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"Jacob's Dreams about 
God and Heaven"
Children Dreams

By Jennifer, Jacob's Mother

Since my son, Jacob, was tiny, he has repeatedly said he was with Jesus before he was in my belly, and remembers being warm in my tummy and wanting to stay. 

He has always loved God on his own. God is the central part of our family, but we don't go to church. 

Jacob's First Visit to Heaven

When he was six, he told me he would be going to haven when he was seven., and this scared me. The morning after his seventh birthday, He woke up with the most peaceful look on his face, and told me what happened.

He said he was playing Legos, and God came down and took him to heaven and that it was beautiful.  He described things he has never even heard about; He said that in front of God's big house is a big gold cross that can turn into a sword. 

He met people he has never met. He said God told him he would be coming back to get everyone, and that Jacob was very special and would know what to do. He said God told him he was proud of how good he is and to always listen to his parents.

More Dreams

In one dream, God gave him angel wings, but he has to keep them there for now. Jacob says God looks just like Jesus only taller, and Jesus doesn't look like most of the pictures people have.

Once he came to me in the kitchen while I was cooking and said, 'Mom, one day everyone will bow down to God; I said, yes they will.

 The last dream he told me about really got me: He was in the clouds at a big door, and when he looked behind the door, nothing was there, so he opened it, and the light from God was so bright that Jesus had to help him see. He said it was different in heaven at that time. Everyone was working getting ready for the big day.

 He said everyone was making something, but he couldn't tell what it was, but he got to help some. He said God told him he was getting ready, and when the time is right, he will come to get his people and that Jacob will know what to do.

He talks to God a lot and talks to people about God. He has said he needs to make a way for the whole world to learn about Jesus. 

He will be ten in four days, and if everyone had as much faith and love for God as this little boy has had his entire life, the world would be vast. 

He has been through a lot not having his real dad in his life and going through some hard things so young. He even is half blind in one eye, but his faith and love never fall short.

Jennifer: United States

Children Dreams

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Jacob's Dreams about God and Heaven

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