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"Christian Dreams about Relatives and Relationships"

This page of Christian dreams about relationships has been added because of the increasing number of dreams people are submitting about their relationships, Spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc.

Joseph (with the coat of many colors) dreamed about his brothers, which was initially a sad dream. He also had other sad dreams, but they, along with his first dream, turned into fantastic blessings.

And there is the dream of another Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus when God assured him that he should take Mary as his wife. Later, God guided him in how to care for Mary and the new-born Jesus through other dreams.

Some dreams about relationships are happy and filled with new hope, unfortunately, some are painful and filled with sorrow and confusion. I am sure this collection will contain some of all.

Angel: United States

Thirteen years ago I was pregnant with my son, and for the nine months of my pregnancy, I had very vivid dreams. I remember like it was yesterday which are weighing heavy on my heart as for why but they would be of my grandfather who was deceased. The first time he came to me was to tell me I was expecting my son on the day I found out but had told no one, and on several other occasions, he came when things would be wrong with things wrong happening going on in life. For example, my nephew was born and had to be put on a ventilator to keep breathing at two weeks old, so the doctor was called in the middle of the night to do this. I woke up and knew something was not right but did not know what and went back to sleep and dreamed of him. He told me death was all around but it would be alright he was with God and they were intervening. It wasn’t until I went to the hospital the next day that I realized the time frame of when I woke up, and the doctor was called was when my grandfather came to me, and what my grandfather was telling me. On other occasions, my grandfather came to my older son and me was in trouble and I had dreams when I would be an angel and I would fly and would wake up and would be stretched out with my arms above my head as if I was flying. In one dream I was flying and looking for my mother. I was flying above the earth, and I could see it as it would be in the future it was like it was the devil's worlds because he was chasing me trying to chase me out of it. I tried to find my mother but couldn’t, so I flew and flew and flew and then God pulled me up by my arms into heaven and told me I could rest here I was tired, and immediately everything stopped, and I felted such peace. The next morning God woke me up and told me I had to go, I didn’t want to go but he said I must.  Also, the last time I dreamed of my grandfather we were at his home on Sunday visiting as we had always done and at the end of the day he went outside to the back of the yard. I ask, where are you going, he said he must go he was just visiting once more. I begged him to stay, but he ascended into heaven, and I have dreamed no more, after giving birth to my son, of him or God or of being an Angel.

Rita: United States

I had a dream that my mother in law came to my house. She lives in a different country, and she brought two young boys with her one of them he was a kid like 7 yrs old, and I asked her who are they, but she did not say anything, and their face was white, and they were sitting on the couch they did not say anything.
Also, I was sitting with my father in law who also came here and with my husband, and they were talking very silly, but I was shocked from the way they were talking. Then my father in law told me that in my language, it is not English (ya ya start your radio ) that means start complaining or keep talking, blah blah blah.
I had lots of stuff in my dream like I was serving cake and food, but the good cooked stuff was on the table not too fancy though. And I remember that I saw in the garage lots of chicken legs. Where left overnight outside the freezer because my freezer is in the garage, so I said oh my God I forgot it outside how did I forget. I smelled it smelled a little bad, but I still put it in the freezer.
I had a bad feeling when I wake up from this dream, and that's how I know that the dream was not good, but I am not sure, what does mean?

Laura: United States

Hello, I dreamed of a beautiful vibrant rainbow in its entirety. Arched behind my Fathers home which I still visit frequently. I admired it for a while then it started to get close enough for me to touch it. It was the consistency of cotton candy, and so I tasted it and sure enough- that’s what it tasted like too.

Nancy: United States

I had a dream of three people around me, (family members). And in my dream every time I tried praying I will saw them putting like a rag or sock in their mouth. I was so scared I started praying harder.. but the more I prayed the worst I made it for my loved ones. I woke up still praying...

Destinee: United States

I had a dream in a building I have never seen before, and I’m guessing it’s supposed to be a church because all the people that go to my church were there and it seemed like a party. I walked past my ex then went outside to meet with the girl I’m dating now. She was in a white dress and had long hair, and I couldn’t see her face, but I knew it was the girl I’m dating, and for some reason, she didn’t come in the church. So we went to my mom's car then her whole outfit changed, and everyone from the church moved outside, and it was about to storm, but they all were still dancing while it was dark and cloudy.

Sophie: United States

A vision:
I have not received anything biblical. And this was not a dream at all!

Although I had a stunning event in which I felt incredibly guilty for doing something I should not have done. I wept on my bed, with tears streaming down my face,  unaware of anything else, but what I have done to someone I had loved( and still love). Then a very very bright golden light filled my eyes! It only lasted for a few seconds, but in those seconds, I thought I was dying. I remember screaming “ I don’t want to die!” And then the light vanished! As quickly as it came. This light can only be seen by my eyes, and it’s was seen by my mind's eye:) I refused my crying, after that, but I am not so sure if I apologized. I think I may have; hopefully I did!

Janet: Ghana

Hi, someone had a dream about me that I was stung by bees and covered in black soil or dirt and someone who looks like my mom and a relative was laughing at me.

Dee: United States

I saw my ex-husband standing in front of me, no emotion. Wearing shiny armor with something red on both pieces one was around the neck and a chest plate. Then daughter & I was riding in his truck. She was driving, so confused about why she was. Then I noticed two sets of toy figurines; one was a girl and the other a boy. I looked up to say something, but my daughter said don't say anything. My ex was abusive, and he stalked me., But I moved away. Does anyone feel as though this may mean a body bomb? That he may know where I might be?

Dorothy: United States

I dreamed my ex-boyfriend was praying with me. We were hugging, and I could literally feel our hearts beating together in my dream. What does this mean? I still love him

Lisa: Canada

I dreamt of kissing a certain man that I work with (a friend) and bright light beamed from our heads....and then he was walking with someone who was explaining to him from a book about divine feminines and masculines... also there were children who witnessed the light from us.

Brenda: Zambia

I dreamt my husband has been out of home for three months now, and I don't know where exactly his staying, but I hear that he is with a woman. 

In my dream, he was in a house full of both old and young women, and when I entered with a man whom I don't know, he asked me to start praying.  As I was praying the man, whom I didn't know, pointed to the stove which had dirty water, but that he said was anointing oil. 

As soon as I used it I screamed, "in the name of Jesus" and they all fell and my husband regained his senses. And he started gathering up his clothes.

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