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"Christian Dreams about Relatives and Relationships"

This page of Christian dreams is about relationships. It was  added because of the increasing number of dreams people are submitting about their parents, children, siblings, relationships, Spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.

Joseph (with the coat of many colors) dreamed about his brothers, which was initially a sad dream. He also had other sad dreams, but they, along with his first dream, turned into fantastic blessings.

And there is the dream of another Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus when God assured him that he should take Mary as his wife. Later, God guided him in how to care for Mary and the new-born Jesus through other dreams.

Some dreams about relationships are happy and filled with new hope, unfortunately, some are painful with sorrow and confusion. I am sure this collection will contain some of all.

Adrian: United States

I dreamed that Jesus introduced me to my sister in heaven, SueAnna. She was very beautiful. She wore a necklace with a cross and a St Christopher medallion.

My mother told me she had a miscarriage between my older brother and sister, and it was a girl.

My mom had a different name, but she called herself Sue for as long as I can remember.

Also, I had a cross and St Christopher necklace as a boy.

Thomas: United States

My brother passed away in 2020. I asked God if he had made it to Heaven several times, day after day. I tried my best to listen for an answer. I went on for a few months hoping and praying that my beloved little brother made it to the Lord.

Finally, after I had stopped asking for some time, I laid down to bed one night and had the most amazing dream. Jesus appeared in front of my view, and then my brother to his left came into view.

They were both smiling at me, and suddenly they looked at each other and smiled. It melted my ❤️. It was like the Lord's telling me that my brother was in good hands. This dream was so vivid and so real. It's like I was really there.

I woke up immediately after the dream faded and had a smile on my face and could feel it in my heart. I instantly woke up my fiancé and told her about it. I was wide awake!! Thank you, Jesus.❤️

Kayla: United States

I was seated on a long sofa, surrounded by other family members. I can't remember what I was doing, but I was looking at a family member across the room on the phone.

I couldn't hear what she and the person on the phone were talking about; it was like they were on mute. I don't even know if she was speaking at all. 

She just had the phone up to her ear, though I don't think anybody in the dream was talking; to be honest, it was just quiet.

Then the relative across the room on the phone called out to me, and I turned my head in her direction as I was looking off to the side.

 She said loudly, "Kayla! Kayla! Blood," pointing at me, and I looked in every other direction, left to right, trying to see what she was talking about.

I looked at her again, and she said again, "Blood," while still pointing at me, so I looked down and saw that I was bleeding from my stomach. I lifted my hands and saw they were covered with blood; then, I covered my stomach to try to reduce the bleeding. 

It came to me that I had a stab wound or something of the sort, as I felt or thought I felt a stab wound underneath my belly. 

Then I either got up and fell to the floor or just fell off the sofa, holding my neck because I started to gasp for air or lose breath, though I didn't feel I was, but just spiritually or mentally knew.

The members came to my aid to try and help me when that happened. I started to faint or pass out because my vision was coming and going, so when I finally fainted, I believe I woke up in a hospital, though I'm not so sure.

What happened after, I don't remember or if anything did. I just woke up after that. 

My next dream:

I had this dream about this specific man, who I had a soul-tie and emotional affair with unbeknownst to me until I went to someone about a dream I had of them a long while ago. 

They told me that our Father God wanted me to break it because I desired a relationship with the man more than Him. 

This was a fair bit even after giving my life to Christ, but I always thought it was just a harmless friendship or bond that I had with the man before then.

The dream:

It took place with me at school, and I was roaming the halls looking for him. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I have to say I was looking for him intentionally.

Though everyone I looked or showed up to me in a vision, he wasn’t there; they were empty also to mention that they were dark and gloomy but not eerie. 

The lights just weren’t on, and every time I went to another place or room searching for him and saw that he wasn’t there, a thought came to my mind saying, “he moved or works somewhere else.”

The last part of the dream; took place outside my middle school but was structured like the elementary school. There was a cafeteria for the little kids up front and the big kids at the back. 

I was walking down the sidewalk to the cafeteria for the big kids, and three school personnel were standing near the door; the principal, someone that I can’t remember, and the man I was looking for in the first part of the dream.

He was standing in front of the open cafeteria door, and I can’t recall if he was talking with the others, but as I went to make my way past them to go inside, he grabbed me into a real big gentle bear hug asking, Heyyy. How are you?”

I didn’t respond, but I did hug him back (smh). After I hugged him back, I tried to pull away, but I couldn’t free myself from his grasp, so, of course, I just stayed there hugging him and him still hugging me, and that was the end of the dream.

I’m not surprised that I had a dream of him. Still, I want to know if this dream is a message God is trying to tell me or reveal to me, like I still have a tiny space in my heart that wants something to do with this man.

Or is it telling me something that has happened or will happen, like him moving and working somewhere else?

Jennifer: United States

First Dream

I was praying for my son; he had become distant from God.

That evening I had a dream that I was on a pure white untouched glistening beach.

On a rock, I saw white robes; I knew I had to put one on. I put both of them on and then took one-off. 

I turned to my right and saw my son walking toward him. I walked toward him, and when we met, we went into the water for a swim.

The water was crystal clear, but rocks were at the bottom; then, I woke up.

Second Dream:

I had a fallout with some family members. Then I heard they were leaving the state. It hurt us because there was nothing said. That night, I prayed that God would wish them well, provide for them, and bless them. I also asked for forgiveness for them and me. 

