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"Dream Warnings"

Rachael: United States

I had my dream sometime back in 2012. I had a dream that I was walking down the street in downtown Fort Worth, Texas, but the sky was a bright color like the atmosphere itself was on fire. And it looked like everything around me had been melted with some heat coming from above. And there was no one else around that I could see.

I walked under the nearest Little Bus Station area, and I noticed a man sitting down laying his head sideways and in a black jacket of some kind with the hood over his head. 

When I went to tap his shoulder, he turned to ashes and ashes fell out of his clothes and his clothes fell to the ground.

 And as I stood up to run away, I turned and saw a giant tornado spiraling out of control. It was in a street that was in the middle of the city. There were many glowing eyes in the whirlwind, and they would fly out of the tornado and go and pick up other people that were wandering around. At the time I had that dream I wasn't saved, so I think that's what would happen to people that aren't saved. And I believe God was warning me. 

I believe that's what will happen after the Rapture. For the unsaved that aren't already in hell.

Gabrielle: Country

I Had A Dream That It Was Raining Really Hard It Was A Staircase In Front Of Me. I Saw Gods Face And Turned Around And Saw A Person With A Black Cloak Over Them.

I Turned To God because He Was Yelling At Me, I Couldn't Move While I Was Sleep, nor even Cry Out.

But I Was Crying In The Dream, and He Kept Yelling, Change Your Life. Change Your Life I Will Help, I will Help You Change Your Life, He Yelled. 

I Began To fall, and was Screaming, Help Me Help Me; Then I Woke Up Crying, Asking, What Does He Mean, Why Didn't He Ask Me To Pray! What Does This Mean?

Breanna: United States

Maybe it was a warning to me; I’m pretty sure it was. 

My dream was of me standing in a building with other people, and then everything blanked out; no electricity and a huge rumble right afterward, so I thought it was just an earthquake. 

Someone else kept saying, oh god please don’t end us now. Then the earth violently shook. As we were all running for cover, I look outside and see a huge tussle of smoke rising from the ground, then an explosion. 

One hundred bound boulders were starting falling from the sky, hitting and killing everyone around me.

Tony: United States

I have been dealing with sin lately, and I have seen Jesus twice in my dreams, and in both dreams, he appeared to be the same. I see his blinding light, and as I look to him, I see him hovering over my head while I lay down in bed, and he says nothing. One of the dreams, he hovers towards the door and says, “You May Redeem Yourself,” then he leaves.


Well my dream was rather scary and simple. My friend, mom and I were sitting inside of our house. Suddenly my mom pointed out the window a little bit shocked and I looked outside.

The clouds swooped down to the earth for a moment and rose back into the sky right into the moon. The moon bounced around for a second, and there was a moment of silence before it exploded in front of our eyes.

I was terrified because I am quite gay and I was expecting to be sent to hell. A map appeared that basically showed hell and heaven.

I’d give more details but I’d have to think about it to really remember the whole story.

Leelee: Jamaica

I had a dream around four this morning that Jesus came. He was so tall, and came in the form of lightning, giving the world a part of his wrath through the light coming from his hands. 

Jesus then disappeared, so I ran into a church to tell them all about what I had seen, and to show pictures. 

Some believed, but some didn't; shortly after he came back and the people began to run away and hide. But I told them, there is no hiding place, the Lord knows all. 

What is the meaning of this dream?

Kano: South Africa

A few years ago, I had a dream that I believe was divinely inspired by God. 

I was amongst what seemed to be thousands of people from all over the world of different ethnicities and races. We were not in or outdoors (I can't explain exactly), but there was many of us, and we were walking towards Light.

We were steadily walking in an easterly direction, and darkness was following us. Just before it could overshadow me the picture faded, and I heard a voice say:

"Those who pursue darkness will be consumed by it." 

I have not necessarily had a direct interpretation of this dream, but from some bible scripture, I come to at least understand what this means. ... God bless you.

Marilyn: United States

I was seeking answers about having a friend sleep over. I found the Spiritual Scriptures about sleeping in the same bed with someone without having sex is still a sin. He had come over after I knew it was wrong. I had told him not to come over, but he insisted.

As I closed my eyes to go to sleep I heard myself screaming in fear like I have never felt before. I woke up and jumped on top of the cover and covered up. It was the most terrifying feeling I have ever felt.

I thought, and still believe, that God spoke to me, Saying If you keep this up, you will be in danger of hell fire. Please explain to me what happened.

Ken Rom: Philippines

This is my second time for dreaming about God talking to me in my dream, and 

I have a question; this second time I can't sleep very well because of thinking of what He told me in my dream. 

He told of the things He will do for our world, and what chaos he will bring. He was angry with us and would release many flies with viruses all over the world.

Jennie: Australia

Prophecy and Warning:
It was a couple of months before 9/11. I dreamt that Jesus was standing beside a river holding a chalice filled with blood. He looked at me and said ‘blood will be spilled on the Hudson River. A couple of months after 9/11 I found out a friend of mine’s father was in the first plane.

Makoa: Canada

I had a dream last night at this vast looking forest outside somewhere, and it may or may not be somewhere on Earth.  But considering that this was a dream, I was probably somewhere on the astral plane. 

