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"Dreams about Animals"

Navy: India

My grandma is not well, and I pray for her. In my dreams, I see a lion, and that lion sees me .. what does it mean?

Latrena: United States

November 2021, I had a dream. 

I stepped out MY back door to my back yard and heard a voice yell out, Jesus' horses are here, Jesus' horses are here he yelled twice. I looked, and horses were in my backyard. 

They stopped to let me look at them; they were saddled and ready to ride, but no one was on them. Then I saw 10,000 more horses coming behind them. Then I woke up. 

I saw a black HORSE first, then Jesus' white HORSE;  Then all other horses were white. A black horse means famine. 

The government cut off my food stamps, but my family members helped us get food; I'm still trying to figure the rest out. I'm honored that Jesus' horses came to visit me.

Bonnie: United States


It was 12 pm on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. People were out in their yards, Cutting their grass and weeding their gardens. Just a normal Saturday afternoon in the suburbs. Kids were playing in their sandboxes and on their bikes. 

The wind Started to kick up just like it would at the beach just before an afternoon storm. A flock of birds as large as a city block came flying toward us (or away from something) screeching in terror; it was more like flying for their lives. 

I know Birds Can do this at the coming of a storm, but this was something so much more than just a Storm. The sky turned dark grey like it is just before Dawn. 

I heard a siren Go off and then a strident voice with the intensity to deafen come from the sky. The terrifying Voice rings out, (if you Believe in me, take shelter and do not look to my face). 

Just then, the Clouds in the sky parted, and a bright light appeared that was so illuminating it was blinding. Everything seemed to turn to white with no density anywhere you looked. 

I heard someone say (Don’t look at it, it will blind you). 

I covered my eyes and stumbled to the house and made my way inside. I closed the storm door and turned to shut the inside door. When I turned around, I saw a multitude of animals glaring in the glass door, as to say (please let us in). 

I opened the storm door to let them in. There were goats, dogs, cats, squirrels, and a calf. The animals Ran inside as if they were running from a predator. I quickly closed the door as the animals found their way to the corners in the house. 

None of the animals seemed to be bothered by the fact that there were so many different species under the same roof. They were scared and shaken from the horror that was going on outside. 

Just then, a flash of light so bright you could almost hear it struck. I could hear screams from outside, and as quickly as the bright light came, it was over. All seamed normal, now. I knew I had to make my way out the door to investigate the event.

Alisson: United States

I had a dream earlier today, June 21, 2020. The dream was that I was with my family when all of a sudden, the sky turned dark, and a big and bad storm was happening. I saw a beautiful white horse with gold and white armor on them, then I woke up and couldn’t finish my dream.

Frances: United States

A vision of Paint horse facing NORTH  

I had a vision of a young female paint horse standing outside my bedroom window looking north, she had a brown marking on her neck and one on her front shoulder they were small, and she was just standing peacefully looking north., I turned away, and when I looked again, she was gone.

Kaseria: United States

I was at school at first. I was getting ready to cross the streets when a huge spider came rushing toward me; the dream then ended and went to me, sinking into my bed. My hand was reaching out, and then Jesus was floating in my room across From me and lifted me from the sinking bed; he was smiling. Then I woke up. He wasn’t there, but I woke up in shock got up facing exactly where he was.

Layssa: Malaysia

Last night I was dreaming, and I saw Jesus, and then I saw two lions kissing. I didn't understand what that means. Can you help me, please? I just wanna know the meaning of that dream. Thank you

Jennifer: United States

 It was December 22, 2019- In my dream, I was driving my car with my child. The clouds were falling, then we were captured. Once Captured, something evil was taking people and making a show of them, using them as an example.

They were going to pick one girl, but I told her no, you stay, I'll go and somehow we were able to get free. Next, back at home, a White Cat appeared, purring but had strange feathers on the head. Another kitten ran away at the door.

I asked in a dream where did these cats come from, and someone said cats are showing up at everyone's house out of nowhere.