That night I dreamt that I came into my room and saw a spider web above my bed; I went to get the bug spray and sprayed their nest. When I climbed into bed, all the dead spiders fell on my bed, and one fell inside my shirt on my back. 

I then woke up in fear trying to figure out what that was all about.


I have an adult daughter that cannot have children, and I am waiting on God to soften her heart and bring her to Christ.

I keep having different dreams that she is a baby again. What do you think that could mean? That eventually she will be Born-Again? Please advise. I'd love your input.

Thanks and God Bless.

Rose: United States

I recently lost my husband. I read my bible every day; I ask God to let me know if my husband is alright. 

Last night I had a dream that I was in a room sitting next to him; he didn’t say much, but I felt so peaceful sitting next to him. 

But the next thing I saw was this little boy sitting in the middle of the floor singing oh gates of heaven, and he kept repeating the same words over and over again.

Could you tell me what this dream could mean? I miss my husband so much it’s so hard for me to deal with this Pain.

Kayla: United States

September 30, 2021

This dream took place at home in the living beside the front door, I don't know if my deceased dad was already standing near or came up to me, but he told me something that I can't remember.

I grabbed his hands and said, "Let me pray for you," I prayed for him, using the prayer I pray at nighttime when I get ready for bed, and it went something like this"

"Father, I thank you for the night and the pleasant morning light. Watch over my dad as he sleeps and protect him from the attacks of the enemy; bless his mind with sweet dreams and protect his mind from unwanted dreams. In Jesus' name. Amen."

When I got done; my dad hugged me and thanked me, then I woke up, and that's exactly how my prayer goes every night when I get ready for bed, but it goes more like this:

Father, I thank you for the night and the pleasant morning light. Bless my mind with sweet dreams, and protect my mind from unwanted dreams and sexual dreams. Watch over and protect me throughout the night, and I ask the same for my sister and Kelvin. I wish and bless you with a great night and a good day in the morning. In Jesus' name. Amen."

Before I went to bed and after I said my prayers, I asked the Father to reveal to me what my calling on this earth for the Kingdom was, but I'm a bit unsure if this was what this dream was, though.

Hope you all are having a blessed day. God bless you, Samuel, and you all.

Briana: United States

I had a dream today around maybe 1 am?? September 21st.

I vividly remember sitting in a car crying, missing my dad. “I just want my daddy to at least appear before me or send me a sign.” 

I found myself looking out the car window and saw a human-like figure flying in the sky, and I spoke, ”Daddy?” Lightning struck the sky, and I got out of the car. People were being grabbed left and right by flying figures. Some heavenly, while others were evil. 

The good people were carried away into the sky by the angelic-like figures, and the bad people were grabbed roughly and flown off at a fast speed to who knows where by the Evil ones with red faces. 

I thought I would be grabbed by one of them because I didn’t believe I belonged in heaven. But I was left behind…no one took me anywhere. There I stood alone. After a while, I woke up in a cold sweat. 

I told my mom and felt like I just had to confess everything to her. She lent me my father’s Bible, and I started to read. I want to better myself, so better late than never.

Bethany: United States

I give you praise, my father. Thank you for showing me the secret things you showed me. You who have so graciously humbled my heart time and time again. I pray you will find favor in me sharing the things you have shared with me. Amen.

I should start by letting you know our father has shown my heart and soul mercy more than I ever deserved. A little less than four years ago, I woke up from a dream in real tears or maybe just tears in my dream. I just remember being so struck with grief. I dreamed my dad died. I shook it off as just a dream, but I had the dream again and again and again. 

I knew without a single doubt my sweet Daddy was going to be called home soon. I only told one person, my fiance. I told him I had to go home for Thanksgiving. I hadn't been home in years, and honestly, my relationship with my dad was not broken, but it did need some mending at no fault of his. 

So I did, and it was beautiful. I forgive him of things in my heart he didn't even know about. I cherished every last conversation with him. Every last piece of advice. On March 26th, about five months after my first dream, I lived the day exactly as it was shown to me. My God-fearing and oh so loving Daddy was taken home. 

The manner of his death was shocking, but it didn't matter how it happened; I have missed him without ceasing since that day. I can never thank God enough for allowing me to mend those wounds and to share that last meal, just to love my Daddy without sorrow in my heart. He truly is such a loving God. 

There is more to this story, another miracle that I am even more grateful for if you can imagine is even possible. Sorry, this isn't rapture related but this seemed more important to share. Thank you for sharing your dreams. I pray the Lord continues to share his vision with us in our dreams :) God bless every last one you and every soul created by the Holiest of Holy's xoxoxoxo Amen

Andriana: United States

I dreamt that I was in a house with one of my brothers, and the pipes started to leak. I noticed that there was a bucket at each one. The water was clear. I also noticed a bed, but no one was lying in it, but it looked like it was slept in. 

After I saw that my grandson was there playing with his toy. I was going to the laundry room, and as I opened the door, what I saw was astounding. There was water half the room size but didn't gush out when I opened the door. It was clear and seemed blue. 

Then I call my brother to show him, as I went back to the bedroom. I saw a big man sitting at the foot of the bed. I ask my brother who he was, and he replied my patient, but it was a little off because I didn't know him. The man was in only diapers and was tall and large.

By the time I got to my brother, I felt my feet slip, and now I was floating in the water but wasn't panicking but started to pray, and it seemed as if I was in an open area floating down. I felt as if I came to a tree in this open area that stopped me. Then I woke up.

