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Dreams and Visions"

There are many beautiful, mysterious dreams on this website that bring hope, healing, fantastic wonders and glimpses of Heaven, angels, and even the Rapture. However, nightmares are not always beautiful or fun to remember, and they are not always from God.

I am convinced that the dreams we call nightmares are quite often the result of too much chili on the hotdog, and who of us has not had a nightmare? However, they can seem to be very real (those who submit them are very sincere), and some may contain messages from God?

Be warned that some people may find these dreams to be unsettling, and children should have permission from their parents.

Below are some of these dreams.


Wayne: Canada

Last night I had probably the scariest dream (nightmare) of my life. The details about “the end” were unimportant; I only recall sitting beside my wife and saying to her, “This is it!” as some catastrophe happened.

Then I immediately found myself standing in a line of strangers. My wife wasn’t there, at least not that I could see. (That part felt irrelevant anyway; the impression given was that we were all waiting to be individually judged before God, and understandably that was the only thing that mattered.) 

We were all standing in what seemed to be a grey, nondescript type of hallway. After a short wait, my turn came to walk up to the “angel bouncer” (for lack of a better term.) I was expecting to waltz right into Heaven by saying that Jesus paid for all my sins. But very quickly, the bouncer showed me a paper, like a report card, on which was written “Feigned repentance”, and I was told I couldn’t enter.

Just like that, it was all over, and there was no second chance, no appeal, nothing. Obviously, the blood of Jesus hadn’t been applied to me. It was the most miserable, appalling, hopeless feeling I can conceive of. (I shiver right now even as I type this.)

The only thing I could do was walk down the hallway to a dark grey room to sit forever and do nothing, with no access to God or any other people, with absolutely nothing to do besides think about the choices I made in life. 

This gave real meaning to “weeping and gnashing of teeth.” I didn’t see God in my dream, and after entering the grey room, I never saw another person again.

Then I woke up in our dark bedroom and actually looked around for a minute to make sure of where I was. It was a very freaky and unforgettable experience, especially as someone who rarely has vivid dreams. It really shook me. 

Upon waking, I prayed a few times, “Jesus, was this from you?” and don’t feel like I received a clear answer yet. But this has made me think about some things. 

Though I have claimed to know Jesus for almost 30 years, over the years, I have also played fast and loose with sins like porn and gambling, and I know I’m not living the life that a follower of Jesus should. I’m also kind of a loner and keep to myself a lot.

Lord be merciful to me, a sinner, and help me know I’m really resting in you and walking with you.

Kayla: United States

October 28, 2021

I was running away from my dad, who is deceased and I believe was possessed, and he was trying to kill me. 

I don’t know where this dream took place; all I know is that I was running around. I don’t know what happened, but I know that I came or ran to some people and one of them stabbed him, which I believed to be a guy. 

I don’t know, but I keep thinking and feeling like my dad stabbed me in the side in the next transition of the dream afterward.

Heidi: United States

I was in a strange place I didn't recognize, but it was an island of some kind. There were huge glacial pieces of ice around. I was in an RV with JM, Eric, and a guy who didn't know how to read or write; he resembled Tony. We were in an RV on the beach. I was incapacitated, somehow. I couldn't move around much. 

There was an envelope. On the back of the envelope were instructions. We were supposed to save what little oil we had to be able to survive. It also said not to turn on any computers. 

Tony was illiterate. He could not read or write, so I tried to help him, but he seemed uninterested in the whole thing. There was a huge blizzard going on, but it hadn't hit that hard yet. It was on its way. There was a line we were not supposed to cross in order for us to stay safe.

There were a few other people around, but it was obvious something bad had happened. One of the houses had the walls missing, and there were people there. 

There was a bag hanging from a rope. It was glowing with radiation. There was a fire on the floor. Eric said the fire was not supposed to go out, or else the nuclear material would escape, and we'd all die. The people tending to the fire killed themselves. The fire went out, but we didn't die. The nuclear material was still in the bag, hanging from the rope. 

There were lights on in the RV, and we were supposed to turn them off as night was coming. There was a map on a computer screen that showed the entire North American continent as having a huge land hurricane. 

We turned off the lights, but Tony didn't understand and was trying to turn the lights back on. I said, "No, you're going to kill us." A black drone appeared in the sky. It was small and black but looked like the Enterprise from Star Trek. It was watching everybody. 

A woman suddenly appeared at the RV. She said we had to leave the island immediately. She got into the driver's seat and took off. I couldn't even figure out where she came from. She went off the island and toward the interstate. She got off on an exit. 

