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My sister dreamed I was sitting on a stage and I was wearing two hats. My old pastor was there and when I took off the first hat she said you look beautiful in that one and it was purple. I think the first one was orange.

Elizabeth: United States

Natania: United States

As I was laying in my bed I had a vision I looked up at the ceiling there was a-arm from the ceiling the hand pointing at me the arm had a long sleeve with lace Bell sleeve at the end of it it was light in color what is the meaning of vision

Georgina: Australia

I dreamt of asking my x boyfriend to find me a mountain so I can build 3 buildings, first he got me a falt mountain so I told him to get me a higher mountain which he did.The mountain he got me was high and I couold foresee building on top of it.

Michelson: United States

I had a vision that i was in a vast plain land with huge mountains in the back and above the mountains was a cloud that streched across the sky with the sun shining through the cloud in this vision i had a feeling that had allot of work to do but didnt know were to start. What is the meaning of this

Mary: United Kingdom

I went to visit Irene and family. We were in living room. I kept asking where her husband was and they kept fobbing me off. Later on husband appeared. Said his wife had asked him to leave the house. She had called him and said I was visiting and he was to come home. I spent a while chatting with him and tried to sort out whatever problems they were having in their marriage. We seem to have sorted things because by the time I left, they seemed to be on good terms.

I got onto a train to go home. There was a lot of jostling on the train. Quite a packed train and someone kept on poking me in the back. I pushed him back quite assertively. When I got to my home station, I was being prevented from getting off. I said in a very loud voice that I was getting off now and could those blocking my way stand aside please. Thank you very much. Then I walked off the train. I was talking to someone and said I wondered why the back part of the train we were on was packed but the front was not. I walked towards the exit.

Chantal: South Africa

Dream about standing with crystals behind you in light purple color in front of you was a shadow of a cross i was standing in the shadow of the cross when a hand surrounded by light came directly towards me just a hand no person what does this meaning of this dream mean

Michelle Madison: United States

I dreamed that there was a flood. It was still raining and as I was standing there looking up the clouds look so weird. Then a rope came out of the clouds it receded back into the clouds maybe twice before I became afraid that something awful was about to happen so I kinda bouced or flew away over everyone to get away from the clouds. I woke up after that. Matisse madison at gmail dot com; date of entry:9/29/2016

Gwen: United States

In this dream the man said, God want you back in prayer, your prayers are like "snow on top of the mountain ". Need to understand the significanc3 of the dream

Sherry: United States

A vision of my boyfriend sitting on the couch and he said I am going to buy the next one

Lawtoya: United States

What does it means if you see your house lifted up from the ground?

Joy: South Africa

I had a vision of a old man standing in my kitchen door, wearing white clothes like a dress or gown. And in his hand was a staff and there was a sheep next to him. I would like to know what it means cause it's the second time I'm getting this vision and at night only.

Dionne: United States

I was in church and while my pastor was preaching,I fell asleep for about 5 mins and saw in my vision a mans face with writings all over,tried to read it but then a mad man came up to me and distracted me so I could forget I did but theni remembered the vision.What is it's?

Bobby: United States

Dreamed I was riding in a truck with this Caucasian man,a stranger to me.He was taking me to this house that I would now be living in. My oldest daughter was with me.  The stranger shared that the house had been vacant for a while.  I stated that I use to live up the street and saw this house several times.The driver backed up into a spot and I  could see thru the window that the house had left over debris. Once inside the house I quickly noticed the blueish/green carpet in 1 room only. There was ugly dark brown panel thru out the house. Clothing, debris, old furniture that was left inside. There were spacious rooms, all the rooms seem to run together. The stranger said many sick people lived in this house previously and they all passed away. My daughter stated that she would live in the basement but I recommended that she take one of the spacious rooms upstairs. Next, In the back part of the house(not outside) I saw a strange looking young man who was cooking a burger on the grill. Looked like he had on pajamas. He never spoke.  When he finished cooking the burger he turned off the grill and went inside the house,which I thought was my house but it was the adjoining house. I didn't like that, and I thought of how I could put up a petition to separate our dwelling space. Last scene I was sitting on a couch with the stranger and he was telling me how the previous owner had taken care of the home.

Jacob: South Africa

I had a dream we were on the queue for being employed when I reached those people who are busy employing he said to me stand aside I did so and he said the is waiting for you he didn't take me.

Ayomide: Nigeria

I dreamt I saw a small girl sitting in front of me, and she was asking me to carry her, and I gladly carried her in my arms.

Deon: Canada:

I had this dream on August 28. I was in this white room with round tables covered with white table clothes. I did not see or was I aware of anyone in the room other then myself. On the tables was food, one item in particular was bright green broccoli that looked very appealing to eat! I bit into it and it was delicious. In my dream I became aware that this was the wedding supper I was attending that so many Christians speak about!

Denise: United States

Dreamt of a tall mountain and a dog flying down from the top of the mountain towards me and it was surrounded by bright lights; then I woke up

Peggy: United States

I could never understand who this woman was I had a dream about not once but twice... She was sitting in mid air with a bead right in the middle of her forehead and she was a black woman and she asked me" what do you see when you look at me"??? I said nothing I just stepped back with my left leg and right as I was doing that she gave me a smirk I'll never forget...and she replied to me "you're wise you have a lot of knowledge my child" and I woke up..... The second dream I had while in front of her in mid air I demanded she tell me who she was.....and all of a sudden she transformed into this big dragon I'm talking about the dragon was bigger than the sky it cover the entire sky.... and all I did was look at it while it look at me and I woke up again......my question is has anyone ever seen or had a dream about this BLACK WOMAN IN MID AIR SHE HAD ON A DEEP PINK BUDDAH STYLE TYPE OUTFIT WITH A REDISH PINKISH BEAD IN THE MIDDLE OF HER FOREHEAD....IK I SEE A LOT OF UNUSUAL THINGS BUT THIS BLACK WOMAN IS ONE FACE I'LL NEVER FORGET.... I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF SOMEONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS WOMAN IN A DREAM IN REAL LIFE WHAT???. AND WHO DO YOU THINK SHE IS...IS SHE EVIL OR IS SHE THE RULER OF THE EARTH (GOD)

Bennet: Liberia

In my dream, I was on my knees ready to be ordained as a pastor.

Then I saw the cloud open and there comes a shining star in the cloud.

All of a sudden the whole cloud turned dark and I saw a half moon.

The star intersects the center of the moon. And I saw a black image like my photo

Holding in his hands the intersection of the half moon and the star on a rod and he Lifted it up for everyone to see.

Virginia: United States

Sleeping n awake, feeling overwhelmed. I saw a lot of black spots over spots. I saw the face of someone who had passed and I prayed, then I saw light incense of god has me.

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