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"Tommy's Dream of Missing
the Rapture"

Last night I had a dream. I was standing in front of my abandoned neighbor's house in the street. I looked up and saw four angels with no wings!  Just standing still in mid-air floating.  But they were Big and all holding instruments!  I think the one I focused on had long wavy blonde hair.  None of them were playing their instruments, just staring at me. 

Then suddenly they floated upwards.  The clouds were low and stormy but calm.  I could still see the blue sky, but couldn't tell the time of day, looked like early sunset with an abundance of clouds! The angels went upward with no motion and began to go into the clouds.  The sound of them going into the clouds was the sound of hot steel going into cold water. Like the clouds were excepting entrance!  Like rain hitting metal. 

As soon as they were gone, I saw all the people who were Christians being lifted and going into the clouds and sky in every direction. N. W. E. and. S. They looked like raindrops except falling upwards. As I stood there, I watched in amazement and delight!

I turned my direction to my corner neighbor.  He walked outside unaware of the events happening with his head down on his cell phone.  Right before my eyes, he began to elevate and stopped his typing. I turned my attention to myself but felt heavy. I had hoped to drift upwards like my neighbor but never left the ground.  I think I even tippy-toed attempting to find relief in my desire to lift like a feather in a calm air situation, but Nothing!

I think I smiled, just happy to be able to see that this was a special time, (just not mine).  I finally stopped playing because I heard my front storm door slam! My wife ran out crying with her cell phone in her hand.  My mind was racing! I was feeling despair and wonder at the same time.  My thoughts were that she probably couldn't find our girls,  and couldn't reach anyone on her phone.

She finally stopped and slammed her cell phone onto my raptured neighbor's driveway and began screaming in terror and cussing and cursing! I approach her swiftly, but in my heart, I felt this was somewhat deserved,  also regretful, that I didn't fly. I comforted her and said its okay! We will go to the next one,  wondering to myself if I made sense, but it relaxed me. 

I hugged her and reassured her I would call the churches and ask them when the next one was scheduled, but I got no answer! It dawned on me all the real saved church people and answers, not only to mine, but all of us left behind had went up into the Sky.

My dream stood me near Faith Christian family church in Clovis New Mexico.  People were everywhere! Cars abandoned and lined up in every direction, surrounding the church. As if a change in our hearts would make a difference all of us were waiting for a solution that would never come. 

At some point in my dream, I saw a figure of a person not in the shape of a raindrop,  but of a human.  Flying up to the sky as small debris begins to fill the sky like a final bit of redemption. Then it was suddenly clear and normal again as if nothing had happened! 

As I looked towards the east and above the Faith Christian Church I saw something and had one last hope that God had realized he had forgotten something...  Us! No, it was a huge Warplane, and behind it were about 20 stealth fighter jets following like geese heading south for winter.  

Then I woke up and down under the blankets and cool sheets I could feel my daughters foot, and I said thank you, Jesus.  Forgive me and thank you for another day of life amen.

Tommy: United States

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Dream of Missing the Rapture

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