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"Children Dreams"
And Visits from God

Do you believe that God visits children? Apparently He does. This is a new page for children's dreams. Scroll to the bottom  to enter your child's dream or visit from God.

The Dreams of Children

Kurt: Country

Hey everyone, I have a long story. I will keep it short.

When I was 11 years old, I visibly saw Jesus. Yes, I said it! It’s a long story, and I don’t want to get into it, but I have seen him.

I grew up rough and have always had tremendous values and morals, but my message is always to put yourself into someone else’s shoes before you criticize another creature.

Maybe one day, I will have to unleash the story of my life. It is the most amazing experience you could ever encounter. God bless you all, and always please others. That is the true vision of God.

Cade: United States

I was four years old...I was napping in the middle of the day, and the Holy Spirit took me into Heaven. There, I was, only a spirit, but I had wings, and to this very day, I can remember using muscles in my back to use said wings. I was in a room, beautiful stained glass all around me, the presence of The Almighty, Everlasting God all around me. As I was flying around this room, another spirit being (Angelic) was in my face...The mood was happy, joyous, even. Then in a flash, I was sent down to earth where I encountered Yeshua The Messiah for the very first time. He was laying stretched out in an adult-sized manger with His arms and feet crossed. I asked Him, "Are you, Jesus?" And then I woke up.

Rio: United States

This was my daughters dream she was 4 yrs at the time. She said Jesus had taken her up and the angels wrote her a message in a language she could understand and that Jesus was sitting in a small wooden chair wearing just a brown robe with brown hair and eyes.

He took a cup and tossed it to her and said that it was the only way to destroy the "evil" Jesus, antichrist) and that he couldn't get off his chair, or the Earth was going to blow up.

He had to go back to Earth to get the families of the ones he already took to heaven once the evil Jesus aka antichrist was destroyed. She said Jesus came on a cloud and got the families and once the Earth blew up his eyes turned all different colors and his clothes were different.

I had never read the book of revelation until after she told me of her dream there's no way she could have known of these things unless it was God showing her these things.

Juan: Costa Rica

My cousin, who is five years old had an interesting dream two weeks ago. I can say that my close family (mom, dad, grandma, and I) is religious, or at least we truly believe in God. However, we have been respectful with my uncle and his family at he is not so into religious, not even images or religious pictures in his house.

One day my cousin stayed the night with us, as he usually does, and in the morning he told us, "I dreamed with Jesus!" as we replied "Which Jesus?" (common name in our country) "He bought me an ice cream" as he loves ice cream we thought it was just a food dream.

The next morning we woke up as always, took breakfast and right when we were on it my cousin said "You know what!? I dreamed with Jesus again!!" we replied, "Oh, really! He bought you another ice cream?" "No... He just told me that he loves me."

As a normal reaction, we looked at each other and ask him, "Which Jesus?" "Mmm you know, God, looked like him" and he pointed out a figure of Jesus that is our living room next to many other things (Funkos, pictures, a bell collection, etc.).

June: United States

My son that is only 8 years old woke up one morning just as happy as he could be when it was such a rough time for him he just lost his grandpa in a car accident, and for days he was nothing but tears but that morning was different it was before we laid his grandpa to rest but he got up one morning and I asked him why he was so happy he told me he had a dream I asked him about what he told me Jesus and I said jesus really he said yes mom he made my grandpa alive again he was helping my grandpa be alive again it was strange to me because we really haven't done religion in my house I believe in God and all that but never really talked to my son about any of it but he said grandpas going to be okay jesus is helping him be alive again.

Ney: United States

My father passed away when I was a little girl, and when I was like about 11 or so I was praying to God that I wanted to have a dream with my father. 

A couple of days went by, and I was in my bed with my computer.  I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings, but then I'm looking at my computer and then all of a sudden a really bright light appeared. 

I wasn't really paying attention to it, but then it looked like a man and seemed like it was walking towards me. It had magnificent feet and a really white bright, beautiful dress, but then I looked, and it disappeared, and I couldn't see his face.

PS: United States

I had a vision about God when I was nine years old. I heard a very powerful voice tell me, “ I want you to know that I haven’t forgotten about you. I want you to know that I love you! I love you! I want you to tell them all that I am coming very soon. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the end.” I felt his presence and his love towards me. It was a love that nobody but God can give you. I felt the connection, and I knew it was God speaking to me.

Latasha: United States

I didn't see Him in a dream. It was my birthday (7th or 8th) I was riding my bicycle and looked up to see Him, and if I remember correctly, he had a few others with Him, and he had balloons in his hands. Never could figure out the meaning of this.

