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"Dreams About Fire 
And Water"

Sarah: Country

All I can remember from this dream was an approaching wall of fire hundreds of feet high. I could feel the heat from it.

Patricia: United States

It wasn’t a dream, but I woke up to what appeared to be flames on or very near my house. I could see through my bedroom window. I rushed to the back door to investigate but met a quiet 6:30 am scene.

No smoke, burning smell, or flames. I walked inside and noticed the same flame outside of a living room window, but this time it was rolling/ moving across the window along the street.

I opened the curtain. Vanished. Noticed again at the second window of the same room, and as soon as I pull the curtain back, it’s suddenly home.

It wasn’t a vehicle or a light. It was flickering orangey like fire. No car or person was in sight. I’m stumped.

Jennifer: United States

I saw a very vivid bright light, and immediately after, a fiery red fire, like smashing of them both together, and I was immediately pulled out of it.

Jamie: United States


I was on a forum I frequent, and there was a post saying the ring of fire was on fire. Next, I was on a beach, and a line of fire was on top of the water, and it was spreading rapidly. I saw the ring of fire from above, and there was a solid red line along the fault lines where the fire formed, going along the whole circle of fire. 

Back at the forum, everyone was trying to get more information. It seemed like something terrible was about to happen.

Elizabeth: United States

Good morning. I had a dream last night.

In my dream, the first thing I saw was a white room. I was placed in this room, and everything, including ourselves, was white. In front of me, was a window.

A few seconds later, my mother tapped my left shoulder in fear and told me to look up through the window. Outside it looked as if a battle had just finished. It was cloudy, plain, and smokey. It also looked abandoned.

I then heard sounds coming from the sky. Sounds that I thought were lightning (were sounds of someone ripping the branches from the trees. And then I heard loud thuds. Hitting the ground. Those sounds came closer and closer until I saw what was making that sound.

I saw three Logs falling from the sky. One to the left of me, one to the right, and then suddenly dropped a massive log right before me.

The log that fell in front of me had no roots or branches then it ignited into flames. I then woke up frightened and desiring to know what my dream meant.

Joy: Nigeria

A dream concerning lighting from heaven, a dragon pouring out fire. Whiles trying to escape, there is a force that's keeping me not to move. When I looked forward, I saw a coffin. Please, I need interpretation and also prayers.

David: Nigeria

I dreamt that my friend was burning my green shoe and I rushed to put it out.

Sellinah: South Africa

I dreamed about the world becoming pieces, burning, and people were on fire; everything was on fire but I and the angel we did not even feel the heat.

Ojong: Cameroon

I had a dream in which I saw my inner wear on fire while it was on me but I received no fire burns, and there was no fire source around me. So I removed the inner wear and quenched off the fire.

I really want to know what the Lord was showing me in this dream.

Kyasjh: United States

I had a dream that I was working an event with a former co-worker. She was arguing with one of the attendees and kicked him out of the party. I had a feeling he would come back and do something bad. I saw her walk to the back of the club and he followed her moments later and set the building on fire. When I saw him with the torch, took the elevator down to the first floor and left., and the whole time, I was leaving I kept saying Jesus saved me he always saves me. I was really excited in my dream. Happy to be alive and happy not to have to work with her or work with the company anymore

It might not mean anything, but for some reason, it’s the only dream I remembered in so long.

Rowaenn: Pakistan

I saw a huge sea wave with some fire on top of it in my vision during prayer. Just want to know its meaning.

Wayne: South Africa

I had a vision about a sea of fire like a Somani.

Radeana: United States

I dreamed I set my house on fire on purpose. I put a curtain over a candle and left. When I returned, the whole inside was burnt up, and I was so happy. Next, I called my insurance company, and they gave me two large checks. Then, I saw myself in this big beautiful home walking around in it, and I was so happy, and it ended.

V: United States

I had a dream about blazing fire flow out of my eyes and my mouth.  And a blazing fire tornado standing behind me.  The fire did not harm me in any way. I was in awe of the intense red golden flame with wind and power around me.  I felt peaceful and just amazed at the blazing fire, the beauty and magnitude of the tornado fire into the sky.  

I prayed before sleep to ask God to confirm or discern the dream the night before He showed me.  I was praying if I should attend the School of Seers and if this is His will.  The night before, in my dream, I sensed that I would pay a small amount to attend the class with will equip me in many areas. Then the next night, I saw a blazing flame come out of my eyes and mouth.

Yasodhara: United Kingdom

I had a dream fire in the sky. Very powerful like a tornado. There were bright lights illumination going in circles. It was beautiful. What is the meaning?

Tiffany: United States

I had a dream about walking downstairs in a burning house where a storm was and in the sky lot of birds were flying over my head east and then down into the ground.  I was trying to go around the corner where they were, but more started coming faster and faster it was so many I went back upstairs.  This time it was more fire in the house, but everyone upstairs was safe and sitting around holding each other.  I asked my mom for my 2-year-old daughter, and she had her rocking her that's all I remember.

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Dreams About Fire

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