, please what do you think?

Enrique: United States
In 2015 i was inconcerated, i was doing drugs and disrespecting my parents, so i was in a really bad spot, while being in jail i started having night mares of me being locked up by myself in a cell, so i started reading the bible and would ask question to inmates that have been studyin the bible, so i started praying and starting a relationship with jessus christ, one night i had the most beautifull dream i had in a long time, in my dream i was seating down next to my girlfrien and surrounded by family members, friends and persons i do not know, inside a golden church, i was happy to be in with my love ones, everyone was happy. This help me get through my addiction and help my change from my old ways. Also had a dream in 2016, i was in some sort of boat with family and friends, i suddenly walked outside and looked up in the dark sky i seen large flying ufos every where, attacking us, i am sorry if you do not understand what i am trying to ask, thanks for your time, jessus christ is my lord and savior GOD BLESS us all and ask that he guide us to the truth, the truth shall set you free

Ebony: United States
I was in a big open field, and the grass was a beautiful green.I was smiling and spinning in a beautiful flowing skirt, couldn't see the color but when I stopped spinning the were a few sheep in the background scattered in the field. I had this dream a couple weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it.

Sonja: United Stat
I have many dreams and nightmares but the closer I feel to God and worship him and read my bible is when I started having visions. dont know what they mean but wish someone could enlighten me as to what they mean or who to talk to about these visions. Just had one today where in my bedroom doorway was a red curtain hanging with a pulpit in plain view.

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