Vanessa: United States

Hello, I have a 7yr old boy, and one day we went downstairs to get something to eat. While coming back up, we were talking about me having another child, and he was a little hostile about it, and I reassured him that he will always be my baby no matter what. Ok, I went and sat around the table, and he sit in the couch, I was scrolling through Instagram and out of the blues he came storming at me in tears like crying real hard. I said, what happened? Why are you crying? And he replied n said, "Mommy, I don't want you to go." I said, "go where, I'm right here what are u talking about?" He then replied, crying real hard that he saw me going up in the sky and he doesn't want me to go. I was frightened, scared at the time because I was like you weren't sleeping, we just came in, how could you be crying so hard across from me, and I didn't hear or see. He squeezes me so hard and says again" Mommy I don't want you to go" and I tell him I'm not going anywhere, I'm gonna be here with u and I hold him n say to him that I love him so much and that we should pray to God. We prayed n ask for guidance, and from then I'm still at lost and be thinking what if? Can anyone tell me what does this mean? Is it a premonition? Is God trying to reach out to me through my son? Help please and thanks and God bless you all. ♥️

Nadia: South Africa

My son, who is 10, dreamed he had a little sister. Brown hair with two ponytails.

Sarah: United States

When I was a teenager, I had a dream we were at the lake in my home town. There was a bridge hovering over the water and the brightest light over the bridge. I knew the light was Jesus. I don’t remember Jesus actually speaking to me, but I knew what he was saying. I remember a sense of peace. Jesus wanted my dad to be baptized in the lake. A man was in the lake baptizing people. I remember waking up after that.

Cameron: United States

When I was 13, I had a dream that I was in an office talking to someone. I heard monsters outside and downstairs and went to look outside, and it was peaceful. Earlier in the dream there was a girl in the dream she tried to have sex with me, I didn’t, but everyone thought that I did. Later on in the dream, it went all dark in the office, so I went down the hall, and there were zombies downstairs. I went to find a weapon in a room the only thing I could find was a stick made of a weird material it was almost like it was hardened straw, and I couldn’t defend myself with it. But out of every weapon I picked that one; there were many other swords, but I chose that one. Weirdly my uncle had told me most of the meaning to this dream, but please tell me more I am a strong believer in god, please email me some meaning to this I would like to learn more.

Nicholas: United States

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, I had a dream that I was sitting on God’s lap in heaven, with the clouds underneath us a beautiful light orange and pink sky behind us. It is the only dream I’ve ever had where I can still see and remember vividly what was going on within and around me. Keep in mind, this happened to me 15 years ago as a child, but I never lost the image. I’m not sure exactly what it means, so I was hoping for some help. Thank you very much, and any feedback would be excellent.

Erin: Canada

My daughter told me of this dream she had last night that Jesus knocked on the front door. She answered it, and he asked if He could come in and join her in the house and stay. He had many musical instruments: piano, drums, trumpet, a triangle, maracas. I asked her what did she said and she said “that yes He could come in and join her. Then she heard the instruments play as He came in.

Susie: United States

My daughter had a dream where she saw her maternal grandmother who died in 2012. Her grandmother looked like her grandmother, but something was different about her. In her dream, her grandmother told her saint would cry tears of blood and ask my daughter to come to see. She did and when her grandmother asks the angel to show my daughter how he cried with tears of blood. She says the saint turned to look at her and blood came out of his eyes but the angel also looked Scarry to her. Is there any explanation for such a dream?

Lea, my son Matt's dream : United States

My son, 7 dreamed....

  • God came to 'church ‘and we were looking at him and were so so happy, everyone dressed in white
  • a bad guy with horns came up from the ground
  • he saw a bad guy, red with ten horns, another head with two horns
  •  he saw Gods city, it had glass, Noah was there
  • God showed him a bad guy put bombs all over the earth and the whole earth exploded, but God put all the pieces back together and made a new earth
  • -bad guy hit him in the forehead and left a mark, but God killed the bad guy and God fixed his forehead and made it go back to normal
  • people who believe in God go to his city, people who don't go to bad guys city
  • God destroyed bad guy and he was dead, but after 1000 years, he came back to life
  • he saw beheadings, but when their bodies went up in the sky, (their souls), their body went back to normal
  • He saw Gods castle, there was white doors and a line of people
  • God had white hair, sometimes brown, and a sash around his chest abdomen area
  • he saw thousands and thousands of people dressed in white

Probably missed some but this is all

Renee: United States 

I had a dream when I was about 11 or 12, I dreamt of a huge hurricane type of storm, and I was looking up at the sky filled with dark clouds and feeling real fear. I then called out, "God"??!! , Basically asking God if it was Him.

Michelle: United States

My seven-year-old daughter had a dream that Jesus sent her two letters, one in a package and the other one in a box.  She could not read the letters.  The second letter had pictures of his scars on his body.  They showed blood.

