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"Dreams of the End Times,
Tribulation, and Armageddon"

Dreams of the Tribulation

Denise: United States

Last night, I had a dream of a city bus, SWAT climbing buildings, chaos, and tigers in the streets; when I looked down at my phone, it went black, and the light on the bus went black. I looked up, and there was no one anywhere and darkness everywhere.

I felt the bus move a bit, and someone getting on immediately fell face down. I heard a lion, and it was on the bus. I dared not look up, held my breath, and remained silent. I felt the lion breathing on the back of my neck, giving me breath in my lungs.

I woke up because I'd been holding my breath in real life and on my stomach asleep. Later today, I looked at my ring camera and saw that at 1:47 am, the light went out from the world …

I don't know how to explain it, but it recorded a blue light reflection moving on the street, but darkness was everywhere else. I screen-recorded it, and it's alarmingly very real; darkness is upon us!

I had an angel wake me up one time on vacation, saving all seven of us in the house from a flood, and it appeared in a blue pillar of light.

I wanted to share because someone should know, as I have no friend or family member who listens to me in my life enough to heed this warning when I make this comment.

Everyone on the bus in my dream was singing,
'His name is Yahweh," right before it went dark ❤ This and the lion confirms He is on the way!❤

Cherrie: United States

I dreamed about a flood and a fireball falling from the sky, and a white church looking building with gold details around it.

I am a Christian and I believe that Jesus is coming but wonder what's the meaning of my dream.

Kat: United States

I dreamt last night that I was in a theater much like an opera theater. It was beautiful; the seats were burgundy, the curtains were drawn, and they were burgundy.

About halfway down the aisle, I noticed that the whole theater was empty, but everybody behind me in a different room was panicking because they felt it was the end of the world.

I got down to the bottom and split apart the big huge curtains, and there was a huge window where ominous clouds were forming to indicate that some kind of storm was coming. But I was not afraid.

I immediately Lifted up my hands and started praying earnestly. And I was filled with excitement even though the people behind me were afraid.

I finally told them not to be afraid that Jesus was coming. And I woke up.

Elexia: United States

I had a dream about an asteroid, but someone said, "Jesus is coming!"

Jeanette: South Africa

Last night on the 3rd July 2022

had a dream as always about the Coming of the Lord Jesus 🥺 this time, it was Short

This is how it went:

I was sitting inside a house it was during the day with a friend of mine, busy talking and busy with whatever we were doing, when we noticed through the window the sky covering up with thick Clouds.

We said to one another " this must be a heavy rain coming, and we continued with our errands, but again we noticed that the covering of the sky is now worse than before that its soo dark outside, we started to panic while starring outside the window confused with what  was happening or about to happen,

As we paused and stared outside, through that thick darkness, the moon started to appear, and a man came riding out of that moon on a white Horse. I started weeping and proclaiming many times without stopping, "it's Him, it's Jesus, He's here, He's Coming!"

We wept, and the people outside were Screaming in Confusion as I was busy weeping and crying out, saying Jesus is here!

My friend was trying to stop me," saying look, the sky is back to normal, it's not happening, He's not coming; it is just a dream." When I looked indeed, things were back to normal I, believe me, I was so relieved that it was only a dream, but it felt soo real at that moment

From there, I saw myself going from Church to Church, weeping and telling them about the Coming of Jesus, the world was so quiet that only the weeping and screaming could be heard.

I wept in my sleep till I woke up from that dream. I was in tears, my heart was so painful, and my spirit was troubled.

Dear Church leaders, God says to Prepare His people, preach, teach them about His coming, awaken them, and Let them live right in preparation for His Coming. PREACH HIS COMING, FOR HE IS COMING BACK🥺🥺💔

Lee-Anne: South Africa


I had a dream last night about a dormant volcano in the city I live in erupting. The volcano was devils peak. 

As soon as the volcano erupted, I was taken to a dormitory with teenagers. They were all being kept there against their will, but they were leading somewhat normal lives. There were numbers, and they were uniforms. 

I met a teenage girl who gave me her phone number; they were allowed phones, but their phones were monitored. She asked me to help her get a message to her mother. I got the number, but I didn't know how to get the message without her getting into trouble. 

So I decided that she wouldn't get a message and that I'd use the number alone to prove to the mother that her daughter was being kept in this place in cape Town. 

It was a hotel. It was not far from "devils peak." As I left, someone looked at me and spotted me as I walked out with my baby mother and sister and other people who I didn't know. 

It appeared to be a museum. The volcano erupted, and we were all carried away by the debris. We dodged most of the lava and the pieces of debris that came our way as we escaped; I don't remember seeing my mother and sister afterward. 

I ended up being carried to a nearby area where there was a bus route nearby. I saw the meteors start falling. Everyone was so afraid. The live wires from the electric poles were setting things on fire and shocking people to death. It was terrible.

I wasn't frightened because it was as if someone was carrying me the entire time. I could not even control the speed because I was in someone's hand. Then all of a sudden huge waves started overtaking everything then I woke up.


02/03/22 @6am

I had a dream about the end. Not sure where I was, but things like parachutes with fire in them were falling from the sky, and everything was catching fire, and they just kept falling from the sky.

So my fiancé, his brother, some young girl and I got in this car. My fiancé was driving; he was smiling, then he grabbed this Bible and started ripping pages from it, and he was just ripping them out. 

I grabbed my phone to tell my mom I loved her, but she didn’t answer. I called my dad; I said, daddy, this is it, Jesus is coming. 

He said no, this is just the missiles from China, and that he was going to the store to buy a toilet brush. I told my dad I loved him and asked him to tell my sisters and mom that I loved them. 

But as he said that, I looked out the window and saw JESUS; HE WAS BLACK AND HUGE and was floating with three people behind him, and they were wearing all white. Then I told the girl in the back seat with me to start ripping the Bible.

Then this HUGE loudspeaker started playing music; it was the music of angels voices, and it was beautiful. I started praying, asking God to please take me with Him.

Then I began to think about all the bad things I’ve done in my life and how hot hell would Be.


I dreamt that I was at the end of days, as it was imminent that something would happen.

I was speaking to 2 women about the political woman leader and her 36% ratings. At that moment, I changed the subject and held the other two women's hands and asked them if they were religious.

Immediately I heard classical music and elevator arrival to the apartment we were in. A group of individuals, men and women, came over to me and said, "it's time."

I was immediately at peace and gladly left by putting on a grey robe and taking the lead man's hand.

I woke up from a dream instantly as my body felt as if it was falling, floating and ascending all at the same time.

Jillian: United States

I was attending college-out-state when I had a very strange dream. I woke up five times during the night of November 30, 2018, and I noticed the same dream kept repeating.

I was waking up from a three-month coma at the beginning of the dream. I discovered the United States suffered a catastrophic event sometime during the three months. An asteroid had destroyed the country, and most of the buildings were gone. I saw people everywhere that looked like zombies. It was a frightening dream.

Many people believe the great star mentioned in Revelation 8:10 is an asteroid.

