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"Dreams Calling for 

Chris: Canada

I had a dream where I had a big house and everything I ever wanted. Then in this dream, the walls came crashing down, and I tried reaching for my family members, but I couldn't reach them. 

Then as I awoke, I saw Christ on the cross over my bed. I was frozen in time and had a feeling of my connection with God. I have recently been obsessed with money and greed. I think Christ came to me to tell me I am living a life of sin and I must change my ways. 

I am now working towards being a better person for myself and everyone around me. I cannot believe how life-changing this was for me. 

Irene: Philippines

In my dream, I saw the heavens open! I was sitting on a chair and beside me is my two daughters, Carlene and Unis... then suddenly I saw JESUS standing on a big stage in the atmosphere located at the upper part of it...

 He is so mighty and so strong, ready to strike the earth at any time He wants. There’s also a multitude of warrior Angels behind Him, but He is a bit far from them. While He is standing looking down here at the earth, God’s eyes are moving so fast (back and forth).....

If you’ll just see it live, you’ll find out that Jesus is just waiting for a go signal from the Father to hit and strike the earth...

While seeing that, I felt uneasy, so I embraced my two daughters so tightly. And in that state, I began to feel bothered and frightened. I’m scared because it was clear that Jesus is coming down to earth to strike the people. 

Then suddenly, I saw His face up close to me, as though it was zoomed in. We looked face to face, and I could even see His facial reaction. And when He looked at me, I saw Him with a serious face but full of wrath. 

When he confronted me face to face, He uttered this word! “FOLLOW MY INSTRUCTION IF YOU WANT TO BE SAVED”... I was so scared, and my body began to shake and tremble. 

I embraced my children tighter while begging for GOD’s MERCY, saying, “Lord Lord Lord, please..., I was so scared; then I woke up... End.

JANUARY 27. 2021

Unknown: United States

I have been struggling with whether I am fully saved or not. I have a problem and wonder if I'll ever be at peace with this before the rapture is to come. 

Last night I fell asleep, and I remember sitting there coming out of a building as the Earth was cracking and breaking apart. As everyone was yelling, I immediately knew It was the Father coming back just -this was the start.

There was no rush for me to find any loved ones or friends. I sat there and walked, and as I walked, spaceships flew to space as they tried to escape, but there was no urge for me to join them.

I walked and walked as the teachers and coaches I knew were running to me, asking if I was saved (relating to my worries), so as I walked, I tried to explain my story to them of how I felt, but no one listened. 

As I kept walking, I tried to call a mentor to help me who I wanted to talk to for a while now, but he did not answer, and it was almost too late for me to be saved. 

This dream was the most realistic dream I had ever had.

 It felt entirely as if that was my life. I'm scared because I'm not sure. I believe in Jesus and God and believe God sent his son down to forgive us of our sins. 

I Believe and know I'm a sinner, and understand every day when I sin.


But I am scared still and want to be at peace.

Lily: United States

This happened today. I was sleeping, but it was one of those periods of sleep where you are half-awake, half-asleep. Like you are about to wake up kind of dream if that makes sense. 

But it was me lying on my bed, and my eyes were closed, and all of a sudden, I hear trumpet noises, and then I felt soul coming out of me and going up. My body was raising my hands, giving Jesus praise as it was happening. And then I woke up from my dream.

  That previous day I did sin a lot, and I've kind of drifted away from God a whole lot. So maybe this is a wake-up call from God to me to stop fooling around.

Please say a prayer for me. Thank You.

Renesa: United States

So, I’ve been struggling for a while now. I don’t know if I have pleased God or if I might be going to hell. Because I have sinned, and I am not yet saved. But on to the dream.

So I’ve had a second coming dream before, but this one was different:

In my dream, the day was the rapture, Jesus was coming back, and we all knew it somehow. All I remember is that I was told something along the lines of if you believe in Him, love Him, accept Him into your heart, and if He forgives you, then you can look to the sky, and He will show Himself to you. 

So I looked to the sky, and for a while, I didn’t see anything. Then, very slowly, my eyes adjusted, and I realized that there was the face of Christ in the clouds of the sky. Very big and staring back at me. I started shouting, and I felt the love of Christ.

So, next thing I know, I’m on a train going somewhere for some reason, and there is fire and chaos all around us.

Then I woke up.

I’m not sure what this dream means.

Valerie: United States

I also had a vision, or I don't know I wish I could ask someone what to call this.

In 2018 I was at a point where I was questioning Christianity, Bible, if there was a God, so I believe God was shaking me this year.

