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"We Missed the Rapture"

I just had a dream. In fact this is why I am looking it up. I had no doubt this dream was about the rapture. I had a dream about it once before.

I was at my husband's job. Which was not where he actually works. But I found him digging holes in the store floor to plant trees. Weird, but a bunch of his co-workers were there doing the same. I saw him standing next to a pretty blonde and my heart became jealous. And he saw my discontent and scooted over to the next plot.

A little while later he came to me and we began to argue.. over the fact that he lied. That he didn't work with any young girls. And as we were having our little squabble, two elder ladies, must of heard us.

They began to ask us how old we're, how long have we been together, etc. We explained we were young, married, been together since we were teens and that we're 32 and two kids. She complimented us. But for some reason I had to drag up the past of his multiple affairs.

I was angry, hateful even. But we walked on and continued to argue. We came across  2 of his guy coworkers. They began to joke and pick around, and my husband and I said our goodbyes.

I was beginning to leave when I realized I had forgotten my purse. I walked back in that direction and noticed Jake was gone. My purse and his 2 coworkers were still sitting there. I asked where he went. They both giggled and I began a little trot over to the loading dock.

The warehouse was empty but there were large doors and I checked the first and called to him, no answer. I went to the 2nd and there he was sitting with a young woman and a girl who to be about 11. (It is night time.) As we are standing outside the loading docks, we are sitting in the back of our Kia with the back latch open.

As we are arguing I see a falling star, which soon becomes 2 then 3. Then so many that my eyes couldn't keep up. I knew instantly. But my heart was so full of hatred and jealousy that my prayers seemed hollow.

I fell to my knees begging to feel the regret and sorrow that I so should be feeling. But there was nothing. I dropped to my knees and concentrating, Jake was yelling what am I doing.

I asked him, don't you see the falling stars.. he said no, but I looked passed him. And there, by a brick wall, was a family of 2 kids and mom and a dad. 2 kids raised, bluish in color. Like ghost. Just softly lifting into the air. The mom and dad just looked on into the sky. Looking at the stars.
I wanted that feeling so bad. I wanted my heart to ache.. But nothing.

Jake was so busy looking at me during the argument he didn't see a single star. But the girl and the 11 year old was right beside us looking up.  The woman was crying. The 11 year old looked confused. She asked "Why are you crying momma" and she replied, we just missed the rapture. We will burn in hell.

And it hit home. I hit my knees again. Praying so hard..  praying that there was a second chance for us. the Rapture just came.. We were left behind. Please our babies are gone. I know it. We are left here. We will burn. 

My husband looks down at me and says, "We are definitely over then."

That hurt me more than getting left behind. Something is telling me I need to get my flesh in gear and sort out my life.

Devon: United States

Left Behind at the Rapture

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We Missed the Rapture

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