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"Christian Dreams about Pets"

K: United States

My vision was on September 23, 2019:

My cat was in my arms, crossing over to the other side. He was around 20 years old. I asked God for a special spirit to be put in him as he was, to me, a family member, and my Everything. 

When I said, say goodbye, he said 'I loahhhve oooh,' and that was his I love you. So I called the minister, and he prayed the Lord's Prayer, and the boy said, 'I love you're really loud. I sat there so sad.

Then I had a vision of Jesus sitting on his throne, with his arms on the great white armrests, and behind his right elbow, was my cat looking healthy as a youth and looking at me. 

Then, a short time later, a shadow sat in front of me saying, 'how can I help you?' 

The Comforter? I believe it was.

Agnes: Poland

I had a dream that I saw Jesus, but it was too real to call it a "dream."

The night before I asked Him to show me my dead cat who had a serious accident (the cat was like a child to me). Jesus showed me this cat, but I want to share with You how exactly Jesus looked? 

He has a white robe, brown shiny almost curly hair, blue sash and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. He said to me those words " my daughter now I want show You the place where your cat will be waiting for You." I need to mention one thing. My cat had a problem with his eye. 

Well I followed Jesus and I saw my cat and was a little bit surprised, I saw the eye which was now completely healthy, and the cat said" mama I’m not longer angry with You, because it wasn't your fault, I’m really happy here, have everything I want. 

Then I looked into Jesus and I said thank You. He touched my arm crying with joy at the same time and smiled to me. and then I heard these words “You need to go back on earth" Then I woke up screaming, "I want to come back there."

"Linda from the  United States Responds to Agnes's Dream"

To Agnes: Poland

Thank you very much for sharing your dream! I cried with joy when I read it. The reason is that several years ago, I had a cat who had serious health problems. I knew I would have to have him ”put down,” and I told my cat he was going to heaven and (since he loved to play in the water) I told him he would get to play in water there and it would be a very beautiful place. A couple of days after he was put down, my husband told me had “heard” our cat telling him, “Don’t be sad mama, be happy for me! It’s just like you said here. And don’t feel bad about having that man come. I know now that he helped me. Well, I’m going to go play now....”. And I had thoughts of him playing in a small waterfall by a pond with butterflies he could playfully ‘chase.’

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Dreams about Pets

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