I don't really go to Church, but I have an incredible understanding of the universe, I used to meditate a lot, but now I can't even manage to balance out my school-fitness-spiritual life.  Basically, there are 12 dimensions, and this is the 3rd one along with the 4th being time, anything beyond that goes beyond time. 

I heard weird sounded birds and insects that don't sound like the birds and insects from our planet, and it sounded more or less like binaural beats.  As soon as a holy white light exploded from the sky before I knew it, I was praying for something to come through. 

I saw Jesus in a robe landing onto the middle of the forest with this huge open space at the center of it.  He was speaking to me, but I am unable to hear him nor can I remember what he said from the dream.  

Now I know my prayers are reaching God and the higher vibrations of light, but now I also know that I don't meditate enough to hear God's words.  When I woke up, I was in another dream state in my room.

There was one white butterfly but several different kinds of moths, and when I startled them every single one except for the white butterfly turned into a wasp-like body structure with long deadly needles at the back, and I only touched them. 

I had to defend myself and kill them all, but I did not want to hurt the white butterfly, I wonder what that part of the dream could mean.

Karen: Canada

I had a dream a few nights ago. First of all...last summer I was born again. Baptized in the river. I had this dream that I was with a group of people and a man who I did not know said that the world would end in 30 years and would be preempted by the world running out of oil

Miya: United States

Ok, last night (January 8, 2019) I had a dream that my mother and I were walking outside. All of a sudden I looked in the sky and the heavens begin to open in the sky. I instantly fell to my knees but when I started praying the heavens closed. I really don’t know what this dream means, but I’m going to infer that it meant that Jesus is coming back soon and when he comes back it’s going to be too late to repent.

Gabriella: United States

The Dream:   My mother sent me to her car to grab something that she had forgotten. As I was walking back in, I looked at the sky (nighttime) and saw the moon. It was brighter and larger than usual. I walked into the living room with the rest of my family to try to tell them about the moon. But as soon I said, "Hey, guys-" I was cut off by my mom screaming an pointing out the window and into the sky, "Look!" We instantly turned and to the window to see a bright light about 20 feet off the ground in the middle of the street. We all stared. I was so frightened that I could not look away. I kept thinking 'Its finally happening." Suddenly, we were all outside (still staring). The bright light seemed to be Jesus or God with his arms wide open. Two angels were on each side of him. They were the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen! Everybody was standing on the sidewalks. Some were praying, crying, being joyful. They were making their way down the street. As they were doing this, people were rising only about 3 feet and gently being layed back down onto the ground and street. This was as if God was only taking their souls. God had passed me. I remember him taking my mother. For some reason, I couldn't find her body though. But I remember instantly dropping to my knees and crying out to Him, "God! I'm sorry! Please, God! Please!" Me and my siblings, as well as many others on the street, were praying and screaming to him as he continued down the street. The whole city was complete chaos. People were disappearing, and people were getting left behind. After screaming and crying to God, I woke up. 

I told my mother what had happened as tears streamed down my face. She tells me that it's God speaking to me and I must listen. She says I must get right with God. And I really do, as well as others, for He is coming soon. We must be prepared. Amen

Armida: United States

A few months ago I had a dream that I was sitting in my mom's backyard on a beautiful sunny day. My mom had gone inside to use the bathroom, and I was sitting there with a tall can of beer in my hand. When I was about to take a drink, I saw the clouds moving and the sky opening up. I knew immediately it was Jesus coming. I got so happy and filled with joy. Thinking to myself, this is it; He is coming for us. At that point, I saw the beer in my hand, and my heart dropped and felt fear while I thought to myself, oh no am I going to make it up. Right after that, I woke up.

I woke up thinking was that a warning? I don't drink too much but will have a beer here and there.

Jayda: Country

It wasn't a dream, but I really think it was a sign that I needed to get my act together.  I was in sin with a group of friends of mine, and I looked up, and we could see a person pushing someone in the mountains (the clouds looked like mountains), and I could honestly see something being pushed into the made-up mountains. It really stuck with me, and I feel like it was God's way of saying, your following, or something, I don't know.

Kenton: United States

In a dream. I was having a party, and I was in the shower getting ready for the party when all of a sudden people were in the restroom, and the party was going on. 

I saw an old friend while I was still in the shower. I could see through the upper part of the curtain. We started talking about something, and I don't remember what it was. 

Immediately I was dressed and walking around, and a girl grabs me. She pulls me close. We're face to face. I haven't ever been face to face with someone in a dream. We were so close I could see her eyes. They were brown, but with this fire glazing on the brown.

 I don't experience this often. One time when I had a dream about the devil I could see eyes of fire. 

This was different; she's yelling but not in anger.  telling me, "Leave, or you will die." I asked why and I was asking other questions. She just repeated it.  

I pulled from her and was worried, but seemed to ignore it though. 

So again a little bit later, the same thing happened. At the end, the girl said, "meet me outside." I go outside, and she's there. Again, she grabs me and pulls me close and says the same thing, "Leave, or you will die." I ask what she means. She tells me "Don't you see, your friend is trying to kill you," it was the old friend from the beginning of the dream. 

I woke up and immediately thought it was something from God. That night I had prayed to God to come in a dream or to send Jesus, or an Angel. I think it was him. I just need help interpreting.  

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