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"Dreams of the Tribulation"

Dreams of the Tribulation

Kacey: United States

I had a dream that my immediate family and I were sitting a picnic near water eating. I looked up and I see these huge red saucers with weird writing on them and hitting different parts of the world and blowing up that part. No one else seemed to be moving, but in my dream, I knew what was going on, and this was the lord's return. I took my daughter and threw her over my shoulder and starting swimming trying to get away from the bombs and as I approached a piece of land, I took my daughter off my shoulder, and she was dead. I threw her on the ground begging her to wake up, and she did. She disappears, and I end up walking around with soldiers, and army tanks driving around and then large red lightning bolts falling all over the earth is spurts. These people in weird clothing were giving away shoes with six wrote on the bottom, and they were telling people everything would be fine and just to take the shoes. As I am running trying to get away from this, I run into one of my grandmothers who said she had been sleeping the whole time and didn't know what was going on. We went to were my family was at the picnic, and everything was in ash, and the world around was in ash all I could see was grave mounds and me kneeling and crying.

Gonzalo: Argentina

In my dream, I minded my own business in some old town, I don't remember being there before, and people start attacking each other. Out of the blue someone resembling a human being tried to attack me, and I heard a voice telling me, you must face and destroy this evil, so I grab his head, and a giant burst of flame came out of my hand, but it wasn't regular fire, it was something different.  I crush this strange being with this power, after that I appeared inside a beautiful church, full of people, and Jesus came up from the ground. I recognize him because of his beard and his long hair, he was wearing a purple and golden robe, and he was holding a Jewish chandelier, he had wings made with this kind of special fire. All of a sudden the floor collapsed, and I could see an abyss surrounded by fire, and half of the people there went down screaming, and after that, the floor became like crystal, and then Jesus went up to the sky.

Flo: United States

It was an average day in the neighborhood, and the weatherman said there would be rain, so I went to my room, and the clouds started moving in but they were black, and the plants started to die fast the sun disappeared, and the power went out. As the winds started picking up everyone thought it was a tornado but no funnel and it got bright out of nowhere we looked up at the sky, and we saw Jesus Christ he caused a tsunami killing everyone! Is this a sign of the second coming?

Alanah: United States

my friend lately just had a rapture dream, she had a dream about California was split apart by a giant earthquake and falls in to the ocean, Nevada had a giant flood with water up to 2 stores high, people were screaming and running, Las Vegas was filled with creatures/demons and they were eating people alive, she saw the street where they have homeless people was eatined by demons, she saw her best friend was eatined alive, while the others got swept away and died in the ocean, she saw herself got swept by the ocean, people were trying to escape, airplane has bombs on them, tsunami and all kinds of storms are happening, she said it's coming very soon, and that is terrifying

Chelsea: United States

I drempt that scary evil people were just roaming around in peoples houses late in middle of the night and alarms all over were sounding, and the sky started twisting looking like swirls in the sky . and everyone automatically started walking in a single line to an arena and everyone including myself kept saying,"Lord I give my life to you." & also praying for their family to give their life to God. And we took our seat at the arena for those repenting, and the evil people kept roaming around and then there were some seats down in arena as if we were all waiting for people to show up and speak to us and then I woke up telling God I love him.

Mary: United States

I had a dream that the sky was so black and smoky and people were running.

Cecilee: United States

I never had a chance to share this dream with anyone., I had it four years ago, and it is as vivid now as it was then in my head.

I had a dream that I, along with probably 60 people,  were in a cabin somewhere very remote. When the dream started I had no idea what was going on until this...a friend of mine along with the others was waiting in a bunch of different rooms for something. I didn't understand what was going on and I looked out to window to find this HUGE sheep approaching the cabin, then we heard a knock at the door and by that time I had been in my room with my family, so I didn't see what had entered the cabin. 

After a few minutes, I saw this being with no face and it was going to different rooms picking people out to come with it. As it passed my room, everyone was relieved that we were not chosen until it turned around and came into the room to grab me. It made me stick my hand in a bag to grab a substance out of it. 

I did what it instructed me to do, and right as I reached into it my body felt a euphoric feeling, and I couldn't move, but then I snapped out of it and realized it was taking me with it. Everyone was crying around me, and I didn't understand why. 