Aura: United States

When I was about 10, I was sleeping on a small river bridge under the sun, and  God showed me the twins towers and a big red sun behind them the twins towers had the antennas on top of them. Two years later I came to NY, and the twins towers were the same as my dream. I know what's the meaning of my dream.

Shany: United States

I had a dream as a kid I was about 12 years old that Jesus came to me I could not see a face but what looks like a man figure of bright colors, with hair that looked like wool. It was black and gray, every part of the figure was the most beautiful colors I ever saw in my life. When I awaken, I felt different mentally and special that Jesus came to me and I knew it was Jesus. During that time my mother was not taking me to church, and I didn't know anything about the bible. I was so happy I will never forget even though at the time I didn't understand.

Dylan: United States

My son had this dream, in the dream, it was him, but it wasn't really him he was in a bedroom, laying on the bed, and he couldn't move. All he could do is look up to the ceiling. When he looked at the ceiling, a portal was open, and a leg was hanging out of the portal. On the right side of the leg, there was something that appeared to be purple and fluffy but looked like a coral reef. He said he wasn't scared he just thought in his dream that it was weird and when he woke up he thought it might have been a demonic dream.

Karen: United States

I was only 6 or 7 years old when I had my 1st dream. Only Jesus face appeared, and he had the bluest eyes I will never forget the life and comfort I felt. Off and on since then, I have a premonition. 

My last dream was of a large statue of him in my living room.

I had a dream of rainbow colors ranging from ground to sky ..what it means?...this is a childhood dream, and the only dream that I never forgot...crossing my mind sometimes

Ilene: United States

1: Dream of God or Jesus

I had a dream a year ago that I was in this retro place and I was playing with my lil sis then god or Jesus came to me and said that I was gonna die soon. I told my teacher my dream then I told my therapist she said I need to ask someone else because she didn't understand. I was scared, but nothing happened so far.

2: My little sister had a dream that she went to this little town and saw houses, street lights, but no cars, and then she saw people talking and walking having me a great time. It wasn't just two people it was like a lot of people minding their own business or trying to chat with each other. Then she was talking to this beam of light, and it didn't hurt her eyes.

Carrie: United States

Hello. When I was about six I was playing around with my niece crawling around on the floor, my mom and older sister were sitting on the couch praying.  I recall looking up and seeing a man with dark hair in red robes holding an old looking scroll out towards me in the kitchen, I blinked and I did he was gone. I tried to retrace my footsteps to see if I could get him to come back but I never saw him again.

Does anyone know what this means or who he might have been?

el shaday: Canada

One night I was sleeping I had a dream that felt so.... real in my dream I was going to a friends house but when I got in us all loud herd horns.I went out of the house only to see explosions everywhere and huge arrows shooting from the sky there was thunder and lighting all of the houses was being destroyed all I did was fall on my knees saying as I looked up to the sky 'Jesus is here the end of the world has come or something like that my mom called me but I did not listen I did not get hurt not a single scratch neither did my mom .why did my mom and me not get hurt?? I need answers. A few weeks later I had another dream me, and my mom was in a car on a bridge the bridge was falling apart into the water underneath it.. my moms car was going so fast trying to get off the bridge, but we were too late our car fell into the water at first i felt panic and started to cry..but then I felt calm and mom was crying then I said to her ' I will be with you in heaven we are saved praise jesus our savior' it was also something like that...what does this mean ??? am I safe?? Why did God show me this dream help me find the answers I am only an 11-year-old girl why am I having this dream?????

Uje Pio: Canada

I had a dream, a dream a child should not dream. I dreamed I was in hell, just wondering around as if I'm familiar like I've been there more occasionally in my life time. As I was walking, I saw strange creatures getting along with people. In my eyes it seemed more of a spiritual world, till I saw the devil himself, I don't recall much after I saw him but, he spoke to me. Then I started crying calling for help, but no words were coming out. "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" I continuously kept repeating. My breath was taken away for a short period all I could do is say God's in my mind and believe in him, the next thing I knew I was up in a heartbeat, terrified, and scared. This dream happened when I was three years old, until this day I haven't forgotten about it.

Chada: Saint Lucia

As a child, about the age of 5/ six years, I used to have a recurring dream about Jesus holding my hand and the hand of my younger sister taking us to school.  My older brother used to be behind us following. In the dream, Jesus was always in the cloud, and we used to walk in the clouds with him.  I would have the same dream 3 to 4 times a week for a long time.   Then I stopped having the dream.   I lost my mother at the age of nine years, and a short time before she passed away I had the same dream twice.   After she passed away, I have never had that dream again or any other dream about Jesus. However, I dreamt of seeing Jesus Hand, and in the dream, he was reaching out to me.