Well, he's still shaking me because it's now 2020, and I'm looking forward to churches to open so I can give my life to the Lord and surrender what the world offers.

In 2018 my grandma was sick, and I took her to the emergency.

I was in the hospital hallway when I saw a beautiful painting of a waterfall. I said to God, (but doubting he's there BECAUSE I was INSANE FOR THINKING THAT)I wonder if they have waterfalls in heaven, BUT I JUST KEPT STARING.

Later that night, I got home and laid down; as soon as my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes, and I felt like kind of when you get on a roller coaster feeling lol

I don't know how else to explain anyway like my soul was taken out of my body. I was in front of a waterfall; I knew this was HEAVEN, and I stared. I was in awe and wanted to float above it to see the rest, but I was sucked back into my body.


So I woke up my husband and told him all about it, and he looked at me like I'm crazy and he said, you were dreaming, I said "NO!!!! I WASN'T THIS WAS DIFFERENT THAN A DREAM!"

I tell you, that got me thinking a WHOLE different way. I know whoever reads this may think she's crazy, BUT LET ME TELL YOU GOD IS SOOOOOOO REAL HE HAS SHOWED ME!

Donald: United States

I have never been much of a firm believer, but I grew up in Christianity. All my life, I looked for signs and evidence, but I never denied God's existence.

Earlier today, I had a dream of the rapture. This dream started in my home, my mother (a baptized Christian) was ready. She knew it was coming and told me to be ready, she told me, don't hide from it, & that it is not a lie, it's happening. 

I didn't believe her, I shrugged it off, and decided to go to the beach with my friends. Here is where I looked out and saw the end of the world. 

It was true; the rapture was here. I was pulled away and transferred to another part of the dream when this happened. What does this dream mean ? is it a sign from God? should I be worried?

Jazzmond: United States

I had a dream I was sucked up to heaven. It felt like a vacuum had sucked me up into the sky, and I was asked, do you want to go back or be an angel; without any second thought, I said, angel.

 I had a halo placed on my head then I went into this room with all these people; we all were happy and at peace almost felt like a classroom setting.

 Then, when I asked if someone was there (I don't remember the response), but I believe I was told I had to go back. 

 I was not happy about this and ended up at a morgue with dead bodies, and we all could talk to each other, but no one could hear us.

 I then saw demons, and what I believe was the devil; only I did not fear him for some reason. I didn't even look at him; it was like I was fighting them, or something was, and they left, and I was then back in my body and woke up in real life.

I became obsessed with looking up what this dream means and. If I actually had a spiritual experience.


I had a dream that Jesus came to earth and who took my family inside this portal, and I couldn't get in, so I followed him and tried talking, but I didn't know what to say, and I had the dream on Easter Friday.

Feix: United Kingdom

I dreamt the coronavirus got very bad. I went out with my girlfriend and saw that lots of people were dying with coronavirus; then I looked at the cloud and saw Jesus.

 He was really big, and everyone could see that next to him was Holy Mary; they were looking down at everyone. Then in the sky were circle dimensions of Heaven, and thousands of angels looking down as well; everyone who believed in Jesus, and that we are good were going up to Heaven, everyone. 

Everyone bad and sinful stayed on the world. In my dream, the radio, and the news was about Jesus on the clouds and the angels. Then when all the good people were going up to Heaven the army came in and tried to shoot the angels. 

They nuked the army helicopters and planes down as the army was trying to shoot the angels and the good people going to Heaven. I went to sleep while Jesus was still getting people, and I was wondering why I never went up to Heaven. 

I went to sleep in my dream, and all I could see was all my sins that I have done then Jesus told me he was coming very very soon sooner than we all know then I woke up scared and frightened.

Reagan: United States

I was standing on the second floor of my home, facing the window that overlooks my backyard. My mother was the only person standing next to me. She was preoccupied, and If I remember correctly was folding clothes, although that wasn't entirely clear to me in the dream. 

As I looked out the window, lightning began to strike every inch of my yard and the rest of the earth, and there was not a foot of distance where a bolt of lightning had not repeatedly struck. 

I was not panicked, although a feeling of awe and justified fear coursed through me. I could sense that my mother stopped what she was doing and stood calmly facing the window. 

Suddenly, a kind of peace washed over me as I turned to my mother and said, "It's the end." My mother turned to me, and with a serene calmness to her voice, she said, "I know." 

I woke up after that, and I remembered shooting upright and gasping for air as I did. I had not accepted christ at that time, and this dream is one of the main reasons I found Jesus and confessed that he is lord. 

