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Mpho: Botswana

In my dream I was praying in the middle of nowhere and the light shine brighter on me.And I saw people with weapons and they ask me what is my problem,why am interfering in their business.I just told them that am doing what I have to do. Then i prayed again and the smoke from nowhere came and they all vanished.Then the sky opened and changed into beautiful colours and bounced many times,and I saw face in a form of a cloud looked at me breath heavily and smile.

Cynthia: United  

I dreamed 5 of God's hands on the United states covering the United states with them

Tabitha: United Kingdom

I had a dream where I did something wrong, very wrong but don't know what. I repented for it and I came forth in tongue. My mum told me it was the tongue of satan but in my heart I knew it wasn't. Then a door way came and bright florescent white light shown throught and it gave me a wooden engraving of an angel, one side dark and the other side was light. What does this dream mean?

David: Poland

Hi my dream took a place on the bus I was there with all my friends that I meet through my life,a lot childhood one's and in one point the bus was like in a dark place,but from nowhere the bright yellow light came and I started very slowly going up to sky,all my friend's went on their knees and started to praying I felt great,I mean the best dream feeling ever I was heading very slow to sky and I look on my friends I had blessed them and told them that God will not forget you and he will come for you,they countinue to pray,some of them were crying,I was trying to reach them with my hands but it was too far cause I was already above them being taken by light,Can someone please help me understand my dream,thank you all and god bless you my friends

Hilton: United States

I had a dream that my wife was in the middle of a pool,and there was a guy that threw a orange ball and hit her in the face with it I was standing outside the pool and and I saw him do this I looked at him and started running toward the other towards him as he was climbing out of the pool and her mother stop me, but I my dream I knew the guy was lusting over her,any feedback would be great

Lourdes: United Arab Emirates

Dear sir/madam

I have a dream but i don't know what does it mean, i see the hands of god in heaven and its weaving but i don't know what does it mean. I see the brightness of his hands.

Flowers: Jamaica

I dream see am walking and this man bring me on this rock and say to me this is the rock of gibrlta and put my boyfriend in my hand an say this is ware we start hour new foundshion and i say to the man this is a rock how can i this'bild on this rock him say to me when the time come we will no the man beard tall and white and the hair on is head white what this dream mean

Rashane: Sri Lanka

Hi, the dream I saw had two parts. 

Part one was where I saw people gathered in our church premises.it was so crowded and there I also saw some brothers(preists) from my school.

Then we all saw this stars like objects shining in the sky and that kept getting bigger. Then those stars started shooting to the ground and to see they were saints coming down from heaven. I went in search of St. Jude who was my name saint.I saw him at our church cemetry, but when I got closer, people started surrounding him so I couldnt talk to him.Then while waiting, we all saw this bright light ,a sun like object, the light became faded gradually and we saw a golden globe hovering towards the church and then it stopped and it was Jesus who came out. He was so tall like a giant and was wearing a crown and a robe.He passed me, then I told myself, "Jesus, Cant you remember me?". Then he turned at me and told that I was one of the chosen ones.Then he asked my to follow him and took me to the road side of the church.We were playing a game which I faintly remember, but I recall me having some sort of a power to manouver objects from my mind.That ended the part one of my dream, then all of a sudden I remember me being at my grandmother's place.

There I met God the father himself.He was shorter than I with a white beard, old and was wearing a white robe.He was glowing like an angelic figure. I went to him and said ;"father, I want to kiss you and Give you a hug". And he let me do that.that was it.

I just want to know the message that god is trying to give me.whether its a heads up about the judgement day or something else?

C: United States

I was driving a car and my grandmother was in the passenger seat. I parked the car and she got out. She walked over to the train tracks and as the train approached fir knelled down in front of it. The train continue to go as she was knelt down before it. After the train was out of sight, I did not see her.

Wayne: United States

In the dream I am walking up a hill and go to support my balance from falling down the hill. I grabbed hold of a near by rock edge and it change to a crystal and then it felt like something was trying to pass thru me or speak something thru me and I said In the Name of Jesus and awaken.

Tekell: United States

When I was a little kid I remember having this dream, and I can't seem to get it out of my head. 

I was in this white house in the middle of nowhere. I walked outside and I was in a white cloak with a wreath on my head. I was walking with flowers on both sides of me. Then I stopped... the sun was usual, but then it started to go black.

After that everything started to vanish, then I woke up. And that's all I remember about the dream.

DAMEKA: United States

I dreamed that I was dying my pastor's wife hair a medium auburn color (reddish-brown). I was a little nervous because I wanted it to turn out right for her.

Violet: South Africa

I dreamed of flying up in the sky, i saw a yellow brick house on top of a mountain. I went around the house trying to find a door but there was none, only windows high up on the house.

As I was again flying, and the windows were opened and out came a swarm of bees. They were so many i became scared that they would harm me,  but they did no, they only followed me.I spoke to them and said, "go back to your house," and they returned to their house.

I had flown about ten minutes when i saw many people dressed in black. They were many, and they were attacking me. 

I remembered the bees I had seen earlier. I called them, and commanded them to kill those people and they killed them all.

Briet: South Africa

Dreams about a man in heaven, he was half body and wearing a cap and black and white clothes 

Rebecca: India

Jesus please help me get money. I have many many financial problems.  

Travis: United States

My prayer request is to find my soul mate/ the love of my life. A companion that will love me as I love them. Someone I can build a great future with!

Kylie: Philippines

Dreaming mary with red eyes then she sent me to the cemetery.

Leanne: Canada

Hi, I am wondering if you can help me with a dream i have. "I am with alot of children who are playing at the bottom of a large hill very tall. they are getting muddy and having fun then they all take off up this mountain like hill and as i watch them i feel fear and call them back the minute i call they vanish in sort of an explosion that turns into a rainbow" The dream is very disturbing. Please help

Joseph: In response to Leanne from Canada.  Sometimes dreams mean the opposite of your feelings.  The rainbow speaks of Gods covenants, the steep hill being in the valley probably of life's dangers and trials.  Climbing the hill speaks of growing up and the explosion the uncertainties of life but the rainbow is Gods covenant and word and promises.  Hope this helps.

Mindi: United States

I dreamt I was being chased or running from something and I hopped into a fast car and was driving like crazy. 

Next, I was hiding, or hiding someone in a log cabin, and thought we were fine, when all the sudden these Indian spirits began circling the cabin and started reaching through the wooden panels and windows towards me.

I looked and saw an old fashion fainting couch, and this woman was laying there. I think she was the one I was trying to hide, but not sure...then her eyes became a piercing green and then she then was also after me.

When I awoken my head felt weird, I was shaking, and felt odd.

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