"The third angel sounded, and a great star from heaven, burning a torch, fell on one-third of the rivers and on the springs of waters. The name of this star is Wormwood. One-third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the waters because they were made bitter"
(Rev 8:10-11).

Please accept Jesus Christ now as your Lord and Savior. You do not want to be here during the Tribulation.

Kayla: United States

October 6, 2021

In this dream, other people and I were standing around something with this guy we were following, and he said something, but I can’t remember, then we all started to leave.

I woke up from this dream; I had a feeling and concluded that the good guy was Jesus or like Jesus, and the guy with the evil agenda was satan.

I can’t fully remember what went on, but I remember that others and I were standing beside and following this man. 

The dream transitioned to us, and this man, standing in a circle around something, and the man we were with was talking with the other guy, I believe.

The man we were with said something, I can’t remember what, but I think what he said was similar to something like, “I’m going to come and end the world,” then we all started to leave. 

Then the dream transitioned again to me standing next to the other guy; I turned my head to him and asked, “Are you coming?” and he responded, “No, I’m not. I’m going to stop him,” or something along the lines like that.

I see this dream as somewhat similar to what happens in the end, which is satan being defeated. Though satan, knowing how his story ends, still is going to put up a fight.

Still another dream: on October 7, 2021, at 2 or 3 something in the morning.

Additional info: I woke up in the early morning and sat up in bed, wondering if I'd had a dream; it wasn't until afterward when I went back to sleep that I had this dream.

My dream:

"I was outside looking up at the night sky; I turned to my right and saw that the moon was on fire, a big bright red.

I ran inside the house to my sister and Solomon (not Solomon from the Bible), shouting to them, "The moon is on fire! Come look!" I forget what they were doing, but they didn't come right away, and Solomon laughed.

The dream transitioned to us all standing outside, but two other people we knew we there also.

I was looking up at the night sky again, and this time, the moon was a dark red, and I said, "Guys! The moon is blood red!" I took out my phone to take a picture and stepped back a little, and that's when I looked over to the right and saw that there were two of them, and with that, I knew the world was coming to an end, and Jesus was coming back. I thought about telling the others what it all meant and was about to, but for some reason, I just didn't.

I shouted, "Guys! There are two blood moons!" And one of the people I knew said, "What?" Like he didn't believe and slowly turned around to see for himself. I don't know what happened then, but I remember he took out his phone to get a picture. I took out my phone to take a picture and was about to get a shot of the first one I saw, but I think I was going to get them individually.

The dream transitioned again. I suppose all of us were just standing outside. I was standing there watching and listening while Solomon and the girl, along with my sister and I, chatted. You know the look you make when you think you hear or heard something? That's what I did.

I believe I heard something, and I drowned out the chatter of my friends to listen closely, but it wasn't until the sound happened again that everyone went quiet. After they stopped talking, I could tell that the sounds that I and the others heard weren't human or animal.

The first thing that came to my mind when hearing the sounds was aliens; the sounds continued, and when we heard the sound of rustling, we all turned our heads in that direction. I got to be honest; when I heard those sounds, I got a tiny bit scared.

We all just stood there, looking in that direction, and it wasn't until whatever it was seemed to be coming in our direction, and getting closer, that all of us ran inside and hid. I don't know where the guys went, but the three girls, my sister, my friend, and I ran into my room and hid in my closet, and I was the last one to get in.

A few seconds after we got in the closet, something came in even though my room light was on. I didn't really get to see that much, but I could see that it was a person dressed in all black wearing a black cloak or something and had an axe.

The person or whatever it was came in the room, up to my bed, and started hacking at something, I don't know what it was, but I could hear the sounds of bone-breaking and flesh tearing.

I thought the thing saw us in the closet because it looked in our direction for a spilt second too long when it raised the axe and started hacking at whatever it was on the bed. For a bit, I thought it was my leg; after a while, it stopped and left so, my sister, my friend, and I found a way out through this like secret crawl-like tunnel up in my closet.

After we crawled through this secret tunnel-like passage, the dream flashed, and we were in the form of sticky jelly things, running for our lives because we were being chased by things in the same form we were.

Before I woke up from the dream, I heard a song, and it sounded like multiple people singing, but it was one voice; It repeatedly went something like this: "Go-so-mo'-sir-power," or "Do some more so power," and after the second or third time, I woke up."

Vanessa: South Africa

On the beach with my family, in the sky with flaming clouds, the words appear, Heaven is Real, God is coming. Soon after, an invisible force hit the ocean, and the whole planet shook.

Kathleen: United States

I’ve had multiple end of world dreams.

Most recently 8/21/21:

I was in an abandoned-looking city, and it was dark out. And there was a crowd of people around, scared. The clouds started making what looked like a tornado, but as it came down, a huge snake came from the sky made of grey clouds. I started running when its head got close to the ground; it had its tongue out looking around.

When it hit the ground, it disappeared, and a group of wolves started chasing us around. I was running because everyone else was, but I wasn’t scared. I sat in a car and tried to charge my phone, but there was no power, then I woke up.

Months ago, I dreamed I was driving and started being pulled into the sky, and all-around every car was going up. When I realized what was happening, I started getting scared. Then there was a door in the sky (where God would judge us); when it was my turn, I didn’t see anything, but my mind started racing. 

I kept saying, I don’t know, I don’t know, and then I shot down to earth and was stuck in a grungy alleyway with diff rooms where people looked like zombies, and I realized I didn’t make it to heaven.

My first one was years ago. I was out back of a random house with random people and some people from church. It was such a beautiful day. There were these bright dot lights in the sky dancing around. Making triangles and then more and more started appearing.

We all started clapping, and I remember feeling this crazy joy. Almost like we were worshiping the lights. Then huge spaces came where the lights were, and the feeling turned into dread like a doomed feeling. 

I ran inside and tried to hide, but they shot thru the walls, and I could feel it hit my right arm, but it didn’t hurt. Then they were gone, and I walk outside. I call my boyfriend, and as soon as he answers, it hangs up, the street lights go off, and everything goes black, and the dread feeling comes back, and I woke up.

I also had a good dream, where I was standing in a parking lot, and the clouds were grey and started moving fast. Then I ran inside a building and got on my knees. 

I could see a giant white cloud come down out the window, and it was Jesus and maybe like ten other people/horses. It was amazing. It was in the distance so that I couldn’t see too much detail.

It is very clear Jesus is coming back with everything going on. There is nothing to be scared of; the enemy has nothing on God. God is love. I try to repent and pray every day. God has given me a lot of wisdom.

Kayla: United States

There's more to this dream, but I'm just going to share the part about the two moons. 

In this part of the dream, a man came to our house for some reason I forgot, then it went to me, my sister, and Solomon (not Solomon from the Bible). We're following him outside; it was night, and there was snow on the ground. 

As we were walking, I looked up and saw that the moon was red, and I said, "God said the moon would turn red," then the dude we were following turned his head and asked me, "Where I'd get that from?" and I responded, "Revelation. The book of Revelation, have you read it? then he said, "oh, oh, oh," and just started giggling. 

