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"Hannah Misses the Rapture"

In my dream, I was with some of my family at my local mall, and there were many more people there than usual. While we were in the mall, an announcement came over the intercom telling us the building needs to be evacuated immediately, that there was a bomb, and that part of the building was going to be blown up. 

Everyone was frantically running, screaming, and crying. Babies, children, scared parents. My family and I had made it out just in time to get far away enough when the bomb went off, it just knocked me down, and then I got back up. Ashes were falling from the sky everywhere and landed all over everyone. Everyone was looking for their vehicles and moving toward the other end of the parking lot where it had been untouched. 

I saw my cousin with her newborn baby sitting beside a tree in the shade, reading. I asked her if I could take the baby and show my family. So I took him to the vehicle that was parked a pretty good ways away from the edge of the building. 

Ten minutes later we heard another announcement that everyone should evacuate the premises, this whole mall is going to be blown up now and whoever is in it is going to Hell. My family was already in the vehicle, but I was worried about my cousin who was sitting there by herself with headphones just reading away. 

I was running toward the building and left her baby in the vehicle, I saw my uncle, and could tell by the serious the look on his face something was wrong. I looked at him and asked, “is the world ending?” He just looked at me, nodded his head, and continued running through the parking lot.

I grabbed my phone and called my cousin, and when she finally answered I screamed, “get away from the building they’re about to blow it up, hurry! I saw her jump up and run just in the Knick of time when it exploded, turning the whole area into a ball of flames and ashes falling from the sky.

Once again, I got into the vehicle and drove to my grandparents, and they took me home to my Mom. My grandfather went to Heaven first, and then my grandmother.

My mom wasn’t panicking; she knew it was time.  But I started crying and screaming saying that I wasn’t ready. The pain, agony, and misery were all too vivid. I felt myself crying in my sleep. The world slowly began to fall apart in front of me. 

The world seemed to be abandoned. There were fires and burnt down buildings everywhere, and cars were flipped on top of each other, but not a soul in sight. The people were trying to find a way to get to Heaven because they knew they weren’t saved. They called and begged and cried out to Jesus, “please Jesus give me another chance.” I remember just crying, not wanting to leave my mother. I wanted to stay and protect her. 

I had never seen her look so “bad." She was drooling, and her eyes were baggy, her hair was in knots. It was like nothing I had ever seen. Her arm was red, and when I asked what the matter was, she said she had the microchip inserted, and it was like a drug. It affected her so intensely it made her into a different person. 

I begged,” God please Lord don’t make me leave her, I don’t want to leave her she is my mother.” I sat and cried saying, “Lord I’m not ready.” I made excuses trying to get myself into Heaven. I said, “I pray to you all the time Lord, isn’t that enough?” 

And I asked Jesus to save me, to come into my heart and save me that I would live for him, but I felt the lies in my voice as I spoke. 

I never made it, and I ended up staying with my pitiful mother. The world came to an end, and everyone went where they were supposed to go. 

Hannah: United States

Left Behind 

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Hannah Misses the Rapture

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