I am telling you guys, God is real, and God is coming. I pray that he does not pass you by.

Wendi: United States

I had a dream that my (now deceased husband) and I were lying in bed after being away from each other overnight - both out doing things we probably shouldn't have been doing...drinking, partying with other people. 

Next thing we are both lying on our bed, we were both crying and saying "repentance," "repentance," over and over. 

I was really struck by this when I woke up; it was as if we were saying sorry to each other for not treating each other as well as we could have during our marriage. I couldn't get back to sleep; it affected me that much.

Theidora: Ireland

I had a dream about someone I am praying for. He was inside a cloud against a blue sky and speaking. I was happy in the dream as if the spirit was about. Pray for this man's salvation, please.

Jessie: United States

The most recent dream I had of Jesus was a reminder that I have not done what I should with my life.

I usually dream of him helping me or appearing in front of me, and I am not ready.

This one hit me harder than the last, though.

Jesus was sitting on his thrown behind some clouds. An older man with a tall walking stick pointed through an opening in the clouds and spoke out to Jesus to call his attention to that area. As the older man’s finger pointed, I felt that he was pointing somewhere near me. The clouds moved to show Jesus’ face, and his gaze fell upon me. I froze. 

There were no negative emotions in his eyes as they locked me. I saw myself through myself, if that makes sense, and felt dirty, sinful, unprepared, and ashamed. I couldn’t run and didn’t want to. 

The longer His gaze was upon me, the more my impurities showed. I remember my last thought being, “ And I am not ready.” As if to respond to whatever the older man was saying to Jesus.

I had this dream two separate times. They were slightly different as far as the location of the clouds that opened. The first one was a little funny to me because that same older man opened up a space on the floor of the clouds that was above the area I was in, and their facial expressions were more joyous, I think, somewhat playful as if two friends had discovered something new. 

However, this one was more serious. As if the time had gotten closer to being up for me, and I was not ready

Amit: India

I saw one castle, and people were living there, and one lady suddenly died because one bull is beat them, And then Jesus appeared and said, people, who believe in me, he or she will not suffer death; he or she will receive eternal life after death. Suddenly one big monster came near that castle and attacked the castle with his army, and the castle had little damage.  Please tell me, what's the meaning of this dream?

Yadhira: United States

Had a dream where the sky was yellow, and I started crying to my family saying, “ Jesus is coming, repent.”

Chinelo: Nigeria

I dreamt when I saw a young man come into a kitchen or room with a knife and hands or soaked with blood. He tried washing it off with water, and the stain will not go away.

I came to him with a cloth, and I understand that the cloth represents the blood of Jesus Christ. It was not a cloth in the dream but a representation of the blood of Jesus Christ.

As I held his hands and began to clean, the stains on his hands were wiped clean with no trace of his blood. I asked him to begin to confess his sins while I cleaned him up. When I realized I was not a priest, I tried telling him to go for a confession to a priest for a total absolution of his sins from God.

This song played at the background while all these happened in the dream and I sang the song while I woke up:

"By Your Blood"

By Your Blood, You crushed Principalities
Jesus, Jesus
By Your Name, You established Authority|
Jesus, Jesus The Righteous One
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus, You have Conquered All
Jesus Jesus
Jesus Your Reign over all!!!!


I didn't know the scripts of the song prior to this dream. I knew how to mouth the song but never the correct lyrics. I had to Google it to get the exact lyrics.

Solomon: United States

I had a dream long ago that I was walking or flying or jumping through a cityscape lots of skyscrapers. I later in the dream realized it was part of heaven. I walked onto some clouds and I saw a silver gate, and I knew Jesus was beyond that gate. I could feel him but I all of a sudden felt an immense fear but at the same time a sense of duty.  I said, I am not ready, I need to go back and prepare, and I woke up. What does this dream mean. 

Kate: United States

I keep having bad dreams lately and last night I called in the name of Jesus to wake me up but it wasn’t working so I kept saying it, and I believed I heard the lord say repent to me. Lately, I’ve been not doing the best things I’m 17, and I’m usually very close to god. I have my close times and never stop believing. I’m just scared because I’m confused on what exactly I’m doing wrong but I know in my heart, and most of all I'm scared because I feel the lord disappointed in me.