Tammy: United States

I dreamed that a bright light shined down upon a man that I love from Heaven but can’t be with because of other women in his life and drugs. What did my dream mean?

Vivian: Nigeria

I had a dream yesterday and today. Yesterday about my ex-husband deceased mother who tried to force me into accepting his son again, but I refused.

Today, I had a dream about my late grandma I love so much before her passing, she was trying to hold a snake, and I tried to help her hold a snake they tied the snake stung me many times before I caught it.

It all happened in a village setting, and I am in the city. Please, what does it mean, and what kind of prayers should I embark? Thank you very much.

Isabel: New Zealand

I had a dream, September 09, 2020.

In my dream, I'm with my husband inside the lounge area with friends, but my husband didn't show me that he cares for me. It feels like I did something wrong.

After a while, i ignore him and tell myself that there somebody who really cares for me or loves me... then I stood to the other room watching some dance class, and the male dance instructor there had a crush on me, while I'm standing and watching,

He invites me inside to watch them, and he kissed me on my lips, and my husband and friends saw those things, but my husband didn't care about what's happening.

When the guy's dance instructor kissed me, I felt happy, but I'm still thinking that I've sinned against my husband, and it is not right.

(Long story short)

I saw Heaven very bright, and a saw thousands of Angels I know its RAPTURE I saw some people lifted up, and I'm preparing mine to lift me as well, I shouted to the Lord,

Lord, get me... Lord, get me while lifting my two hands... but the Lord didn't get me, I saw a very huge iceberg coming from Heaven down to earth it almost hit me twice, but I did not get hurt.

I don't know what's feeling; I'm confused, crying, and asking for forgiveness to the Lord because of kissing the dance instructor and leave my husband.

I feel so terrible. I don't know what to do. Then I woke up, crying (7 am).

I feel ashamed because I know I'm saved, I did what the Lord's commands and love, but it feels I did wrong that I didn't know what exactly in real life.

Lord, please forgive me, show me the meaning of my dream, I'm begging you, My Lord Jesus, My Heavenly Father. Please forgive me.

Melissa: United States

My daughter had this dream, and I had a dream of my own last night.

We were at the apartments; then I saw her;

Yep, Mamaw, dressed in a white robe.

She was in the sky and flew down to us and found a nice grey chair to sit by.

 All 5 of us, the family, saw her. We all kept our distance, not really sure why, and we all were sitting down, listening to her words.

She saw heaven (not directly but she made points)

"I was locked in a cage for all of eternity" is what she had said. Me being an emotional wreck, I cried even in a dream.

"But then I was reborn again." I heard her amazing voice. That happy voice like she saw heaven and was fascinated by it.

What all can this mean? She was saved. I don't know what the cage or reborn was. But I saw her in white, so that's all that I know.

And that was my dream on August 29th at 7:23 AM.

William: United States

I am William. I had a dream that has really been on my mind, and I need to get it out. I don't know my history if I'm Hebrew or gentile, but I feel it doesn't matter. I will believe whether I was or not. 

But in my dream, I was sitting on a bench that appeared to be near the capitol building in Washington, DC ( I was told later it was the hall of records). I was sitting there by myself; I looked on both sides of me, and no one was there. 

Then somehow, in a split second, I was sitting on the very edge of the bench when I heard a voice, and it was my Father (Dad); he said, what are you doing, boy? I looked at him in amazement because My dad had died about 2007.

 But we exchanged greetings, and he said to me, William, I need to show you something that there was something that I had to do. I said OK, what Dad? 

There was a set of marble or concrete stairs in front of me while still sitting on the bench. My father said to me; I need you to walk up those stairs to meet me up there. It was strange because I felt some kind of restraint on me as of speech; there was some type of restraint on me that I couldn't figure out. I could see my dad, but it was like his lips didn't have to move to speak. I recognized some kind of restraint couldn't explain it.   

But when I was going up the stairs, it took all my energy to climb while trying to keep up with my father. I made it up the stairs out of breath, panting. I looked at my dad, and he wasn't panting or nothing. Like I raced him up there. 

Anyway, once I got up to the top of the stairs, I saw a group of people that I didn't recognize, and there was activity going on, but I didn't pay attention to what was happening. 

After I caught my breath, I noticed a Big Beautiful hand-carved chair sitting on a piece of carpet. My dad said, William, I need you to put this on. And once you put it on, you need to sit in this chair, it was a beautiful old but new purple robe with a gold crown. 

As I sat there, I can remember thinking, why does my dad want me to do this? Anyway, I did what he wanted me to do without understanding what really happened. 

I got up and saw my dad at the corner of my eye, so I started running to catch up with him, and the harder I ran, the farther he was getting away, so I stopped to catch my breath; then, I started to cry and woke up. 

Wondering to this day trying to look for the interpretation from God, but so far, I haven't the feeling of confirmation. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. And if anyone else had a dream like mine, let me know. There's a meaning to it with Jesus,s and God's help we all will understand all our Dreams.

Thank you and with a very big cup of Gods Blessings for everyone


Liabeng: South Africa

I dreamt of my late mother, helping me to cook dinner for guests that were starting to arrive, and I had not even started cooking. We started cooking lamb pieces. I don't even know what this dream means, but I am hopeful that it is a good sign.

ReboConnie: Philippines

My Dad was a worshipper of Jesus through music: playing the piano, the vibraphone, composing songs. He first appeared in my dream in 2018, several months after he passed on.