I looked up again and saw two moons this time, and they were spaced out; a big one and a small one: the big one was an orangish color, and the small one was red; the one I mentioned earlier. I turned and said, "There are two moons," but no one said anything.

Long: Australia

In my dream, it was a thundery, grey dismal world. There were cyclones, strong winds, and a sand storm.

I think I was in a desert with a large body of water to the centre.

There were many people either congregating or trying to escape - I couldn't tell the difference.

It wasn't pleasant - screams and anguish - I likened it to the end of the world - almost like Armageddon.

A large grey beast with wings was flying in the sky - its body covered the entire skyline - its presence dark foul, and gloomy - it had a skull as a head and a dragon's body with a tentacle mustache.

There were a small number of us on the ground trying to fight it. I went directly under it and tried to fight it - I started praying the Lord's Prayer - it got the beast's attention, but that seemed to anger it. Two people (two men) noticed I was in danger and quickly took me to a refuge… they said only Jesus could smite it, and we had to wait for the lord to return - until then to hang on and try to maintain the battle. At this point, demons started flooding the earth.

I was then taken inside a two-story building … in this building, we had to fight off oncoming demons … we were getting pushed back to the top floor… one by one, the people in the house who were fighting were all getting corrupted and turning against us…they all converged towards a TV with a tape. This tape had some sort of importance as I was compelled to protect it… as the upper floor was taken off, I went to the balcony… in the balcony, I called for Jesus. I was told he was weakened.

I called for him - offering my remaining life force/soul as a sacrifice for his energy and to power him up.

Suddenly tinted glass appeared - like the tinted glass in churches - a tinted glass image of Jesus' face, which covered the whole glass window, appeared, and the eyes winked.

As that happened, the glass window opened.

It was Jesus but not in the form we are used to in the bible and artwork. He took the form.

Of a young Latino man in red shorts

We hugged - I Cried, mainly because there was so much I wanted to say and talk to him.

But there wasn't enough time - he said to me, why are you crying and went to hug me and said everything was going to be ok.. he knew my intention in calling him was to offer up my life to

Power him up - after I hugged him, I felt a shock hit my body, and I started to 'convulse'… I then woke up.

I don't know whether I woke up was him saying it's not the time or whether it's him telling me to continue the Fight.

On a personal note, the last seven months have seen me encounter supernatural experiences…the truth is I shouldn't be alive today. 

My first encounter with Jesus occurred in late November 2020 when I found myself bombarded by demonic presences - I found a bible and started reading it at that time, and next thing you know, 5 hours had passed.. the bible I read had read texts in it. Each text felt like it was directed at the individual demonic spirits… one by one; they eventually left me…ever since that encounter, I feel like Jesus has been watching over me. As a result, I'm now a born-again Christian. My Mum is Buddhist and has seen my journey over the last seven months… she now believes in God and Jesus because the fact I'm alive today is nothing short of a miracle (I won't go into detail as to why I nearly died… it's a bit personal)

E: United States

 In 2019, I had a dream they made underground domes that housed up to 1000 people, and we were at war with UFOs. I saw people running and God looking down on us with a blank face from a cloud with the sun directly behind. 
Airplanes were crashing, and the fire was everywhere. The domes looked like hills. In 2010 I had a dream that my household lights got so bright I was pretty much blinded, but the light didn't hurt, and it felt peaceful but very powerful as if it could have ended me right then and there if it wanted.
The light happens three times before I dropped to my knees and woke up.

On Christmas morning, 2020, I dreamed the U.S. Army came to my door and told us to close the house up because a huge dust storm was on the way. A couple of months later COVID happened.

Rose: United Kingdom

End times

At the beginning of the pandemic (March 2020), I had a dream; I can't really remember much of the dream now but what stands out for me is that in the dream, I heard a voice say 'The Pale White Horse.'

As a Christian, I knew that this was related to the horsemen of the apocalypse as soon as I woke up. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but I think the dream was an alert or warning that the horsemen were released upon the earth.

We are in the end times for sure.

Jamie: United States

I had this Mark of the Beast dream and have been reluctant to share it because I didn't want people to think I was some kind of prophet or something, but I feel like it should be shared.  (Looking back the Mark seems to resemble needles.)

(Hi, Jamie, genuine Christian dreams are God's messages, not ours, thank you for sharing, Samuel.)

My dream - 9/6/2020:

My husband and I were living in these red brick apartments, and I was out on the balcony; he was at work. 

There was a guy on the apartment balcony to my right who was talking on a phone about how great this plot was to roll out the vaccines and then the Mark. (this guy looked just like that Vigo guy from Ghostbusters).

I could also hear and see the guy he was talking to; strangely, he had a black ponytail and dark sunglasses. They laughed at their deception and admitted that they already had their Mark. (The vaccines were something that would tie into the Mark).

The guy noticed I was watching him and gave me a chilling look. I knew he would come after me, so I texted my husband and called the police. The guy was amused and had the cops called off.

Next scene:

I was in the parking lot with my husband, the guy, and the one he had been talking to on the phone were in their black van. They were going to disappear us, I'm sure. 

I reached out and uncovered the guy's arm and pointed to his Mark. The Mark was a visible rectangular tattoo; it had a faint blue glow and wasn't super obvious. 

The guy appeared to be irritated with me.

Jerrell: United States

I have been pondering about this vision of the world coming to an end. In my dream/vision was a highway that resembles Virginia's streets, but I'm from North Carolina. 

I was riding along the highway alone, and I heard a loud bang with the brightest flash of light I have ever seen in my life. Appeared in the sky were four HOLY figures. All I can see was the head, shoulders, and part torso, but the figures were so big I was petrified.

When the bible said, "Men" (including women) will fear the end, that statement is 100% true. Why? I was only dreaming and became so frightened that I turned away in FEAR. 

I have a question for anyone who read my post: Why did I have a separated dream of a ball of light with purple, orange, and pink coloring falling from the sky. 

No noises were made, but I think it might have been wormwood, one of the fallen stars to reach earth during our JUDGEMENT HOURS.

Eugenio: United States

I Dreamed that there was a young woman with a white Vail on her head praying on her knees in a small room, when suddenly the room started shaking, and everything around her started moving, chairs, tables, etc. 

Then suddenly, she stood up and looked. I saw her window and looked up to the sky, and the sky was darker than usual; this was my dream.

Morgan: Canada

I had most of these dreams in 2012. I was 14 at the time. Currently, 22, turning 23 in the next few months and I had just started slowly turning back to Jesus. But I feel the need to record this dream and let others know that this is a very real thing. Many of our dreams are similar. 

One I had started in early 2012, I believe. I was riding in the van with my mom and her boyfriend and looking up at the moon. It was close and had to be like 10x bigger in the sky. I felt a bad stomach feeling as I tried to be calm about it, and thought to myself, “the moon sure is beautiful today.” 

Suddenly, the moon started washing over in red, and I heard this dark, creepy melody play in the sky. My heart and stomach just dropped. I knew it was the end. 