Brittany: United States

I just literally dreamt that my mom and I repented and got saved. In my dream, it looked like it was the end of the word or something? It was dark out, we heard like tornado sirens, and it just felt that way; I felt so happy, and both my mom and I cried. We could literally feel Jesus, and more than likely the Holy Spirit around us. I think my sister was going to next, because she was crying from being upset, and was saying if I could talk to her anytime she wanted to. Was it weird? I was saved, repented many times, the sinner's prayer, or the ones in the chick tracts, many times. I haven't been to church for quite some time, but have been going back and forth to go back and repent, especially recently, but still feel convicted with resentment? I also worry about my family going to Heaven, too especially my mom. I feel this could be coming true soon with the church and repenting from backsliding.

Carm: Philippines

I have left my church to look for greener pasture, but always dreaming of my pastor whom I miss so much but haven't communicated with. Two nights ago, I dreamt of her hugging me and asking me why won't I approach God. Just because I am sinning doesn't mean I can't come near. I could feel her love without judging me. Then when I was awake, I thought of hugging her. I hope to see her again if only to hug her. I read Romans 8. We overcome sin by His Spirit. So God will help me anyway, I have dreamt again last night. 

Here it is: 

I saw our pastor again, and I hugged her. She said something to me, but I didn't listen.
Next scene was I was left in tribulation. I was with two other guys. We were running away from those who want to kill us because we believe in Jesus.
We rode on a huge kite and glided far. They followed us. We rode on boats. They followed us. We ran in the wilderness. They still followed us.
I saw an almost pyramid-like building with the Sto. Nino was wearing a red garment on top, in the second level, and at the 3rd level. Behind it is the catholic's sun symbol.
I sang to Jesus and cried because I love and miss Him, but they replaced Him with a Sto. Nino. Those guys hunting us were working for this idol. I felt like the same sun symbol is the one on people's hands and foreheads.
The enemies were near again so we ran and I thought of jumping a high cliff to escape but had second thoughts because I was going to fall on huge rocks and would die. Then I woke up.

Alice: United States

I dreamed that the skies turned orange-red and a very dark cloud formed. It looked like a big storm was coming from nowhere. Everything became dark around us. When a white light came shining very strongly straight from above.

When I look up there is a man; the same man I met 10 yrs ago with flames dancing inside his eyes, curly red beard and red hair, white and red robe is before me again. But this time I remember him very well. when he came to save me once a long time ago from someone who deceived me by pretending to be him.

He said to the impostor I gave a high price for her she belongs to me. His robe was a different color in my dream this time white, not red and white. He was shinny and people were screaming others in panic fear in everyone. Others was in their knees in prayer not wanting to look up; some on sidewalks others on a dusty road; It seems so real.

I was not afraid but was telling myself ohh Lord why did he has to show up, why didn't he stay home. I worry about the people and the outcome of his return and all of those who were going to perish. I totally forgot about my feelings. I looked in amazement and was feeling sorrowful wishing he didn't come having to give a spanking to the children that don't respect him or behave.

I wonder why is it that people act like naughty children and father has to come to straighten us out. I woke up after. Now I ponder, why did I have this dream searching for answers.

Jamie: United States

I had a dream a couple of days ago, and it felt very real to me. It starts, and I’m walking in a field. Other people are walking all over and everywhere I look it looks flooded and washed out. I have my head down looking at the ground and walking. I feel exhausted, and I know I’ve been walking for a while. 

Then I start walking through this wooded area and see tree limbs down and lots of mud. The area is hard to move through, and I’m watching where I step when suddenly I see something in the mud. I stop to get a better look because it looks like a face? So I start moving grass and mud around it, and it’s a wood carving of Jesus’s face. 

I’m just lost in thought gazing at the carving and cleaning it off when someone yells at me. Taken off guard, I look up, and there is a man in a rob with many colors. His rob was brown, white, and gold. He tells me to hurry, and he points to this hill up ahead of us. And there are hundreds of people on this hill all bowing down to this bright bright light. Then when I look back to him, he says “ hurry! We must all bow down to him!”. Then I looked back to the hill, and I woke up. 

I don’t know what this dream means other than that I need to repent and to spend time with God. I wasn’t afraid in my dream, just tired and exhausted from walking. I also felt confused because I didn’t know what was going on or when we would know what we were all walking for. My family wasn’t with me either. I was by myself. 

I’m married with two little girls. One is two and the other we just had a month ago.