He knocked on my door - I opened, and he was so happy... smiling at me as I hugged him, but my husband woke me up.

The second time was yesterday, now year 2020, he was waiting for me at my condo lobby with all smiles, looking younger. I screamed, jumped in his lap like a little girl, and hugged him so tightly, asking where he’s been. I told him I thought he was gone; I started to weep, and I woke up.

Both dreams occur when I am feeling sick or in a lot of stress. We were so close, and I wish he were still alive. He died peacefully in his sleep, and we were not able to say goodbye as I am based abroad. During his burial, I begged for his casket to be opened so I can touch his face and hug him one last time.

I collected all his music sheets, and I wish I could record them to honor God and his talent, but I am not that good of a singer.

Christina: United States

This morning, about 4 am my alarm went off, and I pushed snooze and went back to sleep. I began dreaming that my husband and I were walking in our back yard. He started explaining that his time was over here and that I was going to be ok now.

He keeps talking and gets me to understand that he will see me again, and what he was here to do.

Inside I'm a little afraid because I don't know exactly what that meant. At this time in my dream, he continues to feed the dogs and stands by a tree in our yard. While he was standing there, it felt like we both knew the time. And it's dark outside, but a light behind me was on us.

Anyway, he stops by a tree, and he began to hug me and let me know everything is going to be ok. And while he is saying this, all I can see is glares from a mirror-like little reflection with stars.

I try not to freak out and start telling him when you come back, please find me an don't forget me. He says he only had to go for a while, and he'd be back. I tried not to let him go, but he disappeared.

The next day I didn't know how to have anyone to understand what happened when I tried to gather everyone to the church. I remember a man sitting outside the door and my husband's parents going into another room but nothing after that.

I wake up due to another alarm going off an tell my husband what the dream was. I have to leave for work now, but I have always felt he saved me and has been my backbone. 

I did tell him last night when my mother came over, I was relieved after I had told her something that had been straining us as a mom and daughter, and then I felt free.

Man, I didn't want to feel that free

Kay: South Africa

I have been dreaming of my late father coming to life every time in the church when it's time for body viewing. In different scenarios. For almost nine years now. What do these dreams mean? Mostly it happens when l find myself in difficult situations and feel hopeless with no one to run too. Them I dream of him.

Abby: United States


Last night I dreamed I was at my parents' house. Outside, in the field, my Dad was talking to me. He asked, "Do you really believe there is only one God?" I said yes, and went to my car to drive home. As I was in my car, I heard a voice speaking. Loud and deep, it was the same volume inside the car as it was when I stepped out.

I began listening to it when my brother came up, and he said, "Do you hear that, too?"

I told him it was God and pointed to the clouds. They were bunched together, a peachy color, and the voice came from them. It basically said that God had a few more things to do, and then he was coming back.

The moon disappeared, and so the tide began to rise all around us. 

I wasn't afraid; I just knew I needed to get my horse up out of the flood. But my Mom asked why I wasn't going to tell my friend about the Voice; he needed to hear about it. So I guess I was caught up between my physical and spiritual duties.

That was the end of it

Chasey: United Kingdom

I dreamed I was driving somewhere with my brother and my mother, but a lady I never saw before was driving; we drove into this yard with a big army barrack fence around it. 

It was night time when we got there, the lady who was driving us got into an argument with another lady waiting at the entrance to this place. 

She died, and we were standing there as the other lady drove off in Her car, so then it clicked to me what we were there for my three dachshunds we’re tied up on leads.  I was going to collect them in a big panic for some reason.

As we’re putting them into the car stars started falling upwards towards these images of every evil ever committed in the world, millions of stars shooting up towards pure horror. 

I threw myself to the ground and shouted the name of Jesus; I looked up and saw my brother, and my mother passed out up the floor; as soon as I touched them, they woke up. We got into the car and drove off, heading towards the sun.

Derrick: Malaysia

I dreamt I was in a field. I hear multitudes behind me, and I couldn't look back, or maybe I didn't want to. In the distance, I see trees all over the horizon and a huge mountain behind the trees on the left side. The sky was dark; there were no stars. I saw my family (non-Christians) hugging each other. Moments passed, and I saw fire falling from the sky like meteors but only fire. When it hit, a huge sand storm came rushing to our direction. I ran to my family and hugged them. When the storm hit, I woke up in tears and sweat. I had this dream many years back, and It's still so fresh, I can still remember it so clearly like I had it last night.

L.J: United States

It was the most beautiful wooden staircase to heaven. With flowers of all kinds all wrapped around it, it looked like something my brother would have made for my mom; you see, I lost them both so close together. Anyway I saw a young little boy crawl across the table at the midway point of the stairways to a lady she asked whats your name with a big smile he said Chuckie... My older brother was Chuck.

Lisa: United States


I dreamed that my oldest daughter, who has been no contact with me for just over two years, was in my bathroom and anorexic and decided to leave my home after she took a shower and got dressed. She had been physically hurt by a boyfriend sexually. She needed to leave. There was peace in her leaving. What could that mean? 

She accepted Jesus as a little girl. She walked away from God years ago during a very high conflict divorce between her father and me when he abused her psychologically by parental alienation, verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse by her father that she does not recognize. Thank you!

Barbara: Germany

Sometimes I dream of an old childhood home or old friends. Like I think I dream about this almost every day. I don't think I'm so thrilled about the dream. This childhood home doesn't want to leave us my family dreams about it too.