There were cars all over the place, abandoned vehicles. There were people that looked like zombies all over. The woman ran them over with the RV. We stopped at a house. It looked like a house from the 70s. We got inside. There was an old computer from the 80s sitting there. Eric went to turn it on. Tony turned on the lights. Suddenly, people broke into the house, and they were going to eat us. The woman said we shouldn't have turned on the computer.

Jamie: United States


I was observing some kind of war. The battlefield was like a long skinny U, and inside the U, were long pathways with tall trees on either side; the paths were covered in reddish leaves. The enemy was trying to get into the base of the U shape. I saw drone-like craft flying over from the enemy. In the U was the USA, our enemy was Russia. 

The enemy got into the U somehow, and I saw them advancing down both sides with tanks and firepower and understood that we were losing. I saw people turning into zombies, some were ravening mad, and some were acting like ordinary people. I was creeped out by both groups. 

At the end of the U path I saw president Trump in a black trenchcoat, he was looking down at the ground for something he lost, he found it and picked it up, it was like a big red maple leaf. Putin was smirking at him while flying over in a helicopter.

Tatiana: United States

June 16, 2019, 3:30 am this happened;

 I was in a Deep sleep and started dreaming. I woke up, went to the bathroom came back to my room, and laid down. I was laying there trying to get comfortable but I couldn’t because it was a lump under my bed.

So as I go to see what it was, my bed started floating in the air, so at this point I’m scared. I go to put my hand down to search what it was, and it bites me.

 So when I got hold of his upper mouth, we fell to the ground. As the bed disappeared, I see a baby goat-like animal with a curly tail form into a 1 to 2-year toddler. At that point, I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.

 So I took the baby downstairs to my grandmother and grandfather to find out what’s going on. But when I get down there, I see my grandma but not my grandfather; then the man I saw was like an Arabic guy.  So I asked them “ What’s Going On, what I need to do? “

 The guy started speaking Russian and told me repeatedly, “ To get that baby outta here“ when he said that the baby ran back into my arms and whispered, “ Help Me Help me.“ & After that, 

I woke up out my Sleep Crying Hard and For a Long time.

Victor: United States

I dreamed that someone broke down the wall from my son's room, and then a guy grabbed a little girl and started walking away with her, and I had a gun but could not shoot or stop him. 

Is my son safe in his room or what is the meaning? 

Ever since I moved here to these apartments, weird and scary things have been happening.

Alicia: United States

I dreamed that I was on top of a levee and I heard a bunch of ladies that I thought I knew who they were saying l” look what’s happening you don’t see it” and I was in my dream very scared yet I was with the people who were aware of the WORLD COMING TO AND END” scary. And as the people and I were trying to prepare for this, the sky was falling slowly. I could touch the clouds, and there was a fork in the road from the levee.

 I guess the evil sinners who aren't Christians and, were very dark zombie-like, walk down the fork as I stood screaming for my mom???!!! 

Please help me and explain to me about this dream?? ANYONE

Merytony: United States

Dreamed of a dead Jesus wrapped in white sheets falling off heaven as well as Peter. Virgin Mary was mad as if it was my fault that I pushed Jesus down and she starts hitting me with the rosary

Then she sent me down looking for them.

... I found myself in paradise too busy looking at nice things instead of looking for Jesus and Peter.. then I went to my old hometown, got lost, and a long-time friend came to my rescue and helped me find my way out underground. 

 What kind of dream is that? Help me understand this, please.

Sibongile: South Africa

I had a dream at my Grandmother's old house where I grew up. I was first in the bathroom bathing then came out. 

Two men started shooting at me, the house was dark and looked like a large empty dark hall. My body was full of bullet holes covered in blood.

 I crawled out the door to escape and dragged myself towards the bus stop. I could have gone into a house, but the guy that came out did not seem to know what was happening. 

At the end of the road towards the bus stop was a man cheering me on telling me I can make it, move faster. I stopped a taxi and got in, but the people in the taxi drove away from me not wanting to get blood on themselves. 

I got off at a public hospital and asked the people not to tell anyone pursuing me. I am there. I get into the hospital and stand in a long corridor, and a young doctor comes running towards me, and I asked her if she is going to attend to me and she says yes. I asked not to give me anything that is going to make my heart beat faster because I will bleed to death. 

As I'm about to join another patient laying on it, I realized there were actually two people on it. The one I had not noticed was topless and laying face down. Only the top half of the body was visible, but that did not seem important. ?