Enrique: United States

Last night I had a dream of a man coming into my room and I could not see his face but only the detail of his body. What I do know about it is that he had a crown of thorns on his head and he was just standing above me and I tried to talk to him saying Jesus have mercy on me. But I was having a hard time speaking. In reality, I was speaking out loud and I woke up my girlfriend which I have been living with. The guilty of living on sin is too much for me. That now in dreaming of Jesus. I know that it is wrong to live with someone if you are not married. I just pray that God changes the path in which I go. I have been saved by the grace of God, I am living with someone because they are homeless and have no documents. This person has none, so I took her in. But now I feel like I'm living a life of sin and I don't know what to do about it. I just pray that God and Jesus of Nazareth have mercy on my soul.

Murrie: Philippines

Last night in my dream I was in front of a church then the skies suddenly turn dark until all I can see is black to dark. I was soo scared, and then a window appeared, and I saw a light slowly becoming an image; then I saw Jesus putting his palm in the window looking at me.  I run fast as I can, but not towards the window, but I run carrying my youngest son. Inside the church in the middle, I was running then I drop to my knees crying and crying looking at the cross.  I see bright lights everywhere and many people inside the church.  but my focus is on the cross. I was really crying so loud and talking to him, but I can't remember what was saying.

Bryan: United States

I had a dream that a giant wave in which the world has never seen was coming, and it picked me up and placed me on top. Jesus was at the front of this wave, and many people were back there in the back with me, As I made my way to the front to see Jesus I said, why me Jesus?  And I started crying sobbing, did you see what this been done to me? And he said, many will come in my name, but I do not know them.  What does this mean?  I was also allowed to see the color of his feet which was bronze in color, but not his face.

Amy: United Kingdom

Jesus and the devil were trying to persuade us to go with both of them, and aliens were trying to take my friend and me as well; and then my friend and I went with the devil what does this mean?

Abigail: Ghana

I had a dream and saw myself sleeping on a rounded cement mould and was going down into a pit; I saw fire on a side. I immediately saw my Spirit praising God and the mould I was sleeping begun to rise again it was ascending from the pit; then I saw myself lying in a bright green grasses

Emily: United States

Hi, my name is Emily, and I'm 14 years old. I know this dream will not mean anything to you, but it meant something to me.
Well, one night I fell asleep and in my dream I was in my house, everything was normal.The sky was pitch black, and my family was here, but something wasn't right, the sky turned smokey, and the stars were turning different colors, and there were rainbows in the sky, I had a clue that the world was ending, and the rapture was coming. There were thousands of zip lines going into my woods and a large fire pit raging, and the woods were on fire beside my house..then I heard these terrifying screams coming from a distance. 
There were people attached to crosses, but these crosses had white sheets covering them, and the people were attached to them, and they were on fire, then there were hundreds of thousands of them, and they were begging for mercy, and being taken off them, I wanted to save them but something told me not to...Then there were hundreds of thousands of people waiting in line to get into the house to be safe away from the terror, and we were letting them in, but as we were letting them in there were 2 planets that crashed into earth, and our house was still fine and safe, and we were safe away from harm, but no one went to heaven.
I saw my ex-boyfriend in the house and his new girlfriend, and she saw me and got angry and left and then I too saw her on one of those crosses, I immediately woke up and cried, and begged for forgiveness..I'm afraid I am going to hell when god comes and even though I committed sex before marriage, I begged god for forgiveness,and I meant it, but I still feel like I have not been forgiven...Am I going to hell?

Kinya: United States

Had a dream that the sun was shining brightly on me but I was saying in the dream I wasn't ready to go

Sun: United States

I had a dream that a couple of people and myself were in a room looking out the window when we saw this bright white light in the sky, that’s when the eyes of the people in front of me turned white and bright as light without there pupils being visible. The image in the sky pulled these people. Couple seconds later the force from the sky began taking control of me as well. I raised my arms to my face, and I can also see the bright white light reflection shining from my eyes. As I was in the air with these people, I looked around, and I didn’t see Jesus, all I remember seeing is a bright white light, and people with these bright eyes. As I looked below me, the world was in chaos and violence. I remember one person that was looking down with me to be my brother, he seen my boyfriend ( although the image of this man appeared to be someone else), I believe that this person might have been close to me because in the dream I felt so emotional and sincerely attached to this person. Well when I saw him down there, he was performing labor work for these bad guys. He tried to run away, but they caught him; when I saw this, I closed my eyes and began to pray. I remember calling out to Jesus to save him, but before I can finish, the bad man caught him, and using his axe I believe it was, cut the mans left leg. I woke up after that occurred, with my heart racing and scared. 

I’m not sure what this dream means, but I prayed on it and asked the Lord for guidance. But all I can think of is “Repentance.” 

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