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"Tyler’s Rapture Dream and
Call into the Ministry"

I had a dream that I was driving, and saw angels descending from the sky, and all of the cars on the road were stopped, people were standing and looking around, and then I saw a shadow that was being cast from behind me wearing a robe and carrying a massive sword.

Not going to Heaven

The sword was raised above the figure's head and then driven into the ground. The people who were once there suddenly disappeared and glowing golden squares were on the ground where they had been.

I sped home dodging and weaving between cars, and when I got there the house was empty. My mom was gone, so was my dad, my ten-month-old daughter, and my brother. I called my grandparents on both sides, but no answer. I called aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, still no response.

 I began to cry, and it was a screaming terrible cry because I was alone and wasn't going to Heaven. I had been left on earth during the rapture.

As I was crying my two dogs lay down beside me, and one of them turned to look at my back door. I thought someone had come home and maybe I was having a psychotic break, but no one was there. Then I went back to crying; memories raced through my head, and I continued to cry.

The Face of Jesus

Then I felt a hand on my back, and I turned around and saw the face of Jesus Christ. He sat beside me and said to me in Hebrew (I don't speak Hebrew, only English, French, Spanish, and German); yet I understood everything he said to me.

"Tyler, you are a child of my Father as am I, yet you have errors in the way you live, but you are not without purpose, repent and you will be forgiven. You will need to be a shepherd to the flock and safely guide them to the Father; you will be persecuted, but fear not for I will return once more," then he walked outside, and was gone.

So, I went to gather supplies, food, fuel, and equipment, and many many bibles. About this time my girlfriend and her mother arrived, and I was so relieved; then I found two of our closest friends, again more relief.

My Underground Church

Then the dream cut forward to about a year later. I had turned my home into an underground church/place of refuge, and there were 20 people, including myself.

I was sharing the gospel in the garage while talking about the events that I now know are in the book of revelations, the events that had recently happened; suddenly there was an explosion, and I heard people speaking Arabic, then I woke up.,

I told my mom moments after waking up and she said it was just like the left behind series, but the thing is I didn't know that existed until this morning. I didn't know what happened in revelations until I talked with her.

I believe God was speaking to me, calling me into ministry, and I also believe this is a warning to change.

Tyler: United States

Left Behind at the Rapture

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Tyler's Rapture Dream

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