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Dreams of being
"Left Behind at the Rapture"

Lisa: United States

In my dream, my family and I were outside praying randomly around nature. I did something that my mom said was against the Bible, but I didn't think much about it because I never heard that in the Bible. 

We went home, and then the rapture happened, and everyone left, but I was left behind, and my brother was sucked into a hole underground, and a voice said, "he needs to change." 

I was left behind and was freaking out, then I remembered a video that said hide your Bible if the rapture happens, so I ran to get my Bible to read it, and then I hid it.

 Suddenly everyone came back, except my brother. then a voice told me, "see how you were scared when you were left behind, don't worry, you won't be left behind." 

I suddenly realized it was a rapture dream a few minutes later when I woke up, and my mom and brother were praying together with my dad on face time.

Keep in mind, I was praying for a Rapture dream for a long time, and I finally had one. I was also worried if I would be left behind before I had this dream.

Chelsea: Canada

Last night I had a dream about the rapture, it was a normal day, and everything was going fine until something Erie in the sky started to happen. 

I called my mom in the dream and was telling her what was happening, and that is when she told me she thinks the rapture is about to come and had visions of her being at work, and then she came to be with me. 

We were then driving, and we’re out in the middle of the field, and a voice came from the sky, and I do not remember what was said, but seconds later, my toddler daughter and others were being lifted up into the sky. 

I remember seeing my daughter crying and me trying to reach up to grab her. 

I then remember hearing the date June 21 over in my head. In reality, that date has no significance to me. Super Erie dream thought I would share

Jamie: United States

Left Behind

I was outside with others, and we were looking up into the sky at night. We saw people going up into the sky, led by a taller being. The ones who stayed on the ground saw what was like a series of bars like on a cell phone; the bars would be lit up from one to five depending on our standing with Jesus.

 I had 4 out of 5 bars and felt extremely disappointed as I saw the people in the sky. When it was all over, the others went about their business. I knew this was a wake-up call to get it together. 

⭐This is the dream that woke me up out of my slumber.

Jahmeal: Cayman Islands

I dreamed about Jesus, and it feels like it was real. I saw this giant Jesus in the sky, walking in slow motion coming towards me. Many people and all eyes beheld him in colour;  he was orange looking with the crown of thorns around his head, and you could see that he had been crucified, and everyone was afraid. 

I stood there, wondering and worrying about this judgment that is upon me, and then I began to cry and call upon him to help me. 

Then I saw him come to me in human flesh and he looks exactly like in the movies. He began to speak to me like he was upset with me, and I began to say, please, lord help me, but he was still upset in the same way. 

I saw some people beginning to disappear and saw my family looking up. I was saying to myself, it is judgment, and I am not going with the others. It was like the end of the world, so traumatizing, and then I woke up. 

Christina: United States

I dreamed that we were all sleeping, the weather was really bad (where we live there were no sirens), and weather sirens were going off. I woke up and noticed branches hitting the side of the house, and kids screaming. 

I went outside, and the neighbors say, "we have to take cover, and I suggest you do the same," and they left. I go back in, grab my sister's baby, and yell for all the kids to load up in the van. Part of the family left before we did. 

When we get in a white van were driving next thing I know we're on a boat. I'm on the outside deck of the boat all of a sudden I see thick clouds rolling over the water. Then a faint light, the clouds separate, and I see two animals that I can't see exactly what they are, two bears and in the middle, I see the beautiful lion. 

The second I meet eyes with the lion, this brightest light (hurt my eyes ) went up to the sky. I started to scream repent, repent the Lord is here. I tried calling my family to tell them, but I had no signal. I run inside the boat and say repent the Lord is here repent. 

I woke up, not in fear, but sad because the other part is that my son was left behind in the rapture. Does this mean he is left behind? How can I save all my family friends' and enemies?

Jennifer: United States

My dream happened last night, a few days after my birthday. 

I was at work with my boyfriend when there was a lighting. Half of the people were gone including my boyfriend, but not me. Everyone at work started to pray. 

There was another phase. A tsunami came and hit us. I drowned in the water. The next thing I knew, God was putting a brown armor over my white gown. 

As he was putting the armor over me, I asked him why wasn’t I taken in the first round. He didn’t answered me nor did I looked up to see his face. I woke up right afterwards.