Mugeni: Uganda

My experience was more of a vision as I went into a short trance-like state. In my vision, I see my 2-year-old son growing at an alarming rate from his current age to a fully grown man right before me. This happens in a matter of seconds. 

After he is fully grown, he seems to feel my presence and looks at me directly in the eyes (my son lost his eyesight at 3 months). Then his eyes turn black, and his skin becomes pale white before he disappears, and I am back to normal. Very weird. Could anybody let me know what this means? Thank you.

Andre: United States

I dreamed that my Mother-n-law,  her sister, who we called Aunt Catherine, and I were having a fun conversation. We were seated at a cozy round table covered with black and white stones. They could have been crystals or diamonds. My mother-n-law is shaking her hair laughing, and Aunt Catherine says only you Andrea would ask for a black diamond.

Nicholas: United States

I had a dream that my wife was cheating on me and sent me videos and pictures of her being sexually active with other people on Facebook.

My wife tells me there's nothing to worry about, but  in my dream, she told the people she was losing her husband and family because of her actions, so I went to pick her up and she came out, and I drove off.

My wife and I are both Christ-followers and why is Satan attacking me in my dreams

Marie: United States

My older brother died when I was 16. I'm currently 21(which was the age he died ). When he first died, I had a very vivid dream of an old memory that I didn't even know I held so dear. 

We were cleaning our parent's car outside. I was younger, and so was he, he was also wearing his old bathing suit. I remember running to him and giving him the biggest hug and him telling me everything was going to be okay. I then woke up sobbing. 

When I was 18, I had a dream of him driving on to our old driveway and my sister getting in a car with a bad group and him telling me she was going down a bad path with bad people. 

And then my most recent was the other day, and it was awful...he called me stupid..and asked why would I already have two kids and one on the way and be married at such a young age; he seemed exhausted and older and angry at me.

But he was still close. Not pushing away, and I woke up; it was gut-wrenching to hear that my brother was disappointed in me

Haley: United States

Last night I had this dream where my mother and I were sitting At home, and then my mom ended up turning into my sister, and at the time of the dream, it wasn't weird it was normal.

My sister and I  were looking outside, and we saw my cousin crying, and I told my sister do not open that door I just had a feeling and she opened the door anyway and ran into a light and then two of the same people that looked liked twins came in the house chasing me, but they weren't trying to hurt me.

One of them put two fingers on my head and was saying a scripture in another language, and as that person was doing that, I remember feeling sad and calling for god.

I saw an unusual blue light on that person's eyes, and when I tried to pull back their skin on their face to try to get away I saw shiny blue light behind their skin, it was like it was a mask. 

The light was a person from heaven or something trying to tell me something or to cleanse my body.  I know the dream sounds weird, but when I woke up, I felt different, and it felt really real.

Ronnie: United States

It was a very short dream. A man that I know, but haven't seen in a very long time walked into my house and sat on my couch. He looked at me and said, "I am at peace here" I got on the floor, knelt beside him and leaned my head on his thigh. He put his hand on my head. My son then came through the doorway and put his hand up and sat beside him.

I woke up

Darlene: Canada

In the first dream, I dreamt of my father who is deceased and was very young but did not recognize me when he walked by me. 

 The second night I dreamt of a big orange bright bird wearing a crown he was fluttering in front of me so I raised up my hands and he sat and perched in my hands, he told me to confess, and I asked him if I was going to die soon, he said yes. I awoke after the bird said this! Thoughts??

Patricia: United States

My mom passed away in Nov 2018.

A few weeks after she passed, I had guilt feelings for pulling the plug to end her pain. I felt like I killed her.

Then my mom came in my dreams, showing me what our life would be if she had stayed here on earth; as a vegetable in a nursing home.  She told me she was happy and not to worry anymore. 

6 month later, my mom arrives back in my dreams. I was making lunch, she told me to stop and to come with her.

We went into a living room setting, She was surrounded with people who were dying (some were in hospital beds,) and I was standing in the circle listen to her speak. 

She was telling them that there were no beds in heaven.  What does this mean? 

Berintar: Kenya

I am a dreamer. I dream every day, and most times, I find myself struggling through researches to find the meanings. I am a happy soul that I got this website. It's my hope it will help me.

I dreamt I was in my dad's house and I was talking to dad about Jesus, and all of a sudden I saw choppers, but looked more modern, three in number and were flying from the east coming to my fathers home. And I was like father are these choppers coming here? He told me, this is my wife, my wife has come, and He looked happier.

I went inside the house to give him space to talk to his wife. I could see him commanding my mum to go inside also to provide him with space.

I went to the kitchen. Mum followed me to the kitchen, looking unhappy, and she started to cut cabbage. I started popping through the door to see what was happening.

Then I saw this black complexion lady who was like the 60s. She looked somehow stressed and was thinking of listening to dad. As the story she was getting was not interesting.

When I looked at her finger, I saw her wearing the same ring I was wearing. I was shocked and could understand. Imagine the same ring my husband gave me.

In my mind, this lady was very rich, and I could feel daddy loved that money. I took the cabbage mum was cutting to help her finish.

Then mum went outside to wash a trouser, and to my shock, she was washing my husband trouser, my husband's best.

And I was asking myself these are my husband's trouser, And At that moment something came in me that I was talking to dad the way I normally talk to my husband about salvation; then I woke up.

Yadira: Country

My dream started in a school & I was walking through a hallway then out of a window I see two little girls probably around the age of 10 fighting & tugging at a lamb stuffed animal toy.