Then I saw soldiers coming out of a military truck or something. And they ran past me. I was hoping they wouldn’t notice, and fortunately, they were too busy going up into a helicopter. The ground started to shake, and it was like gravity had gotten a lot heavier. 

I felt like I was being weighed down, and I was running in slow motion. Then suddenly, a car came up, and a woman told me to get in. I did, and we started driving off.

Stephanie: United States

I had this dream on 02/21/2019

It was like 5 PM still daylight; the sun is still out but about to set. 

I was standing at the top of a hill with my aunt. We were both watching everyone being social and enjoying themselves. It was my family and many other people I've never seen before. We were all standing on beautiful green grassland with many hills and little trees. It felt like we were waiting for something. 

The sky quickly caught our attention because there was a thunder-like roar that came from it. Suddenly a very dark cloud covered the sky, but this cloud had a noise that sounded like horses galloping and wings flapping; it stayed in the sky for a few seconds... 

Then I hear my aunt screaming to everyone, "GET INSIDE ITS LOCUST!! LOCUST ARE COMING! Run!" They came down so quickly and stung many people. The cries from those who were stung were horrible. 

And as I'm watching all of this happen, I'm thinking to myself, "what are locust?! What's going on..." and as I'm thinking this, I wake up.

When I woke up, I still had that same adrenaline from my dream, and so I grab my phone, and the first thing I see as one of my notifications was a post, from a person on a local news page I follow, who had posted, "LOCUST IS IN LEMOORE ." (A town nearby where I live).

I kid you not, my heart dropped. I googled what locust was because I didn't know what my dream meant. 

And as I'm searching "locust in dream meaning," I come upon "revelation nine the fifth trumpet. "and I was shaking because I didn't know what God was trying to tell me. 

And so as I read about it, I think God is warning us that he's coming. And this COVID thing is like the 1st woe of the three that will happen.

Carrie: United States

I dreamt I was looking at the night sky when the moon started to dance and move vigorously around the sky; then the sun did the same. 

I grabbed my husband's shirt and dragged him to the ground and told him to start praying because the tribulation had started. 

Then, all of a sudden, we were standing on a road in outer space, and Jesus came walking up and told us he would wait with us. 

Lisa: India

I saw this dream recently as I was focused on studying the Scriptures about the end times. 

In my dream, I, along with a group of believers, was out in the fields (it seems we were hiding from something). Then we saw an airplane that dropped something which looked like a nuclear bomb at a nearby place. Each of us panicked and said to each other, "tribulation has begun".

Each one of us dispersed in chaos running from that place until I realized I was alone. I reached a Christian missionary compound in which I planned to take shelter in. But I found the place to be under vigilance of the anti-Christ subjects. So I fled from the place. 

Along the way, I remembered that a friend's place was nearby and I planned to go there. As I was on the way to my friend's place, I was chased by some people who were the anti-Christ's army to my understanding. I kept running until I lost them behind. 

I saw that there were evil spirits in work all over the place, and there was chaos around, but non-believers still didn't understand what was going on.

  I reached the backdoor of my friends' place as the anti-Christ army was knocking at each house to check for Christians (my friend is not a Christian). I was waiting for the army to leave the house. As they left, I entered my friend's house. 

I tried to tell my two friends in that house that "Jesus is coming back". But each time I tried to tell them, they got busy with other topics of conversation. 

I couldn't wait any longer as I knew I wasn't safe around there, and the anti-Christ could return anytime. I couldn't tell them what I wanted to and had to leave the house.

Jamie: United States

End Times


I saw two yellow stars or meteors or planets? They were next to each other, going across the sky at night. Right behind, these were many white-colored ones that were smaller. They were trailing the yellow ones.

Ashley: United States

My dream was about a month ago, or so, and there were six, plus mother and father, but I didn’t see my four brothers; it was me, my sister, mother, and father, and we were on our way somewhere.

We stopped by the side of a White House near the woods, which was weird, to help a woman; she was white, and we were trying to load up everything. 

But then two children with black eyes appeared, and we had a fight, and angels appeared to take us, but my mother and father didn’t come. 

God told us to be ready because the evil is coming to fight. We had war, and the devil almost won, but God did something, and we ended up winning. Then we had a party for our win. 

I don’t know if it means anything, but I feel the end is near, and God is giving us signs to be ready and to repent for the sins.

Nina: United States

I had a dream about a year ago. I was walking around when the chaos began to happen. I started running and tried to contact my family with no luck. I stopped as a yellow horse with a mist around it crossed my path. I eventually found the guy who was my boyfriend at the time, but he couldn’t remember who I was. I was cub tears.

I woke up terrified, which had never happened before. I was so scared, and I sat there praying for a long few minutes. Once I had calmed down, I immediately looked up the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse on my phone.

The horses were described as black, white, red, and green. More reading told me that the white horse could also be depicted as yellow, which is Pestilence or plague; this chilled me because I did not know this prior.

I’m not sure when this dream was to take place, but it was within a few years of when I had it (which was 2019).

Shannon: United States

I had a dream- vision of a man in a black suit with a horse head ...darkness and destruction behind him, and then Jesus and the Holy Ghost in a white robe and beautiful light coming out of the clouds.

Christian: United States

I had the same dream but, I heard about the four horsemen of the apocalypse, and I fell through a fault through the earth.

Michele: Sweden

In early January 2020, as we were told to fast for 40 days from 1st Jan 2020, I had a dream that made me very scared. We were out in the street, and the sun fell to the earth, and I was running all over the city.

It seemed like people all over the world were afraid and running away, and I was screaming, and everybody else was screaming, JESUS IS COMING BACK JESUS IS COMING BACK as we ran, and I was expecting the Rapture.

As we were screaming, it seemed like the end of the world had come, and Jesus is coming back. The sun fell from the sky down on the earth, and everybody was very panicked and running away.

Sofia: United States

I just had a dream about the end of the world. We evacuated a house for some reason, then started driving down to go to a safe rentals house. While we were driving, lava tumbled and spilled over the other side of the highway. 

There were screams of terror, and the earth shook, cracking open. Mountains rose from below the earth, cracking and bringing avalanches. The lava was about to touch us. We were crying and screaming, then our eyes sealed shut, and everything went white. 

I then had the unfamiliar sensation of being lifted or floating upwards. Then I woke up and somehow knew that was a sign from god.

Janette: Philippines

April 5, 2020, I suddenly remember my dream this early morning before I woke up. My dream is so complicated. That I saw people are fighting with each other, war between rebels and the government. I run and run because I really want to see a statue of Jesus. But when I saw the statue, it was surrounded by water and half of his body filled with it. And it was raining. But i took the risks to swim and climb to his statue and asking and praying to help the people and me.

Keyawna: United States

I have had so many dreams about the end of time, but this one stood out.


It was this morning, and it started with me being home with a lot of my family members around, and we were all in the living room. 

All of a sudden, I was in a car with my two kids and sister, and the sky turned dark, and it looked like dark black smoke coming from the sky. Somehow it was turning into a storm, and we were picked up and thrown into a tree of some sort. 

