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Thapelo: South Africa

I had a dream walking with my dead brother we were going to see my other dead brother. I passed by the loo and when I came out I looked for my brother and only to find he was sitting with gambler playing cards for money and my other brother was also gambling. What could be the meaning of this dream 

Andrea: United States

I dream that a lot of rain was coming and I came on a particular street where the drain was flowing heavy. I jumped over the drain and my married ring fell off. I went to get piece of stick to get it out the drain and as I was doing so, another gosh of water from no where came and wash my married ring under the dungeon that leads to the sea. Then I woke up. I would like an interpretation of this dream

Response to Andrea"s dream:

This is to Adrea U.S.A: I can only decode few dreams due to the fact that mine are always complex. Most times too complex for me.

Now to your dream. If u are married. There will be turbulence. I mean hard time ahead that will will take your marriage from you unless you pray hard favorably if u do it with your spouse or wife in agreement. And if u are single. You have to pray against turbulence that might come to stop your relationship from getting to the altar. GOD bless you

Lisa: United States

Had a dream that a cloud form into a hand pointed at me to touch me

Maria: United States

I have this dream often that I am naked on a mountain looking over water like an ocean that has crystals in it and it's like a sunset but instead of the sun  being out the MOON is and it's huge there's no being or end just that and sometimes I'm pregnant  I have Dreams about the full moons often but the dream but that is significant To me 

Mary: United States

I dreamed that i was standing  in a pulpit and I was dressed in a long white robe and stars appeared all over the robe,and when I opened my mouth to speak the word of God lit up every star..years ago I had a dream that I was in the midst of multitudes of people and they were screaming the wind of the clouds is coming the wind of the clouds is coming I looked around to see why they were yelling and I looked up and saw a whirlwind in the clouds all at once I was caught up in the clouds and a sea of glass surrounded me  in front I looked out through the glass and seen sand inside the whirlwind and it began to make a castle then all at once the crystal of the people below grew more fierce the wind of the clouds is coming the wind of the clouds is coming but now they were running around trying to hide themselves the castle was have way made and I woke up

Beta: United States

When I was pregnant with my son and did not know I was having it. I did not wanted to know. Three day before he was birth  I saw in my dream like I was walking in a open filed with gold color wheat and the wind was moving the wheat as a soft ocean waive, as I was walking in the pathway tour the sun set, from far away I saw a man with a white har and white rope, at first look like an angel as I got close it look like a ghost, as I got closer I see an old man, I stopped I feel afraid. He come tour me and spoke with an angelic voice said to me " don't be Afraid" I asked him who are you? He respond "I'm John the Baptist ," I asked him what you wan? He said "nothing, we have a gift for you" I wake up and relies It was just a dream, but the whole think was so real.  I told my dream to one of my neighbor, she was wondering what the dream meant, three days later my son was born, she come to visit me at the hospital she said the dream, the gift. OMG. Can someone explain ? I feel I have direct personal connection

Wendy: United States

I dreamt that a guy came to my house, I noticed he was wearing white. He said he was very hungry and I made something for him to eat. As I entered my room, he didn't know I'd come out almost immediately, I saw him remove the key of my house and started running away, I ran after him and determined to involve the police to arrest his mother, but met her along the way and she started begging me and promised returning my key.

Bekham: Saudi Arabia

Dreamed of traveling from one country to an other

Deb: United States

I dreamt my boy took me high up into a mountain and sneekingly took off in a van and left me there. He was wearing a red shirt.

Madeleine: Malaysia

In my dream, I was looking out through a whole glass panel (I might be in a ship) and right in front of me was the the sight of deep blue ocean with calm but huge waves. I was overwhelmed by the ominous deep sea. However, I felt secured inside this place. Hope to hear from your interpretation of my dream.

Thank you so much. God bless

Anne: France

My boyfriend took a photo of me. I was standing in front of the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. And two birds flew on the left side and it was captured in the photo.

Please I would like to know the meaning of this.

Anne: France

I dreamt of a sea with blue clean water and all of a sudden green apples started popping out of the sea. I was among a few people..We picked up the apples and put them on the market to sell. I stole one apple and put it my pocket and I woke up.

Please explain to me the meaning of this dream.