Kenneth: United States

A white horse with wings going into my right side.

Roselyn: Canada

This was a vivid dream. I was in an open green field, feeling the cool early summer breeze, and everything was peaceful and beautiful. I was lying on top of the cart full of hay, and gazing at the cloudless blue sky while an ox or cow were pulling this cart. Suddenly, the sky was instantly covered with many white lines in every direction, then white lion statues started falling from the air, and there was a sense of panic in me.

Then, I found myself inside a grand mahogany house on the top floor where a woman was in a panic, telling someone to hide in one of the rooms. I didn’t feel any panic in me at all.

As I looked down outside the window, I saw that it was nearly dark and quiet, at the gate was a white lion statue standing and a huge flat bug as big a bus was over to the left side. Then, I woke up.

Tracy: United Kingdom

My daughter, who is 10, and three friends were on a trip and staying at a hotel, but it looked like a school. Inside the school was a very tall man dressed head to toe in a white suit and wearing black glasses. The man said the children could go by themselves for a walk around the block and that he trusted them. 

So my daughter and one of her friends went out a large gate and down a gravel path; part way down the gravel path she realized she was holding a sheep/lamb. Her friend noticed there was a blue wolf with white rings around its eyes and mouth and a grey belly, in front of them. 

The girls were scared and started to run, and the blue wolf was chasing them; they arrived back at the gate and went through it and into the safety of the school. The man dressed in white said the wolf was still trying to get in through the drains, and then she awoke.

I have also had several dreams and visions which have been very vivid since Easter. This year is the 4th Anniversary of my mums passing. She visited me twice in my dreams with what appeared to be messages.

Sacha: United States

I had a dream that a porcupine came into a classroom I was in, I was writing on the chalkboard, and I looked down, and there was a quill on the wall and floor. The brown porcupine came up to me rubbed it head on me as it liked me. Then I was on the floor under a table, and the porcupine wrapped its arms around my neck and hugged me. Then I said I would make it some tea. There were four different kinds laid out for it to choose from. The porcupine chose the lemon tea by sniffing and pawing at it. Then I took it to a large room to make the tea. Then the porcupine turned into my little dog.

Tammy: United States

I had a dream of a big black dog sitting in an old type chair made of stone, he walked around me sat down in the chair and just stared at me.

Ann: Philippines

Hello, I had a dream Oct.14,18 

I saw an animal that had two horns on his head; then I heard that the animal's name is 'Taurus.' What does that mean?

Rezyl: Philippines

My Dream/vision 6/25/18

I (we) saw snake dragon in sky we were so afraid so we bent down, then suddenly I saw Lion (in the sky) was coming, the lion is running to grab the snake dragon then it's disappeared, we were so happy because the dragon is gone, I told them with joy, 'that lion represents Jesus.'

Louise: United States

I dreamt that I was in a large beautiful home built in the crevice of a mountainside where another cut out mountainside, that slanted out toward the ocean was there directly close to the front decked large picture window doors. It was breathtaking to see how close to the house this mountainside was! I was looking out from a more distant room back, and there was a somewhat tall medium built man neatly dressed, his left hand tucked into the pocket of his pants and the sleeves of his light blue shirt rolled up, leaning to the right side of the then open windowed doors, taking in the view. Suddenly, a beautiful blondish-red life-sized male lion with a lighter version of the same color mane, walked courageously along the mountainside in view across from us, and I began thinking that the doors need to be closed, because the lion could easily come over to where the mountains were joined and come into the house. For some odd reason, the man wasn't understanding that, and by the time the lion made it's way to the deck entrance, the man only then moved to make an effort in closing it. The lion snuck in by him; I spoke lowly to a woman who was working there alongside of me as hired help to crawl on with me through this crawl space to hide back. I believe I was newly hired on as a nanny because I was feeling overly concerned and negligent about the lion finding the baby upstairs where I distinctively knew he was headed. The other woman, who was then asking if I could see the lion anywhere, to which I shook my head, no, watched with me up through an open narrow wall to see upstairs where the baby was sitting up on a bed fully dressed in the same color blue as the man's shirt, with a matching baby bonnet on her head, and someone else sitting there to the right side of the baby, when sure enough, the lion had then made his way to her left side! As the baby began to notice that the lion was strikingly right smack next to her at the height of him now being face to face with her, she began to whimper, then cry some. Then the lion, with his eyes on her, gave low growls in what appeared to be his response to the baby's cry, and then the dream ended.  