I got one of my babies out of the car and took her into a house and went back for my other child and my sister. We were able to get free and ran into the house where we were back with my other family members. 

All of a sudden, my kids were gone, and I was panicking, and everyone else's eyes turned black. And mine didn't. All I could think was this is the rapture. 

And I was praying to God to forgive them for their sins, for they do not know what they do. I was praying to the Lord to help us. And I knew my faith in God was stronger than the devil. And that the devils' darkness wouldn't ever be able to overtake my mind. I knew I was a true child of God. 

It was scary, but it made me feel strong. And I woke up. But I know now I need to be ready because the end is near.

Brian: United States

I was in a car with my mom and brother when suddenly, people in their cars started to rush through the traffic as if something was behind them. And there was, fire from the sky began to consume everything. People, Buildings, Everything. 

I think bombs will drop on the U.S very soon, and then, in the twinkling of an eye, we, the children of God, will be called up into the air. God be with you all at this hour.

Cathy: Australia

I dreamed that the sky was black and red. Newspaper sheets were blowing up into the air. I could see the headings in bold type. God’s hand grabbed the papers through the clouds. He scrunched up the papers.

He was angry with the lies in the papers. I heard ‘the time of tribulations has begun.’ There was a massive lightning bolt. I sought shelter in a tin shed.

I felt safe but was worried about the rest of the world.

Dominique: United States

I was in a house with a few other people, sort of a hideout in the middle of nowhere. The tv had static on the screen. I decided to go outside, and the atmosphere was so still that there are no words to describe the way it felt. 

It was neither day or night, but the absence of both, the sky was a red-black, a color I cannot describe. A field of wheat surrounded the house.  As I stood at the edge of the wheat, a powerful wind began to blow towards me sifting the wheat as it came. 

Suddenly a flash of lightning, like a white horse, went from one side of the sky to the other, and we all fell on our knees. We raised our hands and began to praise God and admit who He was.

 I then fell on my back, and a being leaned over me. This being had ice-white hair and inhuman facial features so I couldn’t tell if it was male or female; it was like it had no sex. I had never seen anything like this in my entire life, and I was stricken with fear. 

The being began to yell at me in a language I did not understand, and I was terrified: then it started giving me chest compressions, and I could understand what it was saying. It said to me, “you need to wake up.” 

Then I woke up and my entire body was so weak I collapsed onto the floor in tears.

Chael: Philippines

August 23, 2019

The dream was alarming; it was my first time encountering the word "THE ARA." I dreamt about it being written on a card with a vivid picture of Christ.

But before all that I was in a place that turned daylight into darkness, I could see a greenish flood hovering all over the area, and I was in a hurry to find the card because someone was trying to get it.

And when I woke up that day, the dream felt so real to the point I had the urge to search the word ARA, and when I search thoroughly, I found some results I did not expect. 

I did not even know if such a word exists as I browsed on the internet the ARA MEANT KING! And I was nervous I searched for more information, and in the Latin language specifically Catalan Ara meant also as NOW!

AS I SEARCHED FOR MORE, ARA is a constellation that SYMBOLIZES AN ALTAR and when I looked for the constellation to what it kay look like it really looked like an altar.

And on August 27, 2019, I dreamt the fifth trumpet will be coming soon. People were talking about it.

Sarah: United States

August 15, 2019, I had a dream that I was sharing the Gospel with my Uncle and Aunt who are not believers, and they were listening to me, and there were several people around listening. 

We were outside in a park-like setting. My Aunt and Uncle were listening but were distracted by a woman who was like no other person I had ever seen. She had skin of marble brown and white that would swirl and change. She was so entertaining and likable, and I found her distracting. 

Then I looked up and saw what was like airplane trails in the sky, and it looked like a head-on each trail, and they were all connected at the bottom, and I began to count how many heads there were. 

I counted four heads connected, and then I heard a voice say, keep counting there's more! I then saw three more heads behind the four — a seven-headed beast. 

I did not see Jesus in this dream, but I believe this dream means something. Revelation 17 talks about a woman and the seven-headed beast. That is all I can figure out.

Maddie: United States

This dream is about the end time; I'm pretty sure) 

I've had dreams from God since I was little, and most of the time, they were infused with the regular dream-like qualities, so weird things happening that made no sense, you know? But I had a dream the other night, and I vividly remember what happened, and I can still feel all the emotions I had.

I and my pop-pop were walking into my house from the grocery store, my whole family was at my house which is weird because my family lies far apart, and my Aunt said "Listen!" there was this very loud noise, and we were all terrified.

We ran outside, and I saw a very very very big asteroid/meteor thing on fire falling from the sky. This object was like a hunk of a mountain; it was so big you could see the divots and the color of the rock, and the marks and scratches in it as it fell. My family and I became afraid, knowing that we were going to die.

We all began to pray, asking for forgiveness, making sure we were saved, and then I woke up. I hope someone can help me understand what this means, and if they had any other similar dream.

Fernando: Country

I dream there was a swarm of big military-type airplanes flying over my house and releasing bombs. Shortly after that, the year 2019 flash in front of me and another year spun up the same way a slot machine would do towards the year in which he’ll return. The slot machine format and numbers were outlined with a bright white light. What does that exactly mean?

Marquishia: United States

 07/27/2019 Today

(Message maybe end of time)

I rarely have dreams, but today, I had a dream, and Jesus was in it.

I remember people were all preparing to see Christ because apparently, he came down once a year. So at this particular moment, it gets dark, and people are visibly happy.

Looking up at the sky, I see Jesus levitating in one place in the sky surrounding him was a light illuminating around him and clouds above him. None the less he was there.

Then the dream took a weird turn; someone removed a stone from what appeared to be a palace that had an opening through the roof with light coming from a crystal rock which was by itself on a display table, through the roof.

Someone removed the rock, and it seemed like space ships starting coming in and our defenses starting destroying them. I looked up to see if Jesus was still there, and he was, but Jesus was blurry to me.

So my dream jumped again to another scene. There was this helicopter hovering in the clouds where no one could see them or what they had done. Which aired a cable on an actor to were he was faking being Jesus. 

Then, from nowhere, Jesus jumped on the helicopter with both feet to force it down with the impostor in it, to their doom. 

I didn't see them when they were out under the clouds. Jesus ascended again. That was it about Jesus my dream had switched again. 

Thinking about this dream, I believe it has a message. About anti-Christ and lots of people being fooled. Now the alien ships can represent the seals being broken like in REVELATION.

Keanu: United States

I seem to have lots of dreams about the end of the world. Most of them are very vivid, I have had them my entire life I usually wake up in a panic but the most recent one scared me the most, after not having one in so long this one came out of nowhere. 

In the dream, I was walking with my sister and mother; we were downtown, so others were walking around us. It was a lovely day out; the sun was shining. Then out of nowhere, the sun went dark, the sky and moon went red, and it’s like there was lava around us. The ground was shaking, and I looked around, and everyone was screaming and fighting; they were hitting each other and stealing each other’s cars to try and drive away. 