Clara: United States

So I had many dreams of the rapture, but I'm going to submit my most recent one. 

I remember I was hanging out with my family, like my cousins, uncles, siblings, etc. And my house was altered in some ways like things were missing. Anyway, I remember walking out to my front lawn and looking up in the sky.

What I saw was like a floating drum with nothing to hold it up, and it was brown with a native American man on the front. I knew exactly what was happening when I saw it. For some reason, my dreams like this are a little strange; in some ways, they weren't like it was in the bible. 

Anyway, I remember looking over at my brother in law because we always talk about that day where God came back, and we were cheering because we would be with God. 

I went up to the road, and the drum turned into a blue balloon with something attached to it. I went up and tried to catch it when my brother in law who somehow turned into one of my cousins told me to let it float and so I did. 

After a couple of minutes, my cousin grabbed it, and it fell open, and I caught of glimpse of what looked like a gum package filled with gum. He put it back together and let it float again. It floated to me, and I grabbed the balloon and accidentally popped it. 

I opened the gum package, and it was empty. I felt my stomach drop, and I remember feeling so scared because, for some reason, it meant I was going to hell. I looked over at my cousin and said, "You...know what this means, right?" and I remember a scary smile on his face as he said to me, "Deja vu sucks, doesn't it?"

Zodwa: South Africa

Last night, I dreamt I was asleep, and all of a sudden, I was awake, and I got out of the house. It was dark, but I could see the sky heavy with what looked like a blanket of souls being lifted up. At that moment, I knew it was the rapture happening, and I was left behind. 

I started crying and asking God for mercy, but it was too late, and I knew it then. The anguish and fear and pain I felt at that moment, I cannot even explain. There was so much chaos after that, and people were running around, screaming and weeping loudly. I, too, was full of deep sorrow because I know what was going to happen next, and I was filled with inexplicable dread.

 I felt in my spirit that I tell should the people running what was happening because they had to know and be ready for the tribulation period, which was going to come upon. I knew that incredible evil was going to be released upon the earth, and there was going to be so much pain and suffering because the Holy Spirit would have left the earth. It was simply horrid. 

May we be found ready for our Lord and King, and let us not shy away from proclaiming the truth with love to all, in season and out of season. Let us pray for boldness, and that the Lord will not come and find us completely taken and absorbed by the cares and passions of this world.

God bless you all.

Carolyn: Jamaica


I dreamed of people ascending in heaven, and there was a very hot area that was taking in some people. But before that, we all thought God was coming, and I was there asking for mercies and forgiveness of sins known and unknown. I wasn't taken in any of the two, and I had regrets that I wasn't.

Daryl: United States

So, we had some friends over for a BBQ, and all of the sudden weird cloud formations began, and beautiful colored lights behind the clouds appeared. We were in awe of the sights; in the sky appeared biblical quotes. There was also a timer counting down like a big digital clock readout for everyone to see.

 Many people rejoiced as they looked at the sky, and I was scared. I began frantically calling family to tell them I loved them because when the timer ran out, the rapture would begin. When the timer hit 0, numerous people, including my wife, disappeared. 

After a bit of time, I realized I was staying on earth while others were gone. Earthquakes began, and the government started rounding up people, I woke up when demons came to my door trying to get me to leave my house

Karsta: Mozambique

I had a dream about the rapture.

Everybody had already been taken, but I was still here, I wasn't surprised I was left behind but was terrified, and my heart ached.

It seemed like the people who were left behind had made a choice to stay; they wanted to stay and be "free" to live as they pleased. Everybody seemed happy, smiley, and calm as if drugged and dreaming, but I was awake and very conscious, even scared of what was coming. The atmosphere was filled with "profligacy," and those on earth loved it. You could no longer feel the Holy Spirit. 

Now, this part I can't seem to know if it was part of the dream or if I was half awake, but I was with a young girl, telling her not to believe that everything is OK, but to prepare and learn to defend herself because havoc would be released, and she believed me. She was awake too, and I was left behind to preach to those who were left, but I could feel no certainty that I would one day go up also.

It was soul disturbing.

John: Kenya

Dreamed of being left behind..

YVETTE: United States

I heard the loudest trumpet sound that played for 5 minutes extremely loud. The sound made the whole earth tremble, and I held my hands over my ears to bear the sound. After the sound stopped, I was shocked in disbelief because I knew what happened and wondered why I wasn't taken. 