As I walk through the hallway, I have my two daughters Eva & Vanessa in my arms. I am led to a yellow school bus & sit down in a seat next to two young women talking about God.

One of the women said, "What if he isn't here, what if he's.. gone?" Then right after that, the sky blew up & it turned into a dark & dusty orange. I think that it was a meteor. 

I spoke & as tears roll down my face, I say, "Oh God, pls come back." I am shocked & so scared I could feel my heart pumping fast in my dream.

Then the school bus takes off & I looked back to find my fiance who is the father of my children so I see him & ask the man next to him if I could sit in his spot & he let me. 

As the school bus was driving forward, it turned into a street full of lava & we fell right in it. 

As the school bus was sinking I am in danger mode, I want to survive & my heart is pumping. For some reason I thought my children were in my arms, but they were in the seat next to me & my fiance. 

The lava is coming through the floor & I had the feeling that we were about to meet death. I  reach over for my children, but before I could grab them, I woke up from my dream & I wanted to cry. 

Right after I decided to look up the meaning of my dream, I saw this website & I am hoping to understand my dream better.

Bruno: Canada

Cities were burning, and Infections across the globe. 

Breaking news of earthquakes and panic. 

Then a voice shouted, I am the Alpha and the Omega 

The Beginning and the End The First and the Last 

This is the summary of it:

Someone shouted, there is nowhere else to go! New York City was burning, and the sky was on fire.

Sonia: United States

I had a dream I was in Jerusalem with my oldest son looking for my grandson whom he is going to court for.

Jacquelyn: Country

A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was laying in bed sleeping and woke up to this red glowing light on my dresser. As soon as I saw the red glowing light, I began praying out loud and nonstop.

All of a sudden in my dream I was now laying next to my toddler on my right side and my husband on the left side. I continued praying and was holding the hand of my baby and all while doing this I kept hearing demons screaming as I am praying. I then looked at my phone in my dream and saw demons on my phone.

I then grasped the hand of my husband in my dream, and as I am praying loudly, he began screaming as if there was a demon inside of him and he turned his head towards me, and he had tears rolling down his face. I woke up screaming the name Jesus Christ out loud.

I cannot get this dream out of my head. Currently, my husband and I have been having marital issues for approximately seven months, and I am a Christian trying to restore my marriage while he is not. I currently know that right now he is battling confusion hurt and anger within him.

Yolanda: United States

About two weeks ago I dreamt that it was night and comets were falling, so I praised  Jesus and said to my daughter let’s go be with Erik (my son), and say our goodbyes. Then, about a week ago again I saw a burst of light at night then again comets falling and then the moon. I prayed to God again and told my daughter, let’s go say our goodbye.

Yvonne: South Africa

 I dreamt about telling my testimony to my old classmates and my former teacher. One of the classmates was asking if it was really true. The other guy was my ex-boyfriend he was also there. He was amazed by the testimony.

Kymberlee: United States

I had a vision of my husband hanging from the cross.  I have been praying heavy for him to be led to Jesus and forgiven.  I have been casting out sins in both us for a while now.  But today I was pressed to pray for him, and while I was I saw him hanging from the cross, and it brought me so much peace.  I feel as though He is saying He has answered and "it is done."

Kimberly: United States

I had a dream last night I remember me Taketa, my sister, Mama, Brett, my brother, aunt hallier and ALL the kids, and we were all outside, and there were low clouds dark grey. They began to make a shape, a large form that came out to be a bird like an eagle with its wings flapping and there was a long drawn out sound. Immediately I lost control of myself, and my shoulders went back, and my chest went out, and I uncontrollably spoke in tongues. It literally felt like fire in my whole body, and I was crying, and I remember someone saying, keta and Hallie went after the kids, and the kids started running when they saw the clouds. I remember seeing Taketa running in a red and white striped shirt aunt Hallie in a blue and grey shirt, but other than that everybody was calm.

Carolyn: United States

Dream Vs. Encounter. This dream I was taken now sitting in a Beautiful park. Everything was EXTRA Green. I sat on top of a  Picnic bench. From the right I could hear giggling I knew it was a family reunion. On the left, I saw beautiful mature trees and a stream of water a small Lake next to the Lake was a round hole FULL of water. When I saw the water, it was bubbling my spirit immediately said the water is alive. It appeared that everything was alive. My mom who died one year ago was there, and she begins to minister to me because the Sun was starting to go down. I was very uncomfortable with that. I saw an aunt who's alive today, but her health is declining. My mom was comforting me in that Area of losing loved ones. When I returned, I realized I had encountered a piece of paradise.

I now call this aunt weekly because I know the sun is going down for her here to rise with the lord soon.

Michelle: Canada

This was my sister's dream:

Both she and Mom were in a boat sailing the Ocean. All of a sudden, the sky opened up, and there was much Biblical stuff coming from the sky. Many fish also surrounded them. Mom was in a trance. In the dream, my sister kept calling the name "Jesus."