I looked over and realized my mom and sister were in a car driving away too, so I got on a bike and began to chase them, and I noticed they had crashed into another vehicle; the entire road had cars crashing into each other left and right. 

I asked them why they left me, and they completely ignored me; it was like they didn’t even see me like I wasn’t there. Then my mom and sister started to drive again, and I went after them once again on my bike until I crashed it. As I gathered myself off the ground, I looked back up at the sky, and it was healthy still, and it was pretty outside, like before.

 And then all the people were screaming and happy because they thought they were safe, and that it was over. I started yelling, trying to tell them that it was the end of the world, that it wasn’t over, but no one believed me. 

Then I looked back up, and the sky turned red again, and everyone started yelling. And all I could do was stand there and watch as everyone ran around

MFUNDI: South Africa

One night I was asleep. I dreamed of walking through a sand hill. When I reached the the top I saw a picture under water, head only saying I'm coming back soon, it was Jesus. Again I did dream of war big army on earth was killing people, and I was taken up to the sky to be saved. What is the meaning of this

James: South Africa

December 31, 2018:  I saw a round cloud, in it was Jesus Christ and horses coming down to earth, the people in the cloud were of royalty. I shouted, Jesus! the cloud covered a red horse, and He was standing on my right hand.

Sonia: Guyana

I had a very frightening dream. I saw this large fire at the end of my street, and it grew wider and larger. The fire was erupting from underneath the earth like a volcano and rode right up to the sky. In my dreams, I was warning people to run because the fire was coming down the street, but instead, people ran toward the light. I Remembered thinking that our Country is in deep trouble and somehow my husband and I are going to play a big role in the history of our country. Immediately after I woke up and I felt the urge to pray.

Aaron: United States

I had a dream multiple dreams of ending of the world it seems like. 1st one I was standing in a Gray cloudy area next to a river basin that was dry watching the cloud sync then all the sudden this huge rush of water swept me away, and I drowned, and I woke up to bright light. Went back to bed kept having weird dreams same end of the world deal.  The last one same thing I was drowning and I think someone grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the water and I woke up in here is a bright light in my Room with angel wings and I screamed at the top of my lungs it went away.  I watched it for at least a second it was insane when I screamed it went away, and I totally remember the angel wings clearly.  I woke the whole house up I scream so loud.  When you scream in your dreams, you can't scream loud.  It was so insane I'll never forget it. It happened last night, and I don't think I will be sleeping in my room for a while.

Angel: Uganda

Hello, last night before I went to bed I requested God to show me what will happen during the great tribulation. It was actually more like a wish than a prayer request. And just last night I dreamt when I was in a building I've never been to in real life. It was tall and had 27 floors. The rapture had just happened. So many people were already dead and the few that were still living we're in hiding. Me inclusive. There were military men captivating the rest of the people who were left behind and I decided to hide in an elevator. Fortunately I found 2 of my friends and a little boy whose face was not familiar. He looked like he was 4yrs old. As we hid in the elevator we decided to keep pressing from one level to another as we wait for the soldiers to leave the building. All the while we could hear people screaming in pain and being brutally beaten. Unfortunately one of my friends had hiccups and in short, while they discovered where we were hiding and one of the soldiers stood on top of our elevator and starting shooting at its ceiling to open up. I looked on my right-hand side, and the elevator now sounded like a train. And I saw many people were in hiding too. Unfortunately before we all got discovered and they began to drag out of the people and taking them as slaves. As soon as our elevator opened I ran out and I sought refuge. I found myself in a rare city. And everything was destroyed. There were millions and millions of dead bodies in piles and soldiers were monitoring the place. They took women as sex slaves and killed every Christian. I remember seeing a poster of my face being advertised and a reward promised to anyone who found me. I knew the crime I had committed at that time was believing in Jesus and I decided to dress as a man as I plan for my escape. Suddenly I got this feeling in my heart that there was no place for me to hide and that wherever I go they would find me and that there was no hope..then I woke up.

Amber: United States

I have had dreams of the end of the world since I was 6 years old. Just last night I dreamed I was in a car on the highway the earth was cracking and on fire!! I was heading to a faraway place to find trumpets. For some reason. There have been many dreams for me like tornados and all the volcanoes on earth erupting! I know the world is going to end. God knows and I’m sure everyone does but we must not be afraid.

Tylor: Country

Hi my name Tylor I had nightmare I saw a beast mark on my hand can u help please

Veronica: United States

For the past two months, I have had the same dream twice, But I'm also having a vision of it, so this is what happened in my dream. 

It was just a typical day until something terrible happened during midday. The sky was pitch black with a pinch of grey, but in every Corner, so there was no escape.

Some things looked like fire falling from the sky, and there was a bright little light that grew and widened, and the image of God appeared, in white.  He didn’t say anything just held out his hand and gave to people regardless of race or color. As some rose from the earth, he told them he would make a new world with no harm, no illness, no sickness. Moments later the world was gone with a fire that lasted for a long time.

 I'm scared because of what happened in my dream. The weather climate is a sign that it is coming and no one believes me. Let me remind you that I never had dreams like this when I was about five years old. They stopped but reoccurred.

Abigael: Philippines

I dreamed of these before the storm Ompong happened here in the Philippines.. I was outside when I saw the sky like with a strong hurricane, airplanes and helicopters were being thrown away, the road was destroyed, and flood water is coming from it. Then suddenly I saw the cross of Jesus coming down from the sky, and I had the feeling that Jesus was sad and angry with all the happenings to HIS people.

Cornish: United States

My dream was from when I was younger, but I can't forget it for some reason. 

In the dream, I remember seeing lights take many people into the sky and my family and I were left behind. I remember us running through the world, and we were in a greenhouse I am guessing but it was all glass, and we could see out of it. But there was bombs and fire and smoke. The sky was red, and winged creatures were flying I think. I do remember seeing a man on a horse flying through the sky right above the building, and it scared me. That's all I could remember, but I don't understand it. 

I've prayed over and over to be saved because I feel like I can't ask it enough because I know I sin, it's impossible not to. But it scared me for so long, and I've never said anything about this.

Rebecca: Canada

I dreamt that I was in an apartment with my daughter and husband, it was dark outside. There was a commotion outside, and I looked out the window, and the parking lot had sunken in like a big crack in the earth.

We got our stuff on to check if our car was ok, when we stepped out the door there were people there all looking confused the power shut off. As we made ate way through the hallway we met up with our landlord, and he advised us to stay inside we said we wanted to check on the car, he escorted us outside. As we were coming down off the broken deck me and my daughter fell, and she hurt her head but she brushed off my concerns and said to look at what was happening.

There were deep unrest people upset and afraid, and the sky was dark. There were deep holes all around and damage to buildings, the parking lot was a deep crack open and had swallowed up many cars the alarms were going off. 

