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"Left Behind at the Rapture"

Pedro: Canada

I was sleeping in my SUV and was dreaming that I was sleeping in that same spot and meteor start falling and a iron ball fell from the sky and hit my SUV right on the motor area keeping me from fleeing the area. My immediately thought was that the rapture had occurred and i was left behind, my second thought was the dragon tale trow 1/3 of the stars to the earth than i woke up

The dream started off at some sort of sports game we were all at a stadium. The sun or light of of the world flickered off once but only half... if that makes sense while the other half still lit but it was just for a quick second where I thought it was just me. But then again half of the earth went dark and a second after the other half went dark. And immediately as it was pitch black i began to rise. Honestly i was terrified thinking “oh man i don’t know if I’m ready” so i raised my hands and just began to “worship” and call out to Jesus... the whole time still rising up. I tried to look down cause I wanted to see where my son was but my eyes couldn’t see anything and it made me sad. There was some sort of song or ringing happening. I could still hear the sound of a basketball dribbling (I’m sure it was just the tv) After awhile of rising i felt a hand touch mine and immediately felt relief thinking it were Jesus. But the hand grabbed one of mine and then one of legs and flipped me and threw me down. The scariest thing to ever feel. I cried out to Jesus but it was too late. Then forced myself to wake up.

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Dreams of being Left Behind

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