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"Dreams about Animals"

Ladonna: United States

In the first dream my family and I were sitting by a fire, and I knew it was a curse to write your name in a book and throw it in the fire and was telling my family not to do it, but they wouldn't listen. So I got mad and scribbled on a book a caricature flipping me off with an evil look on its face. I didn't throw it in the fire,  but I remember someone asking me if you knew it was a curse why did you do it three times. 

In my second dream, I was outside with my husband, and we heard something like a giant walking then a giant white bull came around the corner. And I was in awe.  I was a little scared but went to my house and was watching the bull through my screen door and was sad because I couldn't see him as well. My husband was face to face with the bull they were just looking at each other.

Marianna: United States

Dreamed about seeing black horses coming out of the clouds and seeing a hill of dirt turning into sand making some kind patterns with different colors. And saw a burning bush saw the horses in the clouds many times was just their heads.

Pamela: United States

The wind was carrying me while hearing horses; I arrived seeing my mother get up from her sleep to pick a man up. I told her, you’re not obligated to do this, dad Is gone, she said I'm obedient to God who is my husband now. I said God sent me, I did not want to come, but he lifted me in the wind, and l heard horses all around me.

Chad: United States

I had a dream of a big black dog, turned into a man. The man started sniffing the air coming closer to me. Then said he knew he remembered the smell and that he is the one that took my brother to hell. 
This dream gets to me bad. My brother had killed himself in 2012. He and I were fighting at the time so wasn't talking. Please help me with a reason for this dream.

Willie: United States

It was as if I was walking with someone when all of a sudden wolves with red eyes (and I could see the eyes very good), appeared out of high grass or woods. 
A man like being then I appeared to be driving up a steep driveway and couldn't make it due to it being covered with snow and ice. 
I saw myself locking the door with like a chain attached to the door of the apartment or room. Then it seems as if I was in a kitchen area of the place, a while standing there I see through the window a wolf slowly walking by on the ground. When the wolf sensed me looking, it began to desperately try to jump up on a wall and to figure out how to get a hold of me. From there I woke up.

JOSHUA: United States

A person looking at me said she saw a big horse with wings. The horse was standing, but it had an arrow shot into him. Even at that, the horse was standing. No blood. What does this mean?

Angela: Country

My friend has been in ICU in a coma for 37 days.  She is out now and told me she had a vision or dream.  She was in heaven and thousands, millions of spotted horses came running toward her and ran right through her.  Jesus was there, and she was ready to stay, but a hand pulled her back down to earth.  I can't find any interpretation on this. Do you have anything? 

Emily: United States

Hi. I had a dream that I was inside a fence walking amongst lions and a fellow church member was outside the fence looking at me. I wore a robe like a garment I believe it was burgundy color and I felt afraid that I did not run. I also had a dream recently where was walking and I came upon what looks like two hungry mountain lions... I froze in my tracks, and one was digging a hole the other just watching but in my hand was a bag of gravy with a bone in it I threw it to them and got away

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Dreams about Animals

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