Barbara: United States

I dreamt that I was removing thorns from the balls of my feet. It seems that I got the thorns while at church. I would remove the thorns painlessly, but when they were removed they became alive and aggressive. When removed the thorn would turn into a leach- type creature and would attach to my arm and my husband would have to pull it off quickly or burn it to make it release...I removed three or four of them in my dream.

Sherry: United States

I had a dream I had my arm stretched out to the sky and a fish fell from the sky and caught my arm.. what does this mean..

Paul: Nigeria

In my dream I saw myself wearing a top, but when I put my both hands I discovered that the armpit was slashed (torn). But I did not wear it totally before waiting up.

Riquca: United States 

God is truly amazing. Last night I had a dream that I was laying in my bed while it was daylight outside, and I could hear voices of my family talking throughout the house. I wanted to get up out of bed to see them but I couldn't. I felt paralyze and I couldn't move.

So I called out Jesus, but I couldn't move. I even started speaking in tongues but I still couldn't move. Finally I was able to move so I went to the window and I saw the sky covered in white fluffy glowing clouds. It was beautiful, but I didn't want to see the sky I wanted to leave the room. 

That's when I woke up and immediately went back to sleep and dreamed again.. 

It was the same dream but this time I couldn't get up, no matter how I tried I couldn't get up. And I tried waking up but every time I woke up in the dream, I was still stuck in the bed. I gave up on trying to wake up from the dream just wanted to see the clouds again. That's when I was able to move. So I went to the window again and the clouds were just as beautiful as before. 

Then they started to get closer and closer; then I realized that I was the one going to the clouds. I was flying up through the clouds; then I woke up for real, and I could feel the presents of the lord over me. 

Arembe: United States 

I dreamed about being in a room with some other people and we were being held captive by penguins. there were many of them and when they slept they all squashed together so you couldn't recognize what they were. we had to be very quiet to escape and when someone made a noise, they sort of exploded apart from being a group. when we got out of the building, we were in a strange town - sort of Bavarian type - and there were soldiers everywhere with gold faces. any idea what this is?

Marry: Nigeria 

I had a dream/vision that two dogs were standing beside a open door. What is the meaning?

Response to Marry's dream:

To Marry; pray against powers that wants you to keep committing errors and sinful mistakes when you are close to your testimonies and blessings. Sam: Nigeria

Magdalena: United States 

Last night I had a dream that someone gave me a gift, probably a 12" in length box. When I opened it , the content was a beautiful brand new clarinet. In each of the 1/3 parts, with 1" white tissue wrapping paper in each part. I removed the small white tissue paper and tightened each part so as to prepare and play the small clarinet. As I placed my lips over the mouth piece a crisp beautiful melody began to sound out of the basic notes. I walked around a group of people sitting on their chairs, (maybe a church). Then I approached a while male about in in his late 40's. His hair was minimal and uneven. Bald spots here and there, same with the hair. A trail of light brown hair made up for an entire half inch ring of hair all around his head. However, when I asked him, knowing that he was an excellent musician, how I would become better as a musician, he answered to my surprise, "you need to fix your hair". I thought to myself how can he tell me to fix my hair when he hardly had any.

Patricia: United States

I keep having dreams and visions of me standing on a big mountain, and a lot of people all around me. I am talking to them about God. Wow!

Pari: Pakistan 

On 25th April night I had a beautiful dream. I dreamed I was at my home and when I looked outside from the window I saw a big, pretty snowflake in the sky, but it did not fall down from the sky. 

I was so happy to see that and was surprised because the sky was clear and there was no clouds, only a single snowflake in sky.

I was shouting for my mom to see as I ran to the top to get a better view. When I reached the roof I saw that the snowflake was very big and soft like cotton. Suddenly it began to melt, then vanished into the air.

I was still trying to understand the symbol of snowflake, when I saw the sun going down and I saw the tittle bit of fire come to me from the sun.

The fire was speeding toward me and I was surprised and a little fearful when the fire came near and touched my right hand and was absorbed into my hand.

I was shocked but my hand was not burnt, then I look at the sun and again more fire was rushing toward me from the sun. I was afraid and I was thinking about what had happened as I went down to tell my mom about the incident.

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