Molly: United Kingdom

I dream of a white worm that was trying to attack me, and I woke up.
I began rebuking the attack by praying and calling the name of Jesus saying I am covered and protected by the blood of Jesus. I prayed in Jesus name saying Fire, fire, burn, burn. The white warm withdrew from me in fear and fell on its back screeching and wiggling on its back in defeat. Please help me interpret it. Thank you, and God bless you. 

Neicy: United States

I had a dream of me standing watching another lion eat a grown lion, and then we went to the car with the baby cub, and it was coming to eat the baby cub too as we waited.

Ladonna: United States

In the first dream my family and I were sitting by a fire, and I knew it was a curse to write your name in a book and throw it in the fire and was telling my family not to do it, but they wouldn't listen. So I got mad and scribbled on a book a caricature flipping me off with an evil look on its face. I didn't throw it in the fire,  but I remember someone asking me if you knew it was a curse why did you do it three times. 

In my second dream, I was outside with my husband, and we heard something like a giant walking then a giant white bull came around the corner. And I was in awe.  I was a little scared but went to my house and was watching the bull through my screen door and was sad because I couldn't see him as well. My husband was face to face with the bull they were just looking at each other.

Marianna: United States

Dreamed about seeing black horses coming out of the clouds and seeing a hill of dirt turning into sand making some kind patterns with different colors. And saw a burning bush saw the horses in the clouds many times was just their heads.

Pamela: United States

The wind was carrying me while hearing horses; I arrived seeing my mother get up from her sleep to pick a man up. I told her, you’re not obligated to do this, dad Is gone, she said I'm obedient to God who is my husband now. I said God sent me, I did not want to come, but he lifted me in the wind, and l heard horses all around me.

Chad: United States

I had a dream of a big black dog, turned into a man. The man started sniffing the air coming closer to me. Then said he knew he remembered the smell and that he is the one that took my brother to hell. 
This dream gets to me bad. My brother had killed himself in 2012. He and I were fighting at the time so wasn't talking. Please help me with a reason for this dream.

Willie: United States

It was as if I was walking with someone when all of a sudden wolves with red eyes (and I could see the eyes very good), appeared out of high grass or woods. 
A man like being then I appeared to be driving up a steep driveway and couldn't make it due to it being covered with snow and ice. 
I saw myself locking the door with like a chain attached to the door of the apartment or room. Then it seems as if I was in a kitchen area of the place, a while standing there I see through the window a wolf slowly walking by on the ground. When the wolf sensed me looking, it began to desperately try to jump up on a wall and to figure out how to get a hold of me. From there I woke up.

JOSHUA: United States

A person looking at me said she saw a big horse with wings. The horse was standing, but it had an arrow shot into him. Even at that, the horse was standing. No blood. What does this mean?

Angela: Country

My friend has been in ICU in a coma for 37 days.  She is out now and told me she had a vision or dream.  She was in heaven and thousands, millions of spotted horses came running toward her and ran right through her.  Jesus was there, and she was ready to stay, but a hand pulled her back down to earth.  I can't find any interpretation on this. Do you have anything? 

Emily: United States

Hi. I had a dream that I was inside a fence walking amongst lions and a fellow church member was outside the fence looking at me. I wore a robe like a garment I believe it was burgundy color and I felt afraid that I did not run. I also had a dream recently where was walking and I came upon what looks like two hungry mountain lions... I froze in my tracks, and one was digging a hole the other just watching but in my hand was a bag of gravy with a bone in it I threw it to them and got away

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Dreams about Animals

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