I ran to the window and saw different piles of clothes lying all over the streets. It felt so real I thought it was a dream. I lay back screaming to myself, wake up, this is a dream. Only to discover I was left behind.

Ayvah: United States

I was walking with my friends, on a sunny and cloudy day. All of a sudden, the clouds parted, and I heard trumpets playing. As I looked up, the people around me were disappearing and going up or down.

I saw Jesus, and the angels surrounding him were playing the trumpets. I was scared... as soon as I felt scared, I went down, to hell.. and then I woke up.

Nickie: United States

So my dream was about five years ago, but I remember it well. I know there was suddenly lots of commotion, and the bathroom was flooded and a giant whale in there. 

When I fled with someone, not sure who, to the streets, there were broken pipes and water spraying in the air, and people were running and screaming and falling into cracks in the earth. Then, at nightfall, I saw the Lord with a shepherds staff with two others following him, and I hit my knees and cried and said, Lord, forgive me. He says I never Knew you and walks past. 

Then crying in pain, I gather up my children. There are five or more large tents around, and black swirling darkness was coming, and I try to get into the one. I knew I needed to be in to be safe, but they will not allow me, so my children and I had no other choice than to take cover in one of the tents that I knew would be destroyed.

 So I hold them and cried and watched the darkness coming for us; then I woke up, and to this day, I remember my dream.

Lillian: United States

 I grew up in a Christian home but was always turned away by the thought of having to be Christian to go to heaven. I’ve met so many people that are so kind that I feel like don’t deserve to go to hell and honestly I don’t think I deserve too either.

 I’ve been asking God a lot lately “show me you are there”.... “please I want to know”.... and the craziest thing happened. Last night I had a dream that I was at the pool with my fiancé and friends, all of a sudden a big shadow came across the sky, and in my dream, I could feel complete shock and confusion. I said to my self, “oh my gosh, Christianity is true the rapture is happening.” 

All of a sudden, my fiancé was being pulled up to heaven, and I saw him leave. I stood there watching thousands of other people being pulled up to heaven while I was left there wondering why I wasn’t going too. I felt very sad and full of despair and confusion. 

Suddenly, I was being pulled up, and I started to feel the happiest I ever felt until it stopped, and I started being dragged down to hell. Angels surrounded me and started discussing do I deserve heaven or hell. That was when I was woken up, and my dream ended ...

Dare: Nigeria

I just had a dream right now about the rapture, September 13th,2019. 

I slept around 12 mid-night, it all started,

I saw myself in school with my mates I think we were getting prepared for our exams, so to cut them short. We were all going to God to check if we are to go to heaven or not, as for me, I got a word, "Receive I forbid you sinner." 

That was how I woke up from sleep

Nikklus: United States

Here are two, in the first one I am in a moving vehicle of some kind (can’t tell from where I am) everything outside of the car is white except for the sky which is grey. 

I had my face pressed up against the window. As we went over an overpass, we made a hard right and went off of the bridge (still in the dream).

I wake up in the middle section and see the vehicle on the other side, smoking. Then I feel a big rumbling and look up to see two blood moons smashing into each other then the people around me and I start going up then I wake up.


In the second dream, I am at a family friends house, but it was new, sort of futuristic, very round and sleek with colors of beige, green, brown and blue ( solar panels). We were in their small pool/ Jacuzzi, and it was my parents and me, our family friends and two of their friends ( a middle-aged bald man and a surly woman in her 80-90s), and she never got into the pool but stayed inside the whole time. 

We were just sitting and making small talk, and the bald man went inside to change and left the rest of us in the pool. 

Then I looked up and saw a giant storm-head building above us. When everyone else looked up nearly half a dozen funnel clouds came halfway down and then back up, going through that cycle several times; it finally stopped, but the cloud remained. 

Then in the distance at a big lake an ENORMOUS like I can’t stress how abnormally large it was, a giant Darth Vader RED lightning bolt struck the surface of the water and sent out like a nuclear shock-wave and just a giant wall of fire, but before it got to us my family and I went up. 

The dream continued if only for a short time, I don’t know what happened to the family friends or the old lady, but I saw the bald man, and he was horrified because he knew what had happened and that he was left behind.  I could see him wandering through the devastation of the lightning bolt; I started to go up, and then I woke.