I started crying and calling out to God, my husband picked me up and asked the landlord what had happened. He said that asteroids had fallen and hit, then I looked up at the sky, and I saw more asteroids coming. They looked like how a comet would look with a fiery tail trailing behind them, but they also had a red thunderbolt coming from behind them.

I fell to the ground and started weeping and calling out to God, and then I woke up.

What does this mean, it has disturbed me. 

Suzette: Jamaica 

I dreamed last night a man was coming out of the earth and he had an x on his forehead... And when I looked on the earth there was fire everywhere ....then I saw people crying and screaming... What does that mean?

Sarah: United States

My dream started with me looking up at the sky it was strangely both day and night, there was a great cloud shaped like a dragon and a man dressed in armor. I remember marveling at the sky thinking it was just a coincidental cloud formation and I remember my brother being there and I said the same to him. Then it was suddenly night (like darkness), and there was a ball of red that fell from the sky and where it hit the ground a figure rose up with glowing red eyes. People were crying everywhere... I remember waking up with a strange word/ phrase ringing in my head..I tried to google it but nothing really came up that would link it to anything ‘religious’ or spiritual.

Julie: United States

Hello, I had a nightmare last night about the mark of the beast. Everyone got a picture of a barcode on their smartphones, and were demanded to get their barcode tattooed on their bodies. I cannot remember if it was on the back of the neck, the forehead,or the skin between the thumb and pointer finger on the top of the hand. Some people that refused to get the tattoo around me were shot or killed viciously right in front of me. This was mainly men. The women that refused were forced into sex slavery.
I declined the mark because I knew it was the mark of the beast. Somehow I managed to fight my way out of becoming a sex slave. I had to kill the people trying to take me into captivity, but I saved multiple women from sex slavery and men from being murdered viciously. Everyone I saved helped me free more.
I have been having several dreams of the end of times. I also recently had a dream that I survived through all of these horrible years of fighting for my life, and I remember the brightest light showing in the sky after years of darkness, and God descending from Heaven to call his people home.
There was so much peace come over me. Total serenity as I began ascending into the light. I have had dreams about the end of times my entire life. I've always had to fight until the very end. I'm a 22 year old female that just suffered a devastating miscarriage and I'm very depressed and not making the best decisions to cope with the loss.
Can someone help me to understand these dreams and why I have them when no one else around me has ever dreamed like this? Lately, it has been occurring nearly every night. In every dream, someone looks at me and says "the end is here, Julie. This is the end of days."

Katie: United States

 I had a dream last night. I was over at my sister’s house & she was drinking & smoking. I was writing a letter to my mother saying that this only occurred once or twice a week. (I don’t partake in either of these activities in real life but my sister does daily & she lives across the country). I heard a noise & walked out to the balcony where there were explosions on either side of us catching fire to cars in the street. People were screaming. We both looked up & I saw the moon on fire flying around like a shooting star. Up on the mountain right at sky level, I saw angels (looked similar to people) singing for Jesus. I asked my sister if she was recording it & she said: “no, why would I record the fire?” So I said, “you don’t see them?” And she responded that she didn’t. I said, “God, please forgive us of our sins.”  I looked back one last time & then I woke up.

Allison: United States

Had a dream about a nuclear attack, saw a plane falling from the sky, and I was at my house with my neighbors...I saw the mushroom cloud and ran inside. All of a sudden I have the same exact dream again, but this time I know I am dreaming. I run outside with my neighbors, and we all take a knee and start praying. All of a sudden I am floating up into the sky with the beautiful clouds passing me. That is when I wake up. Very powerful dream.

Mary: United States

I was walking down the street on a sunny day, and I saw an old man sitting on his front porch smiling at me so waved to him a second later he was a skeleton. I believe it was a nuclear bomb could this end time prophecy, but no harm came to me.

Grace: United States

Last night I had a dream;

It started with the moon shining in certain ways we have never seen before.
It expanded and flickered; the sounds of trumpets sounded across the whole earth. There were lights and clouds coming from the sky, and then the figures of Father Son and Holy Spirit formed.
They descended from up above as loud noises shook everybody and every building. I started to record this phenomenon, but for some reason couldn’t save the evidence.
After this glorious encounter came signs of hell in the same area where I saw Christ. I saw red smoke and unexplainable symbols with fire coming out of them. I felt the feeling of death and despair, and that’s when I knew to run.
I grabbed a few things and started to take off; there were earthquakes and disaster one at a time that began in small proximity then spread.
The first disaster was flooding... shortly after followed giants trampling everyone ( symbol). At this moment I realized all was falling apart, so I ran I ran through the brush, and buildings as far as I could while spreading the word. 
Death followed, and I could feel the end of everything lurking nearby. People kept living their normal lives and threw parties and celebrations for something they didn’t know was the rapture. Die day- I suppose. 
During my journey, I met believers on the way, and we smiled about the good news and hugged, but also mourned this sad day we would have to endure. 
This dream ended with me grabbing a meal on the way since it would be my last and I sat down next to a woman with the look of empathy in her eyes.
I said,” Jesus is coming” and she responded, I know... but the circumstances aren’t the best.... then I woke up.

Garry: United States

I dreamt of a pregnant woman preaching to a crowd of churchgoers. Suddenly her face and body change into that of a man, and surprisingly people are not surprised. The man played music after he preached then vanished into thin air. The last scene after the music played it zooms out to show that the moon has turned red. Then I woke up.

Melissa: United States

This is the first time I have ever dreamt of Jesus. 
I had a dream it was the end of the world, and I could see a nuclear bomb going off and then all of the sudden Jesus appeared and told my daughter and me to follow him because he knew the way. I normally don’t remember my dreams, so this is big for me. Not to mention the fact I work up in tears. I am not sure if I was crying because I was happy that I was meeting Jesus or because the dream was so real.

Kacey: United States

I had a dream that my immediate family and I were sitting a picnic near water eating. I looked up and I see these huge red saucers with weird writing on them and hitting different parts of the world and blowing up that part. No one else seemed to be moving, but in my dream, I knew what was going on, and this was the lord's return. I took my daughter and threw her over my shoulder and starting swimming trying to get away from the bombs and as I approached a piece of land, I took my daughter off my shoulder, and she was dead. I threw her on the ground begging her to wake up, and she did. She disappears, and I end up walking around with soldiers, and army tanks driving around and then large red lightning bolts falling all over the earth is spurts. These people in weird clothing were giving away shoes with six wrote on the bottom, and they were telling people everything would be fine and just to take the shoes. As I am running trying to get away from this, I run into one of my grandmothers who said she had been sleeping the whole time and didn't know what was going on. We went to were my family was at the picnic, and everything was in ash, and the world around was in ash all I could see was grave mounds and me kneeling and crying.

Gonzalo: Argentina

In my dream, I minded my own business in some old town, I don't remember being there before, and people start attacking each other. Out of the blue someone resembling a human being tried to attack me, and I heard a voice telling me, you must face and destroy this evil, so I grab his head, and a giant burst of flame came out of my hand, but it wasn't regular fire, it was something different.  I crush this strange being with this power, after that I appeared inside a beautiful church, full of people, and Jesus came up from the ground. I recognize him because of his beard and his long hair, he was wearing a purple and golden robe, and he was holding a Jewish chandelier, he had wings made with this kind of special fire. All of a sudden the floor collapsed, and I could see an abyss surrounded by fire, and half of the people there went down screaming, and after that, the floor became like crystal, and then Jesus went up to the sky.