All of a sudden I was in a place that wasn't the world but I, along with the few others, could see what was going on in the world without us in it. MASSIVE destruction, fires, violence, etc. Then I assume after a lot of time had passed we had been sent back to earth to see what was left. Everyone we knew was dead everything was destroyed. I was a boy whom I have no clue who it was, we looked at each other, and I woke up. I woke up sweating and scared and very confused. 

I often think of this dream and have been wanting to share it for a very long time. 

Betty: United States

I had a vision of waking up in/being in a cave. I was terrified, and it seemed like I was an early human. I crawled to the edge of the cave mouth & looked out, & the whole world was on fire. I woke from this dream, with a feeling of premonition, like this was going to happen, or it had already happened. Can you tell me what you think this might mean?

Chukwu: Nigeria

I was sleeping, and I dreamed where white fire is falling from heaven and was destroying everything, people where running,houses and cars everything was destroyed i saw my self-running to save my self from the fire but the fire that was destroying everything fall into my hands and entered my body but was cold and didn't destroy me the way it was destroyed others. But still, haven't found out what all that is all about.

Michael: United States

I had a couple of weird dreams in one of them space ships came to earth and started picking up people, and at the same time, it was the end of days. 

I was there on earth when the events took place. There were alarms around the world going off as waves came across the lands and started washing people away, then the ships started grabbing people, picking them up, but not everyone.

I was, unfortunately, pick up but we were in this pool of water or some transparent liquid, and as we were leaving earth we could see everything as the missiles from country to country were set in motion, and I could see explosions and fires around the as if it was all ending... 

At the same time, this was going on the people were shooting at the ships, because they were scared... I can see it so clear... It was as if this is going to happen...

Britney: Trinidad and Tobago

I dreamt people were dying due to things falling from the sky.I was scared, so I began to pray, asking God for forgiveness for everything I have done as I knew the world was ending.While walking, I saw that the ground was pitch black so I called my family and told them that there was a possibility that we are going to die today so let's pray.We all held hands. At the end of the dream, I said that even after we die, we still need protection.

John: United States

I had a dream where I was outside with another man, we both had guitars with us and were playing together when suddenly I looked up an to my right and said, "whats that!?". As we both looked at the horizon to the west, we saw a dark storm moving very fast, and it was raining down fireballs. He started to run away from it to the east, and I thought to myself "should I hide under a house?", But realized that it wouldn't survive this storm, so I too started running to the east after my musical friend. It wasn't upon us yet, but we were making our way to a brick building, and the storm was quickly closing in... then I woke up.

Alice: South Africa

I had a dream in 2008 at 3:30 am when I was rushing to town I found many people of different ethnic groups sitting near the shop and I started preaching energetically saying repent for the kingdom of God is near. After that, i started a zulu song and everybody even Indian, colored, and whites sang with me I went around and immediately I looked up I saw Jesus in the sky on a white horse but could not see His face He had an arrow in His right hand. Suddenly I saw many people surrounding Him, and one black guy who was lying on the floor dead woke up and join us. Is it a tribulation or not?

Grace: United States

Dream of the Tribulation

Hi! This is my sister's dream; we're almost twins. She told me she thought it was ww3 at first, but then she knew it was the end. She said it was really fast. She had two dreams.
Her first dream was of the tribulation, but she wasn't affected, she said like the tribulation force I think she said. Nothing was left, no pavement, buildings, nothing. Everyone was running and worried, but she wasn't, she didn't feel pain or anything, or sadness. She said our house was abandoned. 

She was running in a field, running from me, yet it wasn't me like I was replaced by something evil. She was running, and she said I looked evil and had red eyes and a bow. She ran to our school into the restroom and hid in a stall. 
In there were guards and people were hiding in the stalls. She said I was standing in front of her stall and I think she got out without me knowing and she ran into the field again, then I stabbed her with the bow, but she didn't feel any pain. She was crying then she woke up. 

Then when she went back to sleep, she was raptured and started to float up, and there was a huge bright light in heaven then she woke up. 

I don't understand some things like:

Why I was replaced by someone evil 

Why did I try to stab her 

Why she was in the tribulation  but wasn't 

How she wasn't sad or didn't feel pain. w

What does it mean? This was my sister's dream.

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Dreams of the Tribulation

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