Lauren: United States

I had a dream the other night, and all I remember is a beautiful sound of music. I was sleeping and was pulled from my body and floated up with other people.

We got to this bright light and were singing songs of his praise; we were all so happy and full of love we just grabbed each other's hands and thanked Jesus for coming. 

But something was holding me back. I kept looking for my boyfriend, and he wasn't with me. So I ended up going back to my body. 

I feel like it was a warning that if I don't help guide him to our Lord, he will be left behind. But I can't wait from him to return to be blessed enough to experience such a dream. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

Pandora: United States

May 7, 2019, I was out of work, but I think the Lord for the work that he gave me and everything and everyone in it. 

I was trying to take care of some personal business and finally got tired enough to go to sleep, but when I went to sleep, I dreamed I was running and that I heard a horn blow.

Then I saw everybody going up, and I fell to my knees and started crying for Him to take me. All I remember is that I was left behind. I wanted to know the meaning of the dream and why does it bother me so much?...

Coraly: United States

I dreamed that the people and  I around here were waiting to be raptured. Once the moment came they were getting taking up, and I said, Jesus, please take me too, and all of a sudden I find myself in the sky going up. And all of a sudden I fall and everyone that was going up watched me as I was falling and I fall someone dark ... what could this mean.

Patricia: United States

I had a rapture dream in 1988, and it was so real and so impactful that I could not shake it for over an hour.  I can't stress that enough about this dream. I've had dreams where I was disturbed afterward but not anything like this. 

The dream starts with an angel floating across the sky with white fluffy clouds.  The angel blows a very loud elongated trumpet, and everything shook.  Then Jesus floats across the sky, and I know in my heart its the rapture.  

What happens next has disturbed me all these years.  I was then back down in my life at the time, and I was frantically packing a suitcase with the idea that I will flee to the caves or something.  Then I wake up.  I was left behind!  It was so disturbing. I was so upset and ashamed. I never told anyone for at least 20 years.  

I was saved, but I struggled in my walk at times.  

I want to know if others have had this dream and maybe find more info to help me process this.

I am saved and surrendered fully. I am not worried about missing it now but what a dream!  

Finding some peace about this dream would be good.

Amy: United States

Two nights ago I had a dream about four trumpets sounds and God appearing in the sky. The trumpet sounded in 1 long progressively louder deafening sound. I went outside and knew immediately what was happening. I saw people frantically running around, trying to escape, confused, panicked. I just stood there watching and thinking how sad it was to see everyone scared and confused. The second trumpet sounded, and my oldest son appeared next to me. My three younger children were not there, and I had the feeling they had already been taken. I talked calmly to my son and told him ill see him when I get there. The 3rd trumpet sounded, but it seemed to be a much longer time in between the 2nd and 3rd trumpet call. And during that time, many people calmed down and went about their day like it was a false alarm, and were shocked with disbelief at the 3rd trumpet. The sky began swirling and cracked wide open, and Gods face filled the massive void of sky. He looked down at all of the people running. He was angry, but there was also such sadness and disappointment in his eyes for all of us. I felt like he was sad that we had all ignored his word, and lived in our flesh and doubted his second coming. He was sad to punish us in such a way, but I felt like we deserved what we were going through. Without speaking, I said to God that I'm sorry I lived in sin and contributed to his sorrow, and to please let me come to heaven. But my heart knew that wasn't enough. My son cried and said he didn't want to go without me. I said he must; he is called to go. That I have work to do before I'm allowed to join him. The 4th trumpet sounded, my son was gone, and I woke up.

Andrea: United States

I woke up from what I believe was a warning to myself from God that the second coming of Christ is near. In my dream I was driving and then all of a sudden, The sky opened up and transparent beings "the dead" was rising from out of the ground to meet the Lord in the air. Jesus was standing at the very top of the clouds, and there was a massive door behind him that glowed brighter than the sun. Jesus appeared to be Bright himself like transparent Gold in color, but the texture of waves like that of sand from the desert. All the dead in Christ was meeting him above the clouds, and all stood before him. Then the sky closed up, and I knew right then I had been left behind. I woke up and begun crying out Jesus' name begging forgiveness. There's still time. Ask forgiveness, allow him to be number one in your life again. Your soul will love you for it.