She saw her daughter holding a baby, and the baby was half-naked and covered with a blanket. Her son-in-law was in the dream with her daughter also

Kaitlyn: United States

My Father committed suicide when I was pregnant with my first son. I never got to say goodbye. Just like that, he was gone. I searched for peace with him, so I would listen to his favorite songs, listen to an acoustic guitar (he played guitar), go his favorite places, or just go places he use to go, and kept all the good memories in my heart. I mostly would close my eyes to the good memories at night. One night he came to me in my dream. Well I went to him; my spirit took me. We were in the ‘in between’. He has not gone into the light. The ‘in between’ is earth, no sun, no clouds just an overcast. No breeze just still. He had boundaries, he can’t go far. He’s stuck at my Mom’s house which was his house. No cars are on the road, no people. I could hear my Grandfathers voice, and my Uncle Rusty’s. They passed when I was 8 and I am now 27. I didn’t see them, but the sound came from the overcast sky. They can talk to my dad. When we entered the house, I could see my mom and sister. My sister now lives with my mom. They were in the kitchen watching TV and drinking wine. They were talking about my dad, they were laughing, crying. My dad and I sat in the window seat and watched them. He was telling me he regrets what he did, and he loved watching over my son. There was a light at the end of the driveway and I asked him if that was heaven. I started walking towards it and he told me not to go into the light. So, I stopped. I got to tell him I love him and to tell him about my son. Ever since that dream I felt peace. And to make it stranger, I told my mom about my dream. My mom and my sister were in the kitchen that night watching tv and drinking wine. My spirit may have really been there to watch. I left my bed that night.

Denise: South Africa

Dreamed my two young daughters went missing in flooded streets I could hear them crying mommy help! Woke up with me in gut reaching crying

Nokuthola: Country

Good afternoon. I dreamed I was outside during the day and there were clouds in the sky. White and dark clouds. 

Next thing I saw a man figure looking like a king with a crown on his head crossing the clouds from the white clouds to the dark clouds; he was very big and when I called my father to come to see he rushed to the dark clouds.
After the man disappeared in the dark clouds the whole sky was dark, and it began to rain, but it was raining fish live fishes big live fishes.
When I took one into my hands to show it to my family my father was not in the house only my sister and my mom and the fish in my hand was no longer alive but cooked without head or tail. I tried explaining to my family what happened but they do not believe me a telephone call woke me up before they could go out and see the rain.
This dream is bothering me as I never remember my dreams but this one and the one I dreamed two weeks ago about Matthews 5:5 was so real please help me.

Debra: United States
I saw a gold chain necklace with my son Shannon's name written in silver. The necklace was in a bright circle of light.
It was like a vision in a dream.

Ashleigh: United States

My grandfather recently passed, and My daughter and I were the ones to find him. He was a believer in Christ the Son of God. My dream occurred last night. I dreamt my mother called me to tell me of his passing, and my daughter was standing behind me. We walked outside, and I saw a bright light in the sky ascending towards Heaven. Once it became clear I knew it was the Angel with my grandfather taking him to Heaven. I got so excited and started waving my hands and making an excited noise like little children make. I began to ascend as well and made it just to the rooftop. Then I remember my husband rubbing my back saying are you okay, wake up, are you okay. I woke up crying and smiling saying I was going to Heaven with my Grandpa and the Angel. He said my whole body was shaking and I looked like I was having a seizure (I do not have any conditions that would cause this) The wings of the Angel were so bright and shiny more beautiful than the best sunrise you have ever seen. I cant wait until we all get to see this and know it will be the best sight and surprise we could ever imagine.

Paula: United States

Use to dream of my mother standing outside a dorm door her housecoat waving in the wind & I couldn't get to her. She is still alive today; I'm her caregiver.

Lauren: United States

I had a dream that a header of thorns was placed on my head, but I did not see from who.this dream followed after I had a dream of my son's father and his new female he is not with. My son who is five has had three days in a row a dream about a  snake and has come into my room and says he is scared .side note sons father has completely cut off contact with son and myself out of nowhere after involving himself with this female. he changed after he went to Jamaica with her

Algie: South Africa

I constantly dream of finding a closet in mothers home filled with clothing that belongs to me. Most times it is clothing with labels on brand new clothing that was never worn, but it belongs to me. It is clothing that I had in the past, and I am now finding it. Sometimes in the dream, I am looking for shoes, and I can only find one shoe, and then I stumble upon a closet with all my clothing in it.

Vai: Australia

I dreamt I was driving in a dark road no lights with my sister in law and she kept saying how can I see when there is no light, I got mad and told her don’t tell me how to drive. As we continued at the end of the road, there was a bright light I told my sister in law stay in the car I got out of the car, and then my clothes changed to a straight white dress, then I crossed over leaving my sister in law behind. What will this dream mean

Lorette: United States

This was actually my grandmother's dream, but she is internet challenged. She said she was walking down the street and heard a lot of voices say "its the end of time" so she walked into what looked like to be a Catholic church and sat down. Then some people came in carrying a grey coffin and sat it down at the front of the church. She said something told her she needed to go up to the closed coffin and cry just one tear so she did and when she turned back to look at it it was open, and it was Jesus. He said "hold out your hand" gave her some jewels. After that, she turned to walk out of the church, and her daughter and son-in-law who she doesn't talk to anymore were sitting at a long table in the back of the church with a wedding cake between them. She walked up to them and said congratulations (they have been married for 20 years though in real life) and they both ignored her as she wasn't there. Even a man in another pew acted as she wasn't there. She walked out of the church, and that's all she can remember; this was a year ago, and she thinks about this dream every day. What does it mean?