Matthew: U.S. Minor Outlying Islands

Hey, my name is Matthew, and I'm 13 years old. I had this dream that I was in my front yard, and I saw these people come to my granny's house and paint one part of her bricks blue. After that, I ran into my other granny's house and told her about what the did, and I said I was gonna do something about it I was gonna get them back. But when I got to my front porch, I said I'm gonna let the lord handle them, and something bad will come back on them when he does something about it.As soon as I said that a saw an angel, a huge angel fly behind the clouds while I was on my front porch and the angel was seen clear I could see through him, but I could see the outline of the angel that's how I could see the angel. The angel had wings, and I could see through him, but I could only see the outline of him, and maybe 2 seconds after I saw this I heard a loud ding sound, and I could see myself get resurrected/lifted from the ground and before I knew it I was very high up in the sky and i said I'm going to heaven but shortly after that I started falling back to the ground and maybe a second after that I was back on the ground and then I was crying to the top of my lungs so loud that my voice was cracking and I was screaming I didn't go to heaven, and my family was nowhere around I was all alone in my front yard. That's it; please tell me what it means whenever you get the chance I sent this August 23, 2017, or 8/23/17


I had a dream of walking in a cave and seeing Jesus sitting in a very large chair made of stone. Jesus was sitting with his arms rested on the arms of the chair looking at me. I said to myself, I am not afraid. I stood in front of him, looking at him. He had a long white rob on and brown hair, I believe shoulder length. Jesus did not speak, but I knew it was him. I think I was around five years old. I have come to love God and Jesus, having a personal relationship with them. I believe it was Jesus letting me know he is with me. I had a hard childhood and survived many hardships. I can see now that God and Jesus have always been with me.

Christina: United States

WITH JESUS IN THE CLOUDS This was a Dream I had at age 2...while camping. I woke and told my mother and father everything. And I still remember it in detail to this day.

I am sitting among other children on a cloud, and Jesus is standing to my right.

He opens his hands to all of us on the cloud and gives us food...jelly bean looking food. I look at the side of the cloud and a Great Sea to the left...Land to the right.   With an unmeasurable amount of armies on either side. I look up Jesus, and he says..DON'T WORRY, STAY HERE, I WILL BE BACK FOR YOU. I MUST GO FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT. Then he went, I was content with others around, no fear, no nothing at all. Just completely happy. Then I woke.

This is the first of many prophetic dreams.

I believe there are a lot of people with seeing God and Jesus in a field...those people should meet, get together and strengthen their faith! 

I would like to get together and speak with the ones who have dreamed of being IN A CLOUD....not seeing one. I believe we should pay attention to our dreams...God is telling us where we are at. And for some, It IS A WARNING! !! Stay alert! Because if God can make a 2yr old dream and remember that dream above all else! He can do anything in your life!!!! Go to him, speak to him constantly!! In your home, at your work, in your car..standing in line at a grocery store. TALK TALK TALK TO GOD !!!!! NOW! SEE WHAT HE WANTS FOR YOU AND EXCEPT IT GLADLY. I LOVE YOU JESUS! !! PRAISE GOD!

Marelise: South Africa

I had a dream 22 years ago.  I was seven years old at the time. I remember it to this day very clear and vivid. 

I was playing in the dining room of my childhood home when my Grade 1 teacher arrived to tell me that I should not be scared, but the angels are coming to get my cousin.  

Later on in the dream, my cousin and I are playing outside. I was telling him about the angels, and he came to sit on my lap (weird as he was three years older than me), I held him so tight.  With that, an angel came from the clouds; he was in the form of a chubby child (cupid-like). He told me that it was time, and I needed to let go.  

I still remember the powerful feeling of the angel pulling my cousin from my arms.  I finally let him go, and the angel put him in an antique bathtub and dragged him down the road, and they disappeared into the heavens.  

I am not sure of the period but my cousin passed on shortly after my dream.  He fell from the back of a bakkie (pickup truck) and broke his neck on impact.  My uncle was the driver of the bakkie. 

Till this day I have never told his family about this dream.

Kayla: United States

This was not my dream, but my four-year-old son's dream. 
His dream started out like a normal little boy's dream, robots and such, but then he tells me that he started hearing trumpets in his dream, and the earth started cracking. 
After the earth started cracking, he says we ran upstairs, and Jesus was there. Out of curiosity, I played the sound of a shofar on my phone; he confirmed that was the sound in his dream. 
Now, this is not the first spiritual encounter he has had. When he was two years old, he and his daddy were in a wreck that should have done some damage to my son. The next day, my son told me he had seen Jesus in his daddy's truck, he said, Jesus was holding him and telling him he would be okay. 

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