Timothy: Philippines

I had a dream, I was in a mall with my friends, and it was a regular day. My friends and I went to the 4th floor to watch a concert by a local artist; he was singing greatly until he ended his song and started dissing another local artist. Everyone watching was cheering and laughing. I even told my friends that I knew who the local artist was referring to. I took out my phone to take a video until suddenly each one of them starts to disappear including the artist that was spreading hate. The sound of disappearance sounded like wind blowing towards a sheet or blanket, each time a person disappears. I was witnessing an event, for a second I thought it was a stunt when all of a sudden, all of my friends started to disappear as well. That time I knew it was the Rapture and I feared I'd be left behind. I closed my eyes panting and praying “Lord this is real, take me to your kingdom. I am sorry.” I was in doubt and shaking. My eyes were still shut and my feet on the ground, I hear the sound of falling as if I was being transcended to the clouds. I was still in doubt as I can’t see the light when I started to open and squint my eyes. It was just a dream, but it felt like reality. I was panting, and I began to pray and ask for forgiveness. It is a calling, and its time to repent and live like Christ. 

Something reminds me that this is not just an ordinary dream, but a real vision of what’s to come. 

That time when I woke up, I asked God to give me time, so I can prepare myself and start revering Him once again.

Jennifer: United States

(10/10/18 @ 7:11) 

The sky was dark, super dark. And the clouds roared with red cracks in them, almost like lava trails but had a darker tone of red. It looked like the start of the rapture.

I ran outside, but it was night time, and all I could think was "Jesus is coming! This is the rapture!" I looked at the other people outside witnessing the sky, and said to them "we are going home! Bothers and sisters we are going home!" Everyone was making sure to keep track of one another; I was so excited, and then I heard the sound of a trumpet. 

I closed my eyes and listened carefully; I was excited and waited to be taken. After the trumpet sound, I looked around and realized I was still on earth. Then a car, blasting music, came to the side of the street, and I ran inside the house. I kept thinking, "I cannot wait to have Jesus teach me everything, we will have eternity together after all!" 

And then I had a vision of being in heaven with Jesus and being next to him with multiple people, and I knew I was there learning from him. The vision was blurry, but Jesus had so much love, and I was so happy.

I then opened the front door to the house. I was on the street walking up it, and there were cops with a lot of people walking together like a community. The dogs were also gathered together. The sky started to have flower looking fireworks; huge and bright. I believe these were meant to be a distraction to what was actually going on. People around me were looking up at the fireworks and only paying attention to them.

I got back to my house and started to think that Jesus did not take me to heaven with him, and my heart felt heavy. This was when I woke up.

Jasmine: United States

I found this site by trying to figure out what my dreams mean. I usually don't recall my dreams, but this week I had 2 very vivid dreams. Both very short brief dreams. The first happened a few days earlier. I dreamed of a pure white horse running seemed towards me at first in an open field, but then it went across the field. Then what seemed an angel appeared (no wings) long dark hair and long flowing blue dress. The angel looked at me, then I woke up. Last night I had a second dream. Before I fell asleep, it was storming with heat lightning outside. I had gone out to see because it was causing a weird flickering light inside. I have seen heat lightning before, but this was different in appearance. I came inside and fell asleep. I had the most vivid dream as if I were really awake. I went outside at night because in my dream I was awoken with lights like aurora boreal and I looked up with my dad, and we saw a huge white cross lit up across a field and all these beautiful colors of light were flying around it and I saw huge displays of the shape of DNA. I immediately became scared and thought this is the rapture, and I ran to find my kids and pets. For some reason, I was yelling for them to go to the basement as if that would protect us from something. My youngest child asked mom whats going on? I said its the rapture. Then immediately I thought were still here! Why are we still here? And I wanted to cry. Then I woke up. If anyone knows what this means let me know as I am new to this. Thanks.

Rojas: United States

I dream not once but several times each one different from working in the field to going home I can not explain what or why I dream all I know that at the end of the day a trumpet sounds off and I'm alone, and my loves are gone. I have even dreamed of the underworld as well as inline in heaven and falling.

Gabriela: Country

I had a rapture dream last night and it was intense so much so, I woke up in tears and talking to God asking him to seek my heart and to forgive me for any trespasses. 

