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"Hannah's Dream of the End Times and the Rapture"

My dream took place a couple of weeks ago. Before this dream, the Rapture was not on my radar whatsoever. I knew virtually nothing about it. But since this dream, God has opened my eyes to be expectantly waiting for Jesus, and to the fact that our redemption draws near.

In the dream, it was nighttime, and I was in my bedroom. There was a layer of darkness to the dream. I had the impression that the house was surrounded, and it had been for days. I walked down the hallway to my mom's room. She wasn't sleeping, but she was trying to. (My dad was not in this dream whatsoever).

Her bed was moved from its normal position against the wall to being back against a very large window in our house that faces out to the driveway. At this point, I could see the evil people surrounding our house, climbing up the sides. I tried to evade detection (that window doesn't have a curtain, but all of our windows with curtains were drawn), but one man climbing up the side of the house saw me and screamed with the most evil scream, it took up his entire face. It was either storming or just really dark outside.

I tried talking to my mom firmly. I said to her, "Mom, I think it's tonight." In the dream, I really knew it was happening tonight, and I knew that what that meant was that the people who had been surrounding our house (weird that they hadn't even tried to break in yet) were finally breaking in. I knew it in my bones. She was drowsy and just wanted me to go, even though the evil man was literally feet from her outside her bedroom. She said something like, "I'm tired," like she was shooing me away. I knew she wasn't taking me seriously, but that wasn't going to stop me from doing what I needed to do and getting her out of there.

I grabbed two backpacks, one for her and one for me. I remember distinctly that they were completely empty, and there was only one thing I needed to put into them: a Bible. I had a Bible of my own, but because my mom isn't a huge Bible reader (even though I bought her one in real life, in the dream she didn't have her own), I had to grab an extra Bible we had lying around the house. I remember it was the New York Translation (NYT), and in the dream, that seemed extremely reasonable. In the dream, it wasn't an ideal translation, but it had to do. This was the only thing I knew we needed for the journey.

After I had gone back to my room to pack those two backpacks, I saw something at my window. It was a man with a blue umbrella outside my window. He looked Hispanic, but that probably doesn't matter. What made me pause is that my curtain was drawn, but yet there was a crack of the window in the middle that my curtain wasn't covering, and that was where I saw this man.

Again, what made me pause was his stillness. I knew it was like a snake's stillness right before he strikes. He wasn't full of manic energy as the other figures outside our house; he was moving slowly and strategically because he was planning to hit. AKA, the break-in was happening right there right then. My body froze when I saw him, and the dream stopped right there.

I immediately woke up, which was either a 3 or 5 in the morning, I think 5. I never wake up this morning. I wake up, and I look at my illuminated clock, then I sit up. Then I look at my window. I freeze, my stomach sinks. I can see the man at my window - in really life. I slowly, frozen with fear, rise out of my bed, moving towards the door. I still see him.

I am standing there at 5 in the morning saying to myself; I am about to go wake up my dad at 5 in the morning because I am truly seeing a man in my window. I knew logically I couldn't be seeing it, but yet I did. I had that conversation with myself that I was about to do a crazy thing and wake up my dad because that was how very real it was. Right then, the vision went away. When I could muster the strength, I had to check my window two times because I was convinced that man had been there.

The morning after that dream, I had been left with such a feeling of urgency and imminence that while I was supposed to be working remotely, I didn't do a minute of work because I believed Jesus was coming back that day and spent most of the day outside looking up at the sky from time to time.

Hannah: United States

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Hannah's Dream of the End Times

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