Qumbuza: South Africa

I dreamt that I was being stoned and I was helplessly crying out for help.  Somewhere in this same dream I was beating a person so bad that he bled.

jasmine: Malaysia

Sometimes I get strange nightmare dreams, and someone asks me to wake up. Once I wake up, something bad happens to me. I can see a man shadow appearing and all of a sudden I scream and wake up. I just want to know what it means? Is the dream god given? 

Elora: Philippines

I dreamt of a possible death, and I am doing my best to avoid it, and there are these four children. Three girls have their red color skin like a daredevil, and the other boy is super white, and they have an abnormality in their face that they almost don't look like a human.

Molle: United States

I was going through the legal divorce paperwork and had the process server who would be serving my ex some legal papers, that evening I had this dream. I have to say that I was anxious, worried and fearful of the impending legal process as I have been an immigrant to the USA and was not familiar with Legalities.

Nonetheless, that evening I had a dream. I dreamt I was homeless and had visited an office that would help people like me. There, I, along with a huge group of women, waited for support, help, and assistance in a long building. There were chairs along the walls and every so often a group of 15-30 women would step in for assistance, or so I thought. Even as I waited there, my mind was sharp, alert and assessing the environment. 

Suddenly there was an older gentleman in the dream, he was wise, seemed homeless as well and kind of got my attention. He suggested we explore the building, so we went to one end of the building, but there was no exit only the cleaning closet. Then we came back, and now it was nearing my time to go into the room. 

Since I was closer, I could see inside and realized it was a gas chamber to eliminate the women. These unsuspecting women would go in, expecting counseling and they would be gassed and removed for the next batch. I was terrified, helpless and eager to escape. The older man seemed wise, calm and strategic. He stood close to a huge set of sliding doors electronically secure and waited for the next person to come in.

 A woman swiped her card and walked into the sliding doors, and he slipped right after her, I immediately followed him. Even as I fled, I was thinking of reuniting with my child who had been separated from me. I was thinking in my mind that I have to flee flee flee from this evil city and place. The next thing I was walking as fast as I could on the highway, eager to get away from this evil place. Then I woke up!

Nora: United States

I saw myself across the street from my house. But at first, I had told my mom and sister to get out of my house. For some reason I was mad, and they were taking advantage of me. So when I am across the street, I tell my boyfriend what I had said to them. I saw to the freeway, and a big gasoline truck railed and hit the other vehicles, and I saw the truck explode. I saw people trying to help them, but then I felt I had walked up to the freeway and I saw two bodies: no skin and I saw the flesh like when you skin a rabbit when hunting. I walked to the bodies in the freeway, and they were still alive because they looked at me. I saw that they saw me standing next to them, but they were not dead, but alive. I woke up.

Alejandra: United States

My 7-year-old daughter had a dream that there was a giant sword in front of her and it slit her in half. She said she was yelling while she was being cut in half from the head down. We don’t know what her dream means.

Arwen: United States

 I had a very scary nightmare. I was driving down a dark road, and there was fog and on the side of the road was two people asking for help. One was someone I went to middle school with who killed himself six years ago, the second one was a boy I went to high school with but he wasn't my friend, and he wasn't very kind. These two boys were begging me for help, and there was blood on their hands. They kept asking and crying for me to help them. There was also a woman that I know who was asking me to help as well, but I don't remember who she was. I finally decided to turn around and help them because even though I was scared, I felt bad if I didn't turn around. Once I turned around, they put this boy in my car who was sliced in half with blood everywhere. (sliced at the stomach and this was another boy I was friends with in middle school and haven't seen since) And the girl/women came with us and helped get him in and out of my car. I drove him to what I think was a hospital. Once there, we were in a waiting room, and there was a loud Irish man who said he was getting out and going home to Ireland. Then an old man came out to bring the boy who was sliced in half to the back room, but the old man began to dry heave because the boy was walking while cut in half....It was literally the scariest dream I have ever had and involved people I haven't thought about or seen in years! I am a Christian and am scared of what this dream could have meant!

Samantha: United States

I dreamt the kingdom of heaven died everything was a desert. Everything was dirt. Good kept repeating you'll be okay even though there's no heaven you will be ok.or it will be ok have peace. Like his last words like maybe he died with heaven....

LaWelta: United States

I've been having dreams that this one guy has been trying to kill me in numerous ways. He always chases me or has others to do so too. In one dream I almost saw his face

Anthony: United States

Had a dream that I was in life from with my self in I had come across a man in a kitchen he seemed as gentle as ever he asked me, why can't Jesus be a thief in a saint at the same time. I woke up quickly with a shook feeling.