It was a sunny day and the sky started turning dark and it started doing some very weird things.. I kept watching it wondering what it could be, my husband jumped in the shower and told me that it’s nothing and carried on with a shower. I was just in awe watching the sky as it was doing things that I would never imagine it would do. After several minutes of watching, I went back to grab my husband to show him and when we were walking back our son that was asleep on the couch was raptured leaving behind his little clothes. We started pacing back and forth asking each other what we did wrong and then I woke up in tears... so real and it was definitely from the Lord 

Michele: United States

I had a dream that I, an old friend of mine and her older brother were sitting in a little room with a candle, there were posters on the wall, but it all looked like it was almost ashy... I don’t remember a lot about what we were talking about but all of a sudden I said to them both, “I don’t understand how we’ve been left behind, our father has forsaken us” I woke up and sat up immediately, crying. I had a very unsettling feeling with me for the rest of that day.

Max: United States

I was asleep when I was awoken by a loud trumpet, at first my thought was the reason. I believed it was the "sky trumpet phenomenon" but when I took a look outside my window the sky was a purple storm, and I saw people going up to the sky to join with the lord. That's when I understood I was awoken by the seven trumpets and I realized, I was not saved. What pained me the most of all is that I saw my mother in the room beside me, nothing happened, she was not saved. 

Then I have realized I have lived my entire life up until then without asking forgiveness from our Lord and Savior; he had not saved me because I have refused to follow him and beg for his forgiveness. When I realized this, I tried to fall to my knees and beg for forgiveness, but I could not. 

Vanessa: United States

My dream started off with me sitting beside my boyfriend, and my kids in the living room and I then hear a horn and looked up at the sky, and it turned very golden and bright. The house sorta turned invisible like, and my boyfriend and I was holding hands stood up and began to walk towards a field toward that light, and it was like I had no control over my movement. I began to look around and panic because i didn't see my kids, and I kept saying where my babies Lord I want my babies, and I was panicking cause I didn't see them.  then the dream ended immediately after I asked where they were and I was then awake. My heart was pounding cause I was kinda scared, to be honest, and now I'm sitting here trying to figure out what all these means and I'm still worrying I don't know what to think and that scares me.

We Missed the Rapture:
We Missed the Rapture is a dream about a husband and wife who were left behind in the Rapture as submitted to the Trusting in Jesus website. 

Abigael: Kenya

I had a dream about the rapture, and it was terrifying. And in that dream, the Lord had already told me that he was coming. Nervously I prayed so hard and yes!!everyone was going up, and then the Lord took me up a bit then brought me down, I felt so sad,...the ones who left including me were so confused.....earth didn’t seem like home anymore...

Could anyone possibly be able to interpret this for me?

Pedro: Canada

I was sleeping in my SUV and was dreaming that I was sleeping in that same spot and meteor start falling, and an iron ball fell from the sky and hit my SUV right on the motor area keeping me from fleeing the area. I immediately thought was that the rapture had occurred and I was left behind, my second thought was the dragon tale trow 1/3 of the stars to the earth than I woke up


The dream started off with some sports game we were all at a stadium. The sun or light of the world flickered off once but only half... if that makes sense while the other half still lit but it was just for a quick second where I thought it was just me. But then again half of the earth went dark and a second after the other half went dark. And immediately as it was pitch black, I began to rise. Honestly, I was terrified thinking “oh man I don’t know if I’m ready” so I raised my hands and just began to “worship” and call out to Jesus... the whole time still rising. I tried to look down cause I wanted to see where my son was but my eyes couldn’t see anything, and it made me sad. There was some song or ringing happening. I could still hear the sound of a basketball dribbling (I’m sure it was just the tv) After a while of rising I felt a hand touch mine and immediately felt relief thinking it was Jesus. But the hand grabbed one of mine and then one of the legs and flipped me and threw me down. The scariest thing to ever feel. I cried out to Jesus, but it was too late. Then I was forced to wake up.

Abigael: Kenya
I had a dream about the rapture ,,,it was so terrifying...And in that dream the lord had already told me that he was coming,,,Nervously I prayed so hard and yes!!everyone was going up and then the lord took me up abit then brought me down,,,I felt so sad ,...the ones who left including me were sooo confused.....earth didn’t seem like home anymore...
Could anyone possibly be able to interpret this for me?

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