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"Nathan's Dream Warnings
And of the Rapture"


Hello, everyone/believers in Christ Jesus!

Just found this website this morning and haven't had the time to read thoroughly but I certainly will! God bless whoever created this site...I pray and hope it saves many more souls...

So, I've had at least three dreams/visions from the Lord. Two warning-type dreams and one Rapture dream.

The first one I received was back in 2011 or 2012, which was one of the warning dreams, as I was still living pretty heavy in sin at that time to be completely honest. Although what I saw in the dream sounds horrific (and certainly is), I felt at peace throughout it and woke up right after.

I felt in my spirit that this was not a place I truly belong, but where I could possibly end up if I continued to live in sin.

Although I think about the dream to this very day, I thank God for it because if I didn't receive it I could possibly still be "asleep." It was in third person view, above my head....and I felt as if this vision was during the tribulation period, not really of hell.

First Warning Dream

As I saw the view above my head looking down, I was in the back of a line of random people I had never seen before, everyone in line somehow appeared to be at peace - not moving or fidgeting, looking straight ahead, I remember one guy wearing a cowboy hat.

As my view moved toward the front of the line I saw what they are waiting for; This sounds a bit graphic but please bear with me. A woman was laying on a table on her back and in front of her appeared to be a very vicious black dog, tied back. 

I could tell it wanted to pounce on her and dig its teeth into her; it also appeared to be growling — just a very mad dog, like on rabies. The woman seemed to be in pain; I only saw this view for like three seconds, then I woke up.

I woke up very oblivious to what I had just dreamt as this is the first dream of this type I ever had like this but knew there was something I needed to change in my life to ensure not heading there, or to a similar torturous situation. 

I was heavily involved in pornography and sexual desires, so I wasn't sure if this particular sin had something to do with this specific scene, or if this was merely a type of torture regardless of the sin. Random but I also had this dream while napping in my grandparents' room, who are the two most Godly people in my life.

I figured the Holy Spirit really wanted to show me what's to come and warned me to sharpen up before it's too late and I end up there. Forever grateful to God for that. So that was my first dream (warning #1)

Second Dream Warning

My Second dream occurred only a few months ago in early December 2018, unfortunately, despite receiving my first warning dream in 2011, I fell back into sexual sin for a while, but I haven't gotten back into it, and I'm leaning on the Lord for guidance and breaking these chains.

My faith in God and Jesus was always there, but I'm sure you guys know that once you fall into sin, it really does eventually take over and puts you "back to sleep," so to say.

Overall it was an addiction that I really needed to overcome which can only be done by fully leaning on the Lord. We are all sinners, but enough is enough! Especially for repetitive sins. 

Anyway, this warning/vision I had was really quick and nothing like the first one. It was weather-related and was one of the most vivid short dreams I've ever had.

I was swimming in VERY high waters (flood) toward my car which was floating on top of the water. The rain was still falling, and in the far left of my floating vehicle I saw a bridge; it was red, but I could only see the very tips of the poles of the bridge, which shows how deep the water really was. 

After I saw the bridge, I woke up. I was still "in between" flesh and spirit during this time, so I figured it was God telling me I may still need to cleanse myself, or perhaps it was simply a dream for me to see another event that is to come.

Regardless, I received the warning and took it seriously. Isn't our God good? Despite all we go through and even when it may seem like we are disobeying him, he will always still love you and may warn you in more ways than you think. Glory to God.

My Rapture Dream

I actually had this dream a few days after receiving the flood dream, in December 2018. This one was exciting and with much symbolism, but I won't get into each symbol. But it all aligns and makes sense. I also believe I received confirmation a few days afterward which I will state at the end.

My dream started with a group of people in a circle holding hands about to pray, all smiles and my dad was the only person within the circle who I remember knowing in real life. The scenery was limited as it was on a building rooftop, it reminded me of Israel architecture sandy type of building.

I went to Israel in 2017 so whoever has been to Israel knows there are many houses and buildings with the yellowish-white look to it with possible roof space for people to gather. I don't know the exact building material, but I hope you know what I'm talking about.

But anyway, after holding hands in a circle I saw others on the rood top who were not praying and holding hands. Then I instantly appeared in front of a white man with a red baseball cap directly in front of me, as if we were conversing for a bit; This is when it gets good.

Instantly I hear a very loud, vibrating lighting bolt sound that got both of our attention. That sound happened back to back three or four more times. After the first shock the man in the red cap stared at me with WIDE OPEN EYES (as if he is so shocked with what's happening).

After the second shock I began to ascend in the sky, and after the third one, his jaw DROPPED due to complete fear and disbelief. As I was rising I lifted the red cap off of the man's head; then I woke up!

Not sure what the shock noise was exactly, possibly the trumpets. I do remember reading about a dream where someone heard this same type of sound before they were raptured. But as I mentioned earlier this dream has symbolism.

If you find out what the red cap means, taking off the mans cap as I rose to heaven pretty much represents guilt and uncovering the Truth for him. The truth was now exposed to this man even though it was too late for him to make it in the rapture.

All those times I warned them they would rather ignore me and think I'm a crazy Christian man. But one day very soon all those who doubted God and me and ignored God's warnings and mine to repent will be brought into the light and they will realize who was right all along.

I've lost a few friends for standing so secure in what I believe because I know this is the truth and I know Jesus is coming back very very soon. If they would rather wait until the rapture happens, so be it!!! 

I hope you enjoyed my dreams and I really wanted to share it with others, to more people than to just my close friends and family. My confirmation of the Rapture dream was seeing NCS with a ^ symbol right above NCS, on a vehicle next to me on the highway. My initials, :)

God is so good, turn to him NOW and don't look back! We are so close guys! Love you all and see you in the clouds one day soon....  

Nathan: United States

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Nathan's Warning Dreams

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