Ernest: United States

Nightmare with Demonic Implications

I dream of I was a bat I was flying a dark wet, cold silent dead air black dead but alive plants purple, black green but rotted dead slimy was the scene a skeleton of a forest and I came upon a mansion same black dead but still alive like a real bad frost nothing alive could survive I flew up to the mansion and instantly a slew of spirits went through me, and I was maybe transported by this line or I was simply flying through these people but I sat upon like a third person I was watching Jesus and nary but his mother Mary in sexual acts I was either sensed or spat because I flew ! I was gone I could still sense my surroundings in the bed even though I was in this dream I woke up on my back I can’t breathe on my back, and I was choking on phlegm I awoke out of this state desperately clenching for air, and I cried for about seven straight hours


I've been under a lot of stress. I'm an inventor, and I'm having trouble with my partner he is pulling out on me. In the dream I had last night was a two-year-old being shaken by a man and there was a policeman standing right next to him like going to arrest him, and this is two years ago that my problem started. 

The other dream, I discovered there was a black man in my house or around me or something, and I'm a white woman.  I don't know how that came up, and then someone was trying to stab me in the leg, and I was moving my leg out of the way so they couldn't do it. I was staying away from him, so I am having a hard time sleeping, it's just terrible. help me

Catherine: Kenya

I had a very scary nightmare, and it felt real, and it kept repeating it self over and over again the same night, I couldn't have a sleep because when I closed my eyes and sleep took me over, the attack would come back again,it's not the first time to have an attack like this before, it has happened before, but this time it's made me awake the all night and in the morning when I woke up I was so scared I couldn't take it out of my mind, I do usually pray before I go to sleep.
I did pray and ask God to reveal the face of my enemies, and after the prayer, I slept. The dream came to me the way I was, the same clothes and the same position that I fall I asleep.  I felt some goosebumps, and my body was like being held down by something, but whatever was holding me down put fear in me.  I wanted to shout, but my mouth couldn't move, I tried to turn and look at what was holding me, but my body couldn't move. I started praying, and the more I tried to pray and call on to Jesus it was like the more I felt the fear trying to overtake me, but I didn't stop calling to Jesus till the attack disappeared. I woke up shaking; the attack kept repeating over and over till the last of it, then I fall asleep again.
The attack happened again, but something was different this time, in the attacks before I couldn't turn or move, and when it happened again, and I couldn't move.  I started praying, and a very bright light come from the door, and its brighten up the room so that I could see what was attacking me. It was a figure of a man with no head.
I prayed, and the attack was gone. I woke up, and something was telling me it's all over.  I fell asleep again, and the attack didn't come back.
Please, can someone tell me what is the meaning of all this, because I am a little bit confused, thanks.

Ashley: United States

What does it mean to dream about being sleep and a figure flies in the window and kill the person next to you then flies back in the sky through the clouds in the print of an angel.

Dennis: United States

I was standing, and dark image grabbed me covered my mouth. I attempted to scream and free myself, but I struggled. I eventually awakened my wife.

Chelsea: United States

I need help with these dreams about dead people in dark white robes.

Nesha: United States

I had a dream last night...some would say it is horrifying. It was thunder-storming really bad where my family and I was at...then I hear this loud crack in the sky...this crack connected with another crack and as it connected the sky opened up, and It was dark red, and the wind blew everywhere...then I woke up? This did not scare me when I woke.... Do I want to know what this means exactly?

This is a Link to:
"Tabitha's Beautiful and Strange Nightmare"

Last night I had a very scary beautiful and strange dream which some would call a nightmare. I could glimpse into the heavens my body began to slowly descending....

"Tabitha's Beautiful and Strange Nightmare"

Last night I had a very scary beautiful and strange dream which some would call a nightmare. I could glimpse into the heavens my body began to descend slowly....

Arpan: Nepal

I was returning from college but had missed my last bus and decided to walk home. When I reached home, it was dark.

When I went inside, I saw a strange man sleeping in my bed. I was very scared, my mind went blank, couldn't help myself and just killed him - stabbed him with a knife. I was very frightened, so I dragged him to my backyard and buried him without any others help. 

I didn't return to my room but just started walking. I went far away from my house as I walked I saw the same man whom I had killed pass by my side. I ran, and above the hill, I saw many people gathered, and when I reached there, I saw the same man whom I killed and buried was laying there. He was dead but no sign of stabbing. I was so surprised, and again I ran from there. Again in my way the same man trying to talk with me.....he was whispering, but I didn't hear. I still ran, and I saw a graveyard where people were burying the man who was talking with me and whom I killed that very night. Then suddenly I woke up.

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