Angel: United States

Thirteen years ago I was pregnant with my son, and for the nine months of my pregnancy, I had very vivid dreams. I remember like it was yesterday which are weighing heavy on my heart as for why but they would be of my grandfather who was deceased. The first time he came to me was to tell me I was expecting my son on the day I found out but had told no one, and on several other occasions, he came when things would be wrong with things wrong happening going on in life. For example, my nephew was born and had to be put on a ventilator to keep breathing at two weeks old, so the doctor was called in the middle of the night to do this. I woke up and knew something was not right but did not know what and went back to sleep and dreamed of him. He told me death was all around but it would be alright he was with God and they were intervening. It wasn’t until I went to the hospital the next day that I realized the time frame of when I woke up, and the doctor was called was when my grandfather came to me, and what my grandfather was telling me. On other occasions, my grandfather came to my older son and me was in trouble and I had dreams when I would be an angel and I would fly and would wake up and would be stretched out with my arms above my head as if I was flying. In one dream I was flying and looking for my mother. I was flying above the earth, and I could see it as it would be in the future it was like it was the devil's worlds because he was chasing me trying to chase me out of it. I tried to find my mother but couldn’t, so I flew and flew and flew and then God pulled me up by my arms into heaven and told me I could rest here I was tired, and immediately everything stopped, and I felted such peace. The next morning God woke me up and told me I had to go, I didn’t want to go but he said I must.  Also, the last time I dreamed of my grandfather we were at his home on Sunday visiting as we had always done and at the end of the day he went outside to the back of the yard. I ask, where are you going, he said he must go he was just visiting once more. I begged him to stay, but he ascended into heaven, and I have dreamed no more, after giving birth to my son, of him or God or of being an Angel.

Rita: United States

I had a dream that my mother in law came to my house. She lives in a different country, and she brought two young boys with her one of them he was a kid like 7 yrs old, and I asked her who are they, but she did not say anything, and their face was white, and they were sitting on the couch they did not say anything.
Also, I was sitting with my father in law who also came here and with my husband, and they were talking very silly, but I was shocked from the way they were talking. Then my father in law told me that in my language, it is not English (ya ya start your radio ) that means start complaining or keep talking, blah blah blah.
I had lots of stuff in my dream like I was serving cake and food, but the good cooked stuff was on the table not too fancy though. And I remember that I saw in the garage lots of chicken legs. Where left overnight outside the freezer because my freezer is in the garage, so I said oh my God I forgot it outside how did I forget. I smelled it smelled a little bad, but I still put it in the freezer.
I had a bad feeling when I wake up from this dream, and that's how I know that the dream was not good, but I am not sure, what does mean?

Laura: United States

Hello, I dreamed of a beautiful vibrant rainbow in its entirety. Arched behind my Fathers home which I still visit frequently. I admired it for a while then it started to get close enough for me to touch it. It was the consistency of cotton candy, and so I tasted it and sure enough- that’s what it tasted like too.

Nancy: United States

I had a dream of three people around me, (family members). And in my dream every time I tried praying I will saw them putting like a rag or sock in their mouth. I was so scared I started praying harder.. but the more I prayed the worst I made it for my loved ones. I woke up still praying...

Destinee: United States

I had a dream in a building I have never seen before, and I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a church because all the people that go to my church were there and it seemed like a party. I walked past my ex then went outside to meet with the girl I’m dating now. She was in a white dress and had long hair, and I couldn’t see her face, but I knew it was the girl I’m dating, and for some reason, she didn’t come in the church. So we went to my mom's car then her whole outfit changed, and everyone from the church moved outside, and it was about to storm, but they all were still dancing while it was dark and cloudy.

Sophie: United States

A vision:
I have not received anything biblical. And this was not a dream at all!

Although I had a stunning event in which I felt incredibly guilty for doing something I should not have done. I wept on my bed, with tears streaming down my face,  unaware of anything else, but what I have done to someone I had loved( and still love). Then a very very bright golden light filled my eyes! It only lasted for a few seconds, but in those seconds, I thought I was dying. I remember screaming “ I don’t want to die!” And then the light vanished! As quickly as it came. This light can only be seen by my eyes, and it’s was seen by my mind's eye:) I refused my crying, after that, but I am not so sure if I apologized. I think I may have; hopefully I did!

Janet: Ghana

Hi, someone had a dream about me that I was stung by bees and covered in black soil or dirt and someone who looks like my mom and a relative was laughing at me.

Dee: United States

I saw my ex-husband standing in front of me, no emotion. Wearing shiny armor with something red on both pieces one was around the neck and a chest plate. Then daughter & I was riding in his truck. She was driving, so confused about why she was. Then I noticed two sets of toy figurines; one was a girl and the other a boy. I looked up to say something, but my daughter said don't say anything. My ex was abusive, and he stalked me., But I moved away. Does anyone feel as though this may mean a body bomb? That he may know where I might be?

Dorothy: United States

I dreamed my ex-boyfriend was praying with me. We were hugging, and I could literally feel our hearts beating together in my dream. What does this mean? I still love him

Lisa: Canada

I dreamt of kissing a certain man that I work with (a friend) and bright light beamed from our heads....and then he was walking with someone who was explaining to him from a book about divine feminines and masculines... also there were children who witnessed the light from us.

Brenda: Zambia

I dreamt my husband has been out of home for three months now, and I don't know where exactly his staying, but I hear that he is with a woman. 

In my dream, he was in a house full of both old and young women, and when I entered with a man whom I don't know, he asked me to start praying.  As I was praying the man, whom I didn't know, pointed to the stove which had dirty water, but that he said was anointing oil. 

As soon as I used it I screamed, "in the name of Jesus" and they all fell and my husband regained his senses. And he started gathering up his clothes.

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