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"Breanna's Dream of being Left Behind at the Rapture"

Hello brothers and sisters, I am a 28-year old woman who has known about the Lord, our savior, but never really knew what to do about it. Until a couple of years ago when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my savior, I knew then I was saved because of the overwhelming feeling of love. 

My soul was transformed, I became known. People don't understand the meaning of being born again until they experience it. This morning I dreamt about Jesus return, I have a great fear of his return, not only because of not being spared because of my sinful nature but because of what shall take place in that time.

The Earthquake

I live in Alaska, and we recently had a severe earthquake here causing a lot of damage and fear throughout a part in Alaska. "Talking about the earthquake" I was just getting off of work, sitting on the couch at 8 am, "I work graveyard." The earth trembled softly then quickly moved violently. So violent I presumed I was going to die or this was Jesus return. Being inside I didn't know how the sky looked, and just assumed it was the end. 

I was so terrified, the fear in my blood was so great I'd rather be dead than endure any more of it. I kept screaming oh god forgive me, oh god forgive me. No no no. I realize now my fear was only that great because I wasn't right with the lord, I was backslidden. If this generation witnesses the second coming of Christ in person, and you start praying for forgiveness while it's happening... It's too late brothers and sisters.

When he says, you are to be waiting and looking for his coming, that also means to live your life accordingly "knowing he will come as a thief in the night." I figured if your right with Jesus, you will be at peace during that time, instead of fear. 

The quakes that will occur during the end times will flatten mountains, and there will be so much fear in those that are still on this planet that they will wish to die, but God will take death away. Now if we aren't right with God, this will be petrifying. 

My Dream

Now my dream. Happened 12/17/18 I was standing on a mountainside; we drove up for the view. I say we because either knew in my dream I was not alone because of the presence I felt but didn't know who it was. When I got out of the car, I was alone on the mountain. I felt it with my soul that Jesus was coming before I even saw clouds move or angels in the sky. I started praying Lord to take me too, take me please while looking up at the skies .. the skies were cloudy and yucky that day in my dream.

 I then hear loud thunder, sounds this planet does not hear on a normal basis. I knew when the time was immediate, so I close my eyes tightly, and I'm praying loudly for the Lord to forgive me regardless if I was right or not with the lord I still think people will be praying no matter what.

My eyes were closed tightly because I'm afraid of heights and I am now scared of earthquakes due to the one two weeks ago. My self-conscious mind knew in my dream why I am so afraid.

I'm scared of just being lifted into the sky... I'm fearful of what's to come to the violent ending to earth. I'm afraid of seeing it with my eyes, not just going through it. Yet I know our Lord is so wonderful and knows us each individually that he will put peace in the hearts that are his. I hope anyway.. back to the dream. 

My eyes are closed, I start being lifted from the ground.. the feeling of being lifted is a weird feeling to the body almost like going up a hill in your car very fast, but when you keep going up it's last forever I'd imagine until you get where you are going. I'm going up..... Then I start going back down to earth...

 I opened my eyes when I landed softly back to the ground. And I was in the same spot. Jesus hadn't shown himself in the skies yet at that time. People were coming up to me what was wrong, and I told them the rapture just occurred I went up into the sky...then I woke up. 

In my dream I was confused. But now that I am awake and think about it... The Lord was letting me know that if He came back right now, I wouldn't make it. Repent repent repent. Love you guys.

Breanna: Alaska

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Breanna's Dream of Being Left Behind at the Rapture

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