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"Dreams about Animals"

Angela: Country
My friend has been in ICU in a comma for 37 days.  She is out now and told me she had a vision or dream.  She was in heaven and thousands , millions of spotted horses came running toward her and ran right through her.  Jesus was there and she was ready to stay but a hand pulled her back down to earth.  I can't find any interpretation on this. Do you have anything ? 

Emily: United States
Hi. I had a dream that I was inside a fence walking amongst lions and a fellow church member was outside the fence looking at me. I wore a robe like garment I believe it was burgundy color and I felt afraid but yet I did not run . I also had a dream recently where was walking and I came upon what look like 2 hungry mountain lions... I froze in my tracks and 1 was digging a hole the other just watching but in my hand was a bag of gravy with a bone in it I threw it to them and got away

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Dreams about Animals

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