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"My Wake-Up Call was a Dream of being Left Behind at the Rapture"

So before my dream and before falling asleep, I prayed to God, thanking him for all that he has done and so on; I casually finished my prayer and laid in bed and went to sleep. 

In my dream, I was at work, driving around delivering packages. It was a beautiful sunny day, mid-afternoon. I ended up somewhere out on some mountains and steep cliff sides. 

I parked my truck on the side of the road and walked into this building to drop off the package. At that moment, I knew something was happening but didn't know what. 

I eagerly walked outside and beheld with my eyes; the earth turned dark and gray as though the sun was blocked out. I turned a corner to get around the mountainside, and there was this crazy site. 

It was like the sun was swallowed by dark clouds, mixed in with an orange, Fiery color swirling around like a black hole. At this moment, I knew that it was the end of time on our earth. 

Off into the distance, just above the horizon, were hundreds and hundreds of little white orbs floating from earth into space, and a few were floating down from space to earth.

It was very weird because there was no sound; it was just completely quiet, but it was like I could hear the wind gusting all around in a crazy firestorm in the clouds.  

At that moment, I thought to myself, Jesus is coming; he has returned, but then it dawned on me that I could see all these souls or orbs leaving earth, but I was still here.

 I was standing in the flesh, not being called upon by God, and it shook me with fear to my core! 

I didn't know what to do or why I was still here. I haven't done anything wrong in life from what I could have understood about God. 

So I started panicking in fear, my heart racing faster and faster, knowing deep down that I had been forgotten and left behind. 

Then all of a sudden, a loud, thundering voice screaming like a trumpet in the sky shakes our very earth to its core like an earthquake appearing in the heavens; it was Jesus making his return. He was filled with rage and hurt, and I could sense in my heart and soul that he was not happy. 

I looked up to the sky, and he appeared for all to see, but he appeared amid these black clouds, like a big blue and white light. As I gazed up, he raised his hand in a mighty fury, and I could see a sword in his hands as he swings his arm towards the earth with a giant yell cracking from his voice. 

It sounded like the crack of a thunderbolt that struck inches away from you and shook the earth. I knew I was stuck and had to run, so I ran back to my truck and tried to jump in, but it has slightly fallen off the road on the side of the cliff. 

Why I jumped in, I have no clue, but I looked off to my right and at the very bottom of the cliff was a pit of lava, and I feared with every nerve in my body that I would fall off the cliff into this lava pit. 

So I tried over and over again to get onto the road, but to no avail, my truck slowly inched its way towards the edge, sliding ever so slow like in a super slow-motion clip, and then my life was over before I knew what had happened. 

The truck started to tumble down the cliffside straight into the pit of lava, and I knew this was it; my life is over, I'm going to die. My stomach turning filled with butterflies, the feeling you get when you are free-falling in a dream or going down a rollercoaster; my stomach just sunk. 

And right before I hit the lava, I woke up from my dream in complete fear, not knowing what just happened, but the very moment I awoke, my calf muscle had an extremely painful Charlie-horse and tightened up worse than I've ever felt in my life; aching with pain. 

I spent the whole day, which is today, wondering why I was left behind. Was it the evil one deceiving me, making me feel not worthy enough, or was God truly upset with me and decided I wasn't worthy and that he didn't have a place for me up in heaven?

Was God showing me that this is what it could be like if I choose not to become closer to him? Or could it perhaps have been that being pulled up into the heavens is such a glorious moment he didn't want to spoil it for me? 

Either way, it was a wake-up call, literally. 

A wake-up call not only to myself but for anyone reading this. It's not too late to fully dedicate yourself to Jesus for the hope that one day you will be with him for all eternity. 

Never underestimate the love Jesus has for us; God sent his one and only son to die for us on the cross. And he rose three days later so that we could be saved by him. 

Jake: United States

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