Flo: United States

It was an average day in the neighborhood, and the weatherman said there would be rain, so I went to my room, and the clouds started moving in but they were black, and the plants started to die fast the sun disappeared, and the power went out. As the winds started picking up everyone thought it was a tornado but no funnel and it got bright out of nowhere we looked up at the sky, and we saw Jesus Christ he caused a tsunami killing everyone! Is this a sign of the second coming?

Alanah: United States

my friend lately just had a rapture dream, she had a dream about California was split apart by a giant earthquake and falls in to the ocean, Nevada had a giant flood with water up to 2 stores high, people were screaming and running, Las Vegas was filled with creatures/demons and they were eating people alive, she saw the street where they have homeless people was eatined by demons, she saw her best friend was eatined alive, while the others got swept away and died in the ocean, she saw herself got swept by the ocean, people were trying to escape, airplane has bombs on them, tsunami and all kinds of storms are happening, she said it's coming very soon, and that is terrifying

Chelsea: United States

I drempt that scary evil people were just roaming around in peoples houses late in middle of the night and alarms all over were sounding, and the sky started twisting looking like swirls in the sky . and everyone automatically started walking in a single line to an arena and everyone including myself kept saying,"Lord I give my life to you." & also praying for their family to give their life to God. And we took our seat at the arena for those repenting, and the evil people kept roaming around and then there were some seats down in arena as if we were all waiting for people to show up and speak to us and then I woke up telling God I love him.

Mary: United States

I had a dream that the sky was so black and smoky and people were running.

Cecilee: United States

I never had a chance to share this dream with anyone., I had it four years ago, and it is as vivid now as it was then in my head.

I had a dream that I, along with probably 60 people,  were in a cabin somewhere very remote. When the dream started I had no idea what was going on until this...a friend of mine along with the others was waiting in a bunch of different rooms for something. I didn't understand what was going on and I looked out to window to find this HUGE sheep approaching the cabin, then we heard a knock at the door and by that time I had been in my room with my family, so I didn't see what had entered the cabin. 

After a few minutes, I saw this being with no face and it was going to different rooms picking people out to come with it. As it passed my room, everyone was relieved that we were not chosen until it turned around and came into the room to grab me. It made me stick my hand in a bag to grab a substance out of it. 

I did what it instructed me to do, and right as I reached into it my body felt a euphoric feeling, and I couldn't move, but then I snapped out of it and realized it was taking me with it. Everyone was crying around me, and I didn't understand why. 

All of a sudden I was in a place that wasn't the world but I, along with the few others, could see what was going on in the world without us in it. MASSIVE destruction, fires, violence, etc. Then I assume after a lot of time had passed we had been sent back to earth to see what was left. Everyone we knew was dead everything was destroyed. I was a boy whom I have no clue who it was, we looked at each other, and I woke up. I woke up sweating and scared and very confused. 

I often think of this dream and have been wanting to share it for a very long time. 

Betty: United States

I had a vision of waking up in/being in a cave. I was terrified, and it seemed like I was an early human. I crawled to the edge of the cave mouth & looked out, & the whole world was on fire. I woke from this dream, with a feeling of premonition, like this was going to happen, or it had already happened. Can you tell me what you think this might mean?

Chukwu: Nigeria

I was sleeping, and I dreamed where white fire is falling from heaven and was destroying everything, people where running,houses and cars everything was destroyed i saw my self-running to save my self from the fire but the fire that was destroying everything fall into my hands and entered my body but was cold and didn't destroy me the way it was destroyed others. But still, haven't found out what all that is all about.

Michael: United States

I had a couple of weird dreams in one of them space ships came to earth and started picking up people, and at the same time, it was the end of days. 

I was there on earth when the events took place. There were alarms around the world going off as waves came across the lands and started washing people away, then the ships started grabbing people, picking them up, but not everyone.

I was, unfortunately, pick up but we were in this pool of water or some transparent liquid, and as we were leaving earth we could see everything as the missiles from country to country were set in motion, and I could see explosions and fires around the as if it was all ending... 

At the same time, this was going on the people were shooting at the ships, because they were scared... I can see it so clear... It was as if this is going to happen...

Britney: Trinidad and Tobago

I dreamt people were dying due to things falling from the sky.I was scared, so I began to pray, asking God for forgiveness for everything I have done as I knew the world was ending.While walking, I saw that the ground was pitch black so I called my family and told them that there was a possibility that we are going to die today so let's pray.We all held hands. At the end of the dream, I said that even after we die, we still need protection.

John: United States

I had a dream where I was outside with another man, we both had guitars with us and were playing together when suddenly I looked up an to my right and said, "whats that!?". As we both looked at the horizon to the west, we saw a dark storm moving very fast, and it was raining down fireballs. He started to run away from it to the east, and I thought to myself "should I hide under a house?", But realized that it wouldn't survive this storm, so I too started running to the east after my musical friend. It wasn't upon us yet, but we were making our way to a brick building, and the storm was quickly closing in... then I woke up.

Alice: South Africa

I had a dream in 2008 at 3:30 am when I was rushing to town I found many people of different ethnic groups sitting near the shop and I started preaching energetically saying repent for the kingdom of God is near. After that, i started a zulu song and everybody even Indian, colored, and whites sang with me I went around and immediately I looked up I saw Jesus in the sky on a white horse but could not see His face He had an arrow in His right hand. Suddenly I saw many people surrounding Him, and one black guy who was lying on the floor dead woke up and join us. Is it a tribulation or not?

Grace: United States

Dream of the Tribulation

Hi! This is my sister's dream; we're almost twins. She told me she thought it was ww3 at first, but then she knew it was the end. She said it was really fast. She had two dreams.
Her first dream was of the tribulation, but she wasn't affected, she said like the tribulation force I think she said. Nothing was left, no pavement, buildings, nothing. Everyone was running and worried, but she wasn't, she didn't feel pain or anything, or sadness. She said our house was abandoned. 

She was running in a field, running from me, yet it wasn't me like I was replaced by something evil. She was running, and she said I looked evil and had red eyes and a bow. She ran to our school into the restroom and hid in a stall. 
In there were guards and people were hiding in the stalls. She said I was standing in front of her stall and I think she got out without me knowing and she ran into the field again, then I stabbed her with the bow, but she didn't feel any pain. She was crying then she woke up. 

Then when she went back to sleep, she was raptured and started to float up, and there was a huge bright light in heaven then she woke up. 

I don't understand some things like:

Why I was replaced by someone evil 

Why did I try to stab her 

Why she was in the tribulation  but wasn't 

How she wasn't sad or didn't feel pain. w

What does it mean? This was my sister's dream.

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Dreams of the Tribulation

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